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Found 50 results

  1. Word Association

    Post the first thing that comes to mind. Example: Person 1: School Person 2: Books Person 3: Library and so on It can be related to BTS, K-Pop or anything really. I'll start _____ Wings
  2. game Where would you hide...?

    Hi!!! N here! Let's play a game Where would you hide...? Ok, it’s very simple, the user from above will ask Where would you hide…? And the user below must answer it and make the next question Example: User 1: Where would you hide a giant teddy bear? User 2: In my bathtub. Where would you hide a statue? User 3: In my neighbor’s house And so on… I’ll start: Where would you hide Jimin’s jams?
  3. The Alphabet Game

    The next person has to post something that begins with the following letter of the alphabet. ( or maybe even an inside joke, song title or member in this case ) Example: Person 1: Apple Person 2: Banana Person 3: Carrot and so on... I don't know why I chose food. Anyways, I'll start __________ Army
  4. game TWO WORDS GAME;Continue the last word..

    LINKED WORDS GAME Ready for a new game?*I am bored today, so I post in game thread Each user posts two words that go together, but he must use the second word that the last user posted and a new word that he thinks of himself. For example, Person 1: French bread Person 2: Bread pudding Person 3: Pudding cake It can be either BTS related or other linked words non-BTS related.*if you lost ideas about BTS words This game is just for fun. Be creative guys! I will start first! Suga Kookie
  5. Corrupt A Wish

    Corrupt the previous posters wish and post your own. Example: I wish that I could eat chocolate right now Granted, but it all melted I wish that I could win a million dollars Granted, but... ___________________ I wish that I could time travel
  6. This works like this ^^[to cool the madness before round 100 of GTV starts] User 1: give a word or phrase for the 2nd user to search [google is usually recommended btw ] User 2: Searches it, looks at the search results, posts the picture, gives another word or phrase Note: Pls do an image search ^^ I'll start ^^: first phrase is: "7 idiots who wrecked my life"
  7. Just say something nice about the user above you~
  8. game One Word Sentence

    This is an improve game we had to play in theatre class. Basically, someone starts with a word, and it goes around the circle, everyone adding a word to make a sentence. EX: Person 1: I Person 2: had Person 3: a etc.. I'll start We
  9. game Change a Letter

    I'll start with one word. The next person have to change one letter to make another word. Eliminating one letter or just adding one letter is fine too. However you're not allowed to rearrange the word. Example:Person 1: LatePerson 2: AtePerson 3: Mateand so on...__________ Base
  10. game King Of The Hill

    Rules are simple: You just state how you take the hill from the person above you. It can be as simple as 'I shove you/the person above me off the hill." Alternatively, "I dig a hole from the bottom of the hill to the place where you're standing. You fall. I have a jetpack." (Don't ask me where I got this from or why. I don't even know myself :')) I'll go first. I walk up the hill. MY HILL.
  11. game Guess who?

    how this game works: Rules: First poster needs to describe a member in 1 word Person below has to guess which member it is, then describe a new member with 2 words Next poster will answer, then describe a new member with 3 After that it'll reset back to 1, and it'll repeat in the pattern of 1, 2, and 3. EX. Poster 1: genius Poster 2: suga! Pink princess Poster 3: seokjin~ cotton candy mochi Poster 4: jimin <3 hwarang etc... I'll start! === horse
  12. Last Letter ( Song Title )

    Your song should start with the last letter of the previous song Example: Person 1: Boy Meets Evil - BTS Person 2: Lovey Dovey - T-ara Person 3: You & I - IU ? -- ?? You don't have to put emphasis on the letters like I did. Feel free to name the artist if you want ( It might be worthwhile to check out the songs that are posted )
  13. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting a game. GAME : WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND? It's a really simple game that everyone can enjoy :") Here are the rules; Hope this is clear :"D I will go first! (The next post will also be mine, this is to demonstrate the game) --- Dream.
  14. game Truth Or Dare

    so welcome to the game you all been waiting for. TRUTH OR DARE so i think the title is self explainatory. each time its gonna be a truth or a dare. if the person gives you a truth, you need to answer honestly. thats #expose time please coaporate. if the person gives you dare, you need to do the dare they told you to, and bring receipts (screenshots,pics etc). either if its truth or dare will change. we will start with truth, and then dare, and then truth and so on. example : yeah so hopefully you get the idea LETS START !!!!!!!!!! im gonna go first : truth - who was your first bias in bts ?
  15. game "Witch" Member

    hi! a long time ago a sweetheart @Mongmungi created a thread called "Which Member" and we all took it ran with it and went ham on it. in spirit of the spooky season I wanted to create a ~halloween~ edition of this called "Witch" Member cause. get it. haha. ha. is my jin stan showing--- ANYWAYS the basic rules of Which Member still apply, but with a ~spooky~ theme. it can be about zombies, graveyards, ghosts, witches, or any supernatural topics! just something that fits the Halloween spirit. for review, how you play Which Member is: (image also by @Mongmungi 💜) for example, I can post: which member would you explore a haunted house with? and you can respond: hoseok because we can scream together LOL OR I can write a novel like I did in the previous which member with some of my friends who went a bit....Overboard.... *COUGH* @KookieMochi *COUGH* @monimoni @Whalien and every one of you which member monsters, you know who you are SO LET'S START OUT WITH A BANG HERE IS MY SCENARIO IN A SPOILERS CAUSE WE GONNA GET WILD have fun!!! 💜
  16. game Give a Gag Award

    hi! i was inspired by getting a gag award at one of my banquets for a school organization and thought it'd be super fun to make it a game! (thanks to @Whalien for the suggestion of making it a game lmfao) so how this game works is you basically just write a gag award for the person above you! so for example as i'm the first person the next person would type up a gag award for me saying Pokeybun Most likely to abuse capital letters (also thanks to nene for that award bless. feel free to decorate your post as much as you like to make it seem like an award LMFAO) so someone needs to start the chain pls don't leave me hanging <3 i'll just tag some party people so i'm not alone yes @KookieMochi @monimoni @leanna @TaeLi @Cypher• @SeokSeok @Mongmungi @YumeLelouch @Seoks-j if i didn't tag you i still love u sorry i'm tired
  17. game Pumpkin Drop

    Surprise! Everyone who answers the following question correctly will receive 500 pumpkins: "What will be the date of the forum's first anniversary?" The exact answer may not be here on the forum but there is something that will let you calculate the correct date. PM your answers to @jin. You have until 6:00pm CST.
  18. game Which Member?

    GAME : WHICH MEMBER? Yes, WHICH MEMBER? Another simple and fun (but frustrating for some) game! :"D I got the idea from a game in a special book i made specially for KPOP related things! (The game is not foreign itself though) I Hope the rules are clear enough :") I will go first! (The next post will also be mine. This is to demonstrate how the game works) Tagging the person who first knew of the idea : @Whalien --- Which member would you want to share your lunch box with?
  19. event Festa Trivia Game!

    As our 4th annual Festa comes to a close, a trivia game has been assembled for you to enjoy! If you think you know the history of BTS, you may be able to win! This game has ended - thank you to everyone who participated! If you would still like to take the quiz for fun, you can do so here! 1st ~ @Whalien 2nd ~ @Killer 3rd ~ @ʙıᴋᴋᴀ @hyeonju This quiz consists of 23 questions. There's a time limit in which you must complete the quiz, so do your best! You may only take the quiz once, so your first time playing will be your counted score. It is mostly multiple choice. There are questions you may have to match, fill in the blank, and indicate true/false to answer. >> Check out the Festa Bingo thread! <<
  20. game Maths, 'cause why not!

    This might sound lame/annoying so don't read if you're not a math lover lol (To save yourself the annoyance!) who here likes maths? Let's play math quizzes!! Honestly, with all the detective work we do every single time the boys release a teaser or vid, we might as well brush up on our intelligence to prepare for more of their hints! Besides, a little maths never hurt anyone! And I can't be the only one here who maths helps relax (especially after ALL THE FANGIRLING, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT!!!) im going to bed lol but feel free to play amongst yourselves!!
  21. game Two Truths and a Lie

    Two Truths and A Lie One player states three things about him/her self, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The other players have to guess which is the lie. The player who guesses correctly first takes the next turn. Caught in a lie~ 1. My middle name is Cassidy 2. I have 6 siblings 3. The last thing I ate was a taco
  22. Festa Bingo! In honour of BTS' 4th anniversay celebration we've organised a forumwide game where you guys, our lovely members, can win some prizes! On the 14th June we'll be playing a hide-and-seek bingo game running the whole day and covering the whole forum! ~*~ The game is now finished, thank you all for playing! If you've found any codewords at all, PM with what you have for an extra participation gift! How To Play 1. To cross off a space on our bingo card, you must find the corresponding codeword hidden around the forum! 2. Codewords for each number could be hidden in any thread and any post! They will be hidden as url links like this so any text or images in posts are fair game as hiding places. 3. To help you, clues/puzzles/questions for you to solve will be posted in this thread, and each one will lead you to a hiding place. 4. Codewords and clues will be released in groups of 5 throughout the day on 14th so make sure to follow this thread and check back so you don't miss anything! Game will commence at midnight KST! ~*~ Example ~*~ The game is now finished thank you for playing! 1-5 Clues: [click me!] 6-10 Clues: [click me!] 11-15 Clues: [click me!] 16-20 Clues: [click me!] 21-25 Clues: [click me!] Full clue list with extra hints! [click me!] ~*~ How To Win (now with updated prizes!) 1st Winner The fastest member to make a line on the card (either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) Prize: 1 week username colour change + 1 week stamp! Congrats to @KookieMochi our first winner!! 2nd Winner The fastest member to make two lines on the card Prize: 1 month custom award! Congrats to @satoori our second winner!! Grand Prize Winner The fastest member to make a full house (i.e. cross off every space on the card!) *Prize: Set of Left and Right YNWA posters!* thanks to @52Hz! Congrats to @aureliaa our final winner!! ~When you think you have a line/full house, PM me with the codewords of the spaces you've found!~ I'll keep the thread updated throughout the day, confirming winners as soon as they appear, so keep an eye out for your new goal! ~*~ Make sure to check out our Festa Trivia Game for another chance to win!
  23. game gif spam

    post your fav kpop or non kpop gifs and let's entertain each other
  24. game Compliments Game

    Okay, so I was thinking, everyone is so positive on this site! So why not let everyone see all the positivity, in the form of a game of compliments. The rules are simple. You tag someone, and give them a compliment. Then, they tag someone else, and give them a compliment; (I.E. if i tag @KookieMochi and say 'Your posts always make me laugh', then they would have to tag someone else and give them a compliment!) Feel free to tag multiple people on the same post, or to post when you haven't already been tagged. More positivity on the internet, even though this site is so kind, is always needed. I'll start @Pokeybun, Thank you for all the amazing artwork!
  25. game Write a BTS Member Profile!

    So the member profiles are one of my favourite things about Festa, especially when they get to write about each other. It is always a little insightful but mostly savage and I love it. I adapted these questions from the 2015 and 2016 Festa profiles, I'll update the thread with a 2017 version when this year's Festa has ended and all the profile bits are out! With that in mind, let's play~~~~~ Write a BTS Member Profile! Pick a member and fill out a profile for them using the questions below! It's totally up to you which member you choose and how seriously or jokingly you write! Feel free to pick and choose which sections you want to fill in~~