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Found 27 results

  1. Goodbye Stage Win In case some people still don't know why Jin wasn't at the end of the show Vlive: BTS 막방 Live Fake Love promotions ended, we were able to give them 12 wins and 3 triple crowns this time. Thanks to all the fans that streamed and buy their music. Their goodbye stage is always bitter sweet but they still have packed schedule, we have FESTA and a Tour soon so i'm happy that now they don't have to spend their entire day on music shows.
  2. FAKE LOVE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0BNlZjwyio&index=5&list=WL&t=0s *KBS does not embed videos* INTERVIEW WIN FANCAMS
  3. WIN I wasn't expecting Anpanman this week lol congrats on their 8th win!
  4. Performance: Win: Congrats on their 5th win!
  5. Fake Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91hFxE9Yxmo Airplane pt2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Laq7-zUWv3E&t=5s Anpanman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrZgY2xDZRA&t=3s back stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W5VKPJ5X8c (BKS does not allow embed links i guess lol )
  6. What are music shows? Music shows of South Korea are broadcast weekly, with different artists performing on the shows to promote their music. South Korea's largest broadcasting companies each have their own show, which are broadcast on different channels. SBS has Inkigayo, KBS has Music Bank, MBC has Show! Music Core, Mnet has M Countdown, MBC Music has Show Champion, and SBS MTV has The Show. (x) Music shows will usually have a winning artist of each week based on a score that differs between each show. You can see the breakdown of how scores are calculated and how to vote as an i-fan for each specific program in the list below. TUESDAY: THE SHOW Pre-score: Total 85% (40% Digital, 20% Music Video, 15% Expert Preferences, 10% Album) Live voting (for The Show Choice nominees only): 15% WEDNESDAY: SHOW! CHAMPION Digital sales (streaming + downloads) (40%) Netizen preference score (20%) Album sales (10%), Broadcast score (15%), Ranking from professional judges (MBC Music) (15%) THURSDAY: M COUNTDOWN Digital music sales score (50%) Album sales volume score (15%) Social media score (YouTube views) (15%) Popularity score (votes) (10%) Broadcast score (10%) Live broadcast real time voting score (10%) FRIDAY: MUSIC BANK Digital music charts (65%) Album sales (5%) Number of times broadcast on KBS TV (20%) Viewers choice charts (10%) SATURDAY: SHOW! MUSIC CORE Physical Album + Digital Sales (60%) Music Video Views (10%) Viewers Committee Pre-voting by 2000 people (10%) MBC Radio Broadcast (5%) Audience Live Voting for 1st Place Nominees (15%) SUNDAY: INKIGAYO Digital single sales (55%) SNS (YouTube Views) (35%) Album sales (5%) Advance viewer votes (for 1st place candidates only) (5%)
  7. Uploaded by KBSkpop : DNA & Mic Drop T/N: Will update when KBS World release their video
  8. until
    Support BTS on Mnet MCountdown! Rapmon, J-Hope, and Jimin will be special MCs, too. Please refer to this guide on how to help BTS on music shows.
  9. pocket monster

    SBS MTV The Show

    Support BTS on SBS MTV The Show! Please refer to this guide on how to help BTS on music shows.
  10. pocket monster

    MBC Show Champion

    Support BTS on MBC Show Champion! Please refer to this guide on how to help BTS on music shows.