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Found 53 results

  1. *Not sure if this has been shared around here so feel free to move it out if it did :") credit to SOOMPI --- "Too hot, success doublin’Too hot, somersaulting on the chartsToo high, we on trampolineToo high, someone stop us" - Not Today cr
  2. The 9th annual Shorty Awards will be held April 23, 2017 in NYC and streamed to the public. [ABOUT/NOMINEES] 9TH ANNUAL SHORTY AWARDS [ARTICLE] [170121] BTS IS THE ONLY ASIAN SINGER TO BE NOMINATED FOR "MUSIC" IN SHORTY AWARDS
  3. Check it out and follow his playlist on spotify! >> RAP MONSTER'S HEAVY ROTATION << TAHNK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS NAMJOON ILY ILY ILY
  4. I know there was a masterpost of this on OH before, but since that's dead we should try and recreate it! Please reply with any news clips I've missed~ (Once I figure out the coding on this forum I'll make it look a lot nicer lol) Unsubbed clips: OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER: January: SUBBED CLIPS: 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (MBC) 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (Yonhap News) 161019 SBS 8 o'clock News - BTS 161025 BTS ‘Dope’ MV Surpassed 100 Million Views.. Parade of records 161121 Celebrity Today - BTS 161121 Live broadcast Star News 161208 Artiste Today + Morning Wide BTS 170101The New Hallyu Report in Japan: K-pop makes a comeback - BTS Cut 170111 Yonhap News, Today's Entertainment Scene 170111 At the news of BTS' February comeback, "there are even artists who are trying to avoid that time period"...'isn't this overdoing it' 170128 Entertainment Weekly - Entertainment HOT click, BTS Heartwarming Donation INTERNATIONAL CLIPS: Costa Rica Australia Argentina Spain Thailand Canada Chile CNN Chile Peru
  5. To the A.R.M.Y.s who own a Twitter account, we are preparing a simple, but nice project for our Hobi's birthday! So please spare some time to read what this is all about and spread the word!! Fighting!!!!
  6. eng trans @ Allkpop Rapper Wale answers when he will be collaborating with BTS' Rap Monster! It looks like Rap Monster x Wale collab is really going to happen soon! Recently, American rapper Wale got ARMYs super excited as he expressed his wish to work with the BTS member. Fans are now dearly waiting for their epic collaboration and just wondering, 'When is this going to happen!?' One fan took the question to Wale himself on Twitter and asked, "I mean it's 2017. Where the collab g", and Wale actually responded to the tweet with, "'l'll be wit the bros in a few weeks on their side of the (globe emoticon)." This definitely sounds like a good news for the many waiting fans! Stay tuned for updates on Wale x Rap Monster! --- I so excited. It's gonna be lit.
  7. Original article : Alkpop Several very lucky fans will now be able to carry BTS in their pockets!'SK Telecom' is giving out BTS figurines for their special promotion event Korean wireless telecommunications operator, 'SK Telecom,' is holding a special promotion event featuring the idol group. For two days on February 18-19, those who visit 'T World' in Hongdae will be given the "key of luck" to unlock the cages with the limited edition BTS figurines. A total of 14 fans will also be chosen as winners from the list of people who retweet the event promotion on Twitter. Many fans are dying to win the adorable BTS figurines. If you're an ARMY, you better #RT and visit T World! original tweet by SK Telecom -- I want some mini bangtan too ;_;
  8. news

    After I posted this thread on OH,, BTS' underrated and neglected bop of 2016 has finally surpassed 1 million likes. It's BTS' 5th video. Kings of Youtube. Can't believe I snatched a perfect screenshot. While you're at it, go give Blood Sweat & Tears and Boy In Luv another view. They're both going to hit 100 million soon! Listen to BTS' newest track Spring Day too! Anticipate 2017's biggest banger, Not Today on February 20!
  9. news

    BIGHIT IN ACTION chop chop chop 'em! Original tweet by @BigHitEnt
  10. Video Thread Masterpost Below is a list of all the general Video category threads, grouped by prefix and sorted chronologically newest to oldest by upload/broadcast date. All threads include eng subs unless noted, you might have to scroll down the replies to find some. Which members are present are noted in the square brackets when relevant. If you find any broken links please tag or message me @monimoni and I'll look for replacements! ^^ ** If you are looking for Performance videos there is a separate masterpost HERE ** ** If you are looking for official BTS channel uploads, there is a separate BangtanTV masterpost HERE ** New to BTS and aren't sure where to start? Try @dorkprincess's awesome newbie guide HERE! BTS Variety Shows + Series [V-APP] BTS GAYO VARIETY SHOW [V-APP] RUN BTS! VARIETY SHOW [V-APP] BTS '복불복' (LUCK, NO LUCK) GAMES VARIETY SHOW Variety Show Appearances 170108 King of Mask Singer Ep 93 [Jimin as panelist] 170107 Baek Jong Won Top 3 Chef King [Jin & J-Hope] 161107 Star Show 360 [All Members] 2016 CELEBRITY BROMANCE [V + Jungkook (separate appearances)] Interviews 1701 Best of BTS Making Film [All Members] 161231 BTS interview MBC music festival 2016[ENG SUB]-BTS Couple moments [All except Suga] 161205 Entertainment Weekly Hwarang interview - [V] 161123 Hwarang Interview From LE TV [V] 161105 KBS Entertainment Weekly Interview [All Members] V-App 170207 BTS Celebrating 4 million followers ♨짬뽕 LIVE♨ [All Members] 170119 BTS V App Channel+ has just launched! 161224 MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH BTS - LIVE [All Members] Radio 161013 BTS Cultwoo show [All Members] General TV 161224 BTS REACTION TO THEIR OWN BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS PERFORMANCE @ MUSIC CORE XMAS SPECIAL! [All except Suga] 161216 HWARANG SPECIAL EPISODE [V] 161206 BTS @ MMA behind Teasers 161226 2016 KBS GAYO DAECHUKJAE TEASER [All except Suga] 161225 [PREVIEW] 2016 BTS LIVE '화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE' DVD News 170115 Blood, Sweat, and Tears hits 80mil views! 1701 BTS Mentioned on Various Chilean News Platforms 161230 POPS IN SEOUL _ 2016 K-POP TOP 10 ALBUMS (BTS ALBUM RANK AT NO 1 & 3) 161229 THE 2016 K-VILLE MUSIC AWARDS (BTS WON 6 AWARDS!) 161227 BTS ON MV BANK STARDUST 2 TOP 5 BOYGROUP MVS OF 2016 161210 [The Groovin] Male Idol Global Popularity Ranking, 3rd Jimin and 2nd Jungkook ** If you are looking for a specific video and there is not yet a thread on BBase, try the BTS Content Index for a comprehensive list of BTS video content! If you are still struggling, tag @BTSContentIndex ** Pretty graphics coming soon~~~~~~~
  11. news

    So, contrary to popular belief (a.k.a my own thoughts of getting a new full album or at least a mini), the album is a repackage and we've got 4 new songs(?) Or maybe there's just three of them and the last one is Namjoon narrating stuff. We shall see. Now, the question is which one are they going to promote with? 봄날? Also it seems like we are getting the full version of Wings-
  12. 'KCON Mexico 2017' reveals full lineup of attending artists! Cr : Allkpop 'KCON' will be visiting Mexico for the first time ever this March! A full lineup of attending artists for the 2-day event, taking place at the Mexico City arena from March 17-18, has been announced. On Day 1, fans will get to see EXID, BTS, Eric Nam, and NCT 127, while on Day 2, fans can have fun with INFINITE H, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, and ASTRO. Sounds like a blast! Will you be attending 'KCON Mexico 2017'?
  13. BTS, Black Pink, GOT7, NCT 127, and more confirmed to appear at 'Gaon Music Awards' It has been confirmed that BTS, Black Pink, GOT7, and more will be appearing at the 'Gaon Music Awards' A representative of Gaon stated on February 1, "On February 22 groups BTS, Black Pink, GOT7, NCT 127,and Urban Zakapa have been confirmed to be attending the 'Gaon Music Awards.'" An impressive list of artists as the first batch of artists were revealed to be SISTAR, EXO, MAMAMOO, G-Friend, TWICE, Han Dong Geun, Bolbbalgan4, DEAN, BewhY, and SHINee's Onew. The Gaon Music Awards will be held at Jamsil Arena on February 22. Cr : Allkpop --- wow it's only 4 days after their first WINGS tour concert. I have a guess they'll only perform their current song Hope they'll bring home some trophy(ies)!
  14. [news] (170125) Lunar New Year Special BTS' way of taking care of ARMY On Monday January 16th at the Ilsan Goyang Gymnasium, the recording of the <Lunar New Year Special Idol Athletics, Archery, Rhythm Gymnastics, Aerobic Championship Series> (hereinafter: ISAC) took place. Korean idols gathered to compete for the Lunar New Year <ISAC> special, with fans flocking in since the morning to support them.BTS' members expressed various types of fanservice towards their hard-working ARMY (the fanclub name for BTS). MBC Entertainment captured BTS who take care of sports but also of their fanclub. Let's now go behind these scenes filled with warmth.#1. Attention type"I did well, right?" Even in the middle of sports, a gaze focused towards the fanclub seating section♨ Warm eyes ♨ Lovely eyes... ♥ ✭ If Jimin is smiling then ARMYs are smiling too ✭ #2. Signs type "Aren't you cold?" Cute expression and finger heart ♥ A heart here, a heart there ♥ #3. Goods type Jin rich in ARMY bombs OH Great handfan presence OH #4. Greetings type "Attack for ARMY. Heartattack " "Thanks for coming~" <ISAC> will air on MBC on Monday January 30th at 5:15pm for the 1st part and 6:35pm for the 2nd part. Eng trans @PANNTAN
  15. BTS‘s Jungkook takes time from idol activities at this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships to help staff clean. The Idol Star Athletics Championships are set to air on the Lunar Year this year, and photos from fans attending the event have already demonstrated the idols at their best. Fans spotted Jungkook at his best as well, stopping to help crew members at the show pick up garbage left on the floor of the facility. Jungkook collected trash on the floor of the ISAC shooting location stadium. He helped staff by bringing water bottles and other garbage to trash bags they had on hand. His kindness did not go unnoticed, as a staff member later wrote on social media to thank Jungkook for his help and kindness. “I saw BTS Jungkook in a new light. Other idols would leave their trash after eating and drinking on the floor but Jungkook helped me out when I was going around with a trash bag picking up garbage. He’s got great personality.” Jungkook appears to be always considerate toward those around him. cr:koreaboo
  16. When my parents walk in my room, this is exactly what they'll find me doing. Bless Congrats on your ever growing recognition Bangtan. cr [jk it worked that time rip it wasn't copying correctly]
  17. Singer Brand Reputation Index (Jan 2017) cr. BTS is #1 overall, which means they're #1 for boy groups as well. And if i'm not mistaken, this is their 2nd time topping the overall list. I'M SHOOK.
  18. BTS has officially reached over 4 MILLION followers on VApp! I'm guessing they'll be celebrating this milestone and we'll be getting a new vlive soon ^^
  19. 161210 [The Groovin] 2016 Korean Male Idol Group Global Popularity Ranking I did'nt see this video posted, Bangtansubs just subbed this I think I should share this video here *Their description is so on point I come to drop this, I need to attend a meetup later. Bye~
  20. 1. 2. 3. 4. This one it's not korean but it's still a tv show but that's what it makes it an even more amazing thing. They're seriously so popular these days. They've been getting mentions left and right in so many tv shows, channels, news, etc. Global Sonyeondan indeed.
  21. cr. THE HYPE IT'S REAL
  22. I am a little worried about this tbh..They didn't want people to know but it got turned into an article that was seen by many people (first comment 13 k upvotes) and then broad casted for the whole country to see. Even in the article BH said the members wanted to keep it quite so wtf and this blacklisted thing is making me nervous They also mention Fire hitting 100M