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  1. ACTIVE [Individual] TAETAE LAND (태태랜드) twitter | youtube Velicitas (벨리치타스) website| twitter | instagram VMABOY twitter | youtube | weibo Meant to V twitter To My Darling (투마이달링) twitter | youtube SPARKLING ICE twitter | instagram be ma bebe website | twitter VECEMBER twitter Winter Glow twitter EHEH V (김또또) website | twitter LUV STRUCK website | twitter | youtube At The Moment , All The Moment website | twitter NEED U, BABY website | twitter King of The Heart twitter DelightV website | twitter | youtube HARUHARU (하루하루) twitter | instagram Visual Shock (비주얼 쇼크) twitter VTAC (브이택) twitter Winter StrawVerry website | twitter | instagram READYMADE (레디메이드) twitter EHEH LOVE U (태태러브유) twitter V GUARDIAN website | twitter AWESOME TAETAE twitter | youtube MY LITTLE VALENTINE twitter Limelight website | twitter | youtube BLOOMING V twitter | instagram THE V twitter Man Of the Match website | twitter Vivid Black (비비드블랙) twitter VOSS twitter RENDEZ V twitter BECAUSE OF V website | twitter | instagram 태태야 twitter TEMPERATURE V website | twitter 컨트롤뷔 twitter SUMMER MAGIC twitter | instagramCHERRY BLOSSOM twitterBRING ME PEACE website | twitter | ask.fm ForeverForV twitter 부비부비 twitter | instagram The Most_V twitter | ask.fm Bonnie Butterfly website| twitter | youtube Veatrice twitter | master V THE VEST (뷔 더 베스트) website | twitter STEEZ V website | twitter V BE BIG website | twitter TIME TO LOVE 타임투러브 twitter | youtube Sweet Ocean twitter EL AMANECER (엘 아마네쎌) website | twitter LIKE A BUTTERFLY (나비처럼) twitter PRINCEV (프린스뷔) twitter December Boy twitter VIBRANT CLEF twitter TAETAE DAISY twitter SERENDIVITY (세렌디뷔티) twitter LOVE IT! twitter THE SCISSORS twitter Honey Jar twitter Baby, V twitter MYDEARTAETAE twitter VASCINATING V twitter Alexander V twitter VAMPIRE TAETAE twitter Taehyung Bear (태형베어) twitter LOVABLE V (러버블뷔) twitter Vodka twitter Venediction (베네딕션) twitter | ask.fm Trick or Treat twitter Twinkle Taetae twitter OnlyForTAETAE twitter Baidu V Bar twitter | weibo | baidu V SECOND (브이세컨드) twitter 태느님 twitter milkymilky twitter FairyTae twitter MIRacle_V website | twitter | youtube [V & Jungkook] Hello VK twitter 뷔태태꾹 twitter| youtube | instagram ByMySide_KookV twitter Bunny Kitty website | twitter Divine Treasure website | twitter | youtube [V & Suga] BOW WOW website| twitter PEIS twitter CaramelxVS twitter [V & Jimin] VeMine95 twitter YOU AND I (유앤아) twitter 5959 twitter | youtube 김꼬모 twitter ITSMEFANN twitter dodamdodam (도담도담) twitter MySweetFlutters twitter LUMANMAN95 twitter [V, Jimin & Jungkook] PISTACHIO twitter [OT7] BTSBPHKFC website| twitter | youtube MINGGA92 twitter Bangtan Killa twitter CANDYBTS twitter SERENDIPITY twitter INACTIVE/RESTING 뷔스타 twitter Victory twitter 뷕터리! website | twitter Running Time website | twitter | youtube BLACK CHERRY twitter MYSWEETAETAE (달아요) website | twitter Vitamin (뷔타민) twitter BLUEcapsule website | twitter YouAreOne_V twitter | youtube Vehind The V website | twitter WannaV website | twitter CRAZY PLAY website | twitter | instagram V All Right twitter Love Some V twitter Air Bridge website | twitter CtrlV1230 twitter KimTaehyungATM website | youtube Lovesome V twitter Night Breeze website V Fanbases/Fan Pages 뷔팬베이스 twitter V Philippines twitter FOR TAEHYUNG (TH fanbase) twitter VANTASTIC_V twitter V Chile twitter V Brasil twitter Taehyung Myanmar twitter V BTS France twitter V Argentina twitter VallrightTHAILAND twitter Taehyung Spain twitter TAEJIN INTERNATIONAL (V & Jin) twitter TEAM태꾹 INDONESIA (V & Jungkook) twitter 뷔민국 말레이시아 (V, Jimin & Jungkook) twitter TAEGI WORLD (V & Suga) twitter SOURCES: fy! kim taehyung, bangtanlists, entireocean, uglybabybear, bangtanintl and btsdiary (i combined these lists and added new fansites) CREDITS: layout inspired by @dorkprincess senpai LAST UPDATED: 12/12/2016 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please check FY! Kim Taehyung for editing rules for each fansite. Please tell me if there are any mistakes or if I left out a fansite!
  2. first of all, let me say that I did some search here at BBase and have found some posts about SASAENG/SASAENG BEHAVIOUR but couldn't find one especifically about this subject alone. also please, mods, if there's anything wrong with this thread (wrong sub-forum or tags, or just the thread in general) please let me know. Due to today's events regarding some MORE sasaeng (obsessed ARMYS trying to constantly invade BTS' privacy) incidents, I think it's a good thing to keep a list of profiles already banned by BigHit or fansites that shows problematic behaviour towards the boys, so we can all unfollow, block & report in cases where they were not blocked yet. I'm putting some usernames from today's incident, but i'm pretty sure we already had some issues in the past, i'll do my best to keep the list updated so you guys will know what we should avoid in our fandom. but i'm hopefully praying so I won't have to do it hahaha Please, this is not a thread for putting any names and drag them all over social media (TWITTER especially), let's be careful to not point fingers against innocent people. And remember, just block & report, don't engage, we're not bullies. also, is there any fansite that y'all think it's worth to mention? I remember one day when MAJORSCALE and NUNA_V (and I think there was more yoongi fansites as well but I can't remember) were dragged for hanging around with some of the sasaengs, but they're already came in public with their clarifications, so I don't think they need to be blocked. I was kinda scared because I really like them.
  3. This is a pretty helpful resource to have, so heres a list of Jin fansites in order of their follower count~ Last updated: January 16, 2018 graphics cr. to the lovely sweaterpawsjimin ♥ Bold = over 300k followers, italics = over 200k followers, underline = over 100k followers Improving Jin @improving_Jin JINism @921204_J SENSATION @19921204net Jin Time @_Jintime Spoonful @JINSpoonful Dandelion @dandelionforjin 1 0 s e c o n d s @jin10seconds COSMIC BLOOM, @921204net JUST DO EAT ‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅ @justdoeat_jin Radiant @Radiant_Jin Shine On Me @ShineOnMe_Jin Free Loop @freeloop_jin The Equator @thequator1204 PINK ADE @921204com IN YOUR EYES @inyoureyes_jin Guiding Star ✨ @GuidingStar1204 BEAT MODE @beatmode_1204 원앤온리♡석진 @oneandonly_jin 진달래 @JINdallae_1204 Yoshi's Island @Yoshis_Island92 DreamJin @dreamjin1204 Pink Mario @pinkmario_1204 Jinspiration @Jinspiration92 Pastel Mood @PastelMoodJin A LITTLE BRAVER @ALittleBraver92 HEART HUNTER @HHT_JIN 진이픽쳐스 @JINs_Pictures Jingle Bell @JingleBell_1204 MEMORY BOOK @memorybook_Jin 어떡하진 @oddokajin lepetitrose @lepetitrose1204 첫눈 @snow921204 석진이는 모해 @mohae_jin 진통제 @Anodynia_Jin Money_JIN @Money_JIN1204 JinxSuga 끄랩치 @chlapci_ OT7 밍까 @mingga92 Haru @1015haru1015 J I N R I @Jinjin13000418 Rice..(`Д)/☆☆ @ricesgogo PINK MOMENT ❀ @PINKMOMENT_ Other Jin Sites jin archive, @jinarchive -> archive of HD Jin pictures Apple Tape, @appletapebts -> HQ 4K Jin fancams 진수니, @seokjin_GIF -> HQ Gifs RUN TO JIN, @runtojin -> HQ Gifs 진심, @sincerelyjins -> Jin fancommunity (pics, gifs) seokjin fancams @seokjin_fancams jin pics, @JINPlCS -> Jin pics and gifs Closed / Rest / Inactive