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Found 12 results

  1. v-app Bon Voyage Season 2: Where to Watch

    Hey guys! This is thread for all broke Armies dying with just watching screenshots of the newest Bon Voyage ep. Lets share best streams, sites, links for watching season 2. Just be careful with sharing the video along with BV keywords, so it doesn't get put down, have fun guys credit: instagram.com/jungkookie.bangtan, sung-jaelly-fish.tumblr.com BACKUP: Google Disk (the eps are safe here if something gets deleted or put down!) BON VOYAGE S2 E1 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E2 (in comments) BON VOYAGE S2 E3 (in comments) BON VOYAGE S2 E4 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E5 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E6 part 1[x] part 2[x] BON VOYAGE S2 E7 [x]
  2. Teaser is out who is excited, too :D? gifs
  3. v-app BTS at the Billboard [JiminCam]

    HERE'S THE LINK It hasn't been subbed yet, so let's just admire their faces, meanwhile.
  4. v-app BTS Suga and V on Vlive~

    Suga V
  5. v-app BTS Gayo - Track 11

    http://www.vlive.tv/video/23339/BTS-GAYO---track-11 Released at 9:PM KST It's back again~
  6. v-app Jhope's birthday Vlive

    http://www.vlive.tv/video/23227/해피벌쓰데이-쩨이호오오옵?? The vlive for the golden hyung birthday Important moments in the live: cr JinMin was wild cr BREAKING NEWS JiHope is in love but we all knew that already cr And overall lots of love to our HobiHobi
  7. Video Thread Masterpost

    Video Thread Masterpost Below is a list of all the general Video category threads, grouped by prefix and sorted chronologically newest to oldest by upload/broadcast date. All threads include eng subs unless noted, you might have to scroll down the replies to find some. Which members are present are noted in the square brackets when relevant. If you find any broken links please tag or message me @monimoni and I'll look for replacements! ^^ ** If you are looking for Performance videos there is a separate masterpost HERE ** ** If you are looking for official BTS channel uploads, there is a separate BangtanTV masterpost HERE ** New to BTS and aren't sure where to start? Try @dorkprincess's awesome newbie guide HERE! ****** BTS Shows + Series ****** Variety Appearances ****** Interviews ****** V-App ****** Radio ****** General TV ****** Teasers ****** News ****** Other ** If you are looking for a specific video and there is not yet a thread on BBase, try the BTS Content Index for a comprehensive list of BTS video content! If you are still struggling, tag @BTSContentIndex **
  8. Watch BTS celebrating 4 million followers on VLive! Already with Eng Subs BTS did a Vapp Live Stream to celebrate 4 million followers and thank armys for their support! They reenacted various of their segments on vapp, such as Hwagae market, Hope on the street, Mandako, One Minute English and Eat Jin! ~ (source: ktaebwi.tumblr.com) I S C R E A MED Taehyung teaching us self love and empowerment 2k17: a concept (source: jimins.gq)
  9. BTS' new V App Channel+ has just launched as of 3pm KST. As per the video they just uploaded, they will be posting exclusive photos and videos there, and chatting with fans. It sounds kind of like a fan cafe, but one that international fans can easily access, which is awesome. I was able to secure the 1 month free trial, and I can't wait to see how they use it! They've already posted several photos.
  10. http://www.vlive.tv/video/19548/BTS-Live--방탄-크리스마스?선물파티? The boys were on the Vapp exchanging presents and was so funny and ridiculous seen them traying to pretend the gifts weren't theirs when they have to choose. And lowkey Tae is the best giving gifts.
  11. v-app BTS GAYO Variety Show

    BTS' third variety show on their V App channel was focused around musical challenges. BTS GAYO ~Season One~ Track 1: Girl Group Song Charades Track 2: Identify Lyrics Track 3: Acting Challenge Track 4: Karaoke Relay Track 5: Musical Charades Track 6: Guess Top 5 BTS Choreo Track 7: Boy Group Song Charades Track 8: Trot Challenge Track 9: Guess Top 5 BTS Songs ~Season Two~ Track 10: 2016 BTS Ranking Track 11: Song Pictionary Track 12: Children's Songs Track 13: Naver Kpop Quiz Track 14: OSTs Track 15: DIY MV Shoot
  12. v-app Run BTS! Variety Show

    BTS' second variety show on their V App channel was also focused around playing physical games and challenges. Run BTS! ~Season One~ Episode 1: Introduction Episode 2: "The Best Man" Challenge Episode 3: Amusement Park Episode 4: 30 Second Challenges in a Swimming Pool Episode 5: 100 Second Athletics Episode 6: Confessions part 1 Episode 6: Confessions part 2 Episode 7: Paint Ball War Episode 8: Find the Flags Episode 9: Bungee Jumping Episode 10: Who Was the Spy? ~Season Two~ Episode 11: Classroom Skit Episode 12: COPS Episode 13: Spy Who Returned pt 1 Episode 14: Spy Who Returned pt 2 Episode 15: Spy Who Returned pt 3 Episode 16: Winter Olympics Episode 17: Arcade Olympics pt 1 Episode 18: Arcade Olympics pt 2 Episode 19: Bowling Episode 20: Taste of Korea Episode 21: Board Games Episode 22: Chuseok Special Episode 23: Pet Friends Episode 24: BTS vs Zombies Episode 25: BTS Gaming Skillz Episode 26: Secret Agent Episode 27: Mental Training pt 1 Episode 28: Mental Training pt 2 Episode 29: Fashion Show Episode 30: Recreating Old Variety Shows pt 1 Episode 31: Recreating Old Variety Shows pt 2