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Found 59 results

  1. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    Welcome, welcome lovelies. It's time for a BBase game. This game will allow you to learn just a bit more about the totally incompetent leader of this forum. HOW TO PLAY: I will ask a question about myself and you must find the answer based on the clue I give you. Clues can relate to the answer in any way, including small, obscure, and random ways. Kekekeke. First person to correctly guess the answer in this thread will earn a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can guess as many times as you want as long as they're all in separate posts (i.e. no posting 10 guesses in one post). EXAMPLE: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Pillsbury dough boy Answer: Cookie dough IMPORTANT: I am at work so I may randomly disappear if a customer comes in ('cause I gotta stand and watch out for theft and then if they buy something I gotta check them out) so don't freak out if I'm gone in the midst of a round. I will be back! *I shamelessy stole this game idea from OH. Credits to akidoki and kalon.
  2. The next person has to post something that begins with the following letter of the alphabet. ( or maybe even an inside joke, song title or member in this case ) Example: Person 1: Apple Person 2: Banana Person 3: Carrot and so on... I don't know why I chose food. Anyways, I'll start __________ Army
  3. jin

    game pictionary

    anyone around who wants to play?
  4. Hi guys, this is my first time posting a game. GAME : WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND? It's a really simple game that everyone can enjoy :") Here are the rules; Hope this is clear :"D I will go first! (The next post will also be mine, this is to demonstrate the game) --- Dream.
  5. Jungshook

    Word Association

    Post the first thing that comes to mind. Example: Person 1: School Person 2: Books Person 3: Library and so on It can be related to BTS, K-Pop or anything really. I'll start _____ Wings
  6. P E A C H

    game Opposites Game

    Hi guys! So I'm still super new to the forum but I came up with this idea for a game and I thought it could be fun, so why not?! Have fun~ Opposites Game I'll start by adding the first object, concept, action, etc: lying ...the next person has to write what they think is the opposite of that word: being honest ...and also come up with a new word for the game to continue: caveman This is what YOU think is the opposite of the word, so there are no wrong answers. Just try to have fun thinking of what the opposite of things would be. Or try to stump the person after you with something that seems like it has no opposite! THE FIRST WORD IS: blue
  7. I am not taking creadit for the OP But yeah here we go we can start it with something different! You all can say what you want and yeah have fun! You have already moved out and you have moved in with your boyfriend Jungkook (which you have not been dating for long)but he also didn't tell you that you where moving with 6 other people. As you were in school that Wednesday you feel a sudden weird feeling and you ask to be excused and you go to the restroom and you throw up. You are home and you throw up again but you are not sick, it is now Friday and you have thrown up all week and have no fever what could this be you wonder. So you tell Jimin and Jimin insist of going to the doctor so you go to the doctor with Jimin.... When you are there you find out you are pregnant.... But you and JK haven't done it this is from your last boyfriend how do you tell JK and how i you don't are you going to keep Jimin's mouth shut? So as Jimin drives you home you say "you can't tell anyone not JK... please don't tell JK" and then you say under your breath "he will break up with me"
  8. Basically, I will start with a scenario. and then the next person says what happens next, so on and so forth. BTS starts to approach you.
  9. Your song should start with the last letter of the previous song Example: Person 1: Boy Meets Evil - BTS Person 2: Lovey Dovey - T-ara Person 3: You & I - IU ? -- ?? You don't have to put emphasis on the letters like I did. Feel free to name the artist if you want ( It might be worthwhile to check out the songs that are posted )
  10. game of who's job is the most interesting! enter your name and what you do example: Summer: Dancer (because I have no job yet) Have fun and thanks for playing of you do!
  11. I laugh in every situation so this will be a challenge for me as well. Let's share some pictures, gifs, vids, etc that make us laugh and TRY NOT TO. Lets see who can do it. I'll start off with my sweetie Rapmon and things Dangit I already Chuckled
  12. satoori

    game Change a Letter

    I'll start with one word. The next person have to change one letter to make another word. Eliminating one letter or just adding one letter is fine too. However you're not allowed to rearrange the word. Example:Person 1: LatePerson 2: AtePerson 3: Mateand so on...__________ Base
  13. LINKED WORDS GAME Ready for a new game?*I am bored today, so I post in game thread Each user posts two words that go together, but he must use the second word that the last user posted and a new word that he thinks of himself. For example, Person 1: French bread Person 2: Bread pudding Person 3: Pudding cake It can be either BTS related or other linked words non-BTS related.*if you lost ideas about BTS words This game is just for fun. Be creative guys! I will start first! Suga Kookie
  14. This is an improve game we had to play in theatre class. Basically, someone starts with a word, and it goes around the circle, everyone adding a word to make a sentence. EX: Person 1: I Person 2: had Person 3: a etc.. I'll start We
  15. Hi I love animals. Name an animal with the next letter of the alphabet. Add photos if you like! Armadillo
  16. Okay, so I was thinking, everyone is so positive on this site! So why not let everyone see all the positivity, in the form of a game of compliments. The rules are simple. You tag someone, and give them a compliment. Then, they tag someone else, and give them a compliment; (I.E. if i tag @KookieMochi and say 'Your posts always make me laugh', then they would have to tag someone else and give them a compliment!) Feel free to tag multiple people on the same post, or to post when you haven't already been tagged. More positivity on the internet, even though this site is so kind, is always needed. I'll start @Pokeybun, Thank you for all the amazing artwork!
  17. Peachmon

    game This or That

    Answer the question and then leave a new "This or That" question for the next person to answer. I'll start with just a question. [It can be about BTS or anything you're curious about from fellow ARMYs] Hip Hop or Ballads?
  18. Jungshook

    Corrupt A Wish

    Corrupt the previous posters wish and post your own. Example: I wish that I could eat chocolate right now Granted, but it all melted I wish that I could win a million dollars Granted, but... ___________________ I wish that I could time travel
  19. Peachmon

    game Count to 2018

    Saw this game on another forum.. Simple yet oddly amusing. All you have to do is.... count to 2018. I'll start with 1 and then the next user posts 2 then 3 ect ect. Let's see how high we can get and who will post the last number. I must be really bored pls ban me from the site. If I'm creative enough I'll think of a prize for the winner ~~~ Don't get out of sequence or double post! 1
  20. Hi!!! N here! Let's play a game Where would you hide...? Ok, it’s very simple, the user from above will ask Where would you hide…? And the user below must answer it and make the next question Example: User 1: Where would you hide a giant teddy bear? User 2: In my bathtub. Where would you hide a statue? User 3: In my neighbor’s house And so on… I’ll start: Where would you hide Jimin’s jams?
  21. So I thought it'd be fun to do something unique, and it took me a bit but here's what I thought of that everyone could have fun with and at the same time show some love to all seven of BTS. The idea is to list a reason why you love a member listed. There's no rules to the format, any way you want to answer is fine as long as it follows forum rules of course. How this works out is I'll name someone to kick off this game, and the next person must say what they love about that member then list someone in bold for the next player. Here, like this with the name given in italics maybe for the answer and bold for the next player to respond to. Since there's only 7 guys and in the interest of longevity, it might be best if the answer is limited to just one thing at a time. Tweaks can be made if needed though like including BTS staff and others related to BTS maybe to help keep it going - Jin Because he's a princess Suga Have fun, and hope you all enjoy this game! My first time ever creating a forum game, woot, woot!
  22. Mongmungi

    game Which Member?

    GAME : WHICH MEMBER? Yes, WHICH MEMBER? Another simple and fun (but frustrating for some) game! :"D I got the idea from a game in a special book i made specially for KPOP related things! (The game is not foreign itself though) I Hope the rules are clear enough :") I will go first! (The next post will also be mine. This is to demonstrate how the game works) Tagging the person who first knew of the idea : @Whalien --- Which member would you want to share your lunch box with?
  23. So I don't really know how to do this but here we go. What you do is you see what word is missing from the lyrics and whoever get's this right will post the next question like this where you have to see what word is missing from the lyrics! And they are only BTS lyrics! For example: person 1: a)I need somebody who _______ save me b) I'm so sorry but ______ is fake love Person 2: a) I need somebody who can save me! b) I'm so sorry but it is fake love. a) Our ____________ has had it hard. b) My heart makes ________ run And it would keep going like that, here is your first one! A)do not _________ Love B) I'm ________ Have fun Good Luck and remember LOVE YOURSELF!
  24. Love Yourself : Her Tracks! You know the drill. (Skits removed, might make a separate one solely for skit content in the future, who knows?) Intro: Serendipity - 200 DNA - 200 Best Of Me - 200 Dimple - 200 Pied Piper - 200 MIC Drop - 200 Go Go - 200 Outro: Her - 200 Sea - 200 --- Intro: Serendipity - 200 DNA - 200 Best Of Me - 200 Dimple - 200 Pied Piper - 200 MIC Drop - 200 Go Go - 200 Outro: Her - 200 Sea - 199