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Found 42 results

  1. I have rewatched all the mvs, lyrics, short movies, concept photos, researched the two books and the movie - and I have a theory that fits. Perfectly. The new concept relates to it too. My friend and I literally cried three times when we realized all this. I will post the whole thing later on but the main thing is: there's two worlds. The Dream - created by Jin, and Reality - in which Tae is the whole time. The boys live an idylic life in the Dream, following the bird and suffer every time they get to reality. They're not aware of the two worlds until Wings, when they get older. They transition alone, because of Tae. Tae is heartbroken because of it but can't let them live in the Dream, no matter how fragile they are. Jin is aware of the both worlds, but wants him and the boys to live in the Dream. They get addicted to it. Jin decides it's too dangerous now (he thinks about leaving every time he looks straight into the camera) and leaves all the memories and wakes up from the Dream. He struggles in the #7 short video but finally is Awake. He realizes he has to stop playing God, has the Last Supper and says goodbye to the Dream world. His character in the Dream cracks and the world disappeares (end of BST). Jungkook first gets aware of the both worlds (dips his fingers in the transition black void, swings on the swing inbetween the two worlds) and gets his friends out to the Reality (by sending RapMon letters). They are all now aware of the two worlds but want to get back. They know it's a curse, but it's too sweet. Tae brings them to the museum, watches their reactions, offers them art as a replacement for the fantasy. First they helped eachother to get to the Reality, but now they help eachother to Dream. They're really addicted to it (ref to the movie in which the suga x jimin room was a conffession room for addicts). Suga blindfolds Jimin to help him dream. Tae sacrifices his wings to put it on the statue, Art. Now Jin thinks it's the bird he followed in the Dream. It's a good replacement, he accepts it with a kiss. He is now following Art and can live in it as if it was a dream. Tae's wings are gone, but he smiles. Now they're all together again. Tae could've chosen to fly and get higher without them, but decided to make the sacrifice. Now they will never walk alone. They live in the Reality and try to relive what they had in the Dream, The Youth. They have fun, lick lolipops, will probably take a dip in the ocean (where this journey/the bus took them). The Reality is colorfull and vibrant after all (Demian reference). I have evidence and lines for every bit of this, so just ask if you're interested. This is just a rough sketch of the story though.
  2. Anneonghaseyo...~ Its too long I don't make a topic. Now I bring it to you~ I love to make and use the gif~ So, I think I should make a profile gif one... If I have duplicate topic.. Please tell me and I'm sorry if I make a mistakes while doing the topic.. enjoy~
  3. I just made a sand paiting picture about V - Kim Taehyung Hope you enjoy it. I will make other members soon
  4. *1:40 mark Watch Mina, Nayoung, Hyeyeon, Sally, and my queen Hana end BTS (lol)
  5. Kon'nichiwa and Annyeonghaseyo, guys! This is my first post here, and my name is Blue, an aspiring author, artist and graphics designer! And for my first post, I dedicate it to our dearest love, world wide handsome, Visual and Vocal King, Kim Seokjin! It would really lovely to see our dearest to get more screentime and lines this comeback, for he did such good job with the narration and acting in BTS LOVE YOURSELF: Highlight Reel! Find me at blue-midnight-moon on tumblr, bluemnightmoon on twitter and blue-dawn on pinterest, blue-midnight-moon on Archive Of Our Own {AO3} and Blue-Midnight-Moon on Canva. Have a lovely day/night and may nothing stop you all from being happy!
  6. #Draw_BT21 Twitter Event Draw BT21 with your own style and tweet the picture or drawing video with hashtag #Draw_BT21! BT21 friends will select 21 winners and present 42cm BT21 face cushion as the prize! <How to participate> step1. Take a picture or a video of drawing BT21 in your own style. step2. Please write your own Twitter account name manually in the completed picture. step3. Please upload with the hashtag #Draw_BT21 on your own Twitter account. <Winning Standard & Prize> - A total of 21 winners will be selected based on a comprehensive consideration of creativity and popularity of the content. - Prize : One BT21 42cm face cushion (characters will be randomly selected) - Announcement: Wednesday, March 14 - Winners will be individually informed by DM. <Things to note before joining the event> - Your Twitter account must be an open-account which can receive individual DMs. - If the selected winner cannot submit his/her information within the period according to the format guided by DM, the winner will be disqualified. - If you apply for other person's drawing or by improper methods, your participation will be automatically canceled without any notice. Source: BT21 official website I wanna participate but I'm not even done with my Yoongi project entry yet
  7. well, I heard that there's haters said that namjoon is ugly. my opinion was ; if there's no namjoon in bts, bts wouldn't exist, right? some namjoon fans said, " he's so insanely hardworking and does much for us. something that certain people of this fandom don't even realize or care about. he chose bts over his solo debut without hestitationyet there's still some people who ask him to leave bts. whenever namjoon does a vlive he keeps switching between English and Korean so that everyone understands yet people ask him for other members. he leads, protects, encourages, adores, and takes care of six beautiful members of one of the most influential kpop group. namjoon himself said that he feels bad because he feels bad because he isn't as good on stage as the other members and constantly practices to improve. " the haters made hashtag on twitter and namjoon already know it. my followers on ig said, " we should like start a hashtag trend on twitter to send love to namjoon so that bts see it ". I 90% agree with her ( who commented on my fan acc ) and I deadass commented on my own post, " if you're an army you should love 7 of them no matter what " , " of course you have the ultimate one but an you just LOVE 7 OF THEM even they're NOT HOT HANDSOME or something like that " , " stop being IMMATURE " , " i'm an army and 7 OF THEM are my ultimate biases. " well, I express my anger on ig and on this website. tell me your opinion^^
  8. New website for BT21! (www.bt21.com) Additional character descriptions and details. Thank you @DOOLY for resizing!
  9. bts instagram edit: (bighit) Official Fancafe update: BTS 4th MUSTER Happy Ever After will be held on January 13th and 14th at Gocheok Skydom!
  10. I wasn't sure where to put this in the Videos section so as it's Jungkook focus I'm throwing it here lol . sry mods pls move it if there's a better place i love cute bunnies eating
  11. checking out the girl's ass? i meant no disrespect just that my baby is growing up... he used to complain about his hyungs betraying a bro over hoes now i think he understands it...
  12. Let's appriciate Jimin rn
  13. There are male idol group members who posses dreamy eyes that captivate and charm . 'Block B' Zico - Exo 'Baek Hyun - Bulletproof Boys' (BTS) Jimin - Ikon Bobby' are the main characters. They are shaking the world of fans with visuals that blow their minds. Let's take a look at them now . BTS Jimin. Jimin, who plays the role of lead vocalist and main dancer in BTS, is attracting attention with his unique dreamy expressions and intense performance on the stage. His dazzling eyes make him look more attractive. On the other hand, BTS's "Boy in love" music video break through YouTube's 100 million view.
  14. Hi!! Im really happy that I can post something!! this time it will be a drawing too! it will be JHope!! because today is his Birthday!1 He is just adorable!! Right?! He is soo cute and thats why I wanted to draw him!! And in the end!! Can someone please tell me why he is soo cute!! I drawed him for the first time in my life and i hope its not the last! i fallen in love with him while drawing him!! i wish him the best!! I hope he will make many happy moments in his Birthday! and i hope they will go well too today! I wish I could go to that concert but I live soo far away from Korea (crying) but I still love them and support them!!
  15. Today is 9.March and that means its Sugas Birthday!! Happy birthday Suga!!! I wish all the best for Suga in his 24. Birthday! (I hope that i remember correctly) But i draw something for his Birthday!! Im not sure way but I really needed to draw this photo! i just love it!! I really like how it looks in the end just love it! but im kind of sad that i forgot to take picture of proces how i colored him! but im still happy what i got in the end!!! I really hope that this year will be successful for him and BTS!! i just love them all soo much!! Wish all the best!! Happy Birthday Suga!!
  16. Have some Suga Baepsae Gifs/emojis!! We'll start out with ARMY-tit celebrating her favorite rapper from Daegu Town Then we have an iconic Suga Shrug to suit your "genius" and "swag" needs ( in the new color chosen by you) And finally as voted by the ARMY The iconic Suga Baepsae move (in two versions, please vote for your fave, or use both) A-Happy Jjang!! B-Pouty Jjang!! Let's celebrate our Jjang Jjang Man in style everybody, and suggest to me what should be the next iconic Suga move I should animate.
  17. i'm dying the blue is such a cop out and nobody can do anything about it i'm TIRED happy yoongi day also lolol
  18. source “Thank you for this opportunity to let my voice be known to the general public.” This is what R&B vocalist Suran had to say about her recently released single “Wine.” The track topped various music charts, such as Bugs, Genie, and Olleh Music. Considering the fact that IU’s new album has been on top for the past couple of weeks, this is quite an impressive feat for a rookie singer. “Wine” is a trendy hip-hop, R&B track infused with electro pop and a futuristic base. The lyrics reflect a person seeing the memories of their past relationship in a glass of wine. The groovy rhythm and emotional melody work well together, and the song was quite anticipated as it was reported that the song would be produced by BTS’s Suga and would feature rapper Changmo. On topping the charts for the first time, Suran said, “This is my first chart-topper since my debut. I couldn’t have done this alone, and I’m grateful to BTS’s Suga, Slow Rabbit, June, and Changmo for their help.” She added, “The song is so meaningful because everyone came together to create the track, and I am truly grateful. I’m so happy that I had this opportunity to let my voice and music be known to the public. I hope people will continue to be interested in my upcoming mini-album and music.” She especially thanked BTS’s Suga and Changmo for their participation. Suran stated, “When I was working on some music by myself last year, I was having a hard time and I was feeling depressed. It was at that time that I started talking with Suga about music, and we ended up working together and that’s how ‘Wine’ was created. I’m grateful to him because I received a lot of strength and energy from working with him, and the song came out so well. And I’ve always been a fan of Changmo, so I was very happy when he agreed to feature on my track after listening to the song. I’m grateful to him for elevating the track to another level with his rapping.” Congratulations to Suran on her achievement!
  19. Sorry if this has already been shared, but I just love Nu'est and when I saw this I got so excited! I'm also happy that one of RapMon's favorite songs is also one of my favorite songs!!!
  20. Here's the interview which was posted in May. ♣ cr ♣ they chose a really nice picture <3
  21. There's too many sides to our Namjoonie, I'm sure there's way more than what I mentioned but it's just what I could come up with. I personally love all of them equally! (Maybe sexy a small bit more ) It's hard to find one of his sides superior but let's see everyone's opinions. I'm not AT ALL saying that he should be/show one of his sides more or that he should change at all I LOVE ALL OF OUR KIM NAMJOON