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Found 69 results

  1. photos Taetae's Weird Moments

    One of the sole reason why I stan this little alien. He's the kind of guy who has never failed at showing how weird he can really be. I wanted to start a topic about this for a long time. So, here's some of Tae's out of this human world. (If you have photo that shows his alien moments, share it here) 1. Taehyung really was listening music by his laptop at the street not his iphone or iPod. 2. Uses his iPad as a clock. Hmmmm 2. My question is, "WHY WOULD YOU WEAR A TOILET SEAT?!"
  2. A thread to collate all of the event photos from GDA Day 1 (and Day 2 if Bangtan are attending- I think they are?) - These can all be split off and dumped onto the respective OT7+Member threads but I thought it might be nice to have a single place for a quick GDA pic dump, both official and fantaken, previews and properly developed + the short videos of them during the event taken by fans and stuff, etc.
  3. Just realized this hadn't been posted as a full compilation yet ;; Official Wings Tour - The Final Photos!
  4. photos 2017 Happy 'V'irthday

    Facebook Album is up~ Multiple spoilers to prevent being blinded by too much beauty, yes.
  5. All scans are from @guwoljk (They're lists of tweets so i pray that you all have good internet. They're absolutely gorgeous). [COMPLETED] YOONGI ESSAY BOOK TAEHYUNG ESSAY BOOK JIMIN ESSAY BOOK HOSEOK ESSAY BOOK JUNGKOOK ESSAY BOOK NAMJOON ESSAY BOOK JIN ESSAY BOOK
  6. photos Share any Pictures

    There are no rules except 1 no dirty pics

    These were uploaded on facebook: Happy Birthday to Mr. Worldwide Handsome <3
  8. photos BTS x PUMA - HOLIDAY JOY

    Hyung line: Maknae line:
  9. photos BTS x PUMA - Hug Winter

  10. BTS in Coron Source: (Naver, fnnews 파이낸셜뉴스 , Newsen)
  11. photos Love Yourself Poster #4: JIN

    I'm br o k e n
  12. photos Love Yourself Poster #3: RAP MONSTER & V

    (Same caption as first 2 posters) WORLDWIDE HANDSOME FOR THE FINALE R U GUYS READY
  13. photos Love Yourself Poster #2: J-HOPE & JIMIN

    (Same caption as YoonKook's poster)
  14. photos Love Yourself Poster #1: SUGA & JUNGKOOK

    Big Hit u need 2 chill
  15. photos hairstyle?

    BTS is coming back soon!!!! In september. One month seems so long!!!! Additionally, I hear that their hair colour isn't the real one. They may all the wearing wig ( other than hobi ) so I am starting to be more and more curious! I see that ( from my experience ) that our Namjoon leader have the most varied hairstyle apart from hair colour ( he was daring? or is it because he was more visually abled to try different hairstyle hahaah ). So, let us see what I can find that looked really cool and do share your favourite Namjoon hairstyle! Mine is the purple one ( from YNWA ) as he looks really cute and cool with the dimples. I fell in love with him ever since! Love NAM JOON!!!!