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Found 8 results

  1. There are so many hate posts so let’s be warm and say positive things about idols who are not our bias! I’m a Carat but I really like I really like 13430 by Bangtan post response: [+420][-41] original post: here -I’m an EXO-L but I listen to all of Seventeen’s songs every time they come back. Also, I totally like Bangtan’s Butterfly, Save Me, Truth Untold and Spring Day[+485,-28] -I’m an Army but I really like Seventeen’s Clap choreography…. Every time I go to the norebang, I and my friends always go “jjak jjak jjak jjak”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+374,-23] -I'm a Wannable but I really like Dokyum’s voice at the start of Oh My!ㅜ[+308,-23] -The only groups aside of my bias from which I listen to all side tracks are Seventeen and Exo. Also nowadays, I really like Nu’est’s songsㅎㅎ I usually look up idols’ side tracks a lot but these three groups’ songs fit my taste the mostㅎㅎ by the way, my bias is Bangtan[+220,-8] -I’m an Army but I really like Seventeen’s Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day. Especially when they go “dudududududung oh summer summer summer” ㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+156,-3] -I’m an Army but I find Seventeen so funnyㅜㅜ their songs are good and their synchronized dancing is solid[+130,-6] cr
  2. The hologram is solid post response: [+363][-9] original post: here -This one, they'll all connect[+150,-1] -I'm another group's fan, but I'm buying this for sure.... I won't regret with this quality, I'll give the postcard to my BTS fan friend and I'll keep the CD to listen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+104,-12] -I'm going to listen to the album for sure[+83,-0] -When will you guys not receive fangirl content....You're having so many comebacks too..ㅠㅠ I'm so jealous of Bighit's young masters ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ The album is so pretty too... Seriously when are EXO coming back?ㅜㅜ[+35,-0] -Bangtan are seriously turning me into a core fan with this comeback[+29,-0] cr
  3. On top of that, BTS added a show in a US stadium This is the view of the place BTS are seriously impressive post response: [+1,468][-26] original post: here -After winning at the Billboard Awards, Suga said that he wanted to perform at a stadium and wanted to become the most influential singer in the world. Finally, the gun has been fired. Everything Min-stradamus says becomes true[+398.-5] -Bangtan's first solo concert hosted 1,040 attendees and 5 years later, they are hosting up to 40K attendees. Congrats Armys[+395,-5] -Thinking that this is where Taylor Swift performed and that this place will be filled with Army bombs, it will feel like performing inside a galaxy. Namjoon really likes galaxies. I'm looking forward to it[+392,-6] -It's impressive that they are the first Korean singers to perform at a US stadium....ㅠㅠ I'm proudㅠㅠ [+131,-0] -Bangtan are seriously impressive. Only the S-rank artists in the US perform there[+127.-0] -Ever since yesterday, the trolls were making a fuss about them in the teen's section so looks like they are performing at a stadium in the end huhㅋㅋㅋㅋ How did they know so fast?[+119,-0] -Wow seriously, so this is also possible... Korean artists at a US stadium.... seriously, that place only hosts famous pop stars ㅋㅋㅋ[+106,-0] cr -
  4. post response: [+339][-13] original post: here -Seriously the more I look, the more I think they suit them perfectly, how can all 7 of them pull their hair color like that ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ I almost died why I saw Jungkook's bright red [+115,-5] -Today, Hoseok went back to the looks he had when he first debuted in 2015 ㅠㅠ I never thought I'd see him with a mix of I Need U and Run [+98,-4] I'm seriously not a fan, but I grew so interested in them after today ㅠㅠ I saw on the trending tags that "bright red" was there and after I got into it, I started saving all the pictures.. [+86,-6] Someone said that V looked like a Korean style like a French = ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ weirdly I can relate [+44,-1] -When Jungkook was doing the wave in the center during Mic Drop, my heart almost exploded [+38,-0] cr
  5. Those views were from 2018 (until July) per country all top 3: BTS, Twice, Blackpink post response: [+407][-39] original post: here -BTS and BP only released songs for 2~3 months, how can they be so high?? Daebak. Seriously, Bangtan are a wall in the USㄷㄷ[+194,-18] -It’s not because they are famous, These three teams have the best quality when it comes to MV[+168,-8] -BP is #2 in the whole world when it comes to user count(?) and BTS is the fastest group in the world to record 10M views. Aren’t they doing even better than some English or American singers…? BTS-BP are the tops even globally ㅠㅠㅠㅠ they are enhancing our national prestige[+59,-14] -BTS and BP even ranked 1st and 2nd on international rankings… they are seriously scary[+43,-52] -It all comes down to BTS and BP[+38,-13] cr
  6. post response: [+673][-28] original post: here -BTS X Park Bogum [ +111, -6] -There's no disharmony in this combination, they suit each other ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [+74,-5] -The business man is at hard work today too ~~ [+68,-7] -People are bickering over this again, Park Bogum is Korea's national model for Coca Cola, while BTS is Korea's global model for Coca Cola, know your facts;; [+31,-2] -Cola♡ [+25,-8] -♡ [+25,-8] -F*cking handsome [+23,-4] cr
  7. I'm not saying that it's bad; first of all, sorry for the clickbait title I saw that Bangtan's V was #2 trending earlier with "Selca mode" I thought it was some positive stuff, but it was swearing at him after all. The content of the issue is too long to talk about, so I'll try my best to explain ⬇️⬇️First of all, if you look at the first gif, you'll realize that it's the "Selca mode" gif of V in question. It seems like he was filming one of the girls and following her with his motion, But if you look at the people following him, you can easily realize that she's a but-suni(붙수니 = sticky fans aka fans who literally stick their bodies against you, not sasaengs but they're notorious)⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️And this was at the airport on the same dayㅋㅋ ;; This picture was probably taken by one of those but-suni⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️The original tweet International: Ah unnie is so cool you're f*cking a girl crush, I lost all my words, I love you unnie Korea: F*ck what are you? Why are you filming the fans without consent, you don't even respect the fans' right~ t/n: basically they're comparing when foreign female celebrities tell their paparazzi off, they get praised, but in Korea, the celebrities would get shut down You're calling me out for shielding him? I'm not shielding I'm just laying out the facts So you're telling him to respect the girl's human rights? What about Bangtan's rights?? He was being followed by thousands of people today, who is going to take care of BTS' rights? post response: [+202][-13] original post: here -Celebrities will give no sh*t if you just stood still and went "Wow~ a celebrity" and took a picture from afar. But when you approach them for closer than 1 meter and shove your camera, you really think that they wouldn't feel the least invaded? It's not like V hit her or swore at her, he didn't do anything that was threatening? If you think that he has short temper, think about your own temper if you were at his place ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He can't even do anything in situations like that but remain quiet and cry only when he reaches home [+53,-2] -This makes me lose hope ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at how he crouch down just so they can move ㅠ I can't understand why people are protecting the sasaeng and swearing at V here [+50,-2] - Sasaengs aren't fans but criminals; isn't it obvious that we should protect the celebrity instead;;; [+43,-1] -Didn't he make the wise decision at that moment? He didn't even have any security, and that But-suni and those sasaengs were following him right behind, as an idol in this situation, he couldn't even do anything, so he just put his phone on selca mode and pretended to film her. It's pitiful to see.. People who are saying that it wasn't on selca mode, just look at this picture. I'm more shocked at the fact that no security was around him in this kind of situation. [+14,-1] -Those Twitter feminists are seriously hopeless ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their double standards are severe and they just block their eyes and ears. Don't you know how those foreign female celebrities flick off their paparazzi? ㅠㅠㅜ they get called girl crush, f*cking wise, and they get admired for that...... But when it's V, he gets sworn at for not respecting the sasaeng's rights just because he's a man and he's doing that towards a women, and if we called her out for being creepy, we get called misogynists [+14,-1] -Even a monkey in a zoo has a guard, but what is this.. He gets touched and scratched, there are hundreds of people right in front of his nose taking pictures and threatening him. But when the victim himself puts his phone on selca mode, he's the one getting sworn at ㅋㅋㅋ V's human rights are completely being disregarded while the one who's shoving their cameras in his face is the one being protected?? [+12,-1] cr ps from me :To the mods/staffs: If this article contain too much negativity, feel free to delete it :))
  8. Past Boy-group Sales Record TOP 10 (Period: 1992.03 ~ 2018.05) 1. Seo Taeji and the kids 2nd Album - 2.200.000 copies 2. Seo Taeji and the kids 4th Album - 2.000.000 copies 3. DJ DOC 3rd Album - 1.950.000 copies 4. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 5. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 6. Seo Taeji and the kids 1st Album - 1.700.000 copies 7. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. Seo Taeji and the kids 3rd Album - 1.600.000 copies 9. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 10. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies +H.O.T 1st generation Sales Record (Period: 1996.09 ~ 2018.05) 1. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 2. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 3. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 4. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 5. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 6. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies 7. H.O.T 4th Album - 1.380.000 copies 8. SechKies 3.5th Album - 1.260.000 copies 9. Turbo 2nd Album - 1.220.000 copies 10. H.O.T 3rd Album - 1.100.000 copies BTS music king & records *shivers* First group from small company / First group since the 2nd and 3rd generation / First for album released from 2010 ★ 5th Mini Album and 3rd Album sales volume record 0Gen-Idol (SeoTaeji and the kids~) - BTS records the 7th and 8th 1stGen-Idol (H.O.T~) - BTS records the 3rd and 4th 2ndGen-Idol (TVXQ~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd 3rdGen-Idol (EXO~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd *Following the 5th Mini Album, the 3rd Album exceeded 1.660.000 copies within the first month of release Single Album record by Jo SungMo's 3rd Album "Do You Know" & "Compassion" sold 1.705.127 copies exceeding 1.600.000 copies BTS broke the record of first month sales which was held by god 4th Album "Road" which sold 1.441.209 copies on the first month It's really great considering the "Digital Generation" now.. Post Response: [+173 ][-3] source ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 12:03 [+23][-0] It's even more surprising that this records are made not yet a month after the album release *shivers* last year's album might overtake another one's sales.. 1.700.000 copies or might be 2.000.000 within the end of the year hahaha Bangtan is awesome! Everything they did become a record~ I don't even by the album and not even a fan but I listen to the song well. I'll support you in the future as well~ ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 11:56 [+13][-0] So only group records and not solo singers? Kim Gunmo and Jo Sungmo should be there.