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Found 12 results

  1. Click the image to go to the voting site. MAKING AN ACCOUNT You'll first need to create an account before you can start voting. Go to the voting website (click on the image above for the link) and then select the "Register" option in the top right-hand corner of the site. Register using any (or all) of the options listed. For this example tutorial I will register using Twitter. It will ask you to authorize Mwave to use your account. Allow it. After authorizing the app you will be redirected to the site and it will ask you to agree to the Terms of Use. Be sure to check all the boxes. Next it'll take you to an profile page where you'll need to input some information. Only birth year, gender, and country are mandatory. Don't worry about the other options. Fill out the form and click "submit." And you're done registering! You're now ready to vote! Click the button that says "Go & Vote Now." VOTING BTS are nominated in the following voting categories: Best Male Group, Best Dance, Best MV, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year. Be sure to vote in all categories each time you vote! After you've pressed the "Go & Vote Now" button you'll be taken back to the homepage where there's currently girl group categories posted. Click on any of the arrows ( > ) and you'll be taken to the other nominations. The top of the page will list out all the categories. Use the arrows on the side to move through each one. The first voting option for BTS is "Best Male Group." Click on BTS's picture to select them as your vote. Then be sure to press the "SELECT" button at the bottom of the page so your vote counts! Repeat this for all the categories BTS is nominated in and you're done!
  2. BTS are nominated for: Best MV (Spring Day) Best Dance (DNA) Best Male Group Song of the Year Album of the Year Artist of the Year 2017 MAMA Mwave Brand Award 2017 MAMA Awards Scoring Breakdown Other:
  3. (I did a quick check and didn't see a post for this, if there is one then delete this and I apologize!) Mwave Music Chart This is a new award category for MAMA. Each month songs that get released go through a period of voting. The winner gets nominated for this new award category. Current nominees include: Winner, T-ARA, Exo, and Wanna One. This is our only chance to get BTS nominated. If they lose this voting round they are out. So it's important to vote daily. Voting ends on Oct 16th. (I had hoped to make this post sooner but classes got in the way.) Just make accounts and use them to vote. You can make as many as you like! One vote per account per day. Good luck!! (I'm pretty sure MAMA will reset all accounts on october 19th when MAMA voting begins so be prepared to make new accounts) LINK: http://mwave.interest.me/en/mmusicchart You can also DM @Army_Revolution on twitter and they will give out accounts if they still have some. Please keep streaming on Spotify, K-sites, YT, Google play ect to keep charting on Hot 100 and possibly get our first triple crown. So much to do but we got this Check out this beautiful tattoo while you're here: link here I hope everyone is happy, healthy, enjoying the album and doing well in classes or jobs. Whatever it is you need to do I'm sending good vibes and energy. Much love!
  4. The primary round for the Fan Popularity Award has started two days ago and will end October 26 24:00 KST We are currently in second place (Everything's OK as long we're in the Top 10 for this round). BUT if we enter the second round, we'll have to be in the first place! What I want to achieve is, that you all go install the AAA voting app, fam! 1st option: AAA voting app Get it on Google Play : here Get it on the App Store: here 2nd option: Samsung Pay App / Run Samsung Pay (Mini) > Shopping > Vote Banner Get it on Google Play: here The second (final) round will be from October 27 12:00 KST ~ November 13 24:00 KST. Votes are being collected from these two apps! Let's enable BTS's wings to spread even more!
  5. [Happy to see the site back up and running! Hope you won't mind another tutorial] Soribada will be holding its FIRST K-music awards on September 20th @ 6:30 KST Soribada is a music streaming site similar to Melon, Bugs, Genie ect.. Even though it is the first award ceremony held by them it is just as important to participate in voting as it is for Melon or MAMA, among other Korean awards. Information we know SO FAR: BTS is nominated for 2 fan voted awards, which include, '2017 Soba 10' and 'Hallyu Star' AND There is only one Daesang (No other info has been released about awards or nominations) Criteria for fan voted awards and info on usage of fake emails: Cr We are here for a million other reasons besides winning awards, but the boys always deserve our best efforts. I see many comments such as "I hope this hard work won't be for nothing" but I believe hard work in the name of Bangtan Sonyeondan is never for nothing even if the results aren't to our expectations. So let's keep it friendly, work hard, and see you at the finish line Here is ALL the information you will need: -Voting is open until September 10th- If you have ANY questions, post them below or PM me! Even if you need motivation I will be here to help. Korean apps/voting can be tricky or even frustrating, but it's always worth it. Help spread awareness about the award where you can. -Much love
  6. Our boys are up for another award! And they deserve to win as many as possible right? Click here to go to the website. Don't worry. There's an English option. Then, sign up instantly through either Navar or Facebook. Click on the heart then click vote. It looks like you can do this once per day. Right now, it's pre-vote time. The top 10 artists move on to the 'Primary Vote' which starts on October 12th. So far, BTS is #1 with 1,601,331 votes. They're just beating EXO by literally 0.1%. They don't need to be #1 for the pre-vote; just in the top 10. But it also doesn't hurt for them to be in the #1 stop, right? I think there's a 'Popularity' award. Honestly the website's super vague. There will then be a final round of voting starting on October 27th (it doesn't say how many out of 10 will be the finalists - I'm assuming 5). BTS won the 2016 award for Best Artist and Best Icon. I say they deserve another win.
  7. With BH (and us) and being graced by a BBMA ticket for BTS, which song or songs do you think they should perform at Vegas? My picks: Dope (쩔어) - I've seen a lot of American reaction videos and Dope seems to be the mv that leaves the largest impact among all the other mvs. Blood, Sweat & Tears - It's the title track of their album that made them known in Billboard, so why not? It'll also put them in really hot suits and hot suits are a must at the BBMAs. lol Not Today / Fire - Powerful songs that will definitely hype up the audience. Post your thoughts here!
  8. The other 2 are the kings and queens of Kpop themselves...it this a telling sign?
  9. Without A Heart cover: BTS Chronicle + FIRE: pls inform me once official uploads are available so I can change them ~