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      Have You Submitted a B-Day Message to Jungkook Yet?   08/06/2017

      If you haven't submitted a birthday message to him yet, go >HERE< and scroll down to the "Birthday Message Submission" section. Follow the guidelines listed and submit your message using the google form linked on that page! To view the details of the overall birthday project for Jungkook, or ask any questions you have, you can visit the main project thread:  Wànhuā: In Bloom - a Jungkook Charity Birthday Project

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Found 42 results

  1. Introducing the FIRST BBase project from our new Project Team, WE bring you the BTS Birthday Art Project 2017-2018. What began as a discussion about JungKook and Rap Monster's birthdays has now morphed into a 7-part art project spanning over 1 year. Starting with JungKook and NamJoon's birthdays in September, we are dedicating a fun and creative birthday project to each member of BTS. In addition, the art project will be paired with a charity drive for a nonprofit organization. So, stay tuned and watch out for the birthday threads that will soon appear. Have fun and participate.
  2. The game is simple: Try to guess the correct date for BTS' comeback in September. Rules: 1. Leave a comment down below with your comeback date predication. 2. Only THREE people can predict the same date. After the third person guesses a specific date, that date is now off-limits for other users and they'll have to guess a different date. 3. The game ends as soon as the comeback date is revealed. Watch Big Hit release the date 5 mins after this thread goes up. 4. Those who predict the correct date will receive a prize. If no one guesses the correct date then the closest answer will win. Prize: Winner's choice of one of the special awards (listed here). If a winner does not want a special award they can exchange their prize for 1,000 bombs.
  3. Our first birthday project is finally here!!! 萬花 (Wànhuā; 만화) In Bloom - a Jeon Jungkook Charity Birthday Project 萬= ten thousand, 花= flower. Literally, it means "An ocean of countless flowers in full bloom. " The WanHua concept was born from the hanja/chinese translation of 'kaleidoscope' - 萬花筒 ( WanHuaTong). As we turn the kaleidoscope, we see different patterns of flowers, each one vivid and unique. The art project aims to create a digital kaleidoscope celebrating the myriad of talents and quirks that make up our birthday boy. We want you to show us your view of who Jungkook is in your artwork and birthday messages. Delving into the Asian roots, a sea of flowers in full bloom is often used in Asian literature to celebrate joyous occasions. It is also a metaphor for good fortune and prosperity to come. Thus, our flower ocean expresses our hope that Jungkook will continue to walk down the flower path in the future. More details about the project are on our tumblrs: BBase Project and WanHua. Read the post below on how you can participate. Please join us in creating a beautiful and memorable birthday gift for Jungkook. ---------------------------------------------------- ART WORK or BIRTHDAY MESSAGE SUBMISSION Guidelines for artwork and birthday message submission are on the WanHua birthday project tumblr page. CHARITY DONATION with BIRTHDAY MESSAGE SUBMISSION Guidelines for the charity donation will be posted there soon. ---------------------------------------------------- Finally, the WanHua project can only succeed with your help and contribution. Help us spread the news and share it via Twitter, IG, and FB, so that more ARMYs can join this birthday project. Thank You, Bangtan Base Projects Team
  4. event

    As our 4th annual Festa comes to a close, a trivia game has been assembled for you to enjoy! If you think you know the history of BTS, you may be able to win! This game has ended - thank you to everyone who participated! If you would still like to take the quiz for fun, you can do so here! 1st ~ @Whalien 2nd ~ @Killer 3rd ~ @ʙıᴋᴋᴀ @hyeonju This quiz consists of 23 questions. There's a time limit in which you must complete the quiz, so do your best! You may only take the quiz once, so your first time playing will be your counted score. It is mostly multiple choice. There are questions you may have to match, fill in the blank, and indicate true/false to answer. >> Check out the Festa Bingo thread! <<
  5. Festa Bingo! In honour of BTS' 4th anniversay celebration we've organised a forumwide game where you guys, our lovely members, can win some prizes! On the 14th June we'll be playing a hide-and-seek bingo game running the whole day and covering the whole forum! ~*~ The game is now finished, thank you all for playing! If you've found any codewords at all, PM with what you have for an extra participation gift! How To Play 1. To cross off a space on our bingo card, you must find the corresponding codeword hidden around the forum! 2. Codewords for each number could be hidden in any thread and any post! They will be hidden as url links like this so any text or images in posts are fair game as hiding places. 3. To help you, clues/puzzles/questions for you to solve will be posted in this thread, and each one will lead you to a hiding place. 4. Codewords and clues will be released in groups of 5 throughout the day on 14th so make sure to follow this thread and check back so you don't miss anything! Game will commence at midnight KST! ~*~ Example ~*~ The game is now finished thank you for playing! 1-5 Clues: [click me!] 6-10 Clues: [click me!] 11-15 Clues: [click me!] 16-20 Clues: [click me!] 21-25 Clues: [click me!] Full clue list with extra hints! [click me!] ~*~ How To Win (now with updated prizes!) 1st Winner The fastest member to make a line on the card (either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) Prize: 1 week username colour change + 1 week stamp! Congrats to @KookieMochi our first winner!! 2nd Winner The fastest member to make two lines on the card Prize: 1 month custom award! Congrats to @satoori our second winner!! Grand Prize Winner The fastest member to make a full house (i.e. cross off every space on the card!) *Prize: Set of Left and Right YNWA posters!* thanks to @52Hz! Congrats to @aureliaa our final winner!! ~When you think you have a line/full house, PM me with the codewords of the spaces you've found!~ I'll keep the thread updated throughout the day, confirming winners as soon as they appear, so keep an eye out for your new goal! ~*~ Make sure to check out our Festa Trivia Game for another chance to win!
  6. 06/13/2017 It is finally here!! Our BTS Festa Digital Galaxy Project ends with our Tribute Video Months of planning has lead to a fun few weeks with ARMYs all over SNS sharing in our galaxy project. You've seen our little galaxy in all the user's signatures and now you see it in full motion in the video. The intro contains thank you messages collected from ARMY from all across the globe. We hope you've enjoyed festa with us and it's been a great pleasure seeing my little idea come to life like this while watching everyone participate. For this final day we are asking ARMYS everywhere what being #together4bts means to you? What does being part of this fandom part of this relationship with these artists mean to you? ARMYs reply with you love and messages so we can celebrate this milestone together!
  7. UPDATE! Tease for the #together4bts video is out on our brand new YouTube Channel! I am excited to announce our digital project to celebrate the upcoming BTS 4th year anniversary in June, that will be spread across all ARMY social media, community sites and here on our very own forum. In a wild night of usual ARMY discussion and deluluness a draft of a concept was formed...the idea was to create one visual to symbolize the 4 years ARMY x BTS have spent together. Thus the concept the ARMY Galaxy was formed. Every year of Bangtan adds a new layer to the Galaxy. 2013 - Year 0 | The Void (empty) 2014 - YEAR 1 | The ARMY bomb starry ocean 2015- YEAR 2 | ARMY bomb stars grow and connect to form our own little universe 2016- YEAR 3 | The purple ocean becomes a piece of our universe 2017- YEAR 4 | Rainbow ocean celebrating all the ARMYs all over the world and our endless colored oceans. >All pieces come together to form the Galaxy visual below.<
  8. Yo. We're collaborating with the Army Nation fanbase once again. As an anniversary present from i-Armys we're going to try to have a bus wrapped in Seoul. Details are in Army Nation's poster below: The cost for bus wrapping is 6.5 million won (~6k USD *cringes* but if K-Armys can do it so can we). Send donations to their paypal account located HERE. They're working to try to get a contest going for those who donate so save your payment receipt. Here's a link to their project tweet. Please re-tweet and spread the info to your fellow Armys.
  9. Hello Again Everyone! After successfully completing Our Wings Tour in Manila Banner Project, that was so well received by all the ARMY attending, we have decided to do it again! . (Here’s the fun bit) Since the banners were seen by not 1 but 3 members of BTS (stay tuned for the cool video and pictures of this to find out who saw it), we want to try and spread our message even more. . We have decided to bring our “Together” Banners to Australia. We will be printing and distributing a limited amount of banners at the BTS Wings concert in Sydney on May 26. (details on exact amount to be provided later) . We have made minor modifications to the banner. Check it out here. F R O N T B A C K So for anyone willing or wanting to help with this here's how you can do it: 1- V O L U N T E E R For anyone attending the concert who is willing to be there at an early time to give out banners. Please contact the members of the projects team @52Hz and/or myself. 2- D O N A T E ---->DONATION LINK<---- 3- S P R E A D T H E W O R D Link this post on all BTS community sites, share it on your twitter accounts, tumblrs and instagrams! . Thank you everyone who's already helped make our first project a success. Let’s do it again and bring our message to Sydney everyone!
  10. event

    I've got some exciting news. Over the past couple weeks we've been working with the amazingly talented @Amajay to create a design to use for a banner project at the Wings concerts in Manila next month. Check the below to see the current design (the final design may look slightly different depending on a few cost factors). Front: Back (dependent on a cost): We're still waiting to hear back about the total printing costs, but since we know it won't exactly be cheap we're asking for donations to help offset the costs. I'll update this thread once I know the actual price. To donate you can go to the following link (or use the donate button located on the homepage): ↓↓↓DONATION LINK↓↓↓ https://www.paypal.me/BangtanBase As you know we're a relatively new site that's still quite small compared to other fanbases out there so we don't expect to be able to pull off a large-scale banner project. But even if our project ends up quite small, it's ok. Everyone starts somewhere! ***If any of you are going to the shows in Manila and would like to help with the project, please PM @Indirianna. She's the one who'll be attending the shows and handing out the banners. UPDATE: 700 banners total. 350 per day. Since there's a limited amount they'll be given to those in Standing VIP sections. Thanks to everyone who has donated and/or spread the word about the project. Let's hope it's a success!
  11. American Hustle Life Streams! So now that Hwarang is almost over I thought it would be fun to do some more stream events when I'm not stuck with the Hwarang schedule and can run them at better times. Originally, I had other ideas for streams but then AHL was suggested by some other staff members and the more I thought about it, the funnier it sounded. The staff chat was pretty much divided between people who love AHL, mess and all, and people (like me) who cannot watch 10 minutes without ending up in the fetal position from all the cringe. Watching that play out in the live stream chat sounds hilarious so, despite promising myself I would never have to watch all of AHL ever again, here I am initiating the Great American Hustle Life Debate Stream 2017. If you've never seen it, American Hustle Life was a reality show the boys did in 2014 where they went to the US for a month for a hip hop bootcamp to learn more about the genre and the culture. There did a ton of fun challenges and they get to meet artists like Coolio and Warren G. It is an important and overall good show that was a really important experience for the boys, but some fans find portions of it hard to watch because of secondhand embarrassment. There are many great moments though and some fans really love it, so I hope you won't let that put you off and come watch anyway. We can commiserate in the chat together when you feel cringey. Due to my schedule it's best for me to do this on a Friday evening or a Saturday and I've tried to be as flexible and provide as many options as I can so we can find a time that works for as many of us as possible. My timezone is GMT but I put all the times in the poll above as EST because I know a lot of you are in North America. You can find a Time Zone Converter here. I won't be starting until the 23rd/24th Feb because of Hwarang so bear that in mind. We'll probably only watch 1, maximum 2 episodes at a time because my heart literally cannot take more than two at once, so this will probably run for a few weeks. Whether we do 1 or 2 eps or run every week or every other week is up to you guys. I figure we'll work that out as we go along. You can choose up to three options from the ones above if you want to take part and in the event of a draw, I'll run the poll again. Sorry for the awkwardness of these times, I've tried to make it so the time can work for as many people as possible. My final year uni self has no life other than uni work atm so I can do this on a Saturday afternoon >.< Let me know if you have any questions or want to suggest any more times and I can see if I can make it work! I hope as many of you as possible can come and hold my hand through this because I'm gonna need the chat to be lit :')
  12. event

    Hello guys~ BBase collaborated with the Army Nation twitter for a radio project to try to get BTS some radio airplay over on the KissFM stations in Europe. Check out the poster for all the details!
  13. event

    Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed all of this years Valentan's Events! To top it all off we're going to be raffling off some Custom Awards! That's right - you can enter for a chance to win an award customized to your personal tastes that only you will have access to! Prize List Two Permanent Custom Awards Two 6-Month Temporary Awards Three 2-Month Temporary Awards How to Enter Unlike last years Winter Holiday Lottery, we will be asking for a fee of 10 Bombs per entry You may enter up to 3 times This is going to run more like a raffle so there will be no need to pick numbers or anything To enter please post here along with how many entries you are purchasing, then please send the correct amount of Bombs to @Jimin Not sure how to send Bombs? Check out the tutorial here If you can't quite afford your tickets you can ask Cupid (aka @jin)for a little monetary assistance; she's still in a great mood after seeing how so many users spread love & positivity around during Valentan's and is willing to help out! Please refer to this spreadsheet to make sure your entry was counted! Graphics created by the wonderful @poca
  14. Goal: Design the funniest/cheesiest/greasiest Valentan's Day card! Prize: 200 Bombs Submit your Valentan's day card in this post before February 14th @ 11:59PM CST. Cards will be judged by a select group of staff and then one winner will be chosen! Examples:
  15. event

    The BTS comeback is near! To celebrate we're giving away a few copies of the Wings: You Never Walk Alone album! There will be three winners in total. To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below. There's also a few ways you can earn some extra entries. You can do as many or as little as you want but none of them are mandatory. You can also do the extra ones at any time before the giveaway deadline! First place: Album Set (Left & Right) + 2 Posters + Standee Second place: Choice between Left OR Right album + 1 poster + Standee Third place: Whichever album ver 2nd place didn't choose + 1 poster + Standee All albums were ordered prior to February 1st so those preorder extras will be included! Giveaway ends: February 17th 2017 @ 12AM CST Requirements: 1. Must be a registered user of Bangtan Base 2. Must have at least 5 posts Extra Entries: 1. Follow us on twitter 2. Retweet/Like the giveaway tweet 3. Promo the site on any platform (check out the Santa's Army promo event to see examples) ENTRY FORM: Note: If you submit an entry and then decide to do some of the extra entry options later on, please EDIT YOUR POST to include those entries. Do not make a new, separate post for them. Special thanks to @52Hz for sponsoring this giveaway! ♡
  16. event

    Hwarang Group Stream Schedule Let's watch Hwarang together! So yesterday we streamed episode 10 and it was super fun so hopefully we can set up a schedule to stream the rest of the episodes! Announcements will be posted on the forum with plenty of notice before each stream and the room link will be posted in the announcement and here 20 mins before we're due to start. I'll be using Rabbit to host the streams, it's just a website that lets groups of people watch a video together with a chat box function. It's really simple to use and you don't need to download anything. If you have any questions about it tag or message me! ^^ If anyone is interested in hosting another stream at a different time (one better for West Coast US for example) please let me know! Hosting on Rabbit is super simple, you just have to open the episode link in rabbit, change one setting and put the invite link on the forum. That's all there is to it! I can do a quick tutorial as well if anyone is interested! SCHEDULE monimoni's stream: Mondays and Tuesdays 11PM GMT (6PM EST) showing episode aired that day. Ep schedule with air dates HERE Any updates or changes to the schedule will be posted in this thread so make sure to check in or follow! Now your friendly neighbourhood mod knows what she's doing, this will be a bit more organised so I hope as many of you as possible can join us for the streams and take part in some fun text-based screaming and confusion!
  17. event

    Send an ~anonymous~ valentine's day card and an optional gift to your favorite users on the site via Cupid! Pick a card from the choices below: You can add an optional gift along with your card from the list below (please read through everything). In order to send gifts you will have to use your posts counts to "pay" for them. Once you have your card and gift chosen PM Cupid (aka @jin) with the user you're sending the gift to. You can include an additional message as well. Remember, these are all anonymous so don't be shy about sending something to a user you like but haven't talked much with! You can submit your cards until the 14th @ 11:59PM CST. If you have any other questions, ask below~
  18. Wassup yall, yall finna be Santaz Lil Ass Helperz cuz she cant do nothin on her own smh Santa's Army - Promotion Event! 12/16 ~ 1/6 As many of you know, Bangtan Base is a new forum and while we are eternally grateful to the 327 (as of this post) of you who have hopped on the train early, we'd love to really get the site going and expand our membership! That's where you come in! Jin PD-nim aka Santa needs YOU for her Army of recruiters with one simple goal in mind: get as many new members to join the forum as possible! "But how can we do this PD-nim?" You might ask- don't fret, Jimin senpai will show you the way~ Using the social media sites of your choice, put the word out about Bangtan Base! For each single promotion you do, take a screen shot and post it here under a spoiler for 1 Bomb! Don't know what Bomb's are? Check here Some sites we suggest using Tumblr Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Kpopamino Yahoo answers kekekeke Of course you aren't limited to these sites, use whatever You can earn as many Bombs as you like so keep the promo going! In addition to that, we are connecting this event to our Referral System so you can earn even more Bombs! Wow! Heol! Daebak! Amajjing! Just make sure to tell those people to post on the Referral Thread so you can get your points! So get out there Santa's Army and recruit your little hearts out! ♥ I'm sorry for the above cringefest, I'm just havin fun Let me live a little
  19. event

    ValenTAN's Day... get it? /windshield wiper laugh/ Love is in the air! Valentine's day is coming and to celebrate Bangtan Base will be hosting a few activities for our amazing users. As you also know, BTS is having a comeback the day before Valentine's Day so we will also be hosting various comeback celebration activities too. Below is the list of planned events: 1. Cupid's Arrow - Send a Valentine's Day card and an optional gift to your favorite BBase users!2. Valentine's Day Card Contest - Create the cheesiest/greasiest/funniest Valentine's Day card and win a prize!3. Valentan's Day Lotto - Join the lotto and win big! Note: Participation in any of the Valentan's Day activities will earn you 10 bombs for each activity~ 1. Album Giveaway - Win a copy of the upcoming YNWA album! 2. Watch Party - Stream and discuss the vlive with us! Feb 12th @ 10:40 KST. 3. More coming soon! OPs will be posted later today or early tomorrow!
  20. Let's Watch Hwarang Together! The new episode of Hwarang airs today and so I thought it would be fun to host a stream after the subs come out tomorrow where we can all watch together! Because of my availability, I'll be starting the stream in the evening GMT. I've attached a poll with different start times so if you want to join in, pick the time you're gonna be available and I'll close it a few hours before and start at the most popular time. I'll be running the stream using Rabbit. If you've not used it before, it's basically a site that lets groups of people watch a video together and chat. You don't need to download anything, it runs in your browser. I'll have the video and audio functions turned off in our room so we'll be using the text chat box function. Take a look at the Rabbit website HERE to get an idea of what it's like. This is very much an experiment so I'm not sure how it will go but I hope as many of you as possible can take part! (I apologise in advance if I mess anything up or it's a bit chaotic but oh well LET'S TRY IT ANYWAY ) ** If you're interested in events like this but aren't available for this one let me know in the comments anyway and I'll take it into consideration for future plans! **
  21. Fun news! The BTS translation fansite Peachisoda is doing a second letters to K-Armys from I-Armys project. If you're interested in participating you can see the full details of the project HERE. The project ends on January 6th at 11:59pm KST so hurry before it's too late!
  22. Day 2 - Jin "Shoulders Hyung" Day 1. Activity: Favorite Christmas Recipe! Jin loves food and so do we, post your favorite Christmas recipes! Bonus Bomb if you include pictures of you making it! 2. Activity: Dad Jokes Post your best dad jokes, upvote the ones you like. The joke with the most upvotes gets a bonus Bomb! 3. Activity: Jin Appreciation Thread Come and share all the reasons why you love Jin. Post your favorite videos, gifs, photos and stories. Rewards For each activity you successfully complete you will earn a Bomb! For each appreciation thread you post in you will earn a Bomb! You can earn up to 2-3 Bombs a day, how great is that? But wait, that's not all! If you participate in each event you'll earn a free entry in our BTS Winter Holiday Lotto! The lotto will go live on December 28th and be drawn around New Years.
  23. Jin "Shoulders Hyung" Day Come and share all the reasons why you love Jin.Post your favorite videos, gifs, photos and stories.Posting in this thread will earn you a bomb!
  24. With the winter holidays and Bangtanmas wrapping up we thought that now would be a great time to host a lottery as one last hurrah before 2016 ends! Here's your chance to win amazing prizes so make sure you enter! How To Enter Entering the lottery is simple! Usually lotteries cost money to enter but we are asking for posts instead. For every 50 posts you have you can "purchase" a square, up to 2 squares per user. However if you completed all of the Bangtanmas Events, you can earn an additional square! Fill out this form username: post count: 50 or 100 squares you want: Example: A2 & A7 Winter Holiday Lotto Board Please refer to the above link to see which spaces are still open, you can only choose from the squares colored blue Once you post your form I will add your name Prize List Thread Pin! 5, 10 & 15 Bombs! 2 Week Stamp! Member Title & Username Changes! 3 Day & 1 Week Username Color Changes! And our grand prizes..... However not every square is a winner so best of luck to you all! Prizes will be announced once every square has been filled, fill out and post your form by December 31st! These gorgeous graphics were created by @LoneChesiry!
  25. Day 7 - Yoongi "Min Yoongi Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong" Day 1. Activity: #Pray4YoongisHair Post your favorite hair color Suga has had over the years. 2. Activity: Genius Lab Post your favorite lyrics and/or songs written by Suga! 3. Activity: Suga Appreciation Thread Come share all the reasons you love Suga/Yoongi.