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Found 21 results

  1. This is only pre order and it can go up For reference, BTS' last single was Chi Ase Namida and it currently has 264k sales with 238k first week sales. So BTS passed their total chi Ase Namida sales with only a pre order.
  2. non-no magazine will be releasing its January issue featuring 100 answers from BTS next week! The regular edition includes solo shots and the extra edition will include group shots! (trans credit) BTS featured in 2017 August issue
  3. [INFO] BTS Japanese Single album release on Dec 6th with Japanese version of Mic Drop, DNA & Crystal Snow (new song) There will be 4 versions for BTS 8th Japanese single. (Limited ed A, B, C & Regular ver.) MIC DROP Japanese ver. MV
  4. Korea's seven-member hip-hop group BTS held their first dome concert in Kyocera Dome, Osaka on the 14th and 15th. They debuted in 2013 and after one year had their debut in Japan. A group with a growing popularity around the world finally hit the much-awaited large stage. The tickets were sold out immediately and they have mobilized 80,000 people for the 2-day concert. V (21) who was filled with emotions was unintentionally moved to tears with the success during the end part of the last stage. "The weight of a dome concert is absolutely not light. Thank you to everyone who are here that we are able to stand on this stage with smiling faces." Leader RAP MONSTER (23) was immersed in deep emotions as the filled up space right before his eyes was being burned into his memory on the 15th, the second day of concert. The meaning behind the group's name BTS (Boudan Shounendan) is 'to stop the oppression & prejudice directed at teens & 20s, protecting our own music.' The good-looking seven-member group who uses hip-hop as a weapon was born as K-POP continues to be highly appreciated all around the world. RAP MONSTER's English proficiency and pronunciation are acknowledged, thus, the circle of fans gradually spread out throughout the world. They held their first world tour this year starting from February until July. They carried out 32 stages in 10 countries in North America, South America, & Asia mobilizing approximately 400,000 people. Their latest album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her' which was simultaneously released in the world on 9/18 got 1st place in iTunes Album Chart in 73 countries including Japan. Even in the US they also achieved Korea's highest historical rank 7 in Billboard 200 Chart. In Japan, they placed 1st in Oricon for the first time with their 4th single 'FOR YOU' in 2015. In September of last year, the album 'YOUTH' ranked the historical 1st for a foreign hip-hop group. It's been 3 years and 4 months since their Japan debut. Their fans called 'ARMY' led them in their first dome concert. They performed the in sync choreography of 22 songs including 'DNA' from their latest album which also broke 20M views in the video-sharing website 'Youtube' and their latest single 'Chi, Ase, Namida'. "Our dream came true now, we are in this reality together with everybody. Thank you for today and yesterday too. Kyocera dome, we'll definitely come again. Dome and Osaka, I love you!!", J-HOPE (23) on the big stage promised for another meeting while mixing words in Kansai dialect. ◆ New song to be released on 12/06 In their concert on the 15th, they announced on stage that they will release their 8th single in December 06 in Japan. It is their first triple A single which includes the Japanese version of 'DNA' and a Japanese original winter song etc. <BTS> As trainees in their company they polished their techniques before debut and in the end with RAP MONSTER, V, JIMIN, JIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, SUGA, the seven-member group was formed. They debuted in Korea in June 2013 with the single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL'. They released their debut single 'NO MORE DREAM (Japanese version)' in Japan in June 2014. (Original Article, Translations by prancingmaria)
  5. Group BTS ranked No. 10 in Japan Oricon Chart for the first half sales figures as the only foreign artist. On the 14th, Oricon Style, the largest site in Japan that counts the sales of albums, released the market report that calculated the first half of soft music market (single, album, music DVD). According to the report, BTS was the only foreign artist to enter their name in the single, album and music DVD sections. BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" released on May 10th got them on the 10th place in the Single chart.It was announced that they were the first foreign artist to sell over 200,000 copies with a single album in 6 years. BTS's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" recorded 238,795 copies in the first week. Other popular Japanese idols like AKB48, Arashi, Nogizaka46, Kanjani Eigh, and Hey! Hey! Jump were also in the ranking. BTS's performance stood out among the popular Japanese singers. BTS has sold 200,000 copies in a week with Blood Sweat & Tears in just 2 years and 11 months since their debut in Japan. This is the fastest record set by the foreign artist until now. They also expressed their gratitude, "This is possible because of ARMYs (fanclub) who supports us always" Original article here Users who commented on this article 1. self-producing, composing and lyric writing skills, and world class choreography! our BTS makes us proud from everywhere they go! Let's fighting for the second half of the year as well~ +315 -2 2. keuuu amazing outcome in both Korea and overseas^^ BTS who always works hard, let's fighting for the second half as well! +296 -3 3. as expected~ no matter what they say, they prove with records all the time. I'm proud of them +274 -3 4. let's continue to walk on the rainbow road just like this. I will support you from everywhere... +245 -2 5. I thought they were just so-so until FIRE but I slowly fell in love since BST and then became a fan since Spring Day +212 -3 6. they slowly grew their potential and they overcame hardships to achieve their present outcome and this makes me happier! they are just a star that shines briefly. I'm happier because they became a star who will shine for a long time. Fighting!! +116 -0 7. as expected from BTS! I will anticipate for the second half~ +106 -0 8. thank you so much for making music that makes me want to listen to them more and I think you guys are preparing hard for the second half comeback. I will always support you and wait for you +105 -0 9. news that makes me strength from morning~ BTS makes me want to see them even when I'm watching them... this makes me miss them more~ ^^ +107 -1 10. I went to Trampoline Park with my daughter in Sydney and I was surprised when I saw Australian girls singing to Save me ㅎㅎ as expected from BTS!! +100 -0 Translated by Peachisoda
  6. Full scan + semi-HQ LQ Translations here
  7. This is BTS Book Unreleased cuts Article Translations non-no making film
  8. [TRANS] It's BTS first appearance in "non-no" magazine in its August issue which will be released on 6/20. They will show the 7-members' image through a 12-page big feature "THIS IS BTS BOOK." Since it's non-no's anniversary, they will feature special contents in non-no webpage for three days starting from the 20th, so please don't miss it! Schedule: 6/20 (Tues) Special movie making 6/21 (Weds) Unreleased cuts part 1 6/22 (Thurs) Unreleased cuts part 2 Trans; cr. prancingmaria [INFO] BTS will appear in Nonno Magazine August-issue (release on June 20) and they will release a special article too. T/N: Its a prestigious and well known lifestyle magazine in Japan. This is not just the male targeted one but BTS is appearing in the actual nonno which is a bigger deal! edit: PREVIEW edit 2: [Photos] Non-No Magazine edit 3: Non-No Special Movie Making
  9. The first time I took photos and covered BTS was exactly two years ago. That day, the moment the seven-members appeared in the studio, I clearly remembered I thought “they’re ‘cute’ as they were walking” (laughs). That image of course, but more than that they are people who bring about charming atmosphere and they are a (group) who works very hard. They have become big stars now with fans all over the world, so this time too such charm was strong. “2, 3…we’re BTS!…please look after us!”, with their energetic greeting we started the photoshoot and coverage. With consecutive events and photoshoot, you wouldn’t sense their tiredness, they were cheerfully smiling the whole time and as what we have anticipated the 7 members perfectly responded to the photoshoot and interview. Thinking “It’d be a blessing if we had such sons”, admiring perfectly from a standpoint of aunts and uncles, we are the anan team. All members gathered at the same place, it gave me the impression that they will naturally start to dance. First of all, the scene where J-HOPE-san and JIMIN-san whose breathing are approximately the same (but in some way we can confirm thru the choreography) naturally started to dance and in no time the other members also joined, and ended up laughing in the end happened many times. Naturally and looking like they’re having fun dancing the choreography they’ve certainly practiced and performed hundreds of times in a place where there are no audience and of course no music is amazing right? Then, it was two days after the photoshoot when I was further impressed. It’s about my conversation with the assistant stylist, O-kun over the phone after the photoshoot. With the preparation of many clothes and busy filming, I’m sure he must be tired, so I told him “It was difficult, right? Thank you”, but unexpectedly with a cheerful voice he said, “Not at all! I really had fun. All the members are very nice, they spoke to me in Japanese…”, it was somehow an unusual impression. “For example, J-HOPE-san asked me 'What kind of fashion is popular in Japan?’, so I replied 'These days (there’s a) brand that influences us’, he immediately searched it up and said 'It seems like it suits my style’, I was pleased!”, he vividly reported. “Everyone was really kind and friendly”, he said, whatever I heard were high praises from O-kun (laughs). It was a moment wherein even if it’s in a waiting room a male staff of the same generation (a little older) got his heart captured that once again BTS’ “strength as humans” was felt. For this reason, there’s no way the photos will not be beautiful! This and that too, I wanted to let everyone see! It’s the first time too for anan to have two versions. We are happy if we introduce the seven-members’ personalities and group’s brilliance to many people thru this magazine. (Y) Translation by prancingmaria Please take out with credits. Related topics: Anan magazine Photos Anan magazine Making Film
  10. official upload alternatives Photos Here>>>
  11. PON! 170614 summary of first part: anan having 2 versions, a first in its 47-year history Wings topping itunes in 97 countries BST MV with breaking 145M views BBMA win WINGS tour First JPN TV appearance in Sukkiri last month Sukkiri’s twitter got more than 70k likes and more than 30k retweets with not only messages in Japanese, but English and other languages Shinkigeki guesting with lots of female audiences with light sticks (this shocked the panel lol) start from 2:46 We’re gonna go out in the streets and find out why they are popular… Yamamoto Hiroshi: we came here in Okubo Station. This rain will be blown away as we feel the heat/enthusiasm of fans. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Do you listen a lot to Boudan Shounendan? F1: Yes, I do…I do! I play their songs frequently. Their choreography…individuality F2: I bought a lot of their posters. Yamamoto Hiroshi: So how about your room? F2: It’s full of their posters. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Eh~~? F2: *shows phone* their orderly on top of my bed…omg, this is embarassing! F3: I love them. Bangtan! Yamamoto Hiroshi: Bangtan? F3: Their Korean official name is… F4: Bang-tan-Son-yeon-dan Yamamoto Hiroshi: And that in Japanese becomes “Boudan Shounendan”…and everyone, the fans call them “Bangtan”….Oh, I’ve learned this (just now) F3: *giggles* F4: I pass by a Korean language school…and there are many people who says "I like Bangtan"…Fans are called “ARMY” Yamamoto Hiroshi: ARMY F4: They have the image of a military group, so the group and the bulletproof vest must always be together…ARMY = group, so it has the meaning of them always being with their ARMY. Yamamoto Hiroshi: Is that so?! *info overload lol*…In the first place, why are you studying in a Korean language school? F4: Because I like Boudan Shounendan. >> What’s the reason why the world supports Bangtan? We talked about it with a KPOP journalist, Furuyama Masayuki san. Furuya Masayuki: There are different groups who are advancing globally, but the music that they do is really..they’ve adopted the western sound well. I think there are a few group with that sound showing uniform/synchronized dance. >BS&T mv for everyone’s eyes to see aka visuals and dancing here and there aka heart attack< Furuya Masayuki: The strength of Korea (KPOP), it’s good to put hip-hop as the base of the music. The starting point of that is Korean language pronunciation is close to English. With the cool performance and sound showing, (their) root is really like that of the youth. Furthermore, they debuted as “the spokespeople of youth in their 10’s.” And from there, the strength of being the voice of who they represent…they think simultaneously with their fans, so the (fans) are crazy about them/addicted to them. SG: Everyone, please look forward to it! BTS: This has been BTS! >panel time< Masuda Okada: Amazing! Yamamoto Hiroshi: Fans say their dances are cool, and when they are not dancing, they are cute. The gap is irresistible. We’ve talked about their individual points. Masuda Okada: As for their dancing, what can you say Gun-chan about their dance? Gun-chan: The choreography looks so difficult and they dance in sync. They’re cool! Masuda Okada: They are a cool bunch of guys!….How about their sound, Hyadain-san? Hyadain: …Their sound…definitely in the Billboard…. Masuda Okada: (I’m surprised) that Korean pronunciation is close to English. Hyadain: Fans like their Japanese version, but they also like the Korean version…and you know, I think they’re popular among the likes of Momoka chan’s group. Masuda Okada: Do you know them? Momoka-chan: Yes, I know them. My members watch them on TV…I notice them well. Masuda Okada: How about you Kojima-san? Haruna Kojima: I really often hear them from girls and editors…the (people from) the fashion industry also like them. Masuda Okada: Ah, they are on the front cover this time, right? Such pattern is the first time….really amazing! T/N: Furuya Masayuki is our famous KPOP journalist who knows Bangtan Hyadain is a composer, lyricist, and musician whose main work is composing anime theme songs Gun-chan is a member of EXILE and Sandaime J Soul Brothers Momoka-chan is a member of the group “Fairies” Haruna Kojima is a former member of AKB48 Translations by prancingmaria May repost / use translation w/credit
  12. Special edition [anan 2057th issue] Member to member confession in a relay style! “This charm of yours makes my heart beat fast” JIN ➡️ SUGA (in a low tone) I like your quiet, careful consideration. It becomes comfortable to be together in a room. You’re my lifetime roommate….Suga makes me a poet (laughs). SUGA ➡️ J-HOPE Always positively facing everything with his 130% crossing over his limits is his charm. My heart isn’t beating fast though. Afterall…it doesn’t flutter since we are both men! (laughs) J-HOPE ➡️ RAP MONSTER He has an extreme desire to improve his music and foreign language. It’s a good motivation and so this so called “anxious” makes my heart beat fast (laughs). As a leader, he is dependable in pulling everyone. My heart flutters. RAP MONSTER ➡️ JIMIN Just by incidentally looking at JIMIN , I think he is sexy even for a man like me. His form when he dances is flexible and among the group, his body is small with a baby face and yet he has muscles. You’ll be captivated. JIMIN ➡️ V Succeeding and failing when doing unexpected actions. He always thinks of making us happy, so with his crazy behaviour, he becomes an adorable obedient person. You can’t keep your eyes off him! V ➡️ JUNGKOOK The child-like facial expressions he shows unexpectedly, like a young (person) who goes around the members, I think looking at him being the youngest is cute. But even so, he is a strong man. I wonder if the gap is good? JUNGKOOK ➡️ JIN Handsome with wide shoulders is his charm. But…my heart isn’t beating fast. Really! Ah, sometimes when he says “oh?” on stage, my heart beats fast, so I send him a signal (laughs). Trans; cr. prancingmaria (tumblr | twitter)
  13. BTS' 7th Japanese single, "Chi Ase Namida" with its three-day initial response sold 223, 082 copies, after that extended to selling approximately 90,000 more copies, a total of 310,276 copies for its first week of total sales and ranked number 1 in weekly singles sales chart. BTS is the only Asian artist nominated for Top Social Artist in the upcoming 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and "Not Today" and "Spring Day" occupy 1st and 2nd spots in Billboard's Twitter Real Time Chart "Trending 140", both creating big buzz in both Japan and in the US, it seems like this influence will continue for a while. HKT48's "Bagutte Iijan" which ranked number 8 in the singles chart sold 15,150 with a total of 398,544 copies, thus, on the verge of selling 40,000. On the other hand, Keyakisaka46's "Fukyouwaon" in rank number 10 sold 10,461 with a total of 787, 838 copies, which is close to selling 80,000 copies. Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales 170508~170515 1 - Chi Ase Namida - BTS - 310,276 copies 2 - Terunero Fighter - m!lk - 51,503 copies 3 - Saihate Aini / Sennou - RADWIMPS - 36,233 copies 4 - DO PARTY - DOBERMAN INFINITY - 32,436 copies 5 - SHAKE - CNBLUE - 26,565 copies Original Article Translations by prancingmaria
  14. The 7th Japanese single “Chi, Ase, Namida” of Korean seven-member group, BTS, which was released 05/10 sold 238,795 copies on its first week and ranked number 1 in Oricon’s 05/22 Weekly Single Ranking. This is their 2nd time topping the singles chart after three previous releases. They’ve broken thru selling 200,000 copies in weekly sales since their Japan debut two years and 11 months ago, and had recorded the fastest to do so among foreign artists. BTS debuted in Japan and ranked at number 8 with the single “NO MORE DREAM - Japanese ver” in June 2014. Their current hit and first single under Universal Music Japan “Chi, Ase, Namida - Japanese ver” garnered 100 million Youtube views and sold at about twice their previous single “RUN - Japanese ver- (released March of last year with 124,000 copies first week sales) during its first week. They’ve recorded first in sales among foreign artists in the first half of the year. Mariah Carey’s "Koibitotachi ni Kurisumasu” (95/01/02 - 221,000 copies), TVXQ’s “BREAK OUT! (10/02/08 - 256,000 copies), TVXQ’s "Why? - Keep Your Head Down” (11/02/07 - 231,000 copies), BTS continues after six years and 3 months and becoming the 3rd among the foreign artists who have broken thru 200,000 copies in its weekly sales. It had become a great achievement since the start of genre division in 01/04/30 in terms of foreign hip-hop artists. BTS members sent a message to the fans saying “Thanks to A.R.M.Y (BTS fans’ name) who has always been supporting (us) that the 7th Japanese single ‘Chi, Ase, Namida ranked number 1 in Oricon’s Weekly Singles Ranking! We will be working harder in our activities. Since the Japan tour is drawing near, please look forward to it. Thank you very much!” BTS who is currently on world tour mobilizing 400,000 people with 32 stages in 10 countries will start its Japan tour leg on 05/30 in Osaka Jo Hall. Original Article Translation by prancingmaria
  15. By peachisoda Group BTS set a remarkable performance by topping the Oricon Chart for the second day. According to Japan Oricon Chart, BTS's 7th Japanese Single "Blood Sweat & Tears" which released on the 10th has topped the Oricon Daily Chart for the second day, following their #1 on the first day of sales. BTS recorded 28161 Oricon points on the second day since the release of "Blood Sweat & Tears". As a result, they recorded 169395 points in total after combining the first and second-day scores. Moreover, Album Sales Volume (May 8th~ May 10) measured by SoundScan Japan showed 223082 copies of "Blood Sweat & Tears" has sold, proving BTS's popularity in Japan. That's not all. The Japanese version of "Blood Sweat & Tears" has set amazing results on iTunes chart around the world. The song has won the #1 place on "Top Song Chart" in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Vietnam, #1 on "Hip Hop Chart" in Qatar, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, Chile, Estonia, Israel, Costa Rica, and Turkey. The song has won #1 in 13 countries. Original article here Response +1526 1. As expected from BTS. I highly praise you~ ^^ Let's continue to do well just like this!! +1953 -103 2. They're growing endlessly~ Let's keep growing~ +1605 -81 3. As expected, BTS is amazing. I'm so proud and let's continue to fighting! +1468 -72 4. 200000 copies, that's amazing... I guess this shows that Japanese version is a must +1380 -84 5. BTS~ I'm a V fan and I think they're really amazing~ Please don't be sick and let's stay healthy always +1118 -168 6. BTS, I always cheer for you. Let's last forever, BTS +350 -20 7. 200000 copies, that's really incredible (shivers) their popularity in Japan is even amazing... I'm so proud and congrats!! +289 -14 8. wow it's hard for Korean singers to sell so many albums like that in Japan these days... they're amazing +282 -13 9. They're a world singer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ honestly, they're the top among idols now. They're popular even in Japan... The entire world is currently being colored by BTS +279 -12 10. oh daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +259 -16
  16. Bangtan were on the morning news in Japan! Performance starts @ 1:58 no subs yet