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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Fellow BBase Members!! As some of you may know we've been hard at work over the last few months starting out our YouTube News Channel Project! We've been able to in the months past amass a wonderful team of talented individuals who all worked very hard to produce the content for the channel. As the channel grows and BTS approcahes their next comeback we felt it was time to launch a new full recruitment for the BBase News Team. We have a few targeted "jobs" open at the moment. We are looking for Video Editors, Graphics Team (mostly graphic research + organizing), Channel Management (tasked to create video descriptions and help upload the videos), Writers, Researchers and Translators! *only requirement is that you have to be 13 years or older * If you want to join the team and be part of creating something new and exciting for the community then please send in your applications! We will be accepeting people on a rolling basis so there will be no deadline for submissions, but it's more a first come first serve situation. ^-^ Please spread this and share it in the Fandom if you feel you know other fans who would be good candidates! I hope to see many of you apply! And Good Luck to All the Applicants!! [scroll down for links to the application forms ^-^] V [GENERAL TEAM APPLICATION] [ VIDEO EDITOR APPLICATION ] UPDATE More acceptances have been issued! Please check your email! If you didn't get one don't worry we aren't done yet, Applications are STILL OPEN! If you know any good candidates for editing please encourage them to check out the channel and join if they want!
  2. Hello, Hello~ I'm here to announce that we are opening up applications to join a potential new staff team: the Translations Team! We're mainly looking for users who are fluent in both Korean and English, but if you're a CHN-ENG or JPN-ENG translator you can apply as well. Just be sure to include a note about the language in the last question on the app and fill out the application questions as if they said your language instead of KR. Since finding available translators is a lot more difficult than finding applicants for other staff teams, this hiring process will be a bit different from the previous staff recruitments. There is no set deadline for applications. Applications will close whenever there is a sufficient number of team members who can comfortably handle the workload. Along with that, there won't be any estimated dates on when translations from BBase will start. We're not sure how many applicants we could feasibly get, if we get any at all, so this team may ultimately not pan out or take a really long time to get together. We're hoping for the best, though! If you're interested in applying the translator's duties and application form are listed below. Good luck! Translator's Main Duties: Translate various articles involving BTS on site such as Naver, Nate, Pann, etc. Translate tweets, weibo posts, blogs, and any other social media posts. Sub videos, both short and long (i.e., 2 minute Bangtan Bombs to 1hr+ variety shows) →APPLY HERE←
  3. Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce the inaugural recruitment of the Bangtan Base Projects team! We had a lot of success with our first fan project and we're hoping to continue creating even more amazing projects. And that means bringing together a full team! Recruits will be joining @Amajay @52Hz and @Indirianna (the three who managed to bring the Manila banners to life) to form our Projects team. There's no set number of people we're planning on taking. It could be 1 person, it could be 3. It all depends on the applications we receive. Good luck! Project Team Duties: Create, plan out, and execute various fan projects for events throughout the year. These events include (but are not limited to): members' birthdays, anniversaries, concerts, holidays, and bbase events. Examples of fan projects: Manila Banners, Anniversary Digital Project Promoting BBase projects across various social media platforms. This includes contacting other fanbases for collabs/promo so you must be comfortable with approaching others. Requirements to Apply: Be available to speak with the Projects team on a regular basis. We won't require you to keep in touch daily but you'll need communicate with the others often, especially when a project is going on. All applicants are expected to have experience or, at minimum, deep interests in planning, coordinating, and executing digital and live fan projects lead by BBase. If chosen, the applicant must behave in an appropriate and professional manner when communicating with other publicly. Being a part of the Project Team means that you are the face of BBase and are expected to conduct accordingly. →APPLY HERE←
  4. Applications for Awards, Mods, Graphics, and Tech teams are now open! Apply now and save me from doing everything on my own! I still have a 15 page final paper to write! Requirements (For Mod Team Only): Must be at least 18 years old Awards applications will close on Dec 16th @ 12AM CST. I may re-hire again in the near future, but I want to get the awards up and running as soon as possible so Holiday awards can be done in time. Mods/Gfx/Tech applications will close January 3rd @ 12AM CST. Fill out the google forms below to submit your applications. Good luck to everyone who applies! Awards Mods Graphics Tech
  5. In case you weren't aware, I'm running the forum by myself right now. There's a lot of work to be done on a forum, especially a new one like this, so I'm going to be opening applications for staff members within the next week or two. There's two main teams I will be hiring for: Mods & Awards. Moderators will moderate the entire forum, hand out warning points, answer questions in the inquiry thread, move or delete threads/posts for users, and much more. Awards members will handle award voting threads, organizing all the awards, and awarding members who post in the Awards Request Thread. Aside from those teams I'll be on the look out for Tech & Graphics applicants. Tech members will work on the technical-side of the forum, making sure things run smoothly and the site doesn't run into any errors. They'll also make sure nothing breaks because I may be known for occasionally breaking forum shit. Graphics won't have as much as a workload as other forums may require, but they'd need to make site logos, theme edits, staff banners, various emojis, graphics requests from users, and OP graphics for event threads. Being staff on a forum is a lot of work, even ones that are as small as we currently are, so please think carefully about applying and make sure you can dedicate enough time to the site. Lastly, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who's joined so far and been posting! It's amazing. When I went to bed last night there was just 16 members and now we're close to 200. It's crazy. Keep telling everyone about the site! Let's get to 500 members! -Jin