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Found 97 results

  1. other

    with subtitles
  2. Hallo! I have no idea if this has already been done or discussed, I tried searching as best I could to make sure. However, feel free to discard if this has already been re-hashed to death. A favourite habit of mine is to find out as much as I can about the people around me; I feel like that's an important step in finding more about yourself. So naturally, I've always been interested in personality, temperament types and zodiac signs - the first two more so than the last. With that said, I wanted to do a little exercise to see if there are any correlations between the bias(es) we choose and our personality/temperament types, and zodiac signs (Eastern and Western). If you have more than one bias, list the first two or your ultimate bias. I'll start off; Bias(es): Yoongi MBTI: INFP-T Temperament: Melancholic Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Western), Pig (Eastern) If you don't know your personality type, you can take the test here: https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types To know your temperament type, you can take the test here: http://personality-testing.info/tests/O4TS/ Disclaimer: This is in no way an attempt to discredit/put down/belittle anyone's choice(s) in bias(es). This is just a fun little experiment I wanted to try.Please respect each other.
  3. other

    please vote for BTS! This is lifetime chance armyyss they could show their talent all over the world and infront of other artists❤ thank you! ARMY FIGHTING✊ HERE IS THE LINK http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/super-bowl/7865010/super-bowl-2018-halftime-performer-poll
  4. other

    Namjoons letter in fancafe Yesterday! Credits: To the rightful owner!
  5. An entire episode dedicated to BTS! Free promo and exposure~
  6. other

    JULY 7, 2013 Hello. I’m Bangtan’s eldest hyung, Jin. It’s already been a month since our debut. Time went by so fast, I don’t even know how we spent that one month. When I think of our debut, I think of our June 12th showcase. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the emotions I felt then… Preparing backstage and counting down until the lights turned on and listening to our ARMYs cheering… I was close to tears backstage after realizing that I finally reached the day when I could hear these cheers. I don’t think I can describe how the seven of us felt when we held hands backstage and listened to the cheers. And so, this is how we started our debut album promotions. There are few scenes I remember from our promotions. One day after coming off the stage, I looked at the members and thought “I’m so glad that I’m sharing these moments with these guys.” There were also days when the seven of us sat together and checked our fancafe and Twitter despite our lack of sleep, showing off to one another about messages we got. There were times when I also looked around the audience while on stage to memorize all our ARMYs’ faces. Haha. We had such a fan time with our album promotions but we finally reached our goodbye stage…the goodbye stages were sad but we’ll work hard to come back with a new and cooler image, so please wait. A while ago I wrote on the fancafe and said that the members always appear in my dreams, but now, ARMYs appear in my dreams. I believe that this is a sign that like the members, ARMYs are people we can’t be separated from, right? I hope that we can continue to have a loving relationship with us! Haha. I love you. It’s a phrase that you can see many times but still feel excited about when you read it. I love you all. Have a good day!
  7. other

    Here's the interview which was posted in May. ♣ cr ♣ they chose a really nice picture <3
  8. There are male idol group members who posses dreamy eyes that captivate and charm . 'Block B' Zico - Exo 'Baek Hyun - Bulletproof Boys' (BTS) Jimin - Ikon Bobby' are the main characters. They are shaking the world of fans with visuals that blow their minds. Let's take a look at them now . BTS Jimin. Jimin, who plays the role of lead vocalist and main dancer in BTS, is attracting attention with his unique dreamy expressions and intense performance on the stage. His dazzling eyes make him look more attractive. On the other hand, BTS's "Boy in love" music video break through YouTube's 100 million view.
  9. other

    well, I heard that there's haters said that namjoon is ugly. my opinion was ; if there's no namjoon in bts, bts wouldn't exist, right? some namjoon fans said, " he's so insanely hardworking and does much for us. something that certain people of this fandom don't even realize or care about. he chose bts over his solo debut without hestitationyet there's still some people who ask him to leave bts. whenever namjoon does a vlive he keeps switching between English and Korean so that everyone understands yet people ask him for other members. he leads, protects, encourages, adores, and takes care of six beautiful members of one of the most influential kpop group. namjoon himself said that he feels bad because he feels bad because he isn't as good on stage as the other members and constantly practices to improve. " the haters made hashtag on twitter and namjoon already know it. my followers on ig said, " we should like start a hashtag trend on twitter to send love to namjoon so that bts see it ". I 90% agree with her ( who commented on my fan acc ) and I deadass commented on my own post, " if you're an army you should love 7 of them no matter what " , " of course you have the ultimate one but an you just LOVE 7 OF THEM even they're NOT HOT HANDSOME or something like that " , " stop being IMMATURE " , " i'm an army and 7 OF THEM are my ultimate biases. " well, I express my anger on ig and on this website. tell me your opinion^^
  10. other

    I haven't seen this posted, but I'm not sure the best place to post it, and someone may have posted in a different spot already...but if not! Taehyung is so into it!
  11. checking out the girl's ass? i meant no disrespect just that my baby is growing up... he used to complain about his hyungs betraying a bro over hoes now i think he understands it...
  12. other

    1) Listen to each album at least once. -You may fall in love with them from a certain song, but you should definitely check out their older albums to see how they got where they are. 2) Watch colour coded lyric videos. -These not only give you the lyrics in korean, english, and the romanization, they will also help you learn the member's names, voices, and looks. 3) Read any fan theories you come across. -These are always entertaining, and often very well thought out. Often they will showcase a bit of deeper thought put in by the band, producers, and fandom. 4) Watch interveiws, liveshows, variety shows, and BangtanBombs. -These will help you get to know the band as a whole better, as well as get to know their dynamic. 5) Search for fandom specific memes and inside jokes. -No matter how old the joke is, you're likely to see it referenced somewhere. 6) Don't be afraid to ask questions. -This is such a large fandom, you're almost guaranteed to find someone with an answer. 7) Learn each member's stages names, legal names, and their roles in the group. -This might take a while,but it's worth it, I promise. 8) Listen to each member's solo works. -All of the members have put out some of thier own stuff outside of Bangtan, whether it's covers songs, mixtapes, or OSTs.
  13. There is an account that frequently updates votes. If you wanted to keep watch. Also army broke BBMA website servers lmao
  14. BTS X AGATHA backpack comes in 4 Colors: Black, Khaki, Orange and Jean. Release date: Mar 28th PRICE: 135,000won 2 sizes, Small and Medium Additional 20k won for Medium. This will be the second product of this collaboration line released. It will be released in the colors: black, khaki, orange and jean. There will also be a two size option for each color. Each bag will come with 10 patches(various BTS member names, the Agatha logo, etc.) to design your bag. Source [1] [2] [3] More details about the backpack Here
  15. Our deputy editor Kat introduced Welsh singer Aled Jones to kpop group BTS while he was in Sydney, and even got him to have a little sing-a-long with one of Jungkook's english covers! Aled expressed how much he liked Jungkook's voice and that it even reminded him of his own voice when he was younger. Aled also confirmed that he's now a fan of BTS!
  16. other

    (not sure where to post this so feel free to move it, mods~)
  17. The 4th term registration will be made through Interpark website on the 8th of May till 25th May and the price is 25,000 KRW + shipping fees.. shipping gonna be crazy... T.T The info are in the pictures i posted or you can read here : http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaj/374
  18. other

    When I first joined BTS, the main songs I listened to were from the "Dark & Wild" album (i still have it bookmarked and Danger constantly replays) I had a huge soft spot for Danger, and because i loved Danger the most, I ended up watching the MV pretty often, and a lot of the time, Jimin caught my attention. When i got further into the band, I was pretty weak for Jiminie, and im not sure what sold me on him, but he was my UB for months Now im completely taken with Yoongi (i could rant for days about this man honestly) I was wondering who everyone's very first bias was, and how they got so into them!
  19. source “Thank you for this opportunity to let my voice be known to the general public.” This is what R&B vocalist Suran had to say about her recently released single “Wine.” The track topped various music charts, such as Bugs, Genie, and Olleh Music. Considering the fact that IU’s new album has been on top for the past couple of weeks, this is quite an impressive feat for a rookie singer. “Wine” is a trendy hip-hop, R&B track infused with electro pop and a futuristic base. The lyrics reflect a person seeing the memories of their past relationship in a glass of wine. The groovy rhythm and emotional melody work well together, and the song was quite anticipated as it was reported that the song would be produced by BTS’s Suga and would feature rapper Changmo. On topping the charts for the first time, Suran said, “This is my first chart-topper since my debut. I couldn’t have done this alone, and I’m grateful to BTS’s Suga, Slow Rabbit, June, and Changmo for their help.” She added, “The song is so meaningful because everyone came together to create the track, and I am truly grateful. I’m so happy that I had this opportunity to let my voice and music be known to the public. I hope people will continue to be interested in my upcoming mini-album and music.” She especially thanked BTS’s Suga and Changmo for their participation. Suran stated, “When I was working on some music by myself last year, I was having a hard time and I was feeling depressed. It was at that time that I started talking with Suga about music, and we ended up working together and that’s how ‘Wine’ was created. I’m grateful to him because I received a lot of strength and energy from working with him, and the song came out so well. And I’ve always been a fan of Changmo, so I was very happy when he agreed to feature on my track after listening to the song. I’m grateful to him for elevating the track to another level with his rapping.” Congratulations to Suran on her achievement!
  20. Let's appriciate Jimin rn
  21. Since yesterday, my friends were talking about how some fan videos (including but not limited to : reaction videos, dance cover videos, fan lyrics videos etc) of BTS' Blood Sweat & Tears on Youtube are taken down by Universal Music Group (UMG)... some are still there, but quite a few have been taken down by Youtube.. what i am confused is, does the japanese label have the rights also on the korean version of BST? how does this work, actually? since i'm not a law student or anything, this really is beyond my understanding... because from what i can understand, UMG is in charge of the Japanese side of BTS promotions and stuff, right? they have nothing to do with the korean promotion and stuff, right? this really confuses me and worry me.. because if they do have a right to control the korean release and stuff, this will end BTS in a way... tbh, the reason why me and a lot of my friends ditch japanese music is because of the crazy blocking on youtube.. you can't even get a live performance of your fave on youtube.. let alone any talk show (not the english subbed ones) or funny cuts which is what keep the fans' interest... in a way, this will work against BTS because whether we like it or not, it can't be denied that the reason BTS got this far is from the help of SNS especially Youtube.. we may hate or love the reactors, but they helped promote BTS in a way and reaches a wider audience.. if it's being taken away, well, let's just say that's why jpop never quite reached the level of kpop's popularity... p/s : I hope i posted in the right section...
  22. So this is a video in which two Korean entertainment reporters Jung Hyung and Kim Hyung discuss their experience interacting with BTS and some of the things that stand out to them about Bangtan as a group from the perspective of industry journalists. While there are english subtitles on the video, they are not totally complete or entirely accurate. Tumblr user ktaebwi will be adding a new version of the eng subs later, but for now they have have transcribed some of the reporter's key comments. 1. Jung Hyung: “I interviewed BTS before and also after they became this popular, and recently I came to their concert too. At the press conference, Rap Monster said that they want to go on an US stadium tour next time, and they want to invite the reporters who have been watching their growth to the stadium.” 2. Jung Hyung: “I talked about this on our channel once before. There’s a really cute story which is, BTS couldn’t get first place on music shows for a while. So before they release ‘I Need You’ and ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’, they said it’s their wish to win first place on a music show. I asked them “If you win first place, is there anything you want from your agency?” and they answered that they want to have a foot bath massager. They said if they win first place this time, the company must buy them a foot bath massager. And after that BTS really won first place with the album.” Donggun: “Did they get it?” Jung Hyung: “They didn’t. But I guess they can buy one with their own money now.” 3. Jung Hyung: “BTS is one of the groups that make us happy as we interview them. Especially Rap Monster and Suga, these two talk about music a lot. It’s not easy to keep on talking about music when interviewing idol groups. Because idols overall are like works, their visuals, from top to toe. Normally there’s quite a lot of things to talk about besides music, so we don’t really talk about music much. But since BTS produce their own album and write their own songs, they really love talking about music.” 4. Jung Hyung: “There’s a thing that made me impressed. The recent press conference took place when BTS was caught in many issues, like the ‘Not Today’ lyrics controversy. They must have predicted that there would be questions for them, so they prepared this much A4-paper document. (3:09).” Donggun: “Who? Which member?” Jung Hyung: “Rap Monster.” 5. Kim Hyung: “Surprisingly, entertaiment reporters get boycott a lot too. Like we are asked not to ask this and that kind of questions even at press conferences. Or if they feel like a question will be asked, they avoid it and act according to the script. The MC would pass that question and the celebrity would use a prepared speech. Or they tell the reporters before the press conference. Even though BTS became world stars, they prepare so eagerly for questions that bring them disadvantages. It’s hard to see such case.” 6. Jung Hyung: “One of the reasons that BTS win favor from people in the industry and reporters is that they understand the relationship between celebrities and reporters are like partners. Some people think reporters attack them, but BTS understand and think of reporters as the ones who help them. With that kind of partnership, as they grow bigger and bigger, us reporters are proud too.” 7. Donggun: “Is there any group that can receive high praise for their personalities like BTS?” Kim Hyung: “I don’t think there’s anyone like BTS. I mainly work with the movie field, so when I heard today’s topic is about BTS, I asked the music field reporters, BTS fans and my friends ‘Why do you like BTS?’. The first thing they replied was because BTS are kind. You know they are a group known for their performances, but the first thing people answered was that they’re kind and have good personalities. They said BTS are so pure that they can’t be called top stars, and that it’s their charming point.” [credit]
  23. didn't saw them posted anywhere and I thought this was very relevant to not have in in a thread or something so yeah; and sorry @ mods if this should've been posted in the videos section ~ Anyways. Kings did that with a irrelevant nomination for a meaningless award from a unknow music awards show.