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Found 14 results

  1. It’s time to delve into theories! A few days have passed since the release of the Highlight Reels and now that things have settled, we need to put your thinking caps on. The first part of our series covered all the information we had so far, and this one will be an introduction to some of the most interesting theories about the Highlight Reels. Ready? Delving into the world of theories is definitely an experience! What is your favorite theory so far? What do you think are the consequences of the possible time travel in the story? Leave your comments below! ~ and feedback on our videos is much appreciated ~ join our team! subscribe!~
  2. Is your head still buzzing from the dramatic reveal of the Highlight Reels? Welcome to Pt.1 of our series covering all important details surrounding these teaser videos. From Easter eggs to crucial information about the project, watch to see what you might have missed! And stay tuned for part 2 where we delve into fan theories!! How do you feel about all the new information we got? Are you excited about the 'Love Yourself' series continuing in 2018? The second part of our highlight reels series will be posted soon! ~any feedback on how we could improve our videos is much appreciated~ subscribe!~
  3. Big Hit has been giving us heart attacks all week with the “Love Yourself” posters. If you missed anything during the chaos, here’s a recap of all the information we have so far! The "Love Yourself" series is shaping up to be amazing. How do you think it all connects with their previous eras? We will cover upcoming releases, including “화양연화 The Notes.” Subscribe for more and leave your comments below! ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  4. A single word on a tweet can create a thousand theories. Ancient ARMY proverb. Jin posted a selfie with the caption “Smeraldo” and the fandom went crazy. If you are still confused with all the theories floating around, we’re here to help! Learn everything there is to know about The Smeraldo Academy, William Ashbless and the story behind this mysterious flower shop. Now you know the story of the mysterious smeraldo flower. What do you think about the florist’s mysterious and sad stories? What do you think Big Hit is planning with all these clues? Leave your comments below! ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  5. This week BTS has been up to a lot! Rap Monster got interviewed by Rolling Stone India Puma has launched a new campaign with BTS for their Courstar shoes BTS has signed a 2-year contract with GMP ‘Spring Day’ has reached 100 million views Rolling Stone has included BTS in their ‘10 New Artists You Need to Know: July 2017’ list Voting has started for the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards A new log by Rap Monster was posted Plus, our new ‘Rumors’ section where we dissect the rumors that had been spreading in the fandom during the week and we give you the facts, what’s true and what’s just misinformation: Will BTS perform at the Super Bowl? Is Jin’s dad a CEO? Will BTS comeback on August 17th? Will J-Hope release his mixtape soon? Is BTS going to hold concerts in Singapore and Taiwan? ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  6. how do you feel about the wings tour ending? were you one of the lucky fans that was able to attend one of the concerts? ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!