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Found 9 results

  1. BTS Becomes 1st Artist To Receive Double Million Certification From Gaon Oct 10, 2018 by E. Cha BTS has officially received Gaon Chart’s very first double-million certification! At the beginning of 2018, the Korea Music Content Industry Association implemented a new certification system for album sales, song downloads, and online streaming. Starting with music released on or after January 1, 2018, Gaon Chart now certifies albums platinum once they reach 250,000 sales, while albums that have sold a million copies or more receive a “million” certification. On October 11, Gaon Chart announced that BTS’s latest album “Love Yourself: Answer” had sold over 2 million copies, making the group the first—and so far, only—artist to receive an official double-million certification from Gaon. Earlier this year, BTS also received Gaon’s first-ever million certification for their previous album “Love Yourself: Tear.” Congratulations to BTS on their impressive achievement! Korean source Article source --------------------- Additionally, they are the first Korean act to sell 2 million albums since 2000. cr
  2. BTS Breaks Record With 1 Million Albums Sold In 1st Week J. K May 24, 2018 BTS has already sold 1 million copies of their new album “Love Yourself: Tear”! The group’s latest album came out on May 18, and features the title track “Fake Love.” “Love Yourself: Tear” reached 1 million copies sold according to Hanteo’s sales tally on the afternoon of May 24. This is the highest number of albums recorded on Hanteo in the first week since release, ever since the chart’s creation in 1993. It breaks the record set by BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” of 759,263 copies sold in its first week. It also means that BTS now has the title of “Double Million Seller,” after “Love Yourself: Her” also reached1 million copies sold last year. A source from Hanteo told news outlet No Cut News, “Hanteo’s album ranking is the only system in the world that reflects the number of copies really sold in realtime.” They added, “BTS’s record of reaching 1 million copies sold in the first week since release is very meaningful in Korea’s popular music history.” Congratulations to BTS! source
  3. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER ... *CURRENT TOTAL SALES: 1,000,482 *December 12th 2017 source: BAIDU Spreadsheet for the sales. If you notice any inaccuracies, please let me know!
  4. Good news for UK ARMYs, UK supermarket ASDA have taken to twitter to announce that they are looking into stocking KPOP albums, specifically mentioning BTS albums. This is the first time any UK supermarket has talked about stocking kpop albums and for the first time UK ARMYs will be able to officially buy BTS albums without importing them. HOW EXCITING!? The twitter posts are in spoilers if anyone wants to read them! I've also heard rumours about Primark stocking BTS merch but I'm not sure. If anyone knows anything about that then please share!
  5. BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” Sets New Gaon Chart Record In 16 Years With 1.2 Million Albums Sold K. Do October 12, 2017 BTS makes a new record in K-pop history with their latest album “Love Yourself: Her”! On October 13, Gaon Chart released their official monthly album chart for September 2017 showing BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” at No. 1. After being released on September 18, 1,203,533 copies of the album have been sold. These sales are the highest in Gaon Chart history for one album (not a repackaged album). Previously, g.o.d. sold 1,441,209 copies of their fourth album in 2001. This means that this is the first time 1.2 million copies of one album have been sold in 16 years. Furthermore, BTS sold over 1,120,000 copies of “Love Yourself: Her” in stock pre-orders. Over 760,000 copies of the album were sold within the first week of its release. In addition to their physical album sales success, the group has done impressively on various music charts around the world. Meanwhile, BTS is currently on tour in Japan for their first dome concert. Congratulations to BTS! Article source Original source
  6. Hey guys! This thread is for BTS Gaon digitals. If you see any mistake, please tell me and I will edit it. Thanks to OH users benizo and acadz for the numbers. -------------- For comparison: Total: Downloads: WINGS: You Never Walk Alone Total: 967,903 Updated 03/20/17 Spring Day - 410,164 Not Today - 194,053 A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone - 67,085 Outro: WINGS- 59,019 Lost - 29,531 2!3! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days) - 28,184 BTS Cypher 4 - 25,804 21st Century Girls - 25,431 Am I Wrong - 25,230 Intro: Boy Meets Evil - 15,214 Blood Sweat & Tears - 14,902 Lie - 14,731 First Love - 14,678 Stigma - 14,676 Awake - 14,604 MAMA - 14,597 WINGS Total: 2,027,715 Updated 03/20/17 Blood Sweat & Tears - 865,586 Lie - 114,691 21st Century Girls - 104,453 Lost - 97,315 Stigma - 96,315 Am I Wrong - 93,244 Awake - 90,778 Begin - 90,526 2!3! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days) - 88,589 First Love - 88,562 MAMA - 83,332 Reflection - 82,068 BTS Cypher 4 - 77,852 Interlude: Wings - 55,318 (Week 1) Intro: Boy Meets Evil - 54,404 (Week 1) Note: Since Gaon stopped tracking downloads for Top 400, we don't know the numbers each track had sold when they left the Top 100. So these are definitely not the total of for each track. (Except for BST which is currently still charting.) 2 Cool 4 Skool Total: 65,924 No More Dream - 57,932 I Like It - 7,992 Skool Luv Affair Total: 270,273 Boy In Luv - 197,144 Just One Day - 31,662 Where did you come from? - 11,729 Tomorrow - 6,808 JUMP - 6,320 Spine Breaker - 6,027 BTS Cypher PT.2 - Triptych - 5,606 Outro: Propose - 4,977 Skool Luv Affair Special Addition Total: 77,852 Miss Right - 70,772 I Like It (Slow Jam Remiz) - 7,080 Dark & Wild Total: 233,322 Danger - 81,890 War of Hormone - 36,674 Rain - 11,658 Blanket Kick - 11,565 24/7=Heaven - 10,505 Look Here - 10,370 Let Me Know - 10,338 Turn off your phone - 10,158 2nd Grade - 9,350 HipHop Lover - 9,102 BTS Cypher PT.3 - KILLER - 8,707 Intro: What am I to you? - 7,785 Outro: Does that make sense? - 7,754 Interlude: What are you doing - 7,376 Dark & Wild Special Addition Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) - 7,063 HwaYangYongHwa, pt.1 Total: 1,450,328 I Need U - 835,409 Dope - 342,238 Hold Me Tight - 64,254 Converse High - 52,676 Boyz With Fun - 41,355 Move - 36,921 Outro: Love Is Not Over - 27,796 Intro: HYYH -34,584 SKIT: Expectation! - 15,095 HwaYangYongHwa, pt.2 Total: 1,313,302 Run - 614,966 Butterfly - 241,978 Whalien 52 - 90,664 Dead Leaves - 85,793 Ma City - 84,951 Baepsae - 70,468 Outro: House of Cards - 47,240 Intro: Nevermind - 44,243 SKIT: One night in a strange city - 32,799 HwaYangYongHwa, Young Forever Total: 1,482,538 Updated 03/20/17 Fire - 856,373 Save Me - 243,095 Young Forever - 106,393 Love Is Not Over (Full) - 44,984 House of Cards (Full) - 44,225 Butterfly (Prologue Mix) - 44,247 Run (Ballad Mix) - 38,314 I Need U (Urban Mix) - 31,423 I Need U (Remix) - 25,720 Butterfly (Alternative Mix) - 23,873 Run (Alternative Mix) - 23,391 I will update with more info soon~