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Found 21 results

  1. 'HER' Majesty now available on iTunes/ Apple Music
  2. MV on Seo Taiji's channel too Buy on itunes! Listen on Spotify Lyrics:
  3. 7월 4일 오후 6시 방탄소년단의 COME BACK HOME 공개 (-seotaiji facebook) [Trans; ©] BTS' remake of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home" will be released tomorrow, July 4th, at 6pm kst This song was really popular in Korea! edit: UPDATE!!! [Naver Article] 170704 "Seo Taeji praised highly"... BTS will reveal the remake version of "Come back home" today (4th)
  4. So pleased that this track is finally getting the iconic visual story it deserves. I just want to say how impressed and proud I am to see the boys are at a point in their career that they can completely self produce an MV that upholds the high standards of previous BTS videos. In terms of general visual appeal, sharp choreography, and rich, detailed symbolism, it definitely stands up to the precedent set in their prior work. Truly, their artistry is evident in every frame. Of course, my question now is how does this fit into the ongoing continuity of Bangtan MVs, vis-à-vis both internal storyline and broader symbolism? I would say the boy's characterizations are similar to the Run personas, although to me, the visual motifs of decadence and indulgence are more reminiscent of BST than anything from HYYH. What are your thoughts? Please remember to keep streaming at the official VLive upload HERE!
  5. mv RM, Wale 'Change'

  6. we've all been expecting dance prac but it's mv choreo ver!!!!! (thanks for the help moving this thread to the right place! ><)
  7. mv BTS 'Not Today' MV

    new link up!! watch on youtube!!
  8. Okay, I know for many that Run is not their favorite title track or music video. And honestly the view count on the video reflects that... HOWEVER. Let me tell you about what Run means to me. Last September, a few days after Tae lost his grandma apparently (though I didn't know this until later), I miscarried my second child, Rowan. I spent a couple months thinking that the memory of losing her was just going to be a painful one and life would go on. I even tried to keep everything as normal as possible in my life so I could believe this for myself. Well, BS&T happened and I finally became a hard stan of BTS. I started listening to all their songs, and found myself attached to Run and Reflection especially. They would just really hit me hard. It finally started to come together in my head that Run, especially, was representative of what I was doing emotionally in the wake of my grief. I was just running from it. "No matter how far I reach for you, It is just an empty dream dream dream No matter how crazy I run, I remain on the same place place place Just burn me! Yes, push me out! This is crazy-fool’s love running" "Let’s run run run again! It’s ok to fall down Let’s run run run again! It’s ok to be injured" " Memories are crumbling like dried flower leaves On my fingertips and under my feet And behind my back Like chasing butterfly or wondering in dreams I follow your traces Please guide me please stop me Please let me breathe" "(Run) Don’t tell me bye bye (Run) You make me cry cry (Run) Love is a lie lie Don’t tell me, don’t tell me Don’t tell me bye bye" I know the song has a bit of a different meaning overall, but to me it represents trying to run away from grief, and trying to run towards something better. Running, even in vain, to get away from the pain, and hoping for that better day at the end. I feel often like Tae, flailing hopelessly in the water waiting to drown, but somehow finding a way to resurface. I can relate to the moments where Jimin burns the photo, not wanting to have the reminder of someone who is gone, where Jungkook is left on the floor in shock in the aftermath. (God, you've no freaking clue how much I relate to that...) And many other moments. I guess my point is, you never know what meaning a certain song has for someone. So for me, Run will always be one of BTS's dearest songs. What meaning does Run have for you? Or, what other BTS songs have hit you deeply on a personal/emotional level?
  9. I remember the climb to 100 million for Dope, now we have two MVs with over 100 million views! And this one happened in less than a year! shoutout to #TeamFire It's not the only MV we're expecting to reach 100 million this year, so don't forget to stream those too~ BST is over 80m, Save Me over 60m, Boy In Luv over 85m, Danger and WOH are over 50m

    Hello guys! I'm currently freaking out like what is this, just saw this on twitter and everyone is going crazy! I'm confused though, aren't they preparing for the world tour?
  11. The ICONIC video and song that changed kpop in 2015 and left everyone shookt.