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Found 29 results

  1. photos

    @ Music Choice in New York (170322) Source T/N: Getty images is a stock photo site for news and media!!!
  2. photos

    March 22, 2017 in New York
  3. I found this on tumblr a while ago, and thought it looked really pretty! I honestly love the detail that went into the tail and scales Figured i'd share this with everyone credits to whoever drew this because wowow
  4. Part 2 Part 3
  5. © Released: January 31, 2017
  6. photos

    Hello again~ Not sure if I'm allowed to share these, but - like I said before - these are way WAY too amazing to pass up. Bless the scanner and her kindness for sharing these with us. And again, if the staffs don't think these should be shared - feel free to remove it (: CHAPTER 01 - PROFILE The scanner hasn't scanned Chapter 2 (not sure whats in them or if they ever plan on scanning it). CHAPTER 03 - PERSONAL STAGE CHAPTER 04 - THE WINGS CHAPTER 05 - INTERVIEW The scanner is the hero we all need.
  7. Part 2 Part 3
  8. Individual photos (1)(2) Extras
  9. photos

    let's share and talk about our favorite photos, fancams, and post it notes!! bangtan are all cute and fluffy this era cr: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
  10. photos

  11. First of all, I'm sorry i couldn't post all the photos, and for all the members, my computer was lagging too much even after closing other tabs. and my com is lousy af. so tada! and commentary is in it! Jimin Jin Jungkook J-Hope Rap Monster
  12. I wasn't sure if I could share these - but they're way too amazing to pass up! Click on the link provided in the tweet for more! (If they're not allowed - feel free to delete this thread staff-nims!) The lovely scanner is still updating so I'll update this when they're done (: And that's it! JIN SUGA HOBI RM JIMIN V JUNGKOOK ... Cry with me friends.
  13. [ V ] Do you wanna build a snowman? [ JIMIN ] Pink boy of the sea [ J-HOPE ] #Sunset #Trip by Train #My seat is on the roof [ RAP MONSTER ] Run! RAP-MON Train 999 [ JUNG KOOK ] When you say train, there’s food-eating show and vice versa! [ JIN ] It’s not fair if his shadow too is being handsome [ SUGA ] Everywhere is full of clothes! [ BTS ] A shopping fiesta < Mission > Express “Spring Day” through your body [ Bonus Cut ] This is how BTS gets rid of cold! [ Bonus Cut ] Professional in-depth reporters, V and RAP MONSTER with commentary story here the photos are beautiful
  14. photos

    Lets make this the official thread for photos from this tour. If anyone has good sources, post the photos here!
  15. photos

    who is your bias from BTS.I don't see how someone can pick one. Well my bias is all of them
  16. Individual shots: Monie Yoonji Kookie Taetae Hobie Mochi Bunglie bighit is really driving me nuts. so much content.
  18. photos

    omg i can't even !!!!!!!
  19. Group Jimin Jungkook Jin Rap Monster J-Hope Taehyung Suga CR. sweaterpawsjimin | BOY LET ME KNOW PART. 2 I'll edit this and add Suga's scans when they're uploaded. If you have more and different scans from another sources, tell me or post the link of the original source so I can add them as well to the OP. For now, just enjoy these. They're all beautiful... and the photos too.
  20. photos

    Min Yoongi looks adorable with things balanced on his head. Drop your photos of Suga wearing hats, headbands, flower crowns or blancing toys on his head! Beware the image dump in the spoiler.... CVsqzeIUsAAy6vE.jpg-large
  21. I just want to share these. I hope it's okay. Screenshots from 26th Seoul Music Awards.. Some of the pictures are meme worthy lol Yay, congrats to our boys *cheers* <3
  22. credits: thesingle Singles Korea i wish they release these with larger resolution though
  23. photos

    As always, BigHit posted photos on Facebook for V's birthday! cr. 1, 2