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Found 37 results

  1. Our 2nd anniversary is coming up on December 9th and so we're celebrating with a weekend's worth of festivities! You can find a list of currently scheduled events down below: - Pictionary - Get to Know AJ - BBase Scavenger Hunt - Run! BTS Streaming Party (*cough*becauseI'mwaybehind*cough*) ....and more to come!
  2. halloween-ify your dps and/or sigs and earn bombs! comment below when you’ve changed them and i’ll give you the bombs. happy halloween month! the best holiday obvs.
  3. All credit for this event idea goes to the staff at TeamTwice Forums! If you stan Twice, be sure to sign up over there. If you don't stan Twice, DO IT AND STAN QUEEN SANA.
  4. Guess LY: Tear's First Week Hanteo Sales First person to correctly guess the first week HANTEO sales number of LY: Answer will win that same number in bombs. You can only guess once! Editing is allowed. Event will close on August 24th at 6:00 pm KST so be sure to submit your entry before then. Remember this is a "repackage" (or something similar) so sales could be higher or lower than Tear's. Good Luck!
  5. Please post any extra entries as screenshots in your entry comments below. Deadline is June 30th @ 11:59 PM CST!
  6. If you are ready to trade your fears in the magic shop then click here~
  7. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER~ @I. Am. Jimin's RECEIVES: 1000 BOMBS HERE IS THEIR BOARD~ THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION~ @turtlefox@IJ-hopeYouHaveAGoodDay @GoldenxCloud @Isabel @MatthewTaehyung83197 The Game ended at hint 13.
  8. Guess LY: Tear's First Week Hanteo Sales First person to correctly guess the first week HANTEO sales number of LY: Tear will win that same number in bombs. You can only guess once! Editing is allowed. Event will close on May 18th at 6:00 pm KST so be sure to submit your entry before then. Good Luck!
  9. I am sure everyone is super happy about this comeback and that's why events team is planning an amazing party for you all. I hope you can join in on all of the fun or even stop by for a little. This event will take place for the whole entire weekend. Friday Activities: Listening Party- There will be 2 sessions hosted by myself. One at 5 PM and the other at 8 PM eastern time (Friday), but it converts to 6:00 AM KST or 9:00 AM KST (Saturday). I will be linking to my rabb.it a few minutes before each of those times. Comeback Threads- Favorite song on album Discussion about music video (These are just suggestions, feel free to add more. However, I may be able to make a thread myself). Saturday Activities: Guess the song from lyrics game- TBA Sunday Activities: Billboard Music Awards Streaming- Hosted by Miraculous All-Weekend Activities: Magic Shop- thread here, up until the 25th, phase 1 Bingo - postponed until 25th If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I will be sure to help you with anything you may need.
  10. G'day Mates... We're starting a promotional event here on Bangtan Base! We're calling for users to spread the word about our site on various social media platforms in order to help us grow. So what exactly do you need to do for this event? Simply create a promotional post about Bangtan Base on social media sites (twitter, tumblr, instagram, army amino, etc.) and then link or screenshot the post in this thread. Once you do that you'll be entered into our giveaway. What are we giving away? A BTS album of your choice! For your promo posts on each social media platform you'll earn an entry into the giveaway. So if you post on Twitter you'll earn one entry and if you post on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram you'll earn three entries. The winner will be chosen via RNG. There are some guidelines for posting. Only one promotional post per social media platform will count as an entry. So posting multiple promo tweets will not earn you more than one entry, although we'll appreciate the enthusiasm and support. Second, do not be insulting in your posts. Don't say something like "bbase, a safe haven from salty -group name= fans." Keep it positive. And most importantly, please do not spam. Event will end on March 31st. Here's an example of a promo post (voting hashtags are not required):
  11. Here's the link. For now I am waiting for people to arrive until it starts at 3:30 PM my time. Rabb.It
  12. Hey everyone. I decided for the Easter/April Fool's celebration coming up that I wanted to host a watch party. It will take place on Rabb.it and I will send the link and all of that when it's time. Before I can do anything though I need you to answer the poll questions as there will be more than one. Feel free to reply to this thread with what you chose as I am curious on who picked what, but you don't have to. If you have any questions or need me to clarify anything let me know. This will close by Thursday at the end of the day so you have plenty of time to answer. For clarification, KST time would make it take time on March 31st.
  13. jin

    event Hixtape

    [Listening Party] Listen to Hixtape with us! - March 2nd @ 12:00am KST* & March 2nd @ 6:00am KST* [Game] Guess the Song - March 2nd @ 8:00am KST [Stream] Hobi Hobi Hobi - TBA {Game] Guess the Dance - TBA If you're unsure of what time these events are in your local timezone you can use WorldTimeBuddy to look it up. *These times are reliant on Hixtape dropping at midnight. If it comes out later the time of the listening party will change.
  14. The rules are simple: guess the date J-Hope's mixtape will drop and/or the date of the comeback. Those who guess the correct dates will win a prize! If multiple people guess the correct date then the prize will be split among all the winners. Good luck~!
  15. Love is in the air! Valentine Valentan's day is coming and to celebrate Bangtan Base will be hosting a few activities for our amazing users. Below is the list of planned events (more may pop up): 1. Cupid's Arrow - Send a Valentine's Day card to your favorite BBase users! 2. Valentine's Day Card Contest - Create the cheesiest/greasiest/funniest Valentine's Day card and win a prize! 3. Valentan's Day Lotto - Join the lotto and win big!
  16. jin

    event Secret Santa

    Welcome to Bangtan Base's second annual Secret Santa~! For those unfamiliar with this event, users who sign up will be given a member that they will send a gift to and in return another user will send you a gift. Simple! Sign ups will last until Dec 9th. After that each member who signed up will be assigned someone before the 10th is over. Then you'll have until Dec. 20th to send in your gift. The Secret Santa reveal will happen either on the 24th or the 25th. Fill out this google form. Once you're done with that create a PM with me titled "Secret Santa." This is where you'll receive the name of the person you'll be sending a gift to, where you'll send in your gift, and where you'll receive your own gift.
  17. December 18th - 24th HO HO HO, Merry Bangtanmas! Welcome one and all to our celebration of the merriest time of year! Each day we will take a moment to appreciate the seven men who brought us all here together and give thanks for the wonderful community known as Army~! There will be fun activities, games, and appreciation threads planned for each day so make sure to check this thread to stay updated so you can join in the fun! Rewards! Everyone who participates will be entered into our Winter Holiday Lotto! The lotto will give away three pizes: a 1 month stamp, a 6 month unique award, and 25,000 bombs. Participating in all 7 days of Bangtanmas will earn you an extra entry in the lotto! But wait, there's more! Select posts from the member's appreciation threads will be gathered into a gift book that will be sent to BTS during the next Festa! Official Schedule 12/18 - Jungkook "Golden Maknae" Day 12/19 - Taehyung "Vante" Day 12/20 - Jimin "ChimChim" Day 12/21 - Namjoon "The Artist Formerly Known As Rap Monster" Day 12/22 - Hoseok "Sunshine" Day 12/23 - Yoongi "Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong" Day 12/24 - Jin "Worldwide Handsome" Day
  18. Day 7 - Jin "Worldwide Handsome" Day 1. Activity: Post you favorite Dad Jokes from Jin 2. Activity: Post your favorite recipe 3. Game: Find the Hidden Hearts 4. Appreciation Thread: Come tell us why you love Jin!
  19. Day 5 - "Min Suga Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong" Day 1. Activity: Post your favorite verses of Yoongi's. 2. Activity: What's your favorite place in your hometown/country? 3. Game: Guess the Song 4. Appreciation Thread: Come tell us why you love Yoongi!
  20. In the spirit of Christmas cheer and happiness, we're holding a Christmas card event! Send lovely Christmas cards to your favourite BBase members on Christmas Eve and show them how much you love and appreciate them! ☆ How To Participate ☆ 1. Make a list of all the BBase members you want to send cards to! There is no limit to the number of people you can gift cards to, so go wild. Also, don't be afraid to send cards to any of the members, even ones you might not have talked to personally before. This is a great opportunity to get to know people better and show your appreciation! 2. Choose which card you want each member to receive from the list in the spoiler below 🡓🡓🡓🡓 3. Decide what message you want to send with each card! Messages are optional though so if you'd rather just send the card, that's totally fine too. 4. For each card, fill out this form: Username: (bbase username of the recipient) Card: (you can just write the member name) Message: (optional) [Note: if you'd rather send any of your cards anonymously then let me know!] 5. When you have your full list, PM them to me @monimoni with the title "Christmas Card Exchange". You have until the end of December 24th (Christmas Eve!) to PM me your cards! 6. All cards and messages will be sent out by PM on Christmas Eve so keep an eye on your forum inboxes! ☆ Christmas Card List ☆ Thank you for taking part! Everyone have a lovely Christmas and spread some holiday cheer!
  21. Day 5 - Hoseok "Sunshine" Day 1. Activity: Post your favorite videos or gifs of J-Hope's dancing! 2. Game: Guess the MV 3. Appreciation Thread: Come tell us why you love Hoseok!
  22. Day 4 - Namjoon "The Artist Formerly Known As Rap Monster" Day 1. Activity: Post your favorite moments of Namjoon breaking things! 2. Activity: Post your favorite quotes and/or book passages. 3. Game: Trivia Game 5. Appreciation Thread: Come tell us why you love Namjoon!
  23. Jungkook "The Golden Maknae" Day Come and share all the reasons why you love Jungkook! Select posts from these threads will be included in a gift book that'll be sent to BTS during the next Festa so write your heart out!
  24. Day 3 - Jimin "ChimChim" Day Come and share all the reasons why you love Jimin! Select posts from these threads will be included in a gift book that'll be sent to BTS during the next Festa so write your heart out!
  25. Day 3 - Jimin "ChimChim" Day 1. Activity: Post your favorite pictures of Jimin's smile! 2. Activity: What are you passionate about? 3. Game: Guess the Choreography 4. Appreciation Thread: Come tell us why you love Jimin!