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Found 79 results

  1. Fans angered after BTS receive derogatory comments for their win at 'Billboard Music Awards' Source: (1)
  2. news

    BTS won the bbmas top social award!!!! so happy for them! well done boys
  3. news

    I hope they slay Japan with their promos
  4. [Video] CNN Interview Part 1 Translations [Video] CNN Interview Part 3 Translations More Videos: CNN Interview Part 2 (+ Translations) CNN Interview Preview edit: other video source
  5. [Video] CNN Interview Preview Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- When BTS came to Jakarta, Saturday (April 29), many fans who are still in school couldn't go to the concert because they have to prepare an exam. But through BTS gives a message for them. Wait for an exclusive interview BTS with, Tuesday (May 2) Cr. CNNIndonesia, Translated by Winayou UPDATE: CNN Interview Part 1 (+Translations) CNN Interview Part 2 (+ Translations)
  6. So Suran's new song "오늘 취하면" ( Wine ) that Suga produced, will be released on April 27 <3 It will feature South Korean rapper and producer CHANGMO. Slow Rabbit will also be co-producing the track <3 THE TEASER IS OUT <3
  7. BTS was picked for Seo Taeji's 25 year project. Bring The Slayage
  8. [Article] 170424 Seo Taeji's remake project begins... BTS is the first group [Official] by Peachisoda 11 HRS AGO 2 MINUTE READ 22 Comments Seo Taeji's remake project begins... BTS is the first group Along with Seo Taeji's 25th-anniversary concert on September 2nd in Jamsil, the remake project will also begin. Staffs of Seo Taeji revealed, "The "25" project where Mr. Seo Taeji's junior singers will participate to remake his past hits will begin. It's been decided that BTS is going to be the first singer to begin the remake." Seo Taeji's remake project, "25" will create a musical tie between Seo Taeji who is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year and his junior singers. The project was created with Seo Taeji's hope to present meaningful music to the public. The first junior singer of project "25" is BTS. They are the only Asian singer t be nominated for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and their second full album "WINGS" achieved the highest ranking among Korean singers in the US Billboard 200 chart by debuting at No. 26. BTS also set the first record for the Korean artists to enter the Billboard 200 for 4 consecutive times with their recent album "WINGS Extension" released in February. BTS also gained great attention from Seo Taeji's fans, Korean and international listeners after their dynamic performance of "Classroom Idea" at 2016 KBS Gayo Daechukjae. Even Seo Taeji highly praised BTS's stage. Staffs of Seo Taeji said, "Mr. Seo Taeji has personally chosen BTS and he will be choosing the rest of his junior musicians who will participate in the "25" project. He will also discuss with his juniors during the process and to strengthen their strong points." Seo Taeji will sequentially reveal the musicians and the songs they will re-interpret in his "25" project. Original article here Response +424
  9. Apparently Yoongi did the composition and production for this digital single. I am so freaking excited, holy shit! EDIT: Peachisoda's article translation [Article] 170421 BTS Suga's first move as a producer... collaborates in "Suran's" new single by Peachisoda 11 HRS AGO 1 MINUTE READ 22 Comments BTS Suga and R&B female vocalist Suran joined forces. According to the gayo industry on 21st, Suga took part in composing and producing Suran's new digital single that will release by the end of this month. Although Suga has been participating as a producer in BTS's album and for this own mixtape, this is his first time taking part for an outside artist. Suga's mixtape played a role in connecting the trend idol and trend vocalist's collaboration. Suran featured in Suga's mixtape "Agust D" track "So far away" as the vocalist. As they have already worked together before, Suga will present an R&B hip hop track that increases Suran's strong points. Suran is a female vocalist who is gaining attention in the R&B hip hop scene for her clear and groovy vocal. She has been receiving attention from music fans for her unique and charming voice with her past collaborations with Primary, Zico, Beenzino, and Yankie. Suga has been taking part in BTS's album as co-producer and worked on his own mixtape but this is his first time being in charge of an outside vocalist and this helped him to extend his experience. Suga took part as the composer and producer and since Suran is the trending vocalist who is no.1 in featuring, it's been said that their collaboration will receive great attention from gayo gans. Original article here Comments from Instiz here Response +23
  10. x Seems like chim chim is filming for a drama??? an upcoming one on kbs1,or it might be that the staff are the same as the drama and he's filming something else. He was dancing and danced really well. He was really handsome much more handsome in real life at first op thought he was not jimin as he was too handsome lol He kept smiling and he looked like he has a great personality. There was one fan(who's this stalker?probably a fansite) holding a big camera taking pics of jimin but there were no other fans so there was no control of fans either. His makeup was a bit thick and he was wearing a jeans jacket. (cr. 君の名は) cameo appearance?...idk
  11. Original Article by International Business Times BTS reveals they like checking out fans' selfies on Twitter The popularity of BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, seems to be soaring high and there is no doubt about it. However, now it looks like the boys like to go on Twitter and look at their fans' pictures. During an interview in the United States, the boy group revealed that they like to check their fan's images on Twitter. Koreaboo reported, "The interviewer followed through with the initial revelation and asked BTS if they see their fans selfies as well. Rap Monster answered by saying that BTS occasionally did go on Twitter to see fan selcas as well." The report further added, "Fans showcase their love to the boys on "Army Selca Day" – a day where fans take pictures of themselves as well as a picture of a BTS member. Fans have posted their selcas on Twitter with the hashtag #ARMYSelcaDay on the first Tuesday of every month." The seven-member boy band comprises of Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and V. BTS's discography has sold an estimated 2.7 million albums worldwide. They were also named as the most retweeted artist on Twitter in March 2016 by Forbes. Meanwhile, American singer-songwriter Tinashe has expressed her interest in working with the group. She also hinted at a possible collaboration with the boy band in the future. The group is currently touring in North America. BTS was formed by Big Hit Entertainment and made their debut in June 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. Their debut album won several awards including the 2013 MelOn Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards, and the 2014 Seoul, South Korea Music Awards. "Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy" is their most popular album till date.
  12. Ignoring that incredible huge click-bait title, it's a nice video. More exposure and possible new fans, yey!
  13. Original Article by KOREAPORTAL BTS News & Update: BTS Collaboration With Pop Punk Band State Champs In the Works? BY CHOI AHN JIE BTS Not Today BTS seems to be getting a lot of love from American artists these days. Aside from Charlie Puth's shoutout to the K-pop group on Twitter, Kehlani's tweet and Rap Monster's recent collaboration with rapper Wale, pop punk group State Champs also seem to be big fans of the Bangtan Boys. According to a report by SBS Pop Asia, the State Champs posted the shoutout on Twitter. Tagging BTS' official twitter account, State Champs said: "You guys kick a*s. Not Today is a BANGER." It came as a big surprise because BTS and State Champs are known for different genres of music. However, fans of both groups were (Read More HERE)
  14. There are the Gods and Kings of Dancing among male idols who capture our eyes with their extraordinary performances. "Big Bang Taeyang, Shinee Taemin, EXO Kai, BTS Jimin" are the stars. Let's learn more about them now. BTS Jimin Jimin is a talented vocalist and dancer in BTS. He receives attention for his eye-catching moves and his expressions. As a past student of contemporary dance, Jimin performs smooth and delicate, and silky dance moves, smooth waves, and powerful dance moves. He is a peerless dancer among idols. Meanwhile, BTS is meeting their fans around the world at their world tour shows Original article here Translated by Peachisoda
  15. Unsubbed clips: OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER: JANUARY: FEBRUARY APRIL MAY SUBBED CLIPS: 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (MBC) 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (Yonhap News) 161019 SBS 8 o'clock News - BTS 161025 BTS ‘Dope’ MV Surpassed 100 Million Views.. Parade of records 161121 Celebrity Today - BTS 161121 Live broadcast Star News 161208 Artiste Today + Morning Wide BTS 170101The New Hallyu Report in Japan: K-pop makes a comeback - BTS Cut 170111 Yonhap News, Today's Entertainment Scene 170111 At the news of BTS' February comeback, "there are even artists who are trying to avoid that time period"...'isn't this overdoing it' 170128 Entertainment Weekly - Entertainment HOT click, BTS Heartwarming Donation 170202 KBS World e-Today "BTS Second Full Album WINGS on Billboard World Albums Chart Top 10 for 16 weeks" 170213 [Yonhap News - Today's Entertainment Scene] BTS 'Spring Day' Tops Charts...Crashed Digital Music Site 170221 SBS Morning Wide News - BTS 170304 [K-ISSUE] BTS / YTN (Yes! Top News) 170309 Yonhap News - BTS ‘WINGS’ Series Hits 1.49 Million in Sales 170314 [Yonhap News] "Boy In Luv" Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube 170410 BTS are nominated for the Billboard Music Awards 170412 KBS1 News Plaza - BTS, Nominated for Billboard Awards INTERNATIONAL CLIPS: Argentina Australia Canada Chile China Costa Rica Indonesia Japan Peru Spain Thailand United States
  16. JBTV is America's longest running Music TV show dedicated to new music & bands since 1984. ( The show is similar to Korean music show, except no awards. This is a good opportunity and good for promotion. "JBTV is a nationally broadcast, weekly 60-minute music television show featuring live in-studio performances, music videos, and music-related interviews from emerging and established musicians. Based in Chicago, Illinois, JBTV has over its 30-year history helped hundreds of regional artists reach a wider audience, as well as given exposure to more alternative national and international artists. It was created and hosted by Jerry Bryant in 1984, who today remains a vital aspect in the production and post-production of the show's recent reformatting. As of the show's 32nd Season, Jerry Bryant and Greg Corner are the show's main hosts. The show is broadcast nationally on Tuff TV channel M-F at 11p and also posts all of its aired content on its website, JBTV Music (as well as exclusive, live streams of in-studio performances and behind-the-scenes footage showcasing visiting bands and the show's production team)." (source + notable guest) edit:
  17. The boys were featured on the NY Times Daily 360° ^^ Bonus: The excitable Bang PD