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Found 27 results

  1. Hey there am new here and am interested to know what was the first BTS Music Video you guys watched
  2. The following is a survey on who your BTS bias is, anyone can do it along as they at least have seen/know a bit about BTS. Please include age but feel free not to: @A.R.M.Y. Which member of BTS is your bias?
  3. hi I saw these 3 videos of BTS Roasting haters on youtube. What do you guys think about BTS roasting haters? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  4. Which member throws the most beautiful laughter? my favorites jin and jimin.especially jin laughing very nice.their laughter kills me.
  5. Our ChimChim has been spotted with tape on his neck!!! What is going on?
  6. Where can i find this jacket? https://images.app.goo.gl/4aMG6QyofQ3Z6aMu7
  7. Do you ever go to one of their concerts and then wonder what's is it like being BTS I know ,I know probably amazing being loved and making money ,but it could also be nerve wrecking what do u think about this.?🤔😮 🤨
  8. your best friend hates BTS and that includes. Your fave boy in the group what do you do?
  9. Hello Army's I'm wondering if someone here has ever buy clothes from this store ? https://kpopdeals.com i heard they sell Bts shop and bt21 clothes
  10. Aside from Lumpens, does anyone know who are or if there is a guide to the directors, writers, MV crews, web marketing teams, & other creative staff at Bighit/that Bighit contracts? Cause I wanna know who the people are that created HYYH/Wings/LY, Smeraldo, their marketing methods, and all that other stuff o.0
  11. Hi??? I am confuse.. How con I earn bombs???
  12. Twitter is going crazy about some Jin accusations and nobody says what they are? My katana is ready to start beheading...
  13. https://imgur.com/a/XJUxyAs There are many show's clips I keep seeing on fanmade vids and I have no idea where they are from. Any help will be appreciated!
  14. I'm just wondering/curious to know who their choreographers are? Is there a guide to them or perhaps a pimp post? And also to see if they have other content elsewhere (like their own youtube/instagram/twitter accounts). Thanks! (Cuz them choreographers are amazing)
  15. Does anyone else find I supper suspicious first they are crying at the MAMA and then they all talk about how they went through his hard times and then Jin said they were going to split up and then Taehyung(V) broke down when here said that? In then V (Taehyung) said in the fancafe that no matter what happens they will always love us??????? What is about too happen??????? My theory is they are about -as much as I hate saying this- to "take a break" ??????????
  16. Is there any thread on the forum to post images from compilation videos clips I am trying to find? I keep seeing seconds of interviews and other stuff I cannot identify or even find the channel.
  17. Especially since the latter half has no Eng subs.
  18. My questions are: - are they the same thing? - where can I see them? I only find small clips on YT - is there one for each year since 2014? 2015? when? - when I search festa I get the radio show thing for each year and the dinner for 2018 but that's not it is it?
  19. This is a very random ocd based question but has anyone here made or have a complete list with all BTS vids on a doc, excel, online... to be able to mark or crossout the ones already seen and look for the others? I have seen different lists but you can't interact with them.
  20. Quick question, can anyone tell me where to watch this? only able to find clips on youtube!
  21. Can anyone please explain me the LY concept for the albums. I keep getting confused. I know there's 'her' that was a mini album and then 'tear' that is the album, but then there are like 4 versions that i thought to be L-O-V-E but then I saw photoshoots for Y-O-U-R AND S-E-L-F and I honestly don't know what to buy! what are those other photoshoots for? Oh and then theres a GH LY also? confuseeeeeeeeeeeeeed. If there's only 4 versions for the album besides different pictures is there any other difference? the text is different? the test is in korean I guess. SO CONFUSED!
  22. This is a question/suggestion. After the past days drama of not having the forum and being surrounded by hate on twitter, I thought that it would be nice if we had something like a weekly event to bond more with the nice people here. Like maybe watching some series or videos while chatting on a thread like with the awards shows. Or maybe some 'unofficial' videos to discuss about, like shippings or funny videos. I know everyone it's on a different schedule but I think we can make it work? For me it's not a problem the day or the time (except sat night and sometimes sat in general). Even if it's late night here or early morning. Could be a 'friday' thing or a 'sunday' one or any other day. Not sure if anyone would like to do that but could be fun? (also a weekly event could bring new people to the forum)
  23. I have endless questions to make from BTS series to ships and everything in between. So my question is: should I make a topic for each question or one with a list would be ok? Or I just better bomb someone's messages and ask them in private? TY
  24. Well the title was the actual question. But if there are any other dance/singing games besides wii ones I'd also want to know <3