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Found 18 results

  1. LIMITED MERCH NOW AVAILABLE AT http://ambientways.tk/
  2. Hello! I’m from Germany and I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I know there are a lot of ARMYs in Vietnam and that’s why I thought there has to be a Kpop store around. I went to one today (“Never Stop”) but they were out of BTS merch😭😭 Please tell me if you know stores with good prices🤗
  3. Hello! I’m from Germany and I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I know there are a lot of ARMYs in Vietnam and that’s why I thought there has to be a Kpop store around. I went to one today (“Never Stop”) but they were out of BTS merch😭😭 Please tell me if you know stores with good prices🤗
  4. Really hoping this wasn't already made somewhere. If it was, I'm so sorry. Heyo my fellow ARMYs! As I begin to collect my BTS merchandise, I've become very interested in what everyone else owns or is looking to own. Please only post stuff you own or are working on purchasing. All of the BTS stuff is really cool and I'm sure we can all agree we want to own it all but this is strictly for what I mentioned. thx u guys and gals. Oh yeah! If you can, please provide a link for each of your items! If someone stumbles across something they like, they can buy it too! At this moment in time, I cannot provide real pictures of my stuff with me because linking images from mobile is near impossible. But I have the links to the couple of things I own so do not fret!
  5. Starting with the original site for BT21 merchandise CLICK HERE ♥ But, I did find a site that had a huge sale for about 50% of sales, on BT21 Merch CLICK HERE ♥ BT21 Bangtan Boys Sweatshirts The color system is weird, be careful when ordering. The site has the name COLOR 1 then under It is the charcter's name. ALL THE ONES THAT SAYS COLOR WILL COME IN PINK. IF YOU CHOOSE JUST THE CHARACTER'S NAME IT WILL COME IN BLACK. Japanese Translation: BT21 商品のオリジナルサイトから CLICK HERE ♥ しかし、私は販売の約 50% のための巨大な販売があったサイトを見つけた、BT21 マーチ CLICK HERE ♥ BT21 Bangtan ボーイズスウェット カラーシステムは、注文時に注意してオフになっています。 サイトは、その下の名前の色1している文字の名前です。 カラーと言うものはすべてピンク色になってきます。 文字の名前だけを選択した場合、それは黒で来る。 ARMY - $22.00 $44.00 COOKY PINK/BLACK - $22.00 $44.00 CHIMMY AND KOYA - $22.00 $44.00 MANG AND RJ - $22.00 $44.00 SHOOKY AND TATA - $22.00 $44.00 SIZE S-XXL ALIEXPRESS ALSO HAS SOME GOOD MERCH FOR BT21 CLICK HERE ♥ CLICK HERE ♥ CLICK HERE ♥ I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THESE 私はあなたのすべてのこれらを楽しむことを望む
  6. Did you guys know BigHit released these ARMY planners at the beginning of the year for us. We can use them for free, but we have to print them. There's three kinds: Daily, Monthly and Weekly. I'll leave the link for them down below and you can print whichever one you like. They are amazing and they even have writing prompts, the overall theme is to love oneself, so they have writing you could do. They're beautifully planned out and made. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vbkSROgoWCLFnRQZ5g7n1m0qacOvGS6O Apparently they are fan-made, I'm not sure any more
  7. Click here to see all the products: BT21 Products someone give this girl some coins to go buy some. lol FACE GRAPHIC SWEATSHIRTS - USD $43.95 FACE GRAPHIC T-SHIRT - USD $26.95 BLACK BACKPRINT T-SHIRTS - USD $29.95 WHITE BACKPRINT T-SHIRTS - USD $29.95 PATCHED HOODED SWEATSHIRT - USD $53.95 FACE CUSHIONS - (30 CM - USD $29.95 // 42 CM - USD $42.95) STANDING DOLLS - USD $32.95 BAG CHARM DOLL - USD $17.95 LAMY X BT21 EDITION SET - ?
  8. Do you guys have any good merch sites? I only know two, who I have a discount code for that you guys could use aswell. SoAestheticShop: they have merch, other cool clothes, accessoiries and other cute/ random stuff Use "PANNE" for a 10% discount on your order at checkout worldwide free shipping. BoomOutlet: tons of cool clothes, a bit less K-pop merch tho Use "Jamlessyoongi" to get a 10% discount here too Worldwide free shipping
  9. merch BTS FAN

    i decided to start my first online design by using the famous platform redbubble after the sucess i had in my small community and take a step forward HOPE I GET your opinion https://www.redbubble.com/people/desiiigner/works/29321018-bts-wc?asc=u&grid_pos=1&p=t-shirt&rbs=42dea1c3-69a0-4310-a49d-09a054f3c7ae&ref=artist_shop_grid&style=womens
  10. BTS LOVE MYSELF campaign official merchandise will be available on the BTS official shop from December 1st. #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence (bts official shop instagram)
  11. BTS' cushion line collaboration with VT Cosmetics will be released starting August 18th! @vtcosmetics_official: "#VTcosmetics VT X BTS “Have a good day” VT X BTS SECRET MESSAGE EVENT Starting from 18th, receive cushion puffs that has secret messages from BTS with any purchase of VT COSMETICS products. ✔ ONLINE opens on August 18th 2017, Friday 10:00am ✔ OFFLINE opens on August 19th 2017, Saturday ✔ VT X BTS puff is one set with three random puffs ✔ Offer is limited to one set per person regardless of price of products. ✔ Quantities are limited while supplies last ✔ Visit vt-cosmetic.com for more details ✔ WE DO NOT OFFER OVERSEAS SHIPPING SERVICE #브이티 #브이티코스메틱 #VT#VTCOSMETICS #방탄소년단 #BTS#BTSbeauty #케이뷰티 #Kbeauty #VTXBTS #콜라보레이션#collaboration #이벤트 #event #sceret#message #cushionpuff #puff #cushion#makeuptools" VT Cosmetics official Instagram
  12. on sale: JULY 13 (no definite time)release date: JULY 31INCLUDES: 4DISCS + PHOTOBOOK(188 pages) + Photocard (random)DURATION: 390 mins in totalSUBTITLES: Korean, English, Chinese
  13. [INFO] BTS WINGS concept book will go on sale on 29 June. Consists of 312 pages of concept book and 2 photo frame paper.
  14. Do you have any BTS merch? Show it off! Here's mine: 2 Cool 4 Skool O!RUL8,2? + poster, Hobi PC, and group PC ? Skool Luv Affair + Jungkook/group PC Dark & Wild + Tae and group PC HYYH Pt 1 (Pink) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 1 (White) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 2 (Peach) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 2 (Blue) + Jungkook PC, extra PCs, and poster HYYH: Young Forever (Night) + Jimin PC, Yoongi Dope PC, extra PCs, and poster HYYH: Young Forever (Day) + Jungkook PC WINGS (All 4) + Hobi PC x2, Rapmon PC, Tae PC, extra PCs, and poster x4 You Never Walk Alone (Left) + Jin PC, extra PCs, standee, and poster You Never Walk Alone (Right) + Yoongi PC, extra PCs, standee, and poster Love Yourself: HER (L) + Jungkook PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (O) + Tae PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (V) + Yoongi PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (E) + Jungkook PC and poster WAKE UP (JP album) + Tae PC YOUTH (JP album) + Jimin PC and poster NOW 3 Photobook/DVD with Namjoon/Tae/Jin photocard and group standee Memories of 2015 DVD + Jimin SKT button Summer Package 2016 (Dubai) + Group PC and all extra goodies 2017 Season's Greetings + Jimin PC HYYH Epilogue DVD + Tae PC HYYH Epilogue Blu-Ray 3rd Muster DVD w/ Yoongi photocard and first press postcard 3rd Muster Blu-Ray with Jungkook standee and first press postcard BTS Light Stick This doesn't count, since it's a Chinese knock off...but Hobi shirt! WINGS Concept Book + Jungkook lenticular photocard Festa 2017 J-Hope keychain/strap Memories of 2016 DVD + Young Forever MV group photocard Summer Package 2017 + Jin selfie book The Wings Tour in Seoul DVD + Jimin photo card and poster