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Found 19 results

  1. ALBUM-TRACKS 1."Intro: Serendipity" 2."DNA" 3."Best of Me" 4. Dimple 5."Pied Piper" 6."Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech" 7."MIC Drop" 8. (Go Go) 9."Outro: Her" Which song do you like the best? Which song do you think is underrated? Which song according to is the least favorite? Out of the 7, whom do you think got the chance to shine during this album? If you get a chance to select the title for their next album what would you name it?
  2. 'K-STOP' PODCAST: DAY6, YOONA, PENTAGON, AND HOW BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF: HER' COULD SMASH IN AMERICA This isn't a groundbreaking broadcast but I found it interesting anyway. BTS discussion starts at around 45:45 where they discuss the Chainsmokers collab and how BTS might chart in the US
  3. Spotify Album of the Year. 'HER' Majesty now available on iTunes/ Apple Music
  4. [INFO] BTS Japanese Single album release on Dec 6th with Japanese version of Mic Drop, DNA & Crystal Snow (new song) There will be 4 versions for BTS 8th Japanese single. (Limited ed A, B, C & Regular ver.) MIC DROP Japanese ver. MV
  5. Uploaded by KBSkpop : DNA & Mic Drop T/N: Will update when KBS World release their video
  6. lets talk about the tracks. im really curious to see what do you think of each song and which song is your favourite. LETS GO
  7. . [INFO] BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' will be released on September 18th. Pre-order starts on August 25th. Album details will be released at a later date. (trans; cr.) UPDATE: BTS has now shared new information about their upcoming release, following their big announcement earlier today. The group will be releasing a mini album entitled “LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’” on September 18. It has been described as the first album in their “Love Yourself” series, which is planned to continue on into 2018. The mini album is said to portray young people who have fallen in love. There will be four versions of the mini album, and it will include a hidden track that was produced by Rap Monster. [...] (naver) (soompi) UPDATE (2) : [INFO] BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' consists of: -100p photobook (4 ver. L,O,V,E) - 20p hyyh the notes mini book (4 ver.) - 1 CD (includes 2 hidden tracks) - 1 sticker pack - 1 poster (4 ver.) - 29 photocards total (7 for each album ver. and you get 1 by random + 1 special photocard for first press/edition) There will be 4 versions and if you preorder you'll receive a random album, but you may choose to buy all 4 versions as a set. Preorder period is Aug 25th - Sept 17th! (bts_bighit) (Bulletproof_SG)
  8. I just realized the old thread from YNWA is still pinned, but I have come back with a completely reformatted guide to more easily help new ARMY ^^ Here's the link to the original guide that I will continue to update, I suggest looking there because I won't continually update this post~ But for the lazy I will copy/paste the (current) contents here: WHAT CAN I DO BEFORE SEPTEMBER 18? HOT 100 PREPARATION MUSIC SHOWS Let's make this comeback the best one yet!