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Found 82 results

  1. Yeah... i'm missing Jin's pink hair and someone made a thread on jimin's hair so I was like, how come there hasn't been a thread on jin's hair colors yet. Let's share! (Also, i'm kinda new here so I don't know all of them yet :O) PInk I'm feeling so attacked right now Blonde Black Purple-ish (What happened to this color? Was it only in the Danger MV?) Many shades of brown Green i personally am not fond of this lol Am I missing any?
  2. So while I'm still gathering up poor Jhope (and godhelpme)RM, here's Jungkook... the easiest member to compile. Black Red Purple Highlights 50 shades of brown And the only time he ever did something truly special... Share your own galleries and if we ever wake up to something surprising!
  3. Collage from X. Because I'm on a roll and might as well frickin' make hair color threads for everyone else. Once again... way too many colors to categorize so I'll be going by year >< 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018+ Once again, 90% pulled from their official Facebook page lol, so it's not everything and feel free to share your favorites! Suga was difficult for sure. I thought Jimin was hard, I'm taking that back so fast. I'm saving RM for last because dear god it'll take forever to compile him (and J-hope? Rap line, why you do this to me). Jungkook will be easiest lol. Should I go back and update Jin & Suga's threads at this point?
  4. (From x) So much like Suga's thread, he's had way toooo many hair colors for me to categorize... so once again, I will put a tiny amount per year (Watch me decide to make a thread for Namjoon & regret it cause he literally has not had black hair since 2015. WTF) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 To be continued... please share your collections! (I'm sorry I'm lazy... I did not include everything because I literally pulled all of these from their official facebook page >__> )
  5. And the members are complete I don't think I have ever looked at this many pics of RM before i have now... Poor baby hasn't had his natural hair since 2015. It must be more damaged than Suga's... ( From X ) Part 1 in tackling RM's gazillion colors through the years lol: 2013 Year of sunglasses and sad hair. I felt so sad looking at him lol. I struggled so hard to find normal pics of him. 90% of the time i was like, poor bb, what happened to you? 2016 < skipping to 2016 cause this is "shorter" > The other years will be in subsequent comments. Otherwise this would be one LOOOOONG post. (I also have this constant nagging feeling that I missed several of the colors... so if anyone happens to find them, please add on!)
  6. Download lockscreen for your phone and desktop. Any other use/printing/selling and re-uploading is forbidden. Download Here ♥
  7. BTS Festa 2018 Graphic 3 Different Colors Wallpaper ( Desktop & Phone & Twitter Cover ) Download lockscreen for your phone and desktop. Any other use/printing/selling and re-uploading is forbidden. Download here
  8. Jin SUGA J-HOPE RM JIMIN V JUNGKOOK ----- cr:Naver
  9. Have everybody original of this? I need higher quality. Thanks!
  10. Preview: @btschplus Behind the scene: Watch it on V Live tonight at 9PM KST!
  11. Preview: Behind the scene: Watch the replay on V Live! (I completely forgot today's Run ep whoops sorry)
  12. So there's a thread about Suga's hair, but I thought it might be cool to have a thread sharing photos of all the crazy colors he's pulled off (^From X ) For now I'm gonna start with pics based on years in spoilers CAUSE HE HAS SO MANY I DON'T THINK I CAN IDENTIFY THEM ALL. Please add more if you can TTuTT 2013 2014 2015 2016 borrowed from this thread 2017 2018 - to be continued Please share, esp if you have better collections than these? :3
  13. Preview: Why don't my local bakers look like this Behind the scene: @bangtanchannel (These three fooled me aaaa) Watch the replay on V Live!
  14. Preview: Behind the scene: @btschplus Watch it on V Live tonight at 9PM KST!
  15. Look at Kim Seokjin being a whole daddy Preview: Behind the scene: @btschplus Watch it on V Live tonight at 9PM KST!
  16. I know that there are so many threads out there about BTS's fashion, airport fashion, fashion breakdowns, etc, etc. But, I wanted to make one specifically about Jimin's casual/airport fashion. I feel like me and Jimin are so similar when it comes to dressing, not in the way that I'm fashionable like him, (cuz I'm really not lol) but in the way that I think we both try so many different styles within the umbrella of modern fashion but don't necessarily conform to one. that was probably totally inaccurate so don't kill me Based on what I've seen, I think the main staples of Jimin's wardrobe are chunky black sunglasses, a baseball cap or beanie, dark shoes like sneakers, boots, or dress shoes, striped shirts, interesting jackets, (oooh) a choker or simple necklace, and of course a mask or two. I've also noticed that his pants are typically either simple black dressy styles or light/medium wash skinny jeans. Here are some of my favorite styles from him- feel free to add your own discuss your favorites! Love, Emma
  17. Alright... finally tackling J-hope! Rap line... why you gotta have so many hair colors lol. Here's a general thread of all the colors he's had that I could find. Though if you want a lovely thread of just forehead black haired Hobi, go visit KookieMochi's thread 8D [link] (^From x) Let's a go! 2013 2014 2015 2016 - Once again, thank you to blueyart's thread. 2017 2018 To be continued~ Do you know how many times I had to stop and sob at how aesthetic he was. I was blinded by sunshine FML Namjoon is next/final one... he hasn't had black hair since 2015... wish me luck...
  18. RM lasted a good two days as Dispatch's bias, but their bias hunt is definitely not over as they jump onto the Jimin bandwagon: I bet you all expected nothing less. Look at the Jimin goodies Dispatch dropped below! Update: More content~ (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6) Sources: dispatch news, @Dicon_korea @koreadispatch (1) (2) (3)
  19. Min Yoongi looks adorable with things balanced on his head. Drop your photos of Suga wearing hats, headbands, flower crowns or blancing toys on his head! Beware the image dump in the spoiler.... CVsqzeIUsAAy6vE.jpg-large