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Found 7 results

  1. Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) Produced by Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young (Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Candace Nicole Sosa, Melanie Joy Fontana, “hitman”bang, Supreme Boi, ADORA, RM) Piano Arrangement – Jonathan Perkins & Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young String Arrangement – Jonathan Perkins & Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young Vocal Arrangement – Slow Rabbit, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Pdogg Piano – Jonathan Perkins Violin, Viola, Upright Bass – Savannah Buist Cellos – Katie Larson All other Instruments – Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young Additional Production – Slow Rabbit Chorus – Jung Kook, Candace Nicole Sosa, ADORA Digital Editing – ADORA, Hiss noise, 정우영 Recording Engineers – Slow Rabbit @ Carrot Express – ADORA @ Adorable Trap – Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce in LONDON Mix Engineer – Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young @ House Thirty Three, Los Angeles Mastering Engineer – Chris Gehringer @ Sterling Sound
  2. 이 밤 (2019) Produced by Slow Rabbit (Slow Rabbit, Jin, Hiss Noise, RM) Additional Production - Hiss Noise Guitar - 정재필 Keyboard - Slow Rabbit Synthesizer - Hiss Noise, Slow Rabbit Background Vocal - ADORA, coll!n (Vendors) Recording Engineers - Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce in LONDON - ADORA @ Adorable Trap - EL CAPITXN @ CAPITXN SHIELD - 박은정 @ Big Hit Studio Digital Editing - Hiss Noise, EL CAPITXN Mix & Mastering Engineer - 고현정 @ kokosound Studio (Assisted by 김경환 김준상 전진) cr
  3. 약속 (2018) Produced by Slow Rabbit Composed by Jimin, Slow Rabbit Lyrics by Jimin, RM Arranged by Slow Rabbit Photo by Vante Lyrics:
  4. 풍경 (2019) Photo by V Composed by V Lyrics by V Arranged by DOCSKIM Produced by DOCSKIM All Instruments - DOCSKIM Chorus – V, ADORA Strings Arrangement - 신명수 Violins, Viola - KoN Cello – 조재형 Additional FX – Pdogg, Hiss noise Vocal Arrangement - Pdogg Digital Editing – Pdogg, Hiss noise Recording Engineer - Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce DOCSKIM @ HOODCAVE 2.0 Mix & Mastering Engineer – Yang Ga @ Big Hit Studio Lyrics:
  5. 이런 엔딩 (cover, 2019) ver.1 Performed by 정국 Piano - 미경 (of MKS) Vocal Arrangement by 정국 @ Golden Closet Mixed, Mastered by pdogg @ Dogg Bounce *Original Track : 아이유 - 이런 엔딩 (IU - Ending Scene) 이런 엔딩 (cover, 2019) ver.2 Performed by 정국 Piano - 미경 (of MKS) Vocal Arrangement by 정국 @ Golden Closet Mixed, Mastered by pdogg @ Dogg Bounce *Original Track : 아이유 - 이런 엔딩 (IU - Ending Scene)
  6. iTunes Apple Music Spotify ---- ~ Trans ~ tokyo seoul moonchild badbye uhgood everythingoes forever rain
  7. Produced by SUGA Keyboard - SUGA Synthesizer - SUGA, Hiss noise Additional Production - Hiss noise Mix & Mastering Engineer - Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce Special Album cover sketch - Jung Kook