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Found 61 results

  1. Male Idols that Look Just Like Anime Characters RM as Sailor Moon The two are incredibly clumsy leaders that tend to fall apart quicker than the things they break. However, when it really comes to it, they both prove to be reliable and lovable leaders! Cr:allkpop
  2. armys on twitter get a lot of hate whenever they say that they stan “btspop” and not kpop so today we ask the age old quetion: is bts still kpop? now, personally, i believe that bts is now more than kpop but i want to hear your opinions (since i'm new here and want to know your views in this topic lol) kpop can be used in two contexts: it could be seen as a genre of music or as an industry. as a genre, kpop is just pop music in korean. yes, there are some varieties in the sound like twice definitely doesn’t sound like dreamcatcher or ikon definitely doesn’t sound like seventeen but i think all of it still falls under the “kpop” umbrella. however, if you go to korean online forum sites like pann, you’d know that most knetz categorize their music in two more subsection: the idol music and the artist’s music. idol music is seen as more of the repetitive kind of songs, those ones that are really catchy but doesn’t really have any substance to it. most of the time, these songs are not really taken seriously and most of the time is just given to the group by their company to sing. artist music, on the other hand, is taken more seriously by the people in korea. these songs are the ones that actually has a message and is (most of the time) made by the group or the singer themselves. the purpose of idol music is to entertain while the purpose of artist music is to relay a message, to persuade, or to inform its listeners. i’d like to say that music wise, bts is still kpop however they fall more on the artist side more than on the idol side. i think bts has already proven enough that they are artists and not just idols with their music that they have been making since early in their career. kpop as an industry is known to be a “factory of perfect idols who can sing, dance, rap, and all other talents you could think of”, but it is also known for the “very strict training and management”. kpop is very stigmatized among non-kpop fans because it is something that they don’t see very often. western fans is obsessed with artists writing their own music because it could show them a little more about the artists themselves and shows the artists’ artistry. kpop is seen more as a joke or a meme rather than actual music. when psy first became viral, he was seen as a joke among non-korean people and though he charted high in billboard charts, it was because people think he’s funny and not really because he’s a great artist. a lot of armys do not support kpop as an industry. though bts was already big even before the 2017 bbmas, we can’t deny that there was a big influx of new fans when bts won their first top social artist award. most of these fans came from other western fandoms while others are just complete kpop virgins so when they first joined the fandom, they wouldn’t know anything about the systems in kpop and once they knew, they completely hated it. now, bts took a very different route than all these other kpop groups did. instead of going to every variety show ever, they made their own variety show called run bts. they make their own music, promoted in their own way. yes they may be trained and is dolled up for the camera, but they are very authentic and they want to be taken seriously as artists, as musicians. their company is not big and influential to manipulate their way to the top, even up until now. in my opinion, bts is definitely not under the "kpop umbrella" anymore as an industry. the reason why people say “btspop” also is because bts is not kpop anymore, and they’re still not accepted in the west so they’re technically still not “pop”, so we (twitter army) call it “btspop” instead. i posted a full video about this on youtube and i kind of explained it more there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds9pJ_MVOEE i hope we all discuss this maturely and respect each other's opinions
  3. Hello! My bias is Jim in. So I want to post about Jimin gif! I have a lot of his gif. Because he is so cute and I'm always melting when see his smile. So if you have a gif to share , with pleasure, you can post here! Let me go first!
  4. This talented guy is so awesome that he dont deserve at less than shining with his own light https://www.koreaxdentro.com/jungkook-bts-tipo-ideal-personalidad-apodos-gustos-curiosidades-2018
  5. Helllo!!! Who's love Hoseok or know as J-Hope? Say me in comment. Ops...this thread was runaway from topic. So , I like to share my gif . if you want to share your hobie gig, you can post here!!! Let me post first!
  6. Hello every Army! I make this thread cause I love make a gig. So if you have a gig to share, please post here! Let me start:
  7. It may just be because I love everything about Kingdom Hearts, but I've noticed this over the years and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed it too. I'll list everything I can think of that hints at Namjoon also liking KH, and if anyone else thinks of anything I'll update this post with what they find too! (Also if this isn't in the right section, please let me know! I just joined here today haha). I'll separate each one into spoiler sections to keep them all organized. The main question here is, is this all a coincidence? Or does RM like Kingdom Hearts? Same Sky Riku Pants Not Today And don't get me started on belts
  8. why do people say jimin has no jams.....thats just really rude for my opinion
  9. In spired by this... If you were to create a BTS album with their entire discography, what 10-15 songs would you choose? I'm curious to hear what people's tracklists would be~
  10. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite era here was, and why. Mine is either Wings(those visuals, damn) or HYYH pt.1(that realistic story-line and the domino effect of all these theories T_T)
  11. I just felt like I needed to make this quick thread, because I personally am a fanboy of BTS among other Korean groups and artists. Since getting into Korean music and culture at the early age of 12, I've never really experienced the horrible backlash by the community that comes as a side-effect of being a fanboy. Luckily, BTS is a very open group and we all know that they support fanboys. The only problem I really have with the community is that fanboys are assumed to be homosexual or bisexual. I myself am a straight male and a proud ARMY. In a way, the fact that I never really revealed my interest in Korean music to anyone kept me from experiencing struggles that many fanboys have to face. I got involved in public fanbases only as I became older and ready to face such derogatory behavior. It has been rather easy for me to adjust, seeing as the forums and chatrooms I have been in have all been rather appropriate and hate-less much like this one. I'm really interested in the fact that such a negative view is placed upon male fans in the K-pop and K-music communities. Please write your thoughts below and answer the poll (which, knowing the kindness of this server, should have the predicted outcome xD).
  12. Spill the Tae! Reveal how to survive as an ARMY with unbelievbubbly sexy dance moves and Worldwide Handsomeness splattered in their genes, and yes, jams included when you join the Bangtan ARMY community! Spill your secrets, how you became a ARMY, experiences with BTS and any sneak peeks from concerts you went to and etc. Can't wait to hear your stories. I became a KPOP fan when my Vietnamese and Filipino friends streamed KPOP MVs on their phones and I got curious after they watched BTS's Blood, Sweat and Tears MV so I slowly became a BTS ARMY by watching guides and crack videos until I fell into the black hole with them and millions (billions soon~) of other ARMYS and KPOP fans. I'm never recovering from Fangirl Syndrome and KPOP disorder, but it's worth it! I also am going to my first BTS concert in September for their Oakland concert at the Oracle Arena with my cousins by myself. It's going to be scary, but IT WAS terrifiying when I tried getting tickets with a VISA gift card and failed, but my cousin got my back and got THREE P1 tickets for it, so I'll see you other ARMYS there as well if you're going~ tell me if you are going to the Oakland concert so we could hang out if we could before the concert~ <3 Imma be blasting FIRE and ANPANMAN dancing like the crazy lunatic I am so it'll be easy to find me, lol. <3
  13. I remember that when I was a little fledgling ARMY, the first MV I had watched was Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I had watched the BBMAs the night before, and when BTS won, I was interested and curious- I was literally like, "Who are these Asian people? I like their clothes. He (RM) has an accent!" Yup, that was little ol' noob ARMY Emma. (looking back on this now, I was really boring) Well, anyhoo, the next day, I had watched the BS&T MV, (which I am actually listening to as I type rn xD)and Jimin REALLLLLLYYY caught my eye. I thought he was really hot and sexy, and I don't think my 12-year old self was able to handle and process all that is the angel which is Park Jimin. So, anyways, Chim and I lived happily ever after and he became my bias. Which he still is, almost a year later. I love you, Park Jimin, so, so, so, so much. Which you will probably never know, but my love for you is something which I know, and that makes me happy. okie I sound gushy and emo lemme stop now So, tell me which of our boys first caught your eye- give the MV and a story if you can, too! Like this post. yes my life is that pathetic that I am now asking for likes -Emma
  14. Release date: April 4, 2018 Tracklist: 1. Intro: Ringwanderung 2. Best of Me (Japanese Ver.) 3. Blood Sweat & Tears (Japanese Ver.) (血、汗、涙) 4. DNA (Japanese Ver.) 5. Not Today (Japanese Ver.) 6. MIC Drop (Japanese Ver.) 7. Don't Leave Me 8. Go Go (Japanese Ver.) 9. Crystal Snow 10. Spring Day (Japanese Ver.) 11. Let Go 12. Outro: Crack Let's discuss! 1. Which is your favorite among the new tracks? 2. Among the re-released songs (the Japanese versions), which one do you like best in Japanese? 3. Was there any song (among the exclusive Japanese tracks) that isn't really appealing to you? Why? 4. Did the album live up to your expectations? 5. Share any other thoughts you have, if any!
  15. Here is where you can find theories about the Love Yourself Saga. It's a place to find answers to questions such as "What happened in Love Yourself: Wonder?" or "What is the Love Yourself Saga?". Nothing here is cannon unless specifically stated in that post. Any theory is welcome here, the more the merrier!
  16. So some members have significantly less dance experience (and body awareness coff) than the official dance line (Jhope/Jimin/Jungkook), but still have to do their parts of the choreography.. Sometimes they deserve a little more appreciation for at least being able to catch up. Some of my fave moments (of them seriously dancing): V 1/2: Suga: RM: Jin: So excluding dance line, what are some of your favorite non-dance line dance moments? (I also just wanna see if there's more serious dancing from the other 4, esp namjin T___T ) Bonus round of BTS not-serious dancing lol
  17. Welcome to the official SUPERSTAR BTS thread on Bangtan Base! You can share updates, events, your game stats and everything else of the game with other BBase users right here! Release date: January 18, 2018 Latest version: 1.0.9 Latest update: April 20, 2018 (Android & iOS) DOWNLOAD GAME Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS) | Japan LATEST EVENTS <180420> [UPDATE] SUPERSTAR BTS UPDATE NOTE (APRIL 20TH, 2018) > New Album: "HOPE WORLD" > New Song: "Daydream (백일몽)" updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. > New Song (Event Period / Hard Mode only): "Daydream (백일몽) (Full ver.)" updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. Playable until April 26th (Thu) 11AM KST. > New Theme: "Theme pt.1" cards updated in "HOPE WORLD" Album. > New Profile Pic: "Theme pt.1" profile pictures updated for J-Hope > Hope World Event: Clear HOPE WORLD event missions to get rewards! (Until May 3rd (Thu) 11AM KST.) > Event - Diamond Chance: Purchase Diamonds to get up to 30% additional bonus! (Until April 26th (Thu) 11AM KST.) Hope World event: <180404> [EVENT] NOTICE ABOUT PUSH MESSAGE REWARD > Event Period - Start: April 1 (Sun) KST / End: April 30 (Mon) KST > Reward - Reward in inbox every 1 PM and 7 PM KST - Double (2X) reward on weekends (Sat/Sun) at 4 PM KST. - Reward Message will be auto-deleted in 2 hours! > Reward Lists (Mon~Fri) - 1 PM: RP 2,500 - 7 PM: Headphone 10 > Reward Lists (Sat/Sun) - 1 PM: RP 5,000 - 4 PM: Normal Card Pack 10 - 7 PM: Headphone 20 > Caution - There maybe a slight time delay between Push Notification and Delivery. <180126> [INFO] [NOTICE] SUPERSTAR BTS SUPPORT CENTER "Thanks for your support for SUPERSTAR BTS! Should you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact SuperStar BTS Support Center. [Support Center Contact] - E-mail Address: support.superstar.bts@dalcomsoft.com *reply can be delayed due to internal reasons. Thank you for playing SuperStar BTS. We will always try our best to meet your expectations!" PAST UPDATES: HOW TO PLAY (Click here for the unofficial SBTS guide) BTS Rhythm Game - SUPERSTAR BTS Finally Released! [Official game info] Worldwide Superstar BTS Rhythm Game 'SUPERSTAR BTS' TIPS In-game tips: • Attend daily to receive daily rewards! Extra rewards are given when you attend 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 days in a row! • Upgrade your cards to get higher scores! ( Card levels, ascending order: R > S > A > B > C ) • The game only consumes data when updating game modes, events, and new songs. OP tips: • Game a little hard for you? Take it easy, keep playing 'til you get used to it! You can also try wiping out the whole easy mode first, then climb up higher as you go. • Your objective for this game is to obtain the highest rank. The total of the scores from your the TOP 5 highest-scoring songs (1 song from a different album) will determine your rank in your weekly tier. (The scores reset at the beginning of every week on Mondays.) • To go up a rank higher, you need to be in the top 7 in your tier. Placing in the bottom, from rank 14~20, brings you down a lower tier. • Play as much as you can! Each song is around a minute or two, from the first verse to the chorus. You get RP for clearing any song on any level. • Get as much Super Perfect or Perfect taps - sometimes perfecting a song (All perfect + All combos) can give you extra rewards like a Card Pack 1 or Emeralds. • Upgrading your cards takes time - the max. level for each card is level increases per grade (C cards max. level is 10, B cards max. level is 20, and son), so if you ever get a higher-ranked member card, equip it. Remember though: you can only upgrade a card with a card of the same theme, grade, AND level! Click here for a guide to upgrading guards by JollySama! • Always equip member cards with the same theme per album! It gives you more bonus points at the beginning of the song and a chance for a higher score. • Don't forget to clear your daily missions for extra rewards! The EXP rewards are really high! • Regularly check your Achievements in My Room. Some achievements you unlock have really good rewards, from Card Packs to Emeralds. • You don't have to obtain and upgrade every single card theme - it's best to stick to 1 theme for 5 albums first since you only need 5 songs for the weekly ranking. (Upgrade the rest when you can, though - just put more attention to your top 5 albums until you've maxed them out or high enough to keep you on top.) • Save up your Diamonds and Emeralds! Some events have really awesome rewards, some require you to purchase a certain amount of Diamonds. Once in a while some good offers pop up in the game store and some events even have physical albums for prizes! (So if you're rich (lol), go ahead and purchase some diamonds if you're up for it!) • And if you must, use your Diamonds and Emeralds wisely - purchasing Premium card packs with Emeralds saves you RP from upgrading your cards and buying too many card packs in hopes of getting lucky. BTS MEMBERS & OTHER ARTISTS WHO PLAY THE GAME RM BBASE PLAYERS IGN / BBase User / Rank / Level 1. AGUST슙 (Chim Chim Star™) | Gold III | Gold Star 41 2. Camu (Camu) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 18 3. serinity (KookieMochi) | Gold I | Silver Wing Star 30 4. CharNene (Whalien) | Silver II | Silver Star 25 5. Soyfree (poca) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 6 6. sockjin (Pokeybun) | Bronze II | Bronze Star 9 7. Seokjinsus (Senri) | Bronze I | ??? 8. monimoni (monimoni) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 6 9. rvbfan2011 (rvbfan2011) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 11 10. blue-moon (blue-midnight-moon) | Bronze III | Bronze Star 6 11. michingirl (invisiblemeIM) | Silver II | Silver Star 27 12. bangjiho (08_txt) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 10 13. Kellyn38 (Kellyn38) | Bronze III | Bronze Wing Star 17 14. Sayuri89 (Callicarpa) | ??? | ??? 15. Nequisse (Nequisse) | Silver III | Silver Star 27 16. noviaprims (noviaprims) | Silver III | Silver Star 25 17. BritneyLee (Britney Lee) | ??? | Bronze Star 6 18. Babydoll.98 (jungSHOOK.97) | Silver I | Bronze Wing Star 14 19. Moonpearl (veietsnoona) | Silver I | Bronze Wing Star 16 20. LeeYuki (SeokSeok) | Bronze I | Bronze Star 3 *Comment your IGN + rank & level below to be added to the list. Stats updated weekly! < official twitter > < official instagram > < JP official twitter > www.superstarbts.com | www.dalcomsoft.com | www.superstarbts.jp
  18. My bias ranking: 1.Jimin 2.Jungkook 3.V 4.Jin 5.Rapmon 6.Sugar 7.Jhope
  19. Who has heard the album and loved it? Who is going to have it on repeat all day long? Well if you answered yes to both questions then I have an important question to ask. What is your favorite song(s) off the album? Out of all of the songs, so far my favorites are: Intro: Singularity Fake Love 134340 Outro: Tear My list may change later, but that's what it looks like at the moment.
  20. Hi if this is the wrong section and you move it thank you. My girl-friend always said ARMY had the power to stuff any hater to oblivion against any member of BTS -- if any hater ever spoke in the presence of ARMY that is. However, what about bringing justice to a wrong doing on a fellow ARMY MEMBER by btsmania. -----> LINK https://btsmania.com/ I bought an army box (THAT ARRIVED WITH STUFF IN IT [thank you rng gods], they were nice enough to let me keep the other box too. that they sent WRONG) and a whole plushy set of the bt21 members [minus one member SHOOKY--what is mang without shooky ]. Took longer than expected... in conclusion they do not recommend me to return the items because it would cost me to much money. Long story, short everything arrived except the shooky and it was replaced with mini keychain of the bt21 members maybe to fill in the weight requirement to seem legit? They were honest about that situation though. They offered to give the shooky but like these look like cheap knock offs. Wouldn't you want justice for your boy-friend who actually wanted to make you happy but was treated so bad? I have pictures. I don't know if they will come out but I will try to add it here. ARMY I feel humiliated and scammed. Please tell me what to do next I paid with debit it has been 13 days since items arrived. OR what ARMY will do next. Thank you... it was for her birthday. I am very disappointed.. and sad... thank you. picture on their WEBSITE OF THE PLUSHY BELOW NOW WHAT I RECEIVED BELOW To the untrained eye they look the same. BUT MY KOYA's nose is the wrong color. My cooky ears are flappy. MY Mang's horse mane (hair) is spiky not rounded. MY girlfriend also stated that the eye brows on Cooky were off(looked normal to me though. )The quality of the dolls are terrible like they found these at the bottom of the barrel, scraped it out with a plastic spoon, and handed it to me. Apparently btsmania's customer service said everything was legit... but honestly it is not as described. i wrote a 1 star out of 5 star review. and they still only have 7 review totals for the plushy set https://btsmania.com/products/bt21-cute-standing-doll HOPEFULLY this changes and the reviews are not being monitored. very disappointed. I know btsmania is trying their best.. but what an awful experience. I do not hate bts mania.. just absolutely soul crushed at the disappointment as a paying customer. They are doing their best to right a wrong though. Sending me a missing Shooky (which will take a week to restock it is 5/8/18 right now) AN EMPTY BOX, and they let me have the other army box (identical with stuff in it.) Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to my little rant.
  21. NOTE: Work in progress. This is a vaguely vague guess of the entire BTS mv universe, purely based off the concrete scenes we have, taken at face value, in an attempt to put the MVs in chronological order. (Without getting into the metaphorical theories). Please fix/help if you can. Fan theory sources: https://thebangtantheory.wordpress.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4o70iBIDNs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qWHltGieME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPLkvX2JtOk Timeline v.1 - BTS are friends doing friend things (INU, Run, Prologue, Spring Day) - Jimin, Jhope, & Ryujin are dancers in a love triangle (highlight reel) - Suga/Jungkook are either siblings or lovers with self-destructive habits (pretty much every time they appear) - Jin may or may not be a real person (Wings, Spring day, Highlight reel, Euphoria) - Jimin & Jhope wind up in hospitals cause issues (run, Wings trailers, highlight reel) - V has an abusive father, kills him, tries to call RM or Suga for help (INU, Prologue, Wings trailers, highlight reel) - (cont'd^) Suga sets his motel room on fire, jungkook rescues him (INU, euphoria) - Jungkook gets in fights & a car crash (INU, BS&T japn, highlight reel) - V tries to commit suicide (Prologue, Euphoria) - ??? - Jin tries to rewrite all the past issues (highlight reel, wings trailer, Euphoria) Official Bighit/BTS sources: MVs: I Need U, Run, BS&T jpn (not kor), spring day trailers: prologue, wings, euphoria the HYYH notes
  22. Who are the boys as characters from Dear Evan Hansen? I hope you enjoy! Kim Nam-Joon (Rap Monster) Min Yoongi (Suga) Jung Ho-Seok (J-Hope) Park Ji-Min (Jimin) Tae-Hyung (V) Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook) Kim Seok-Jin (Jin)
  23. If the pets of bangtan were their own idol group, who would be your bias and bias wrecker? Ik this is a little late for pet day but @I. Am. Jimin's inspired me. Dankuu. My bias would be Rap Mon (as usual) and my bias wrecker would be Soonshim w/ Odeng & Eomuk as a close second. Who would be yours? It's so hard to choose Min Holly: Mickey: Gureum: Rap Mon: Odeng & Eomuk: Soonshim & Ssyongssyong Yeontan:
  24. Hi everyone! Could you please do this survey on BTS's contents? It is for an academic study. Eng: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqceFQjzqQVYFkY_LnM291BRlydPH6qldVFowoUfRRvzeNzA/viewform?usp=sf_link Kor: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvno1G4YtlN5Z39e4mQw5haJiFchpOjm08tj38ZsbQS1Xckg/viewform?usp=sf_link I am doing a lucky draw for showing a gratitude, and the reward is the new album "LOVE YOURSELF 戰 Tear". It is recommended doing the survey on computer. Thank you all
  25. annyeong haseyo :-) from Armys to Armys...our second Video is finished & we are happy after all the work & effort with put in to share it with you...and how we know ARMY you surely enjoy it & have a good laugh...because besides all the dedicated respected work with Votings,Streamings etc.,we should also enjoy ourselfs as fans & support us each other with humor....so enjoy it and show us some love by RT,Likes or just nice mails and comments...much love to you all <3 kiss and thanks