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Found 55 results

  1. In spired by this... If you were to create a BTS album with their entire discography, what 10-15 songs would you choose? I'm curious to hear what people's tracklists would be~
  2. Hi everyone! Could you please do this survey on BTS's contents? It is for an academic study. Eng: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqceFQjzqQVYFkY_LnM291BRlydPH6qldVFowoUfRRvzeNzA/viewform?usp=sf_link Kor: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvno1G4YtlN5Z39e4mQw5haJiFchpOjm08tj38ZsbQS1Xckg/viewform?usp=sf_link I am doing a lucky draw for showing a gratitude, and the reward is the new album "LOVE YOURSELF 戰 Tear". It is recommended doing the survey on computer. Thank you all
  3. annyeong haseyo :-) from Armys to Armys...our second Video is finished & we are happy after all the work & effort with put in to share it with you...and how we know ARMY you surely enjoy it & have a good laugh...because besides all the dedicated respected work with Votings,Streamings etc.,we should also enjoy ourselfs as fans & support us each other with humor....so enjoy it and show us some love by RT,Likes or just nice mails and comments...much love to you all <3 kiss and thanks
  4. If the pets of bangtan were their own idol group, who would be your bias and bias wrecker? Ik this is a little late for pet day but @I. Am. Jimin's inspired me. Dankuu. My bias would be Rap Mon (as usual) and my bias wrecker would be Soonshim w/ Odeng & Eomuk as a close second. Who would be yours? It's so hard to choose Min Holly: Mickey: Gureum: Rap Mon: Odeng & Eomuk: Soonshim & Ssyongssyong Yeontan:
  5. NOTE: Work in progress. This is a vaguely vague guess of the entire BTS mv universe, purely based off the concrete scenes we have, taken at face value, in an attempt to put the MVs in chronological order. (Without getting into the metaphorical theories). Please fix/help if you can. Fan theory sources: https://thebangtantheory.wordpress.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4o70iBIDNs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qWHltGieME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPLkvX2JtOk Timeline v.1 - BTS are friends doing friend things (INU, Run, Prologue, Spring Day) - Jimin, Jhope, & Ryujin are dancers in a love triangle (highlight reel) - Suga/Jungkook are either siblings or lovers with self-destructive habits (pretty much every time they appear) - Jin may or may not be a real person (Wings, Spring day, Highlight reel, Euphoria) - Jimin & Jhope wind up in hospitals cause issues (run, Wings trailers, highlight reel) - V has an abusive father, kills him, tries to call RM or Suga for help (INU, Prologue, Wings trailers, highlight reel) - (cont'd^) Suga sets his motel room on fire, jungkook rescues him (INU, euphoria) - Jungkook gets in fights & a car crash (INU, BS&T japn, highlight reel) - V tries to commit suicide (Prologue, Euphoria) - ??? - Jin tries to rewrite all the past issues (highlight reel, wings trailer, Euphoria) Official Bighit/BTS sources: MVs: I Need U, Run, BS&T jpn (not kor), spring day trailers: prologue, wings, euphoria the HYYH notes
  6. Hi guys! As part of one of my university modules, I have to research and write a mini dissertation. I've chosen to write about K-pop, fandoms and the online community. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you guys would fill out the questionnaire for me. It should take less than 3 minutes, but please go into detail as much as you can. It's all anonymous, so thank you in advance for taking it! You're a huge help https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19Kzponicd9IwwSCkB3kWrauUYwVaBl4zijE6Icl9UC4/edit (edit: please pass this onto other K-pop friends too!)
  7. Release date: April 4, 2018 Tracklist: 1. Intro: Ringwanderung 2. Best of Me (Japanese Ver.) 3. Blood Sweat & Tears (Japanese Ver.) (血、汗、涙) 4. DNA (Japanese Ver.) 5. Not Today (Japanese Ver.) 6. MIC Drop (Japanese Ver.) 7. Don't Leave Me 8. Go Go (Japanese Ver.) 9. Crystal Snow 10. Spring Day (Japanese Ver.) 11. Let Go 12. Outro: Crack Let's discuss! 1. Which is your favorite among the new tracks? 2. Among the re-released songs (the Japanese versions), which one do you like best in Japanese? 3. Was there any song (among the exclusive Japanese tracks) that isn't really appealing to you? Why? 4. Did the album live up to your expectations? 5. Share any other thoughts you have, if any!
  8. Who do the boys act the most like from the hit play Hamilton? Click down below to find out! Rap Monster (Kim Nam-Joon) Jimin (Park Jimin) Jin (Kim Seok-Jin) Suga (Min Yoongi) J-Hope (Jung-Hoseok) V (Kim Tae-Hyung)
  9. Male Idols that Look Just Like Anime Characters RM as Sailor Moon The two are incredibly clumsy leaders that tend to fall apart quicker than the things they break. However, when it really comes to it, they both prove to be reliable and lovable leaders! Cr:allkpop
  10. Welcome to the official BTS WORLD thread on Bangtan Base! << Thread under construction. >> Release date: N/A Latest version: N/A Latest update: N/A GAME TEASER: DOWNLOAD GAME Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS) LATEST EVENTS N/A PAST UPDATES: HOW TO PLAY Coming Soon TIPS In-game tips: • Coming Soon OP tips: • Coming Soon BTS MEMBERS & OTHER ARTISTS WHO PLAY THE GAME N/A BBASE PLAYERS N/A < official twitter > www.netmarble.com
  11. Hello! Since I practically force my mom to listen to kpop in the car with me, she's grown to like it. I was wondering what BTS songs I should show her to get her even more excited lol. Probably more upbeat or catchy songs. For reference, she likes Boy In Luv and Bapsae for some reason. Any recommendation will be helpful I also forgot how to make a question on here so sry for just putting it as a topic
  12. We have bias lists and wreckers, but surely you have OTP lists/rankings too, right? What are your favorite OTPs in BTS, and how do you rank them? (Maybe share why, too!) Mine are: 1. YoonJin ✨- on those days when I didn't really have any OTP yet, I ended up shipping Yoongi and Jin because I thought they had a good, balanced chemistry. And then I found this: well, that— It escalated from there and now I am so whipped for this ship. 2. Vmin ✨ - This ship I don't remember exactly where I fell for, I think it has something to do with fics but mostly it's because they refer to each other as their soulmates! Plus?? THIS TWEET??? I also can't get over how cute they are! Not to mention their bond (from being affectionate to trashtalking,) has been noticeable to me since the beginning. Did I mention that I can't get oVER HOW CUTE THEY ARE??? 3. YoonKook ✨ - God knows how many YoonKook fics I have bookmarked on my AO3. This used to be an underground ship yet guess what happened in 2015? Yeah, that. : ' D It's also really amusing to see Jungkook teasing and copying Yoongi on shows, tweets, and other content (the kind of teasing that some dongsaeng would get hit by a hyung) yet Yoongi is so chill with it (shows how close they are). The hyungs being whipped for Jungkook isn't new but it's always so cute to see Yoongi returning affection to him as well know Yoongi's not one to show it (that much) on camera - him being soft for Jungkook makes me soft ;;; 4. Namgi ✨ - This ship is like the pioneer Bangtan ship because hello??? Bangtan's music is basically built on them and they've known each other the longest in the whole group. They're really, really close and I was so floored when they mentioned that Spring Day's lyrics were actually inspired by their friendship. Do you hear me crying 5. Taegi ✨ - It's funny that I fell for this ship because Bangtan themselves have said that Yoongi and Taehyung are the ones who contradict each other the most in the group. However their differences don't necessarily mean it taints their bond, they can actually be cute together! Also, remember that fansign in 2013 where Taehyung back hugged Yoongi? SO CUTE Also I'm smitten with their height difference. Like every with other ship I mentioned earlier. F I T E M E ✨Honorable mentions: ✨
  13. why do people say jimin has no jams.....thats just really rude for my opinion
  14. Hello! I recently visited America and really loved it out there! My friends from America took me to a lot of place, but the first place they showed me was a small town called "Little Tokyo" It was really cute there, and had a lot of Japanese cultural things there, they showed me a store called "Maneki Neko" It had a lot of things in that store. I bought squishies, stuff animals, and much more. But near the back of the store they had BTS Posters! There only 2.99 each, and I ended up getting a bunch. The posters were high quality, and gorgeous! They had photo cards, key chains, backpacks, pillows, and a blanket of them! That corner of the store was flipping heaven!! Japanese Translation! こんにちは! 私は最近、アメリカを訪問し、本当にそこにそれを愛した! アメリカの友達は私をたくさんの場所に連れて行ってくれましたが、彼らが私に示した最初の場所は「リトル東京」という小さな町でした そこには本当に可愛かったし、そこに日本の文化的なものがたくさんあったので、彼らは私に「招き猫」という店を見せてくれました。 私は多くのものを買って、動物、軽食、および多くのもの。 しかし、彼らは BTS のポスターを持っていた店の背面付近! そこだけ ¥321.10 それぞれ、私は束を取得してしまった。 ポスターは、高品質であり、ゴージャス! 彼らはフォトカード、キーホルダー、バックパック、枕、それらの毛布を持っていました! 店のそのコーナーが天国になった!
  15. My fav bts funny moments is Jin's Dad joke abot Dipsy and La la...i dont know why but he make me laugh!!
  16. My bias ranking: 1.Jimin 2.Jungkook 3.V 4.Jin 5.Rapmon 6.Sugar 7.Jhope
  17. Hi Army! Kookie is my 2nd bias after Jimin. So I make him a gif thread. Share your Kookie gif here!
  18. Hai! Who love V puts your hand's up! I want to make V official gif. So this is the thread! Pls share your cute , handsome or some else Taehyung!
  19. Hello! My bias is Jim in. So I want to post about Jimin gif! I have a lot of his gif. Because he is so cute and I'm always melting when see his smile. So if you have a gif to share , with pleasure, you can post here! Let me go first!
  20. Helllo!!! Who's love Hoseok or know as J-Hope? Say me in comment. Ops...this thread was runaway from topic. So , I like to share my gif . if you want to share your hobie gig, you can post here!!! Let me post first!
  21. Hello every Army! I make this thread cause I love make a gig. So if you have a gig to share, please post here! Let me start:
  22. hello! In TTF, i know as Gif factory.. so, i want to be a gif factory here too. so i will start with my rapmon gif.
  23. Hello Army! I want to share , I love Jiminie smile! who love Jiminie smile?
  24. Someone pleaseee update me on anything special going on for J-hotties bday? are we doing anything for him?