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Found 13 results

  1. chart

    For Artist 100 and Social 50, the data is reset once you're out of the chart I believe, therefore the data for these two charts is so far only from the beginning of Wings Era ARTIST 100 - peak #16 (19 weeks and still charting) SOCIAL 50 - peak #1 (19 weeks and still charting) BUBBLING UNDER HOT 100 Spring Day - peak #15 (1 week and still charting) BILLBOARD 200 BILLBOARD CANADA BILLBOARD TWITTER TOP TRACKS WORLD ALBUM CHART PURE SALES AND SPS VALUES: 2016 YEAR END CHARTS (source) ITUNES cr Albums: Wings: 33 #1 YNWA: 19 #1 Singles: Spring Day #8 Cr.
  2. source: 1, 2. They're 15. And look at that increase of +42,000, omg.
  3. YNWA has cracked the Top 10 for all genres on US iTunes. As of this very moment, Spring Day is sitting at #11 on the all genres Top Songs chart as well!
  4. BTS’s “WINGS” Breaks Own Record On Gaon Chart [Soompi] BTS’s second studio album “WINGS” has broken its own record as the highest-selling album ever recorded on Gaon Chart since the chart’s inception in 2010. The album was Gaon’s best-selling album of 2016, with a total of 710,000 copies sold last year. The figures have since increased to 773,356 copies, according to the January Album Chart results released on February 9. With such results, anticipation is high for the album’s successor, “You Never Walk Alone.” This follow-up to “WINGS” will be released on February 13. The track list for the album, concept photos, and the MV teaser for “Spring Day” have already been released. The boys will also be holding “The Wings Tour” concerts on February 18 and 19, where they will perform “Spring Day” and “Not Today” for the first time in front of fans. Source (1) ~~~~~~~~~ HIGHEST SELLING ALBUM EVER ON GAON CHART. HIGHEST SELLING. EVER. Also note that Wings sold just over 700,000 copies last year which we just learned is the same amount stores have preordered for YNWA. Meaning they expect to sell as many, if not more. In summary, I'm very emotional right now, someone hold me.
  5. Another good news for y'all New Year brings BTS more presents and goodies BTS ALBUM RANK IN SYNNARA ANNUAL CHART 2016 #1 WINGS #5th HYYH, YOUNG FOREVER #38 HYYH PT1 #48 HYYH PT2 Another year another slay CONGRATULATIONS BTS #BTSSlayage2k17 Source from JY_JIN92 and MYoongi_0309
  6. Pink/Red - Fans in 2015 Green - Fans as of now #Kings #OnlyLegends #SouthKoreasNewNationsBoyGroup
  7. I didn't see a thread about this, but if it's just in a different section and I didn't see it pls delete this~ Here's the link to the Gaon Chart Summary of BTS on the different charts: Physical chart: WINGS no. 1 YF no. 4 HYYH pt 2 no. 21 HYYH pt 1 no. 25 SLA no. 66 D&W no. 74 ORUL82 no. 86 2C4S no. 90 Worth noting that 2C4S sold more copies in 2016 than 2013~ slay~~ And all of their Korean dicog is in the top 100~~ Digital chart: Fire no. 87 BST no. 91 Fire no. 85 on streaming, no. 77 on download charts too! They've never even made it onto these digital year-end charts before iirc :') get that growth!
  8. Hanteo Sales As of December 10, 2016. * means an unknown number. WINGS Sales 1st Day (161010): 141,160 1st Week: 347,428 October Sales Accumulated: 472,652 November Sales Accumulated: 520,474 Total Accumulated Sales: 521,196 BTS' Wings holds the record of highest physical sales of a Korean album in the first day and week on Hanteo. Source: BTS_charts; Kpopalbumsales, Reddit. Some info: to access specific numbers, you need to have a Hanteo paid membership. As I can't afford that, I compiled imprecise data from BTS_charts, with the exception of Wings' numbers, which are available on Kpopalbumsales and Reddit. If anyone has specific data and wants to share, please do so and I'll edit the OP and give you the respective credits. Thank you and I hope this thread is helpful.
  9. “DADDY” – PSY “CHEER UP” – TWICE “FIRE” – BTS “Monster” – EXO “TT” – TWICE “BOOMBAYAH” – BLACKPINK “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” – BTS “Whistle” – BLACKPINK “Save ME” – BTS “Lotto” – EXO cr. Only group/artist with 3 videos. Youtube Kings tbh.