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Found 69 results

  1. game Pictionary

    If anyone's around and up for another game of pictionary, comment below~! Same rules as last time. We'll be in a rabbit room and users will have to guess what I'm drawing on screen. Each correct answer will earn you a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game will win 1,000 bombs.
  2. game Find The Mascot

    Find The Mascot! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Welcome one and all to another anniversary game for your frustration and joy! For this game, 12 of our lovely crowtit mascots have gone into hiding in threads around the forum! Help us get them back! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HOW TO PLAY Below are a set of clues that will lead you to 12 threads. You'll know you're in the right place when you find the mascot! The crowtit mascots are hidden in the OP's of the correct threads as url links like this. Some of the links are also embedded in images like this: When you have found all the mascots, simply PM me with the titles of the threads they were hiding in! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ CLUES ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HINTS The clues are poetically describing the topic the thread is about. Try to think creatively about what they might be leading you to. Googling them will not help (@Whalien) If you think you're in the right thread, click on everything in the first post. I'm sneaky. Our members who have been with us for the longest will have a slightly easier time with this than our newest members, so don't be afraid to PM me for help if you are struggling with any of the clues! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ PRIZES! At least 5 mascots found: 400 bombs! At least 10 mascots found: 800 bombs! All 12 mascots found: 1000 bombs! (also bonus for anyone that works out the theme 👀) ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Anyone who played our Festa scavenger hunt game, I'm sorry for the war flashbacks I hope everyone has fun playing, remember to PM me when you think you have enough answers for a prize! Also pls PM me if you need extra help/more hints!! ** You have until Saturday to play! There is no limit on winners so just keep getting as many as you can! **
  3. game Anniversary Party

    The mods and I are at an anniversary party. The rest of the staff wasn't invited oop. Can you figure out who's standing next to who? Who's wearing what color dress? Who's doing what? What present we each brought? What our special talents are? Clues: 1. Vmin is not wearing a purple dress. 2. There's one person between the one getting drunk and the one talking to a plant. 3. The one who brought beer is not eating cake. 4. The one flopping is not next to the one in a blue dress. 5. Maphisto did not bring BTS as a present (smh) 6. The one talking to a plant is in a black dress. 7. Jin is the one who's special talent is flopping. I made this last minute hopefully I didn't screw up PM me when you think you have the correct answers! Those who submit before 6:00 AM CST will earn 1,000 bombs if their answers are right.
  4. game Guess the Lyrics

    In this game english lyrics from various BTS songs will be scrambled and users will have to figure out the correct lyric. There will be 17 rounds + two bonus rounds. Whoever guesses the most correct lyrics out of the 17 rounds will win 1,000 bombs. For the two bonus rounds the whoever correctly answers first will win 500 bombs. Game starts whenever there's enough people.
  5. game Pictionary

    In this game, we'll be in a rabbit room and users will have to guess what I'm drawing on screen. Each correct answer will earn you a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game will win 1,000 bombs~! Game will most likely start at 5:30 CST
  6. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    I thought this would be pretty fun to do. Post below with this format: 1. Username 2. Bias 3. Day of Challenge 4. Media (Depending on the day: Video, Image, etc.)
  7. game A-Z Animals Edition

    Hi I love animals. Name an animal with the next letter of the alphabet. Add photos if you like! Armadillo
  8. game Count to 2018

    Saw this game on another forum.. Simple yet oddly amusing. All you have to do is.... count to 2018. I'll start with 1 and then the next user posts 2 then 3 ect ect. Let's see how high we can get and who will post the last number. I must be really bored pls ban me from the site. If I'm creative enough I'll think of a prize for the winner ~~~ Don't get out of sequence or double post! 1
  9. Hi there Bangtanbase community and BTS A.R.M.Y. I'm a computer engineer myself, last year before graduation currently, and I'm a big fan of BTS aswell. I've been doing coding for some years but my main hobby is to code games. I developed some games in my previous years of university, and now I've decided to enter the Google Play arena. Just published my first app, It's a pop quiz kind of an app about BTS, I'd be so thankful if you guys tried it out and maybe gave me some feedback about it. I'm looking forward to add more questions and keep the game updated. It's only on Google Play currently, but I'm looking forward to publish these games I'll be developing to App Store aswell in the future. I hope this isn't the wrong place to post it, i know that this isn't a forum game but couldn't find anywhere more suitable to post. Sorry if otherwise. App Link to Google Play Store Have FUN!
  10. game Opposites Game

    Hi guys! So I'm still super new to the forum but I came up with this idea for a game and I thought it could be fun, so why not?! Have fun~ Opposites Game I'll start by adding the first object, concept, action, etc: lying ...the next person has to write what they think is the opposite of that word: being honest ...and also come up with a new word for the game to continue: caveman This is what YOU think is the opposite of the word, so there are no wrong answers. Just try to have fun thinking of what the opposite of things would be. Or try to stump the person after you with something that seems like it has no opposite! THE FIRST WORD IS: blue
  11. game DARK&WILD Album - Race to Zero!

    Intro: What am I to You - 200 Danger - 200 War of Hormone - 200 Hip Hop Lover - 200 Let Me Know - 200 Rain - 200 BTS Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER - 200 Interlude: What Are You Doing? - 200 Could You Turn Off Your Phone? - 200 Blanket Kick/Embarrassed - 200 24/7=heaven - 200 Look Here - 200 Second Grade - 200 Outro: Does That Make Sense? - 200 ------ Intro: What am I to You - 200 Danger - 200 War of Hormone - 200 Hip Hop Lover - 200 Let Me Know - 200 Rain - 200 BTS Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER - 199 Interlude: What Are You Doing? - 200 Could You Turn Off Your Phone? - 200 Blanket Kick/Embarrased - 200 24/7=heaven - 200 Look Here - 200 Second Grade - 200 Outro: Does That Make Sense? - 200
  12. game The Hunt

    Welcome to The Hunt! In this game you'll be competing in a scavenger hunt/quiz combination event. You will be given a set of questions and tasks. You need to correctly answer all the questions and complete all the tasks in order to win this game. Once you've completed the set, PM me all your answers. The first to send me their answers will win the game and earn pumpkins. All others who submit their answers before the deadline will still win a smaller amount of pumpkins. If no one gets all the answers correct before the deadline, the one who has the most correct will win instead. Remember that you MUST send me your answers before the deadline has passed in order to earn any pumpkins. DEADLINE IS 12:00 AM CST Find the word “RUN” in one of BTS’ non-Run MVs. Screenshot it and post it. How many albums did Love Yourself: Her sell on October 1st? What was the name of our Christmas event? Name the 5th person to join the site. Link the 6th post in the Not Today MV topic. How many weeks was DNA on the Hot 100? Name all the members of the graphics team. How many people have a special award? How many bombs do you get for donating 20 dollars? Send me the full staff description for the Projects Team. What type of animal is the BBase mascot? What is the running time of Mic Drop? What’s the punishment for the 2nd offense of spamming? What are the four ways to earn bombs (donating not included)? What was the name of our Valentine’s Day event? What was the date of the forum’s 6th month anniversary? Link the thread about it. Who were the three winners of the YNWA album giveaway in February? What was the first month GAON physical album numbers for LY: Her? What was BTS’ schedule for August 4th, 2017? What was the first week GAON download numbers for Best of Me? How many accounts is the BBase twitter following? How many views does the JIMOTION project video on Youtube have? What was the bonus round question in the 2 truths and a lie game? Who was the first non-staff user to comment in the Inquiries thread? Send me a screenshot of BBase’s Privacy Policy. Link me the third member introduction post. Find the hidden bomb on the front page and screenshot it. What’s the description of my Jin unique award? Find the 6 month anniversary thread and leave a comment. Screenshot it.
  13. game Two Truths & a Lie

    Welcome to two truths & a lie! In this game you’ll need to correctly answer which statement about me is false out of the three posted each round. Everyone will be on equal footing for this game since no one knows anything about me~ kekeke. Gameplay: Users will be split into two teams. Each round’s statements will be posted in the main thread and then team’s must PM ME the answer. Whichever team gets it correct first wins the round and earns a point. The team with the most points at the end wins the game and gets pumpkins. Losing team will get pity pumpkins for being losers. Do not post answers in the thread! PM only! I will make team PMs at the start of the game and this is where you’ll discuss what to submit. Do not talk about this game outside your team PM! ANSWERS MUST BE BOLDED WHEN SUBMITTING. Game still start at 4:00pm CST. We need at least four people in order to make two teams of two.
  14. game HER Album - Race To Zero!

    Love Yourself : Her Tracks! You know the drill. (Skits removed, might make a separate one solely for skit content in the future, who knows?) Intro: Serendipity - 200 DNA - 200 Best Of Me - 200 Dimple - 200 Pied Piper - 200 MIC Drop - 200 Go Go - 200 Outro: Her - 200 Sea - 200 --- Intro: Serendipity - 200 DNA - 200 Best Of Me - 200 Dimple - 200 Pied Piper - 200 MIC Drop - 200 Go Go - 200 Outro: Her - 200 Sea - 199
  15. game Mad Gab

    Mad Gab Welcome to the Mad Gab game~ Can you figure out what the phrase is actually saying? Mad Gab is a game based on puzzles, also known as mondegreens, that contain small words that, when put together, make a word or phrase. For example, "These If Hill Wore" when pronounced quickly sounds like "The Civil War." The Mad Gab game will contain two rounds: a Halloween round with Halloween phrases and a Regular round with more common game phrases. I'll post the set of phrases and the first two people to PM me the correct answers will win pumpkins. Everyone else will get pity pumpkins for being losers. Game starts whenever there's enough people.
  16. game WINGS Tracks - Race to Zero!

    WINGS Tracks - Race to Zero! in honor of the "race to zero" games @SeokSeok started, @KookieMochi brought the idea of doing this for each album. and i said YES IM STARTING WITH WINGS. we are gonna start from 200, cause there are a lot of songs. but anyways, let the best solo win Intro: Boy Meets Evil - 200 Blood Sweat & Tears -200 Begin - 200 Lie - 200 Stigma - 200 First Love - 200 Reflection - 200 MAMA - 200 Awake - 200 Lost - 200 Cypher 4 - 200 Am I Wrong - 200 21st Century Girl - 200 Two! Three! - 200 Interlude: Wings - 200
  17. 🎃Welcome to Guess The Song (Pumpkin Edition)!🎃 original title, I know. The game will operate much like a speed quiz, with a short (1-2 second) song clip posted in each round. The first person to guess the song title correctly will win a pumpkin patch. Second place in each round will receive a wagonful of pumpkins, and everyone who else who at least participates will get a consolation pumpkin pie. Most songs will be from the main OT7 BTS discography, but all songs will include at least one BTS member. Abbreviations of song titles aren't allowed so that nobody can take shortcuts while others are typing the full names out aka all of you need to suffer, but common alternatives to the "official" English names of songs (like 'Baepsae' or 'Crow Tit' for 'Silver Spoon', for example) are allowed. Just don't go overboard. 🎃🎃🎃 There will be 30 pumpkin-filled rounds up for grabs, and a final bonus round with a twist. The fastest correct answer in each round will earn 50 pumpkins. The second fastest answer will earn 30 pumpkins. The final bonus round gives a whopping 1000 pumpkins to whoever answers correctly first, so don't lose hope! Everyone else gets all my love and gratitude and the knowledge that you tried your best. 🎃🎃🎃 Anyone can jump in at any time for a quick chance at pumpkin glory, so don't get discouraged if you've missed a few! Here's a sample clip, so if you can see it and click play, you're good to go!
  18. game Pumpkin Drop #3

    You know the drill. "What were the two cities where we did our crowtit banner projects?" 500 pumpkins for those who PM me the correct answer. You have until 12:00 am CST. me during a zombie apocalypse
  19. game Haunted House of Emojis

    Welcome to the Haunted House of Emojis! In this game I will post an emoji that correlates to a BTS song. The first person to guess the correct song name will win the round and earn pumpkins. The second person to guess the correct answer will also win pumpkins, albeit a lesser amount. The song titles will be based on the "official" English names of all songs. These song names are the ones that are listed on streaming services. All the emojis will be from the app LINE since they offer more options than regular phone emojis. There will be one bonus round with a more difficult emoji than normal. Be prepared! Anyone can jump into the game at anytime so even if you come late you can still play! The fastest correct answer will earn 50 pumpkins for each round. The second fastest answer will earn 20 pumpkins. In the bonus round the first person with the correct answer will win 1000 pumpkins. edit: it will start when we have 5 players
  20. game Pumpkin Drop #2

    PM me the picture of Popeye's chicken I posted. It's around here somewhere. You have until 6:00pm CST
  21. game "Witch" Member

    hi! a long time ago a sweetheart @Mongmungi created a thread called "Which Member" and we all took it ran with it and went ham on it. in spirit of the spooky season I wanted to create a ~halloween~ edition of this called "Witch" Member cause. get it. haha. ha. is my jin stan showing--- ANYWAYS the basic rules of Which Member still apply, but with a ~spooky~ theme. it can be about zombies, graveyards, ghosts, witches, or any supernatural topics! just something that fits the Halloween spirit. for review, how you play Which Member is: (image also by @Mongmungi 💜) for example, I can post: which member would you explore a haunted house with? and you can respond: hoseok because we can scream together LOL OR I can write a novel like I did in the previous which member with some of my friends who went a bit....Overboard.... *COUGH* @KookieMochi *COUGH* @monimoni @Whalien and every one of you which member monsters, you know who you are SO LET'S START OUT WITH A BANG HERE IS MY SCENARIO IN A SPOILERS CAUSE WE GONNA GET WILD have fun!!! 💜
  22. game Pumpkin Drop

    Surprise! Everyone who answers the following question correctly will receive 500 pumpkins: "What will be the date of the forum's first anniversary?" The exact answer may not be here on the forum but there is something that will let you calculate the correct date. PM your answers to @jin. You have until 6:00pm CST.
  23. game Truth Or Dare

    so welcome to the game you all been waiting for. TRUTH OR DARE so i think the title is self explainatory. each time its gonna be a truth or a dare. if the person gives you a truth, you need to answer honestly. thats #expose time please coaporate. if the person gives you dare, you need to do the dare they told you to, and bring receipts (screenshots,pics etc). either if its truth or dare will change. we will start with truth, and then dare, and then truth and so on. example : yeah so hopefully you get the idea LETS START !!!!!!!!!! im gonna go first : truth - who was your first bias in bts ?
  24. event Festa Trivia Game!

    As our 4th annual Festa comes to a close, a trivia game has been assembled for you to enjoy! If you think you know the history of BTS, you may be able to win! This game has ended - thank you to everyone who participated! If you would still like to take the quiz for fun, you can do so here! 1st ~ @Whalien 2nd ~ @Killer 3rd ~ @ʙıᴋᴋᴀ @hyeonju This quiz consists of 23 questions. There's a time limit in which you must complete the quiz, so do your best! You may only take the quiz once, so your first time playing will be your counted score. It is mostly multiple choice. There are questions you may have to match, fill in the blank, and indicate true/false to answer. >> Check out the Festa Bingo thread! <<
  25. Festa Bingo! In honour of BTS' 4th anniversay celebration we've organised a forumwide game where you guys, our lovely members, can win some prizes! On the 14th June we'll be playing a hide-and-seek bingo game running the whole day and covering the whole forum! ~*~ The game is now finished, thank you all for playing! If you've found any codewords at all, PM with what you have for an extra participation gift! How To Play 1. To cross off a space on our bingo card, you must find the corresponding codeword hidden around the forum! 2. Codewords for each number could be hidden in any thread and any post! They will be hidden as url links like this so any text or images in posts are fair game as hiding places. 3. To help you, clues/puzzles/questions for you to solve will be posted in this thread, and each one will lead you to a hiding place. 4. Codewords and clues will be released in groups of 5 throughout the day on 14th so make sure to follow this thread and check back so you don't miss anything! Game will commence at midnight KST! ~*~ Example ~*~ The game is now finished thank you for playing! 1-5 Clues: [click me!] 6-10 Clues: [click me!] 11-15 Clues: [click me!] 16-20 Clues: [click me!] 21-25 Clues: [click me!] Full clue list with extra hints! [click me!] ~*~ How To Win (now with updated prizes!) 1st Winner The fastest member to make a line on the card (either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) Prize: 1 week username colour change + 1 week stamp! Congrats to @KookieMochi our first winner!! 2nd Winner The fastest member to make two lines on the card Prize: 1 month custom award! Congrats to @satoori our second winner!! Grand Prize Winner The fastest member to make a full house (i.e. cross off every space on the card!) *Prize: Set of Left and Right YNWA posters!* thanks to @52Hz! Congrats to @aureliaa our final winner!! ~When you think you have a line/full house, PM me with the codewords of the spaces you've found!~ I'll keep the thread updated throughout the day, confirming winners as soon as they appear, so keep an eye out for your new goal! ~*~ Make sure to check out our Festa Trivia Game for another chance to win!