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Found 4 results

  1. BTS - MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA Album Lyrics https://hallyumusic.com/album/bts-map-of-the-soul-persona/
  2. I don't think I've been able to find a full compilation/directory of the translations for the Smeraldo flower shop? https://blog.naver.com/testesso Here's whats available so far, and I can update as we get more of them? 2017 posts (all of which are deleted, but preserved on "testesso_eng"): (This first section was all translated by http://ktaebwi.tumblr.com/post/164006548707 ) 2017. 8. 10. 10:26 [The 1st Story] The fateful meeting with ‘Smeraldo’, prologue story https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070839418 2017. 8. 10. 10:30 [The 2nd Story] Introducing ‘Flower Smeraldo’ https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070842448 2017. 8. 10. 10:35 . [The 3rd Story] How was ‘Smeraldo’ discovered? https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070846416 2017. 8. 10. 10:38 . [The 4th Story] The legend of ‘Smeraldo’ https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070848751 2017. 8. 10. 10:41 [The 5th Story] ‘Ashbless Cards’ https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070850889 2017. 8. 10. 10:46 [The 6th Story] ‘Madam Lenormand’ and ‘The Flower Card’ https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070855280 2017. 8. 10. 10:50 [The 7th Story] ‘The truth that couldn’t be told’ https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221070858718 2017. 8. 15. 15:24 The Story of Smeraldo - The 8th Story https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221074429950 Translated directly from https://blog.naver.com/testesso_eng/221085681520 - [The 9th Story] I'm finally delivering 'Smeraldo' today. 2017. 8. 30. 17:34 To be continued
  3. Soooo Bighit is like yo. I have more notes for y'all.. #Timetravelerseokjinconfirmed Here's some translated versions: https://twitter.com/goIdenstae/status/1026506964149231617 Guys this is a better translation Part 1 pic.twitter.com/wgf4wqKg3c — 💜 (@goIdenstae) August 6, 2018 There's also a Spanish(?)/Portugese(?) translation & a whole bunch of other languages if you need. https://twitter.com/sugaminbiasedHN/status/1026504828632158211 https://twitter.com/Wow_Bangtan/status/1026494865947930624 *I know this is basically an official tweet, but since these are the unofficial translations, does this go into tweets forum or remain here? *Also, Bigshit- hire some translators instead of relying on fan translators xD Even RM knows they exist.
  4. Feel free to reply with your favorite RM quotes or interviews. When possible, please add the source of the quote or reference your quote to make it easier to source! PRESS & PRINT 2015 2016