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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Recruitment for our projects team is now open! If you're interested in being a part of our team that has created some amazing projects (check out all the projects in the BBase Projects section) then read the following information on team member's duties and requirements and then apply now! Project Team Duties: Create, plan out, and execute various fan projects for events throughout the year. These events include (but are not limited to): members' birthdays, anniversaries, concerts, holidays, and BBase events. Promoting BBase projects across various social media platforms. This includes contacting other fanbases for collabs/promo so you must be comfortable with approaching others. Requirements to Apply: Must be 16 years or older. Be available to speak with the Projects team on a regular basis. We won't require you to keep in touch daily but you'll need communicate with the others often, especially when a project is going on. All applicants are expected to have experience or, at minimum, deep interests in planning, coordinating, and executing digital and live fan projects lead by BBase. If chosen, the applicant must behave in an appropriate and professional manner when communicating with other publicly. Being a part of the Project Team means that you are the face of BBase and are expected to conduct accordingly. →APPLY HERE←
  2. Hello! It's time to announce a new staff team: the Events Team! The Events team will host forum games and events. Today starts our first recruitment for the team. Newcomers will join existing members @monimoni and @KookieMochi. If you're interested in joining read through the rest of the list of responsibilities and apply now! Graphics skills would be useful to have, but is by no means required to apply. Responsibilities: 1. Create, plan, and host forum games (ex: Pictionary, Guess the MV, Mafia) 2. Create, plan, and host forum events (ex: Valentan's Day, Bangtanmas) 3. Collaborate with other events team members on projects 4. Collaborate with graphics team to create game/event OP graphics. >APPLY HERE< Deadline is March 10th at 11:59pm CST
  3. Hello! Bangtan Base is once again looking for Tech Squad members. We're in need of people who know who can help with the technical side of our website. We're looking for those with experience in web hosting, programming, coding, and the overall running of a website. Experience with IPB forums is preferable but not required. If you're interested apply at the link below! >>APPLY NOW<<
  4. H E L L O F R I E N D S ! [EDIT] 11/11/2017 - Applications Closed THANK YOU TO ALL WHO APPLIED! we'll be issuing out notices very soon so please keep an eye out on your dms and e-mails.
  5. Hello, Hello~ I'm here to announce that we are opening up applications to join a potential new staff team: the Translations Team! We're mainly looking for users who are fluent in both Korean and English, but if you're a CHN-ENG or JPN-ENG translator you can apply as well. Just be sure to include a note about the language in the last question on the app and fill out the application questions as if they said your language instead of KR. Since finding available translators is a lot more difficult than finding applicants for other staff teams, this hiring process will be a bit different from the previous staff recruitments. There is no set deadline for applications. Applications will close whenever there is a sufficient number of team members who can comfortably handle the workload. Along with that, there won't be any estimated dates on when translations from BBase will start. We're not sure how many applicants we could feasibly get, if we get any at all, so this team may ultimately not pan out or take a really long time to get together. We're hoping for the best, though! If you're interested in applying the translator's duties and application form are listed below. Good luck! Translator's Main Duties: Translate various articles involving BTS on site such as Naver, Nate, Pann, etc. Translate tweets, weibo posts, blogs, and any other social media posts. Sub videos, both short and long (i.e., 2 minute Bangtan Bombs to 1hr+ variety shows) →APPLY HERE←