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Found 15 results

  1. Let's show some love to our Korean counterparts! We know us international fans works tirelessly to support our boys in many ways but so do k-fans! So in a mirror project to the k-army too i-army letters event from a few years back we're hosting our own reverseal event. It's time for international lovelies to send some love back to our Korean diamonds. Now you can write your own letter of appreciation and love to the Korean ARMYs. These letters will be translated by our staff @ Minyoung's_Satang and @ BubbleSeraph and then posted onto pann (and potentially other online platforms) for K-ARMYS to read! Comment your letter down below. The only real restrictions are to keep it pleasant of course, this is to show love and appreciation after all, and to try to limit to a paragraph or two. Enjoy!
  2. Change your DP and/or sig to a Halloween-themed one and you'll earn 5,000 bombs! Just comment below when you've changed over and I'll send you your reward~. Happy Halloween month everyone!
  3. 7 boys. 7 teams. Only 1 name will sit on top. It's time to battle to the death. Welcome to the first Bangtan Royale! You've all chosen your fighters and those are your teams for this event! You'll be competing in a set of games over the course of the next two weeks against the other teams and one team and their fighter will emerge victorious as the champions of Bangtan Royale! Those who receive the most points from the event will receive the prizes listed below. You can also find a list of scheduled events underneath here. (If you haven't picked a team yet, you still can! The items will be available in the shop throughout the entire event!) - Team Anthem Contest - Flag Design Contest - MV Item Hunt - Bingo ...more to come! - Solo Theme of Champion Fighter - 1 Month Stamp - 500k Bombs - Unique Item *Please note this is a sort of beta version of an event thought up a while ago. I've decided to go ahead and host it now to have some fun on the forum but since it's obviously not the full product initially envisioned there'll be some obvious flaws that pop up along the way. Please bear with us. Having said that, I hope you at least enjoy the ride however bumpy it may be!
  4. It's time for some team spirit. F L A G D E S I G N Each team must design a "flag" in support for their fighter. You'll have complete creative freedom on this (but obviously nothing extremely inappropriate) so go wild! The flag can be funny, beautiful, artistic, cartoonish, etc. The sky's the limit. 1st place will earn 5 points 2nd place will earn 2 points 3rd place will earn 1 point These points will go towards your overall event total. A N T H E M C O N T E S T Teams must create an anthem cheering on their fighter. As with the flag design, there's no real restrictions on this so have as much fun with it as you want. Dissing of other teams is highly encouraged ; ). The only requirement is that it be at least 5 lines long. Here's a (bad) small anthem example: AJ is the one on top Even if she is a flop Her love for Jin will never stop Insult him and she'll hit you with a mop And then be arrested by a cop *mic drop* why is that playing to the beat of that song armies march to 1st place will earn 5 points 2nd place will earn 2 points 3rd place will earn 1 point DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS FRIDAY JUNE 14th (haha calendar says that's Flag Day) @ 1PM CST pm your submissions to @jin I M P O R T A N T: If you haven't already gathered up with your teammates, be sure to do so now so you can work together on these! If you don't know who's on your team go to Browse-->Member's List-->Search + More search options and filter by your specific team.
  5. “Survivors aren't always the strongest; sometimes they're the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest.”
  6. pikky

    event V's Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Bangtan's V!!!
  7. Hwarang Special Episode (Broadcast)
  8. Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights V drama debut 19th December - 21st February Every Monday and Tuesday 22:00 KST
  9. Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights V drama debut 19th December - 21st February Every Monday and Tuesday 22:00 KST
  10. syat

    event KBS Music Festival

    BTS is one of the greatest act in this festival so watching this is a must!
  11. syat

    event SBS Gayo Daejun

    BTS will be performing on SBS Gayo Daejun as one of their epic performances to close the year of 2016.
  12. Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights (1st Broadcast) [V drama debut].
  13. Press Conference Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights ( V )
  14. BTS 2nd Japanese Album ‘YOUTH’ Released Event (Hi-Touch) in Osaka