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Found 43 results

  1. new to here so im not used to the guidelines of posting this is ok or not pls tell me if i cant also pls comment me about what i should do on next video
  2. I hope this is the right place to post this... I found it interesting so I thought I'd share
  3. Not sure if this should go here but just found this on twitte: BTS Spain‏ @BTS_Spain 5h5 hours ago Al parecer BTS han sufrido un pequeño accidente de tráfico de camino al hotel en Taiwán tras su último concierto. Ha sido un leve choque y, según ha informado Live Nation a ETtoday, ellos ya están en el hotel, sanos y salvos, y no ha revestido mayor gravedad. © magicshop1111 BTS had a car accident going back to their hotel after the gig. It has been a small car crash and they are back safe in the hotel. (ot sure if this info should go here)
  4. The news was first posted during his alleged drunk posts on fan cafe a while ago, but looks like he did it for a real?? This Twitter account is translating screenshots of JK's chats in fancafe. The best message? /excuse me while I go cry in my room
  5. Hello! Sorry for a late post but I need a wish for Jin birthday. Because I think I want to make a video for his birthday. And give me your fav photo or video of him! Okay?? But if no one reply this thread, I'll will make without wish. Thanks!!
  6. I have rewatched all the mvs, lyrics, short movies, concept photos, researched the two books and the movie - and I have a theory that fits. Perfectly. The new concept relates to it too. My friend and I literally cried three times when we realized all this. I will post the whole thing later on but the main thing is: there's two worlds. The Dream - created by Jin, and Reality - in which Tae is the whole time. The boys live an idylic life in the Dream, following the bird and suffer every time they get to reality. They're not aware of the two worlds until Wings, when they get older. They transition alone, because of Tae. Tae is heartbroken because of it but can't let them live in the Dream, no matter how fragile they are. Jin is aware of the both worlds, but wants him and the boys to live in the Dream. They get addicted to it. Jin decides it's too dangerous now (he thinks about leaving every time he looks straight into the camera) and leaves all the memories and wakes up from the Dream. He struggles in the #7 short video but finally is Awake. He realizes he has to stop playing God, has the Last Supper and says goodbye to the Dream world. His character in the Dream cracks and the world disappeares (end of BST). Jungkook first gets aware of the both worlds (dips his fingers in the transition black void, swings on the swing inbetween the two worlds) and gets his friends out to the Reality (by sending RapMon letters). They are all now aware of the two worlds but want to get back. They know it's a curse, but it's too sweet. Tae brings them to the museum, watches their reactions, offers them art as a replacement for the fantasy. First they helped eachother to get to the Reality, but now they help eachother to Dream. They're really addicted to it (ref to the movie in which the suga x jimin room was a conffession room for addicts). Suga blindfolds Jimin to help him dream. Tae sacrifices his wings to put it on the statue, Art. Now Jin thinks it's the bird he followed in the Dream. It's a good replacement, he accepts it with a kiss. He is now following Art and can live in it as if it was a dream. Tae's wings are gone, but he smiles. Now they're all together again. Tae could've chosen to fly and get higher without them, but decided to make the sacrifice. Now they will never walk alone. They live in the Reality and try to relive what they had in the Dream, The Youth. They have fun, lick lolipops, will probably take a dip in the ocean (where this journey/the bus took them). The Reality is colorfull and vibrant after all (Demian reference). I have evidence and lines for every bit of this, so just ask if you're interested. This is just a rough sketch of the story though.
  7. x Track List Translation: 04. bad bye (with eAeon) 05. out of place 06. pass by (with NELL) Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans OCTOBER 23 OMG IT'S HAPPENING SO SOOOOON!!!!!
  8. You have to be really big Jungkook fan to have noticed him twerking in their song 'Idol'
  9. Anneonghaseyo...~ Its too long I don't make a topic. Now I bring it to you~ I love to make and use the gif~ So, I think I should make a profile gif one... If I have duplicate topic.. Please tell me and I'm sorry if I make a mistakes while doing the topic.. enjoy~ Update! //28.11.2018//
  10. Handpicked BTS stories Must have app for ARMY https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appFactory.grobalbts
  11. BTS "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" The Story of 6 Years (ENG FULL) / SBS / VOICE V
  12. Cr: @nvrwlkln LOVE YOURSELF TOUR SETLIST [OPENING VCR] 1. IDOL [OPENING MENT] 2. SAVE ME 3. I'M FINE [MENT] 4. MAGIC SHOP [VCR] 5. TRIVIA: JUST DANCE 6. EUPHORIA 7. I NEED U 8. RUN [VCR] 9. SERENDIPITY 10. TRIVIA: LOVE 11. DNA [MENT] MEDLEY: 12. 21st CENTURY GIRL 13. GOGO 14. BS&T 15. BOY IN LUV 16. DANGER END MEDLEY 17. AIRPLANE PT.2 [TAE VCR] 18. SINGULARITY 19. FAKE LOVE [YOON + JIN VCR] 20. TRIVIA: SEESAW 21. EPIPHANY 22. TRUTH UNTOLD 23. OUTRO TEAR 24. MIC DROP ENCORE [VCR] 25. SO WHAT 26. ANPANMAN [ENDING MENT] 27. ANSWER: LOVE MYSELF edit: The throwback medley was changed for the second day of the Seoul concerts so I'm not sure how it will be for the rest of the tour, I guess everyone is in for a surprise! Alternate medley: 12. BOYZ WITH FUN 13. ATTACK ON BANGTAN 14. FIRE 15. SILVER SPOON/BAEPSAE 16. DOPE wow they really are treating us well
  13. Completely new songs: Bold Changed/previously unreleased songs: Italics A side 1 Euphoria (Not noted as intro) 2 Trivia 起: Just Dance NEW 3 Serendipity (Full Length Edition) 4 DNA 5 보조게 (Dimple) 6 Trivia 承: Love NEW 7 Her (Not noted as outro) 8 Singularity (Not noted as intro) 9 Fake Love 10 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) (feat. Steve Aoki) 11 Trivia 轉: Seesaw NEW 12 Tear (Not noted as outro) 13 Epiphany NEW (Not noted as intro) 14 I'm Fine NEW 15 IDOL NEW 16 Answer: Love Myself NEW (Rapline?) B side 1 Magic Shop 2 Best of Me 3 Airplane pt. 2 4 고민보다 Go (Go Go) 5 Anpanman 6 MIC Drop 7 DNA (Pedal 2 LA Mix) 8 FAKE LOVE (Rocking Vibe Mix) 9 MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) (Full Length Edition) (Dance breaks ver?) cr
  14. I just made a sand paiting picture about V - Kim Taehyung Hope you enjoy it. I will make other members soon
  15. well, I heard that there's haters said that namjoon is ugly. my opinion was ; if there's no namjoon in bts, bts wouldn't exist, right? some namjoon fans said, " he's so insanely hardworking and does much for us. something that certain people of this fandom don't even realize or care about. he chose bts over his solo debut without hestitationyet there's still some people who ask him to leave bts. whenever namjoon does a vlive he keeps switching between English and Korean so that everyone understands yet people ask him for other members. he leads, protects, encourages, adores, and takes care of six beautiful members of one of the most influential kpop group. namjoon himself said that he feels bad because he feels bad because he isn't as good on stage as the other members and constantly practices to improve. " the haters made hashtag on twitter and namjoon already know it. my followers on ig said, " we should like start a hashtag trend on twitter to send love to namjoon so that bts see it ". I 90% agree with her ( who commented on my fan acc ) and I deadass commented on my own post, " if you're an army you should love 7 of them no matter what " , " of course you have the ultimate one but an you just LOVE 7 OF THEM even they're NOT HOT HANDSOME or something like that " , " stop being IMMATURE " , " i'm an army and 7 OF THEM are my ultimate biases. " well, I express my anger on ig and on this website. tell me your opinion^^
  16. I recently came across a video on YouTube in which the creator overlaid the comedic parody song "Pop Song" on top of the Fake Love official MV. "Pop Song" is a joke song talking about the manipulation of young girls using attractive male performers in pop music that is so common in western pop music. The YouTuber who made the video is associating this sort of behavior with BTS and is using the MV footage without permission. The video can be found here: How Every Trending Pop Song Sounds Like To Me On Youtube
  17. *1:40 mark Watch Mina, Nayoung, Hyeyeon, Sally, and my queen Hana end BTS (lol)