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  1. Welcome to the official SUPERSTAR BTS thread on Bangtan Base! You can share updates, events, your game stats and everything else of the game with other BBase users right here! Release date: January 18, 2018 Latest version: 1.0.9 Latest update: April 20, 2018 (Android & iOS) DOWNLOAD GAME Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS) | Japan LATEST EVENTS <180420> [UPDATE] SUPERSTAR BTS UPDATE NOTE (APRIL 20TH, 2018) > New Album: "HOPE WORLD" > New Song: "Daydream (백일몽)" updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. > New Song (Event Period / Hard Mode only): "Daydream (백일몽) (Full ver.)" updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. Playable until April 26th (Thu) 11AM KST. > New Theme: "Theme pt.1" cards updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. > New Profile Pic: "Theme pt.1" profile pictures updated for J-Hope > Hope World Event: Clear HOPE WORLD event missions to get rewards! (Until May 3rd (Thu) 11AM KST.) > Event - Diamond Chance: Purchase Diamonds to get up to 30% additional bonus! (Until April 26th (Thu) 11AM KST.) Hope World event: <180404> [EVENT] NOTICE ABOUT PUSH MESSAGE REWARD > Event Period - Start: April 1 (Sun) KST / End: April 30 (Mon) KST > Reward - Reward in inbox every 1 PM and 7 PM KST - Double (2X) reward on weekends (Sat/Sun) at 4 PM KST. - Reward Message will be auto-deleted in 2 hours! > Reward Lists (Mon~Fri) - 1 PM: RP 2,500 - 7 PM: Headphone 10 > Reward Lists (Sat/Sun) - 1 PM: RP 5,000 - 4 PM: Normal Card Pack 10 - 7 PM: Headphone 20 > Caution - There maybe a slight time delay between Push Notification and Delivery. <180126> [INFO] [NOTICE] SUPERSTAR BTS SUPPORT CENTER "Thanks for your support for SUPERSTAR BTS! Should you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact SuperStar BTS Support Center. [Support Center Contact] - E-mail Address: support.superstar.bts@dalcomsoft.com *reply can be delayed due to internal reasons. Thank you for playing SuperStar BTS. We will always try our best to meet your expectations!" PAST UPDATES: HOW TO PLAY (Click here for the unofficial SBTS guide) BTS Rhythm Game - SUPERSTAR BTS Finally Released! [Official game info] Worldwide Superstar BTS Rhythm Game 'SUPERSTAR BTS' TIPS In-game tips: • Attend daily to receive daily rewards! Extra rewards are given when you attend 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 days in a row! • Upgrade your cards to get higher scores! ( Card levels, ascending order: R > S > A > B > C ) • The game only consumes data when updating game modes, events, and new songs. OP tips: • Game a little hard for you? Take it easy, keep playing 'til you get used to it! You can also try wiping out the whole easy mode first, then climb up higher as you go. • Your objective for this game is to obtain the highest rank. The total of the scores from your the TOP 5 highest-scoring songs (1 song from a different album) will determine your rank in your weekly tier. (The scores reset at the beginning of every week on Mondays.) • To go up a rank higher, you need to be in the top 7 in your tier. Placing in the bottom, from rank 14~20, brings you down a lower tier. • Play as much as you can! Each song is around a minute or two, from the first verse to the chorus. You get RP for clearing any song on any level. • Get as much Super Perfect or Perfect taps - sometimes perfecting a song (All perfect + All combos) can give you extra rewards like a Card Pack 1 or Emeralds. • Upgrading your cards takes time - the max. level for each card is level increases per grade (C cards max. level is 10, B cards max. level is 20, and son), so if you ever get a higher-ranked member card, equip it. Remember though: you can only upgrade a card with a card of the same theme, grade, AND level! Click here for a guide to upgrading guards by JollySama! • Always equip member cards with the same theme per album! It gives you more bonus points at the beginning of the song and a chance for a higher score. • Don't forget to clear your daily missions for extra rewards! The EXP rewards are really high! • Regularly check your Achievements in My Room. Some achievements you unlock have really good rewards, from Card Packs to Emeralds. • You don't have to obtain and upgrade every single card theme - it's best to stick to 1 theme for 5 albums first since you only need 5 songs for the weekly ranking. (Upgrade the rest when you can, though - just put more attention to your top 5 albums until you've maxed them out or high enough to keep you on top.) • Save up your Diamonds and Emeralds! Some events have really awesome rewards, some require you to purchase a certain amount of Diamonds. Once in a while some good offers pop up in the game store and some events even have physical albums for prizes! (So if you're rich (lol), go ahead and purchase some diamonds if you're up for it!) • And if you must, use your Diamonds and Emeralds wisely - purchasing Premium card packs with Emeralds saves you RP from upgrading your cards and buying too many card packs in hopes of getting lucky. BTS MEMBERS & OTHER ARTISTS WHO PLAY THE GAME RM BBASE PLAYERS IGN / BBase User / Rank / Level 1. AGUST슙 (Chim Chim Star™) | Gold III | Gold Star 41 2. Camu (Camu) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 18 3. serinity (KookieMochi) | Gold I | Silver Wing Star 30 4. CharNene (Whalien) | Silver II | Silver Star 25 5. Soyfree (poca) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 6 6. sockjin (Pokeybun) | Bronze II | Bronze Star 9 7. Seokjinsus (Senri) | Bronze I | ??? 8. monimoni (monimoni) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 6 9. rvbfan2011 (rvbfan2011) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 11 10. blue-moon (blue-midnight-moon) | Bronze III | Bronze Star 6 11. michingirl (invisiblemeIM) | Silver II | Silver Star 27 12. bangjiho (08_txt) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 10 13. Kellyn38 (Kellyn38) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 17 14. Sayuri89 (Callicarpa) | ??? | ??? 15. Nequisse (Nequisse) | Silver III | Silver Star 27 16. noviaprims (noviaprims) | Silver III | Silver Star 25 17. BritneyLee (Britney Lee) | ??? | Bronze Star 6 18. Babydoll.98 (jungSHOOK.97) | Silver I | Bronze Wing Star 14 19. Moonpearl (veietsnoona) | Silver I | Bronze Wing Star 16 20. LeeYuki (SeokSeok) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 3 *Comment your IGN + rank & level below to be added to the list. Stats updated weekly! < official twitter > < official instagram > < JP official twitter > www.superstarbts.com | www.dalcomsoft.com | www.superstarbts.jp
  2. THE OFFICIAL THREAD OF 'BURN THE STAGE : THE MOVIE' Post the information about the movie release in your area/country and discuss about your thoughts, or even plan about the movie outing! Official Trailer Video : MALAYSIA
  3. Hi if this is the wrong section and you move it thank you. My girl-friend always said ARMY had the power to stuff any hater to oblivion against any member of BTS -- if any hater ever spoke in the presence of ARMY that is. However, what about bringing justice to a wrong doing on a fellow ARMY MEMBER by btsmania. -----> LINK https://btsmania.com/ I bought an army box (THAT ARRIVED WITH STUFF IN IT [thank you rng gods], they were nice enough to let me keep the other box too. that they sent WRONG) and a whole plushy set of the bt21 members [minus one member SHOOKY--what is mang without shooky ]. Took longer than expected... in conclusion they do not recommend me to return the items because it would cost me to much money. Long story, short everything arrived except the shooky and it was replaced with mini keychain of the bt21 members maybe to fill in the weight requirement to seem legit? They were honest about that situation though. They offered to give the shooky but like these look like cheap knock offs. Wouldn't you want justice for your boy-friend who actually wanted to make you happy but was treated so bad? I have pictures. I don't know if they will come out but I will try to add it here. ARMY I feel humiliated and scammed. Please tell me what to do next I paid with debit it has been 13 days since items arrived. OR what ARMY will do next. Thank you... it was for her birthday. I am very disappointed.. and sad... thank you. picture on their WEBSITE OF THE PLUSHY BELOW NOW WHAT I RECEIVED BELOW To the untrained eye they look the same. BUT MY KOYA's nose is the wrong color. My cooky ears are flappy. MY Mang's horse mane (hair) is spiky not rounded. MY girlfriend also stated that the eye brows on Cooky were off(looked normal to me though. )The quality of the dolls are terrible like they found these at the bottom of the barrel, scraped it out with a plastic spoon, and handed it to me. Apparently btsmania's customer service said everything was legit... but honestly it is not as described. i wrote a 1 star out of 5 star review. and they still only have 7 review totals for the plushy set https://btsmania.com/products/bt21-cute-standing-doll HOPEFULLY this changes and the reviews are not being monitored. very disappointed. I know btsmania is trying their best.. but what an awful experience. I do not hate bts mania.. just absolutely soul crushed at the disappointment as a paying customer. They are doing their best to right a wrong though. Sending me a missing Shooky (which will take a week to restock it is 5/8/18 right now) AN EMPTY BOX, and they let me have the other army box (identical with stuff in it.) Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my little rant.
  4. Namjoon had a vlive for Mono, and it was everything one could want from a God of Destruction talk, including: leaving to get a drink talking so fast because his brain is a bullet train brilliant insights lots of dimples accidentally turning it off early by touching his phone. He's the best. What did you guys think?
  5. Hey how are you all? So what is your favorite line from Jin? I can't possibly choose but I wan't to see what your response is. And btw. Love Yourself!
  6. Hi, all. I thought it would be great if we can discuss BV3 as the new ep is released as if we're discussing a weekly K-drama. I depend on the English translations to watch the episodes, so I really appreciate everyone who makes it possible for people like to watch and understand what it is about. As far as I know, they have ep 0, 1, and 1 behind camera footage released. Have you seen those?
  7. armys on twitter get a lot of hate whenever they say that they stan “btspop” and not kpop so today we ask the age old quetion: is bts still kpop? now, personally, i believe that bts is now more than kpop but i want to hear your opinions (since i'm new here and want to know your views in this topic lol) kpop can be used in two contexts: it could be seen as a genre of music or as an industry. as a genre, kpop is just pop music in korean. yes, there are some varieties in the sound like twice definitely doesn’t sound like dreamcatcher or ikon definitely doesn’t sound like seventeen but i think all of it still falls under the “kpop” umbrella. however, if you go to korean online forum sites like pann, you’d know that most knetz categorize their music in two more subsection: the idol music and the artist’s music. idol music is seen as more of the repetitive kind of songs, those ones that are really catchy but doesn’t really have any substance to it. most of the time, these songs are not really taken seriously and most of the time is just given to the group by their company to sing. artist music, on the other hand, is taken more seriously by the people in korea. these songs are the ones that actually has a message and is (most of the time) made by the group or the singer themselves. the purpose of idol music is to entertain while the purpose of artist music is to relay a message, to persuade, or to inform its listeners. i’d like to say that music wise, bts is still kpop however they fall more on the artist side more than on the idol side. i think bts has already proven enough that they are artists and not just idols with their music that they have been making since early in their career. kpop as an industry is known to be a “factory of perfect idols who can sing, dance, rap, and all other talents you could think of”, but it is also known for the “very strict training and management”. kpop is very stigmatized among non-kpop fans because it is something that they don’t see very often. western fans is obsessed with artists writing their own music because it could show them a little more about the artists themselves and shows the artists’ artistry. kpop is seen more as a joke or a meme rather than actual music. when psy first became viral, he was seen as a joke among non-korean people and though he charted high in billboard charts, it was because people think he’s funny and not really because he’s a great artist. a lot of armys do not support kpop as an industry. though bts was already big even before the 2017 bbmas, we can’t deny that there was a big influx of new fans when bts won their first top social artist award. most of these fans came from other western fandoms while others are just complete kpop virgins so when they first joined the fandom, they wouldn’t know anything about the systems in kpop and once they knew, they completely hated it. now, bts took a very different route than all these other kpop groups did. instead of going to every variety show ever, they made their own variety show called run bts. they make their own music, promoted in their own way. yes they may be trained and is dolled up for the camera, but they are very authentic and they want to be taken seriously as artists, as musicians. their company is not big and influential to manipulate their way to the top, even up until now. in my opinion, bts is definitely not under the "kpop umbrella" anymore as an industry. the reason why people say “btspop” also is because bts is not kpop anymore, and they’re still not accepted in the west so they’re technically still not “pop”, so we (twitter army) call it “btspop” instead. i posted a full video about this on youtube and i kind of explained it more there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds9pJ_MVOEE i hope we all discuss this maturely and respect each other's opinions
  8. This talented guy is so awesome that he dont deserve at less than shining with his own light https://www.koreaxdentro.com/jungkook-bts-tipo-ideal-personalidad-apodos-gustos-curiosidades-2018
  9. Am I the only one just hearing about this collab Steve had with a few members of bts? 'Waste it on me'?
  10. Who has heard the album and loved it? Who is going to have it on repeat all day long? Well if you answered yes to both questions then I have an important question to ask. What is your favorite song(s) off the album? Out of all of the songs, so far my favorites are: Intro: Singularity Fake Love 134340 Outro: Tear My list may change later, but that's what it looks like at the moment.
  11. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite era here was, and why. Mine is either Wings(those visuals, damn) or HYYH pt.1(that realistic story-line and the domino effect of all these theories T_T)
  12. I now thin about it but how all the sudden Taehyung gets hurt Jungkook gets hurt and Jimin does too. Well you know that hotel they stayed at and was Supposably hanted well yeah they have been haunted and now they are not okay, aww I wan't to just go hug them and love on them. This is so bad and I feel bad for them especially Tae he started crying and now I'm crying thinking about it love them so much. WE LOVE YOU'LL
  13. Who all saw the fortnite challenge if you did wasn't Jin GREAT!!!!!!
  14. I promise this is BTS related... I'm a needy lil ambivert and seek attention for my fanart Please check it out
  15. I like the LY era so much that I can't resist checking the additional story content. It looks like BTS always have this plan for each era, so I want to know more about it. Starting with the LY series. Fans may have come up with some theories, but I want to go through all of them and have my own ideas before I start reading others. Could you help to point out which video I should watch or text I should read first for the best understanding of the storyline? Do I need to know about the previous era to understand the LY parts? Thank you in advance!
  16. oml look at yoongi twerk at the end
  17. So some members have significantly less dance experience (and body awareness coff) than the official dance line (Jhope/Jimin/Jungkook), but still have to do their parts of the choreography.. Sometimes they deserve a little more appreciation for at least being able to catch up. Some of my fave moments (of them seriously dancing): V 1/2: Suga: RM: Jin: So excluding dance line, what are some of your favorite non-dance line dance moments? (I also just wanna see if there's more serious dancing from the other 4, esp namjin T___T ) Bonus round of BTS not-serious dancing lol
  18. So i just kinda dug into twitter and there's a TON of cultural easter eggs in the MV. I'm gonna need some help finding them! the music: the Lions: the dance: the moon rabbit And there's so much more jam packed in for sure :O what else can you find?
  19. I thought i made this thread already but not i guess. This kinda like the opposite of the non-dance line thread haha. But now that we're seeing more of rap line singing, y'know they're not half bad! I think it might be a bit harder to find serious clips of them actually singing, but here's some attempts. What are your favorites? Jhope RM Suga? Are there ANY clips of him seriously attempting to singing? Someone please help me find them Not serious singing aka Suga ft Jhope This was mildly inspired by Trivia Seesaw rumored to include suga seriously singing.
  20. When you read the lyrics, what do you think of when you read them? What story does it tell for you? When you hear their voices and the music, what do you picture and visualise/play in your head? For me, it can mean a lot of things. I see most ARMYs and people say it's about a breakup. I can see that but I can also see it can be used for many situations, such as: Friends: You and your friends might be going through a tough time. You all might be splitting up, for many different reasons. You all might have left each other, but you miss them all because it's not the same without them. You might've done something wrong or they have to you. You might only have one friend and both of you might have been together for a long time and then suddenly you aren't as close as you were. You might have no friends and you wish you had, you want to be comforted so you use this song and it's lyrics that feel like a hug. Family: A family member who you love might've passed away, they might have an illness or been hurt and you see this song as something you can listen to and cry with. You worry, you get all of these scenario's in your head and you wish it was you instead of them. This can also apply for friends. With your family members, just as close as you are with them, this song has gently caressed your heart and sung your worries to rest. Significant other (Boyfriend/Girlfriend): You and your partner might be doing so well together and like the friend one; suddenly you're not. A reason to why must be there somewhere, but the lyrics of, "But I still want you." gave me the impression a couple is struggling in their relationship but still fight for each other and their love. They might have obstacles here and there but they still want each other. This line also gave me the impression on one-sided love and crush; you love someone or you liked someone, you're friends with them but you want to be more than that. You don't want it ruin your already close relationship just as friends, so you keep your inner feelings to yourself. You're hurting but that okie, because you still have them in your life, regardless even if they're not really, "Yours." When the lyrics that Taehyung sang, "I'm so afraid." It could be you're afraid of the outcome, of whatever is going to happen to your loved ones and also...yourself. At the start also, Taehyung started with, "Full of loneliness, this garden is bloomed full of thorns, I hung myself in this sand castle." To me that is someone who is suicidal and is isolated. It could be that the person is not very sociable, an introvert and have trouble making friends. Feeling lonely and being alone is the worst thing ever, I know for one I hate it. The garden has bloomed with thorns instead of flowers, which means all beauty that was worked into with this garden has bloomed into thorns instead. Maybe meaning that all the hard work someone has put into for achieving to where they wanna get, was all for nothing or that it became something they weren't expecting. Now for being hung in a sand castle, I was thinking of what makes a sand castle itself. The water and sand, just the right amount and you are able to shape it into a castle. This could be the right amount of balance for you life, health and such. Your friends, family and then your career and dreams. This could mean all of the things in a persons life could be crumbling down, weighing down on them because they don't have the right amount of water and sand. Too much or too little. This can also mean a suicidal person could be at their breaking point and have no way out. So they stay in their sandcastle, and they just let it fall. The music and vocals itself, had me emotional and crying right away. The amount of emotion put into it was just, breathtaking. Whenever I listen to them singing and the music that progresses through out the chorus is beautifully done. It sounds like a delicate song, a song that will comfort you in time and need. A song where if you want a friend, here it is for you to cry with and be vulnerable around when no one else is there. Their voices and music, (Thank you Steve Aoki, beautiful composition~) is universal. So this song will touch your heart even if you don't know the lyrics. Sorry for this long topic, but these are only some of which I got out of the music and lyrics from the song. (I might add more or go through the whole song with my take on the lyrics.) I would love to hear yours, it doesn't have to be long, nor descripted, but none-the-less; I love you. I would love to discuss this with you and here your stories from this beautiful song. Stay safe, healthy and keep being you. I purple you! <3
  21. BTS has changed me, all in such a positive light. They have inspired me, guided me, saved me and made me what I am today. I shall continue to grow with them and everyone else. They have changed me for the better. My best friend and I got into dancing because of them, we would practice a lot, try and perfect their choreography, it was challenging but it opened a door I never knew was there. My best friend always loved dancing and watching dance shows, however this made us very close. Closer. We both love their music and their personalities. I never knew dancing could be a passion of mine, BTS kinda awoken that in me. They have saved me, when I was depressed and at the lowest point in my life, I went to a dark path and self-harmed. This was about four years ago, I still remember when I was so lost and scared, I chose to do the wrong thing; I comforted myself with their music. I loved hearing their voices when I was to afraid to hear my best friends voice instead. I feared to be looked at different and be disgusted by. I listened to Yoongi's other songs he produced as August D. As I was also in tat state, I was learning more about BTS and their history, their journey. To know those things and what they went through, it was almost comforting but mostly admirable...the hardships and challenges they've faced; the amount of dissing and down grading comments thrown at them. It made me think, how strong they are, because of how they have each other. (During 2013/2014 and until now, I have been battling against my enlarged pituitary gland in my brain, IBS and the endless hospital travels from my town to the big city. Doctors here and there, medicine, smell of hospitals, being poked a lot and seemingly no end to it. So I found comfort, I found warmth and relief while listening to their music. Watching the Run episodes and their vlogs helped so much. They helped me keep faith, when I seem to give up they keep giving me a reason to keep living and finding hope. It's like they reassure me, everything is gonna be okie. I have also questioned my sexuality and who I was as a person a lot at the time as well. It was hard, it was a struggle but because of them I found confidence and determination.) So I turned to my best friend two/three years later, talked to her about it and what made me do it. How I was struggling. How they helped me and made me feel strong enough to speak to her. She accepted me and we became the closest ever. We are like brother and sister; I wouldn't trade her for the world. BTS has guided me, that what I did was wrong for myself; that it wasn't the answer. BTS still kept going, they influenced me with their words and actions that; if you have a dream...don't give up. Chase it until you catch it, never stop believing, never stop working hard and keep faith. You'll get there, and when you do it - it will also inspire others. BTS has inspired me to keep my passions, to be fearless, to be myself and be unique. I will keep dancing, I will keep drawing and I will keep fighting. They've changed me so much, they've honestly shaped me into the guy I always wanted to be. This latest album, Love Yourself | Tear has made me cry so much. Especially The Truth Untold. Listening to those lyrics, understanding them or projecting them in your own way that can relate to you or your situation; it like being hugged. It like saying, "It's okie to cry. You can cry now, let it all out because I am here for you now." I am a trans guy, it is extremely hard to love myself...I am not in the body I am meant to be or wanting to be. When I look in the mirror, I feel horrible and bad. However this album, this song and the Outro: Tear has changed that opinion on myself. I have also watched the interviews and how Nam-Joon answered about how for you to be able to love another person, you must love yourself first. So, I take that and keep it in my mind a lot. I have to accept the body I am in now and soon; I'll be who I really am. It'll take a while, but that's okie. They have changed my outlook and view on life, they have changed my thoughts into such positive ones and they have changed my everything. For the best possible. Right now and forever, I am grateful to have the chance to be alive with them. To grow with them, to listen to their music and to see them keep doing what they love. I want to see you all, fans of BTS and ARMY to be yourselves and love yourselves, keep doing what you're doing too. Don't ever give up! We purple you! How about you? I'd love to know how BTS has changed you as a person, your perspective and views. It'd be lovely to know how they shaped you and influenced you. I can only imagine the best reasons and things. I hope you're having a lovely day everyone, I'd love to discuss and talk with you~ <3 Thank you and I purple you!! <33
  22. Hello! Its long time I dont make any topics so here I am! Me: Koya and Chimmy
  23. Male Idols that Look Just Like Anime Characters RM as Sailor Moon The two are incredibly clumsy leaders that tend to fall apart quicker than the things they break. However, when it really comes to it, they both prove to be reliable and lovable leaders! Cr:allkpop
  24. Hello! My bias is Jim in. So I want to post about Jimin gif! I have a lot of his gif. Because he is so cute and I'm always melting when see his smile. So if you have a gif to share , with pleasure, you can post here! Let me go first!