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Found 2 results

  1. ACTIVE [Individual] TAETAE LAND (태태랜드) twitter | youtube Velicitas (벨리치타스) website| twitter | instagram VMABOY twitter | youtube | weibo Meant to V twitter To My Darling (투마이달링) twitter | youtube SPARKLING ICE twitter | instagram be ma bebe website | twitter VECEMBER twitter Winter Glow twitter EHEH V (김또또) website | twitter LUV STRUCK website | twitter | youtube At The Moment , All The Moment website | twitter NEED U, BABY website | twitter King of The Heart twitter DelightV website | twitter | youtube HARUHARU (하루하루) twitter | instagram Visual Shock (비주얼 쇼크) twitter VTAC (브이택) twitter Winter StrawVerry website | twitter | instagram READYMADE (레디메이드) twitter EHEH LOVE U (태태러브유) twitter V GUARDIAN website | twitter AWESOME TAETAE twitter | youtube MY LITTLE VALENTINE twitter Limelight website | twitter | youtube BLOOMING V twitter | instagram THE V twitter Man Of the Match website | twitter Vivid Black (비비드블랙) twitter VOSS twitter RENDEZ V twitter BECAUSE OF V website | twitter | instagram 태태야 twitter TEMPERATURE V website | twitter 컨트롤뷔 twitter SUMMER MAGIC twitter | instagramCHERRY BLOSSOM twitterBRING ME PEACE website | twitter | ask.fm ForeverForV twitter 부비부비 twitter | instagram The Most_V twitter | ask.fm Bonnie Butterfly website| twitter | youtube Veatrice twitter | master V THE VEST (뷔 더 베스트) website | twitter STEEZ V website | twitter V BE BIG website | twitter TIME TO LOVE 타임투러브 twitter | youtube Sweet Ocean twitter EL AMANECER (엘 아마네쎌) website | twitter LIKE A BUTTERFLY (나비처럼) twitter PRINCEV (프린스뷔) twitter December Boy twitter VIBRANT CLEF twitter TAETAE DAISY twitter SERENDIVITY (세렌디뷔티) twitter LOVE IT! twitter THE SCISSORS twitter Honey Jar twitter Baby, V twitter MYDEARTAETAE twitter VASCINATING V twitter Alexander V twitter VAMPIRE TAETAE twitter Taehyung Bear (태형베어) twitter LOVABLE V (러버블뷔) twitter Vodka twitter Venediction (베네딕션) twitter | ask.fm Trick or Treat twitter Twinkle Taetae twitter OnlyForTAETAE twitter Baidu V Bar twitter | weibo | baidu V SECOND (브이세컨드) twitter 태느님 twitter milkymilky twitter FairyTae twitter MIRacle_V website | twitter | youtube [V & Jungkook] Hello VK twitter 뷔태태꾹 twitter| youtube | instagram ByMySide_KookV twitter Bunny Kitty website | twitter Divine Treasure website | twitter | youtube [V & Suga] BOW WOW website| twitter PEIS twitter CaramelxVS twitter [V & Jimin] VeMine95 twitter YOU AND I (유앤아) twitter 5959 twitter | youtube 김꼬모 twitter ITSMEFANN twitter dodamdodam (도담도담) twitter MySweetFlutters twitter LUMANMAN95 twitter [V, Jimin & Jungkook] PISTACHIO twitter [OT7] BTSBPHKFC website| twitter | youtube MINGGA92 twitter Bangtan Killa twitter CANDYBTS twitter SERENDIPITY twitter INACTIVE/RESTING 뷔스타 twitter Victory twitter 뷕터리! website | twitter Running Time website | twitter | youtube BLACK CHERRY twitter MYSWEETAETAE (달아요) website | twitter Vitamin (뷔타민) twitter BLUEcapsule website | twitter YouAreOne_V twitter | youtube Vehind The V website | twitter WannaV website | twitter CRAZY PLAY website | twitter | instagram V All Right twitter Love Some V twitter Air Bridge website | twitter CtrlV1230 twitter KimTaehyungATM website | youtube Lovesome V twitter Night Breeze website V Fanbases/Fan Pages 뷔팬베이스 twitter V Philippines twitter FOR TAEHYUNG (TH fanbase) twitter VANTASTIC_V twitter V Chile twitter V Brasil twitter Taehyung Myanmar twitter V BTS France twitter V Argentina twitter VallrightTHAILAND twitter Taehyung Spain twitter TAEJIN INTERNATIONAL (V & Jin) twitter TEAM태꾹 INDONESIA (V & Jungkook) twitter 뷔민국 말레이시아 (V, Jimin & Jungkook) twitter TAEGI WORLD (V & Suga) twitter SOURCES: fy! kim taehyung, bangtanlists, entireocean, uglybabybear, bangtanintl and btsdiary (i combined these lists and added new fansites) CREDITS: layout inspired by @dorkprincess senpai LAST UPDATED: 12/12/2016 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please check FY! Kim Taehyung for editing rules for each fansite. Please tell me if there are any mistakes or if I left out a fansite!
  2. This is a pretty helpful resource to have, so heres a list of Jin fansites in order of their follower count~ Last updated: January 16, 2018 graphics cr. to the lovely sweaterpawsjimin ♥ Bold = over 300k followers, italics = over 200k followers, underline = over 100k followers Improving Jin @improving_Jin JINism @921204_J SENSATION @19921204net Jin Time @_Jintime Spoonful @JINSpoonful Dandelion @dandelionforjin 1 0 s e c o n d s @jin10seconds COSMIC BLOOM, @921204net JUST DO EAT ‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅ @justdoeat_jin Radiant @Radiant_Jin Shine On Me @ShineOnMe_Jin Free Loop @freeloop_jin The Equator @thequator1204 PINK ADE @921204com IN YOUR EYES @inyoureyes_jin Guiding Star ✨ @GuidingStar1204 BEAT MODE @beatmode_1204 원앤온리♡석진 @oneandonly_jin 진달래 @JINdallae_1204 Yoshi's Island @Yoshis_Island92 DreamJin @dreamjin1204 Pink Mario @pinkmario_1204 Jinspiration @Jinspiration92 Pastel Mood @PastelMoodJin A LITTLE BRAVER @ALittleBraver92 HEART HUNTER @HHT_JIN 진이픽쳐스 @JINs_Pictures Jingle Bell @JingleBell_1204 MEMORY BOOK @memorybook_Jin 어떡하진 @oddokajin lepetitrose @lepetitrose1204 첫눈 @snow921204 석진이는 모해 @mohae_jin 진통제 @Anodynia_Jin Money_JIN @Money_JIN1204 JinxSuga 끄랩치 @chlapci_ OT7 밍까 @mingga92 Haru @1015haru1015 J I N R I @Jinjin13000418 Rice..(`Д)/☆☆ @ricesgogo PINK MOMENT ❀ @PINKMOMENT_ Other Jin Sites jin archive, @jinarchive -> archive of HD Jin pictures Apple Tape, @appletapebts -> HQ 4K Jin fancams 진수니, @seokjin_GIF -> HQ Gifs RUN TO JIN, @runtojin -> HQ Gifs 진심, @sincerelyjins -> Jin fancommunity (pics, gifs) seokjin fancams @seokjin_fancams jin pics, @JINPlCS -> Jin pics and gifs Closed / Rest / Inactive
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