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Found 19 results

  2. J-HOOOOOOOOOPPEEE Can we all just take a moment and appreciate this beautiful music video! When I first saw I WAS CHOKING ON MY OWN SPIT. I can't get over the part at 1:27 Just UGH I CAN'T, It's my favorite part honestly. What were you guys reaction to this music video??
  3. 'HER' Majesty now available on iTunes/ Apple Music
  4. MV on Seo Taiji's channel too Buy on itunes! Listen on Spotify Lyrics:
  5. 7월 4일 오후 6시 방탄소년단의 COME BACK HOME 공개 (-seotaiji facebook) [Trans; ©] BTS' remake of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home" will be released tomorrow, July 4th, at 6pm kst This song was really popular in Korea! edit: UPDATE!!! [Naver Article] 170704 "Seo Taeji praised highly"... BTS will reveal the remake version of "Come back home" today (4th)
  6. So pleased that this track is finally getting the iconic visual story it deserves. I just want to say how impressed and proud I am to see the boys are at a point in their career that they can completely self produce an MV that upholds the high standards of previous BTS videos. In terms of general visual appeal, sharp choreography, and rich, detailed symbolism, it definitely stands up to the precedent set in their prior work. Truly, their artistry is evident in every frame. Of course, my question now is how does this fit into the ongoing continuity of Bangtan MVs, vis-à-vis both internal storyline and broader symbolism? I would say the boy's characterizations are similar to the Run personas, although to me, the visual motifs of decadence and indulgence are more reminiscent of BST than anything from HYYH. What are your thoughts? Please remember to keep streaming at the official VLive upload HERE!
  7. new link up!! watch on youtube!!
  8. The ICONIC video and song that changed kpop in 2015 and left everyone shookt.