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Found 13 results

  1. i died when they did the fanchant.
  2. lets be honest tho. the buzz lightyear ride at disneyland really is the best.
  3. official upload alternatives Photos Here>>>
  4. PON! 170614 summary of first part: anan having 2 versions, a first in its 47-year history Wings topping itunes in 97 countries BST MV with breaking 145M views BBMA win WINGS tour First JPN TV appearance in Sukkiri last month Sukkiri’s twitter got more than 70k likes and more than 30k retweets with not only messages in Japanese, but English and other languages Shinkigeki guesting with lots of female audiences with light sticks (this shocked the panel lol) start from 2:46 We’re gonna go out in the streets and find out why they are popular… Yamamoto Hiroshi: we came here in Okubo Station. This rain will be blown away as we feel the heat/enthusiasm of fans. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Do you listen a lot to Boudan Shounendan? F1: Yes, I do…I do! I play their songs frequently. Their choreography…individuality F2: I bought a lot of their posters. Yamamoto Hiroshi: So how about your room? F2: It’s full of their posters. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Eh~~? F2: *shows phone* their orderly on top of my bed…omg, this is embarassing! F3: I love them. Bangtan! Yamamoto Hiroshi: Bangtan? F3: Their Korean official name is… F4: Bang-tan-Son-yeon-dan Yamamoto Hiroshi: And that in Japanese becomes “Boudan Shounendan”…and everyone, the fans call them “Bangtan”….Oh, I’ve learned this (just now) F3: *giggles* F4: I pass by a Korean language school…and there are many people who says "I like Bangtan"…Fans are called “ARMY” Yamamoto Hiroshi: ARMY F4: They have the image of a military group, so the group and the bulletproof vest must always be together…ARMY = group, so it has the meaning of them always being with their ARMY. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Is that so?! *info overload lol*…In the first place, why are you studying in a Korean language school? F4: Because I like Boudan Shounendan. >> What’s the reason why the world supports Bangtan? We talked about it with a KPOP journalist, Furuyama Masayuki san. Furuya Masayuki: There are different groups who are advancing globally, but the music that they do is really..they’ve adopted the western sound well. I think there are a few group with that sound showing uniform/synchronized dance. >BS&T mv for everyone’s eyes to see aka visuals and dancing here and there aka heart attack< Furuya Masayuki: The strength of Korea (KPOP), it’s good to put hip-hop as the base of the music. The starting point of that is Korean language pronunciation is close to English. With the cool performance and sound showing, (their) root is really like that of the youth. Furthermore, they debuted as “the spokespeople of youth in their 10’s.” And from there, the strength of being the voice of who they represent…they think simultaneously with their fans, so the (fans) are crazy about them/addicted to them. SG: Everyone, please look forward to it! BTS: This has been BTS! >panel time< Masuda Okada: Amazing! Yamamoto Hiroshi: Fans say their dances are cool, and when they are not dancing, they are cute. The gap is irresistible. We’ve talked about their individual points. Masuda Okada: As for their dancing, what can you say Gun-chan about their dance? Gun-chan: The choreography looks so difficult and they dance in sync. They’re cool! Masuda Okada: They are a cool bunch of guys!….How about their sound, Hyadain-san? Hyadain: …Their sound…definitely in the Billboard…. Masuda Okada: (I’m surprised) that Korean pronunciation is close to English. Hyadain: Fans like their Japanese version, but they also like the Korean version…and you know, I think they’re popular among the likes of Momoka chan’s group. Masuda Okada: Do you know them? Momoka-chan: Yes, I know them. My members watch them on TV…I notice them well. Masuda Okada: How about you Kojima-san? Haruna Kojima: I really often hear them from girls and editors…the (people from) the fashion industry also like them. Masuda Okada: Ah, they are on the front cover this time, right? Such pattern is the first time….really amazing! T/N: Furuya Masayuki is our famous KPOP journalist who knows Bangtan Hyadain is a composer, lyricist, and musician whose main work is composing anime theme songs Gun-chan is a member of EXILE and Sandaime J Soul Brothers Momoka-chan is a member of the group “Fairies” Haruna Kojima is a former member of AKB48 Translations by prancingmaria May repost / use translation w/credit