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Found 35 results

  1. With BTS's current, ongoing tour - BTS World tour: Love Yourself, BTS will surpass 1 million concert attendees. Highlights Youngest Korean act (within under 6 years at that) to achieve 1 mil concert goers and 3rd Korean act overall (after TVXQ and BB). BTS will be doubling their Wings Tour attendance (550k). The biggest touring attendance w/o Japan (which is ~645k and counting). The biggest NA and Eur tour for a Korean act. Only Korean act to hold concerts in a stadiums outside of JPN, CHN and SK. Will mostly have the biggest Asian tour (outside of Japan and China). It depends on their encore and other additional dates. The breakdown of BTS's World Tour: Love Yourself: South Korea - 90k attendance (2 stops @ Jamsil Stadium): The Korean biggest world* tour opening concert. Most Korean who actually do world tour, kick their tours off in Korean and have their encore concerts there. BTS's encore concerts have yet to be announced. North America - 256k* attendance (15 stops): U.S. - 220k* attendance (12 stops) Broke their own record for biggest concert attendance in the U.S. First Korean act to perform a concert in a U.S. stadium (Citified) Sold out the Staples Center 4x. Something that's hard for even Western acts to do. During their previous tour in the US, they brought in 60k attendance with 5 stops. Canada - 36k attendance (3 stops) Europe - 100k* attendance (7 stops): BTS's first European tour Their 2 stops at the O2 arena brought in about $5 mil. Biggest European tour for a Korean act. Japan - 380k attendance (9 dome stops): 3rd Korean act after TVXQ and BB to hold a dome tour Youngest/fasters Korean boygroup to hold a large scale dome tour Previous tour, BTS performed in the first and only dome venue at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka. The brought in 80k attendance with 2 stops there. This tour, they will be perform in 4 different domes, including the Tokyo Dome. *Disclaimer: By dome tour, I mean a tour with all dome (or stadium) venues! No arenas, no theaters, no concert halls, but all domes/stadiums. ᵀʰᵉ ʳᵉˢᵗ ᵒᶠ Asia (TBA): With the known stops, the attendance is estimated to be around 160k. Taiwan - 40k attendance (2 stops) Singapore - TBA ( 1 stop at Singapore National Stadium - a 55k venue ) Thailand - TBA ( 1 stop at Rajamangala Stadium - a 49k venue) Hong Kong - TBA (4 stops at Asia World-Expo) TBA (Not included in the estimated total)/Notes: More tour dates to be announced, including the encore. They have yet to announce dates for South America and Oceania. Wings tour: South America - 44k attendance (4 stops among Brazil and Chile) and AUS - 11k attendance (1 stop with a gross revenue of 2 mil). Encore stops will likely be in the same venue or a bigger one, and it will span over a course of two to three days. Based off of the Wings Tour and previous encores. They will more than likely bring in another 90k or more with their encore. TLDR; 90k +256k +100k +380k +160k = ~986k so far. With more to come. Written by Hyedes @ Onehallyu reposted with permission, original post
  2. thankfully jimin is there to comfort him i heard people at soundcheck were saying tae seemed a little tired/sick, i hope he'll feel better soon
  3. [SOLD] Hi, everyone! Unfortunately, one of my BTS World Tour tickets is going to go to waste because someone in my group can't make it. Please read below and if you are interested contact me ASAP! Date: September 5th, 2018 Location: Staples Center 1 Ticket - PR4, Section 10, Seat 13 Face value price: $140 Transaction: Paypal *Delivery: FlashSeats *FlashSeats is an app(officially used by the Staples Center as a delivery option) that lets you digitally store your tickets and scan a code at the door of the venue to get in. It is also a super safe way to transfer tickets. Make sure to install the app on your phone and create an account so that the tickets can be transferred to you. If you're not interested but know a friend who might be, please tell them! I really want to sell this ticket so an ARMY can go to the concert and it's not an empty seat.
  4. My friend and I were very lucky to get tickets to the show in LA on Thursday. We were looking to meet up/talk to other Army! We aren't from LA, we are from Northern California, and wanted to know if anyone going wanted to meet up and go to lunch or something! It's always so fun to meet other BTS fans and have other people to relate to!
  5. Hey guys! My name is Shwetha, and I'm new to this forum. I love BTS, and I finally got the chance to go see BTS live in Chicago! So I attend university in Indiana, and I was wondering if any of you all live around there so we could maybe go together? Or just anyone, in general, going to the 10/2/18 concert, please HMU! I don't know anyone that's going, but it would be nice to!
  6. Cypher•


  7. So yeah, they did a bunch of performances and lets say... a lot of surprises. I'm attempting to find videos, but what they performed: Fake Love Airplane pt 2 Anpanman Mic drop Fire? In the meantime enjoy this: https://twitter.com/fraternitae/status/1010302685319294976 THIS IS HILARIOUS😂 WHEN YOONGI DOESN'T HAVE THE MIC SO THE STAFF GAVE IT TO HIM #BTSxLotteFamilyConcert pic.twitter.com/ElMF8ad9lR — ᴿᵉʲ💜 (@fraternitae) June 22, 2018
  8. Spill the Tae! Reveal how to survive as an ARMY with unbelievbubbly sexy dance moves and Worldwide Handsomeness splattered in their genes, and yes, jams included when you join the Bangtan ARMY community! Spill your secrets, how you became a ARMY, experiences with BTS and any sneak peeks from concerts you went to and etc. Can't wait to hear your stories. I became a KPOP fan when my Vietnamese and Filipino friends streamed KPOP MVs on their phones and I got curious after they watched BTS's Blood, Sweat and Tears MV so I slowly became a BTS ARMY by watching guides and crack videos until I fell into the black hole with them and millions (billions soon~) of other ARMYS and KPOP fans. I'm never recovering from Fangirl Syndrome and KPOP disorder, but it's worth it! I also am going to my first BTS concert in September for their Oakland concert at the Oracle Arena with my cousins by myself. It's going to be scary, but IT WAS terrifiying when I tried getting tickets with a VISA gift card and failed, but my cousin got my back and got THREE P1 tickets for it, so I'll see you other ARMYS there as well if you're going~ tell me if you are going to the Oakland concert so we could hang out if we could before the concert~ <3 Imma be blasting FIRE and ANPANMAN dancing like the crazy lunatic I am so it'll be easy to find me, lol. <3
  9. Hi, I am attending concert in LA on 9/8 and was wondering where I could request an idea for a fan project. I was hoping that we ARMY could sing 2!3! or Born Singer to them at some point during the concert to show our love and appreciation for them. If you like my idea or have other ides please let me know. Or if you know who I can go to to set this up please also let me know.
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    Day 2!
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    Day 3! The grand finale! Buy a package to watch the live broadcast + bonus contents on VLIVE+
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