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Found 48 results

  1. photos

    MY LONGEST SARANGHAE TAEHYUNG EVER!!! low quality photo of high quality taehyung ❤️❤️ comment down your favourite low quality photo of this high quality visuals!
  2. photos

  3. Special edition [anan 2057th issue] Member to member confession in a relay style! “This charm of yours makes my heart beat fast” JIN ➡️ SUGA (in a low tone) I like your quiet, careful consideration. It becomes comfortable to be together in a room. You’re my lifetime roommate….Suga makes me a poet (laughs). SUGA ➡️ J-HOPE Always positively facing everything with his 130% crossing over his limits is his charm. My heart isn’t beating fast though. Afterall…it doesn’t flutter since we are both men! (laughs) J-HOPE ➡️ RAP MONSTER He has an extreme desire to improve his music and foreign language. It’s a good motivation and so this so called “anxious” makes my heart beat fast (laughs). As a leader, he is dependable in pulling everyone. My heart flutters. RAP MONSTER ➡️ JIMIN Just by incidentally looking at JIMIN , I think he is sexy even for a man like me. His form when he dances is flexible and among the group, his body is small with a baby face and yet he has muscles. You’ll be captivated. JIMIN ➡️ V Succeeding and failing when doing unexpected actions. He always thinks of making us happy, so with his crazy behaviour, he becomes an adorable obedient person. You can’t keep your eyes off him! V ➡️ JUNGKOOK The child-like facial expressions he shows unexpectedly, like a young (person) who goes around the members, I think looking at him being the youngest is cute. But even so, he is a strong man. I wonder if the gap is good? JUNGKOOK ➡️ JIN Handsome with wide shoulders is his charm. But…my heart isn’t beating fast. Really! Ah, sometimes when he says “oh?” on stage, my heart beats fast, so I send him a signal (laughs). Trans; cr. prancingmaria (tumblr | twitter)
  4. (c) omg tae is killing me in these photos haha and love how each member is wearing an outfit representing each bts era/chronicle ♡
  5. photos

    The cutest doggy I've ever met in my entire life,,..!! And now I'm so attacked
  7. BTS had dinner at 678 Sydney, a Korean restaurant, after their concert tour in Australia (c) Slight side eye at the restaurant releasing this info on their FB page beforehand but looks like they closed the restaurant off at least?
  8. Individual photos below.
  9. lol the last 2 serving visuals and showing us how it's really done Source - go vote for the best selfie !!
  10. Cooking Bangtan! (Namjoon what are you doing lol) Run BTS! episode 20 will be released tonight, 9PM KST!>> Watch it on V << Additional updates from Ch+: (170524) Adhesive Strength™ Serious chef Hobi Hidden chef JK Bangtan chefs Cooking mochi Squid man Syub Bangtan chefs again Namjoon vs blender (and kitchen in general) Observer chef Kim Taehyung Food stuff, the Third Guy On the Left in action, more kitchen shenanigens Run BTS! 2017 EP20 behind the scene Sorry I updated so late
  11. photos

    Min Yoongi looks adorable with things balanced on his head. Drop your photos of Suga wearing hats, headbands, flower crowns or blancing toys on his head! Beware the image dump in the spoiler.... CVsqzeIUsAAy6vE.jpg-large
  12. (*unspoilers the most important pic*) Bangtan Gayo episode 14 will be released tonight, 9PM KST! >> Watch it on V << Additional updates from Ch+: (170510) APPARENTLY THERE IS A PHOTO MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LAST ONE Syub VS V-Hope JinMin Hipster RM Just a bunch of dorks Bangtan Gayo episode 14 behind the scene will be released tonight (170511) @ 10PM KST.
  13. photos

    This is kind of scary to think of. he can go from childlike and crazy innocent to 'sexy' like that!? Oh god, I hate typing that word.
  14. photos

    Yeah... i'm missing Jin's pink hair and someone made a thread on jimin's hair so I was like, how come there hasn't been a thread on jin's hair colors yet. Let's share! (Also, i'm kinda new here so I don't know all of them yet :O) PInk I'm feeling so attacked right now Blonde Black Purple-ish (What happened to this color? Was it only in the Danger MV?) Many shades of brown Green i personally am not fond of this lol Am I missing any?
  15. photos

    @ Music Choice in New York (170322) Source T/N: Getty images is a stock photo site for news and media!!!
  16. Eng Trans Credit: Peachisoda I can't believe it... but... why does he looks so comfortable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Original post here Response +650 -42
  17. photos

    March 22, 2017 in New York
  18. photos

    @ Music Choice in New York
  19. photos

    2WAVE STUDIO, a professional architecture/interior design group, shared several interior photos of Big Hit Entertainment's new studio. The new building is said to be located in Gangnam, Seoul. >>>more under spoiler<<< They look simple, cozy and modern. source : 2wave studio
  20. (Wings Tour in Newark)
  21. photos

    Jin on his tippy toes, because that's what you do when you're Kim Seokjin.
  22. I found this on tumblr a while ago, and thought it looked really pretty! I honestly love the detail that went into the tail and scales Figured i'd share this with everyone credits to whoever drew this because wowow
  23. Part 2 Part 3