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Found 22 results

  1. So, when did you become an ARMY? Have you been apart for the fandom for long? Have you been apart of the fandom for a short period of time? My Answer- I have been apart of the ARMY family ever since they won Top Social Artist at you-know-where. I know that might sound pathetic compared to some of you older stans, but trust me, I can hold my own when it comes to our boys. Gangnam Style came out while I was in second grade, so I didn't really get into it, but when I listed to I Am the Best by 2NE1 for the first time, I realized that I had actually heard it before when I was little! LITTY- I was a mini stan. (JK, I was probably, like, 3.)
  2. discussion Namjoon Adorableness

    Kim-Namjoon is the sexy lord but also has his adorable moments. There are many examples of this that I couldn't fit into a gif for my profile pic. so please share them here and discuss :0 (+10 for flower crowns or cat ears)
  3. discussion Yoongi's Savage Agust D Roasts.

    *WARNING* These roasts are extremely savage and may severely harm people. Symptoms of second-degree roasts include rashes, aches, loss of brain cells, and death. Add additional roasts to this thread at your own risk. Okay, so we all love Suga. We all love Agust D. But we allll love Min Yoongi Savage Agust D. Because that's a thing. That I just put on this thread. 'Cuz I'm amazing. And a stan of legends. Anyways, I just though it would be a good idea to create a thread in dedication to all of Min Yoongi Savage Agust D roasts. So... I'm not good at starting threads, but I will try. This is mostly just for you all to add on your own stuff, so have fun! The CLASSSSSSSSICS. Add on your own- hope you enjoyed!
  4. Welcome to the official SUPER STAR BTS thread on Bangtan Base! You can share updates, events, your game stats and everything else of the game with other BBase users right here! Release date: January 18, 2018 Latest version: 1.0.1 Latest update: January 18, 2018 (Android & iOS) DOWNLOAD GAME Google Play (Android) | App Store (iOS) LATEST EVENTS <180118> SUPER STAR BTS NOW PLAYABLE! Download the game on Google Play or App Store - links are available above! <180118> IN-GAME EVENTS: ONGOING FROM JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018 <180108> BTS INVITES YOU TO PLAY! Watch the video on YouTube! <180108> PRE-REGISTRATION Pre-register for Super Star BTS! Just visit the official site at www.superstarbts.com. *Note: Apparently pre-registration is for South Korean phone numbers only, but someone posted a tutorial for international ARMYs - which I tried, but not sure if worked. HOW TO PLAY BTS Rhythm Game - SUPERSTAR BTS Finally Released! [Official game info] Worldwide Superstar BTS Rhythm Game 'SUPERSTAR BTS' How-to by OP: *coming soon* TIPS In-game tips: • Attend daily to receive daily rewards! Extra rewards are given when you attend 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 days in a row! • Upgrade your cards to get higher scores! ( Card levels, ascending order: R > S > A > B > C ) • The game only consumes data when updating game modes, events, and new songs. OP tips: • Game a little hard for you? Take it easy, keep playing 'til you get used to it! You can also try wiping out the whole easy mode first, then climb up higher as you go. • Your objective for this game is to obtain the highest rank. The total of the scores from your the TOP 5 highest-scoring songs (1 song from a different album) will determine your rank in your weekly tier. (The scores reset at the beginning of every week on Mondays.) • To go up a rank higher, you need to be in the top 7 in your tier. Placing in the bottom, from rank 14~20, brings you down a lower tier. • Play as much as you can! Each song is around a minute or two, from the first verse to the chorus. You get RP for clearing any song on any level. • Get as much Super Perfect or Perfect taps - sometimes perfecting a song (All perfect + All combos) can give you extra rewards like a Card Pack 1 or Emeralds. • Always equip member cards with the same theme per album! It gives you more bonus points at the beginning of the song and a chance for a higher score. • Don't forget to clear your daily missions for extra rewards! • Regularly check your Achievements in My Room. Some achievements you unlock have really good rewards, from Card Packs to Diamonds. • You don't have to obtain and upgrade every single card theme - it's best to stick to 1 theme for 5 albums first since you only need 5 songs for the weekly ranking. (Upgrade the rest when you can, though - just put more attention to your top 5 albums until you've maxed them out or high enough to keep you on top.) • Save up your Diamonds and Emeralds! Some events have really awesome rewards, some require you to purchase a certain amount of Diamonds. Once in a while some good offers pop up in the game store and some events even have physical albums for prizes! (So if you're rich (lol), go ahead and purchase some diamonds if you're up for it!) • And if you must, use your Diamonds and Emeralds wisely - purchasing Premium card packs with Emeralds saves you RP from upgrading your cards and buying too many card packs in hopes of getting lucky. BTS MEMBERS & OTHER ARTISTS WHO PLAY THE GAME RM BBASE PLAYERS IGN / BBase User / Rank / Level 1. AGUST슙 (Chim Chim Star™) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 6 2. Camu (Camu) | Bronze I | ??? 3. serinity (KookieMochi) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 5 *Comment your IGN + rank & level below to be added to the list! < official twitter > < official instagram > www.superstarbts.com | www.dalcomsoft.com
  5. discussion Is it me? Or...

    Is it me or when you listen to Mic Drop does anyone feel like a rebel? *laughs* For me, I feel like a savage, rebel and very dangerous.
  6. discussion Suga OFFICIALLY my Bias

    I have finally made Suga my third bias. Congrats to meeeeee *laughs* Although I kind of want to stick to one bias and only one...not three, which is going to be hard to kick most of two bias off. You know? I do love Jin very much and V, but I kind of like Suga more but I also LOVE JIN more too I JUST DON"T KNOW ANYMORE!!! HELP!
  7. As we all know, 2017 has been a spectacular year for BTS, beginning on the 1st of January with RM releasing "Always", and finally ending with a spectacular lead up to their first performance of the year on MBC's Song Festival. This is a thread for you to share and discuss all of this year's memorable moments, from their spectacular achievements on the charts or a particular appearance on TV, to hearing them on radio or just watching them goof around in a Bomb. May 2018 follow 2017's success and send them soaring into even further heights!
  8. discussion BTS ON KISS FM

    OMG! BTS WAS JUST ON KISS FM. I was in the car, and I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. BTS MIC DROP WAS ON!!! *SCREAMS!* I have never been more excited and happy at the same time!!! I was about to take a picture of it but I didn't have my phone!!
  9. discussion Jungkook and IU

    So I bet everyone knows that Kookie has an ideal type and her name is IU, but is it me or do you guys think that they would actually be a cute couple. I recently watched some videos and you could tell that Kookie was always looking at her and IU was looking at him. To me, I feel like there is something going on between them But about the cute couple thing, I still think that Kookie would find a good wife out of the BTS ARMY fans
  10. discussion HER:承

    ALBUM-TRACKS 1."Intro: Serendipity" 2."DNA" 3."Best of Me" 4. Dimple 5."Pied Piper" 6."Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech" 7."MIC Drop" 8. (Go Go) 9."Outro: Her" Which song do you like the best? Which song do you think is underrated? Which song according to is the least favorite? Out of the 7, whom do you think got the chance to shine during this album? If you get a chance to select the title for their next album what would you name it?
  11. Hi guys, I really like Jimin's necklace here Do you guys know where I can get a necklace like this. I need your answers guys. please tell me THANK YOU
  12. Hello my fellow ARMY! I hope you're having a great day! Spread positivity and happyness, even in sad times like this. Soon I will be haven a presentation in my english class and we have to analyse literature. It can be a movie/series plot, a book or even a song. So thought of analysing a song by our 7 handsome and talented men, BTS! Of course, it is hard topic, since 90% of the lyrics are in korean, but I do think that those translations that everybody can find on youtube or google are trustworthy! I've talked with my teacher and she said that this idea is totally fine! The thing is, I haven't been an ARMY for a long time... 12 months now maybe, but I haven't dug into deep lyrics yet! This is why I have come here, to search for help from you guys! Maybe you can recommend me a good song that is "easy" to analize. With "easy" I mean lyrics that you can understand, even if you don't know the boys, since I'll be presenting them to my class mates and my teacher, of which on 2 class mates know them! I'm very excited for your ideas!
  13. discussion About Fanboys

    I just felt like I needed to make this quick thread, because I personally am a fanboy of BTS among other Korean groups and artists. Since getting into Korean music and culture at the early age of 12, I've never really experienced the horrible backlash by the community that comes as a side-effect of being a fanboy. Luckily, BTS is a very open group and we all know that they support fanboys. The only problem I really have with the community is that fanboys are assumed to be homosexual or bisexual. I myself am a straight male and a proud ARMY. In a way, the fact that I never really revealed my interest in Korean music to anyone kept me from experiencing struggles that many fanboys have to face. I got involved in public fanbases only as I became older and ready to face such derogatory behavior. It has been rather easy for me to adjust, seeing as the forums and chatrooms I have been in have all been rather appropriate and hate-less much like this one. I'm really interested in the fact that such a negative view is placed upon male fans in the K-pop and K-music communities. Please write your thoughts below and answer the poll (which, knowing the kindness of this server, should have the predicted outcome xD).
  14. Hi! Do you guys have any chat group to talk? If not what about making one? It can be Line, Watsapp etc.. Let me know what you think
  15. So some of you might already know, that Aeon Dream Studios a visual novel company with all female members, created a game called To The Edge Of The Sky, a visual novel game based on BTS! The Demo is available here, and the PHASe Two is here This game is not official from BigHit or BTS and is not associated with them. But they've been trying to find a way to be able to communicate with BigHit! This game is FANMADE. Screenshots: (not mine) if you want more. play it by yourself *whispers* bUT I REALLY RECOMMEND PLAYING THE GAME! Characters Three Four Five Six Seven aka YOU! Eight Nine Zero There are still other characters~~ The FAQ MORE TO BE UPDATED
  16. I was listening to Mic Drop Remix, and it got me thinking who likes to Mic Drop or the Mic Drop Remix. To be honest, I like them both, but the one that stands out to me the most is the Remix. But that is just my opinion, what is yours?
  17. discussion Crystal Snow

    If you haven't heard Crystal Snow. Then you need to go listen to it. I am absolutely in love with it. Jungkook did an amazing job especially (my favorite part) on: "Can I touch your heart." It is like an angel singing
  18. discussion Blank Tae

    I just love how in an interview he is always staring into space, looking like he doesn't know what is going on. Don't you? He is a precious little angel. I think out of all the members, Tae is the most confused one. He acts like he doesn't know what is going on. HAHA. Protect this baby. (This one is my favorite ^^)
  19. discussion Jin's DAD JOKES

    Raise your hand if you just love his dad jokes and how he laughs at them when most of the members think they are so bad, especially Suga I sometimes use his jokes around my school and mention them to some of my friends, they don't think it is as funny as I think it is and they hardly understand them. What is your favorite joke of his?
  20. My short answer is: Jin went blonde and I died. There's a longer answer but I'll write it up later. So I'm curious...how did you all start stanning BTS?
  21. discussion Let's talk about MAMA...

    Hello, BBase members. Let's talk about MAMA... A big topic in the fanbase currently is the upcoming MAMA awards. It has been known for a while now that these awards shows are not the fairest or serious shows ever, and this year it is more obvious than ever. There were votes removed due to "bots," but a significant amount of votes were removed from one section while fewer votes were removed from another. This makes no sense, as all votes from a bot account are from one account and should all be invalidated. The least Mnet could do was try to hide the fact that they are being themselves. Obviously, we have learned to expect the bare minimum from MAMA and Mnet over our time viewing this crooked company. I personally know that anything that has to do with Mnet is definitely garbage. For example, the rap competition show Show Me the Money is quite known for evil-editing (in which the editors from Mnet show off certain people on the show to have qualities that they do not have). Even the judges of this show have spoken out against it - it is bad. We can expect that MAMA, which is run by the same company, will be just as bad. So, just a warning to those ARMYs who are dedicated to voting for BTS every single day on the MAMA website. BTS will be performing at MAMA alongside EXO, both of whom are amazing groups and they have a great relationship. The ill relations stem from the two fandoms, who seem to get into little fights all over the place. Even if BTS does not win an award, we can be sure they will be cheering and happy for their friends EXO. ARMYs! Do not be discouraged by the CROOKED MNET. BTS is doing better than ever, with LY: Her close to 1mil on Hanteo, DNA and MIC Drop Remix doing so well internationally, and their American exposure blowing them up. We ARMYs are stronger than getting into petty arguments over a rigged awards show. We know BTS is amazing, and that is truly all that matters. 화이팅!
  22. <cr> Greetings, people of BBase! I am Jay, and today we will be conclusively reviewing the rap of the all-talented, International Playboy, Golden Maknae, Kookie himself - Jeon Jungkook. For a long time, he has been known to ARMYs as an all-around talented figure, seeing as he can sing amazingly, dance amazingly, and guess what - he can rap too. Kookie rapping "Lonely" by Outsider, a Korean-speed rapper: As seen in this clip, he has the ability to rap - seeing as he is able to somewhat keep up with Outsider's rap, and his words are understandable and not just "blah-blah-blah." Let us move on to some of his verses from BTS music. His verse in War of Hormone: His verse is definitely classified as rap, even though there is a definite use of pitch. A way to determine whether a verse is rap or not is to imagine it without music/a beat behind it. Most vocals sound a little weird without background music, not counting A Cappella, seeing as when singers sing A Cappella they generally sing at a lower pitch or change the way the song is sung. This verse is somewhat of a tonal rap verse. His verse in N.O.: Though this verse is a little short, it obviously categorized as rap. Once again he uses vocal inflections (raising the pitch at the end of a line) which is a skill used by many rappers - and it helps that he can reach even higher pitches than most rappers (cause he sings too!) When he sang Namjoon's parts of Run: Even when Namjoon sing-raps these verses, it is barely rapping. Due to the certain vocal inflections Namjoon makes, it can be considered rap - and perhaps with Jungkook too but I don't think so. This is also a weird case due to the fact that I can imagine it sounding both just fine and a little weird without the beat in the background. I'm conflicted. Jungkook raps along with the rap line: Before you watch, his part is closer to the end. There is no debate that this is rap - and it meshes perfectly with J-Hope and Suga's rap as well. No more words. AND NOW... the verse you've all been waiting for: His impeccable verse on "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2": Ireumeun Jungkook! By far his most popular rap verse, and a favorite of all ARMYs, even if their bias isn't JK. No words are needed here either. He uses pitch changes and vocal inflections while also rapping in a spoken-rap style. Last but not least, his verse in No More Dream: Once again he used tonal inflections to his advantage and this was a legendary rap performace following BTS' rap-line. TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER - GUESS HOW OLD HE WAS DURING THIS???? 16. 16 years old, already a legend. ---- That is all for today folks - feel free to discuss Jungkook's rap below. Disclaimer: I did not share every rap performance, rap verse, or rap video he has ever done. Please share below, as this thread is for discussion. Enjoy.