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Found 3 results

  1. Video Forum Posting Guide General Information There are five video subsections: MVs & Teasers, Performances, Dance Practices, Radio/Audio, and BTS Channel. Anything that does not obviously fall under any of those categories goes in the main Videos forum. When posting new video threads, it's best to use the original title of the content you're uploading as the thread title where possible and you can add any extra information like the channel or uploader that might make it clearer what the video is and where it's from. Always choose an appropriate prefix for your post. A guide to sections and prefixes is below. Please include the date the video was released/broadcast in the title in the Korean YYMMDD format. Please use the tag box! Tag information like which members are involved, where the video is from, what type of content it is and/or any keywords that you think may help people find the video. This will be very helpful as the number of threads grows. If you have any questions or you were unsure about where or how to post a particular video, please message or tag me @monimoni and I can help you out! Section and Prefix Guide MVs & Teasers Official releases of teasers and MVs of BTS' music go in this section There are two main prefixes used here which are simply 'mv' or 'teaser' Performances Any videos of live and stage performances go in this section. Please use the 'award show' prefix for any major award show performances such as the MAMA awards and the Golden Disk Awards etc. The 'music festival' prefix is for events like end of year shows such as Gayo Daejun as well as larger multi-artist events like KCon and Dream Concert. The 'music show' prefix is for performances from weekly music broadcasts like M! Countdown and Inkigayo. The 'concert' prefix is for any Bangtan concerts and events like the HYYH On Stage series and performances from fan meetings. There is a 'fancam' prefix for any group and individual focus fancam footage. This includes fantaken videos and official music show uploads in the format of a fancam, such as the MPD M2 channel videos. Use the 'misc' prefix for any performances that do not fit in one of the above categories like full song performances during variety show appearances, for example. The performance section is only for music and stage performances. Any content from the above events that is not a stage performance, for example, backstage footage from music shows, belongs in the Videos forum. Dance Practice This section is simply for any official dance practice videos and currently does not require you to choose a prefix. Dance versions of MVs, however, belong in the MVs and Teasers section. Radio/Audio This section is for any audio content you want to share that does not have it's own video. Use the 'soundcloud' prefix for any uploads from BTS official soundcloud account. Use the 'audio' prefix for any audio content not from soundcloud, like Jin & V's Hwarang soundtrack, for example. Use the 'radio' prefix for any radio show content. Any radio appearances that also include video of Bangtan in the studio belongs in the main Videos forum with the same 'radio' prefix. BTS Channel This section is for video uploads on the official BANGTANTV YouTube channel. There are prefixes for 'bangtan bomb', 'bts episode', and 'log', as well as an extra prefix for 'eat jin' and the title of the original video should tell you which prefix to use. For logs, you only need to put the date from the video title into the thread title which is the date that the log was originally recorded. For every other type of video, please include the date it was uploaded instead. Videos All V Live content, including both live broadcasts and recorded shows like BTS Gayo, go in the main videos forum with the 'v-app' prefix. Appearances by Bangtan members on main episodes of variety shows go in this section with the 'variety show' prefix. This prefix also includes appearances on web series that have a variety show format like Celebrity Bromance and Idol Arcade. The 'general tv' prefix is for any extra TV content that isn't a full variety show or performance. This mainly includes things like behind the scenes videos, hosting cuts, and non-performance content from music shows. All previews and teasers of any content that are not official BTS channel teasers go in the main videos forum with the 'teaser' prefix. Any interview videos go in this section with the 'interview' prefix. Any videos that are from news outlets or that provide new information go in the main section with the 'news' prefix. Anything else you want to share that doesn't fit clearly into other categories can go in the main video forum with the 'other' prefix. Try to use this sparingly as most videos will fit in another category. **If you are unsure where to put a video, it's best to just post it anyway and then tag a mod who can move or edit it if necessary!**