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Found 24 results

  1. Your song should start with the last letter of the previous song Example: Person 1: Boy Meets Evil - BTS Person 2: Lovey Dovey - T-ara Person 3: You & I - IU ? -- ?? You don't have to put emphasis on the letters like I did. Feel free to name the artist if you want ( It might be worthwhile to check out the songs that are posted )
  2. This is an improve game we had to play in theatre class. Basically, someone starts with a word, and it goes around the circle, everyone adding a word to make a sentence. EX: Person 1: I Person 2: had Person 3: a etc.. I'll start We
  3. The next person has to post something that begins with the following letter of the alphabet. ( or maybe even an inside joke, song title or member in this case ) Example: Person 1: Apple Person 2: Banana Person 3: Carrot and so on... I don't know why I chose food. Anyways, I'll start __________ Army
  4. LINKED WORDS GAME Ready for a new game?*I am bored today, so I post in game thread Each user posts two words that go together, but he must use the second word that the last user posted and a new word that he thinks of himself. For example, Person 1: French bread Person 2: Bread pudding Person 3: Pudding cake It can be either BTS related or other linked words non-BTS related.*if you lost ideas about BTS words This game is just for fun. Be creative guys! I will start first! Suga Kookie
  5. P E A C H

    game Opposites Game

    Hi guys! So I'm still super new to the forum but I came up with this idea for a game and I thought it could be fun, so why not?! Have fun~ Opposites Game I'll start by adding the first object, concept, action, etc: lying ...the next person has to write what they think is the opposite of that word: being honest ...and also come up with a new word for the game to continue: caveman This is what YOU think is the opposite of the word, so there are no wrong answers. Just try to have fun thinking of what the opposite of things would be. Or try to stump the person after you with something that seems like it has no opposite! THE FIRST WORD IS: blue
  6. . In this game user no 1 will ask what if...? For example . What if you failed in exam.....lol and next user will answer it while leaving . His/her own question starting with what if,,? now my turn.... What if you are locked up in a washroom?
  7. Jungshook

    Word Association

    Post the first thing that comes to mind. Example: Person 1: School Person 2: Books Person 3: Library and so on It can be related to BTS, K-Pop or anything really. I'll start _____ Wings
  8. Put bts would you rathers and see which one would we do
  9. Peachmon

    game This or That

    Answer the question and then leave a new "This or That" question for the next person to answer. I'll start with just a question. [It can be about BTS or anything you're curious about from fellow ARMYs] Hip Hop or Ballads?
  10. Hi guys, this is my first time posting a game. GAME : WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND? It's a really simple game that everyone can enjoy :") Here are the rules; Hope this is clear :"D I will go first! (The next post will also be mine, this is to demonstrate the game) --- Dream.
  11. Jungshook

    Corrupt A Wish

    Corrupt the previous posters wish and post your own. Example: I wish that I could eat chocolate right now Granted, but it all melted I wish that I could win a million dollars Granted, but... ___________________ I wish that I could time travel
  12. Have a count with post withal random thingies and reach the 130613 posts to be the winner! I'll start! 1 With Jiminnn!!! ❤❤❤ cr; parkjimni at Tumblr
  13. THE TITLE SAID IT ALL!!! cr; nochujung
  14. jin

    game BTS TRIVIA

    the kraken has awoken we will start soon
  15. jin


    hello and welcome to another edition of "aj ruins your day!" today we're going to showcasing my artistic skills. you'll have to guess the bts song based on my drawing. the drawing can represent the title, a lyric, or a scene from the MV. the first person to comment the correct song earns a point. the person with the most points at the end will win the game earn entry into the prize drawing. there will also be two bonus drawings at the end. the two people who get those right will earn an entry as well. the bonus drawings are a little different in that they don't necessarily directly represent the title/lyric/scene and are a more abstract representation. think outside the box for these! good luck~
  16. jin

    game B-I-N-G-O

    Welcome to BINGO Redux. Pick your board from the link below: https://mfbc.us/m/qb5rxc First person to post BINGO and have an accurate card wins~
  17. ‼️ Would you rather Bias edition ‼️ 1. Would you rather... Spend 24 hours with your bias doing whatever he chooses Or Spend 24 hours with your bias wrecker doing whatever YOU choose Reply which one you'd do and leave some would you rather!! I'll leave some too!💜
  18. I would love to have some friends in-game! I just finished chapter 2 and now I'm stuck 😥 I need to level up twice before I can play chapter 3, darn it! Anyways, let's exchange codes~ My code: RU2KCB4
  19. Hi I love animals. Name an animal with the next letter of the alphabet. Add photos if you like! Armadillo
  20. BTS Quiz: Can You Guess BTS members Based on Their Eyes? This quiz is for all ARMYs. Play and Share your score with us. Enjoy playing! https://www.kpopstarsquiz.com/snax_quiz/bts-quiz-can-you-guess-bts-members-based-on-their-eyes/
  21. Sooooo hi what would you rather????? Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the pictures you have ever taken? Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? Would you rather be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or unknown when you are alive but famous after you die? Would you rather go to jail for 4 years for something you didn’t do or get away with something horrible you did but always live in fear of being caught? Would you rather accidentally be responsible for the death of a child or accidentally be responsible for the deaths of three adults? Would you rather live in the wilderness far from civilization or live on the streets of a city as a homeless person? Would you rather the general public think you are a horrible person but your family be very proud of you or your family think you are a horrible person but the general public be very proud of you? Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world? Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people? Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show? Would you rather have an easy job working for someone else or work for yourself but work incredibly hard? Would you rather be the first person to explore a planet or be the inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease? Would you rather ly and never be able to love others other than BTS or meet BTS and they ask you if you ly and you have to say no??????? Would you rather have a horrible short term memory or a horrible long term memory? Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC and heating? Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die? Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside? YOU HAVE BETTER PICKED LY SO SPEAKING OF LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. satoori

    game Change a Letter

    I'll start with one word. The next person have to change one letter to make another word. Eliminating one letter or just adding one letter is fine too. However you're not allowed to rearrange the word. Example:Person 1: LatePerson 2: AtePerson 3: Mateand so on...__________ Base
  23. Find the following OBSCURE items in BTS' RUN music video! blue flowers an IV tilted lamp pyramid of red solo cups the numbers 9570 a white heart mouse acme studios tag water bottle string lights blue pillow screenshot the items with the timestamp and pm your them all to @jin as soon as you can! 1st place gets 5 points for their team 2nd place gets 3 points 3rd place gets 1 point *To make this a bit more fair, teams can only score once. So if a Jin team member places first and second and Suga is third, only the first place score will count and Suga will get bumped up second.
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