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Found 53 results

  1. BTS Website | Japanese Website | YouTube (2) (3) Twitter (2) (3) | V Live | Fancafe | Instagram Weibo | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | Blog
  2. Here you can discuss all you want about our adorable chimchim <33
  3. (From x) So much like Suga's thread, he's had way toooo many hair colors for me to categorize... so once again, I will put a tiny amount per year (Watch me decide to make a thread for Namjoon & regret it cause he literally has not had black hair since 2015. WTF) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 To be continued... please share your collections! (I'm sorry I'm lazy... I did not include everything because I literally pulled all of these from their official facebook page >__> )
  4. Hello BBasers! Welcome to the Emo-CHIM Thread where you can melt for Jimin's cuteness and sexyness! Part 1 Special Edition Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  5. So these are tear bags (aka "aegyo-sal" in Korean) Someone analyzed BTS's eyes a while back here & in the meantime, I also noticed that Jin, J-hope & especially Jimin (and sometimes jungkook?) have very prominent naturally-occurring tear bags, and therefore squishier eyesmiles >3< Jin J-hope Jimin (especially. It's what makes his eyesmile so squishy <3 ) Ft. the rest of BTS Not sure if anyone really would have collections of these maybe I'm just weird, but if anyone has more eye smile/tear bag pics, please share~ Fun fact, when i googled "taehyung tear bags" i just got a bunch of gucci bags. Wat...
  6. If you could go on a date with a BTS member, who would you go with and where would you go/what would you do? I'd like to go bike riding and get ice cream with both Jungkook and or Taehyung! ;w; Let's all be delusional together guys~
  7. Come and share photos of our precious baby Jimin!!!
  8. © MOZZIMIN (Deactivated) © 10월십삼 © KC비타민 (here's a bonus kook too) © OFF THE DEEP END © SCENE STEALER
  9. RM lasted a good two days as Dispatch's bias, but their bias hunt is definitely not over as they jump onto the Jimin bandwagon: I bet you all expected nothing less. Look at the Jimin goodies Dispatch dropped below! Update: More content~ (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6) Sources: dispatch news, @Dicon_korea @koreadispatch (1) (2) (3)
  10. There are the Gods and Kings of Dancing among male idols who capture our eyes with their extraordinary performances. "Big Bang Taeyang, Shinee Taemin, EXO Kai, BTS Jimin" are the stars. Let's learn more about them now. BTS Jimin Jimin is a talented vocalist and dancer in BTS. He receives attention for his eye-catching moves and his expressions. As a past student of contemporary dance, Jimin performs smooth and delicate, and silky dance moves, smooth waves, and powerful dance moves. He is a peerless dancer among idols. Meanwhile, BTS is meeting their fans around the world at their world tour shows Original article here Translated by Peachisoda
  11. HI FAM!!! Okay so this is going to be my first ever topic created!!!!! I haven't even made Introduction just yet but I'll make it probably tomorrow cos it's 3:10 AM already in my country. ;;A;; GOD BLESS THIS WEBSITE <3 THIS FORUM IS GOD SENT FROM HEAVEN. So I was thinking of creating a thread where we can just post pictures and screenshots of PARK JIMIN's SMOL SQUISHY HANDS <3 And we will savor and relish them all together. (and dream about touching them and holding them too one day... very soon...just one day) Okay so far.. I have these on my Park Jimin folder.....
  12. BTS’s Jimin and his father recently gave back to their community in a sweet way! On February 20, Busan’s Hoedong Elementary School, where Jimin attended as a child, closed down after 36 years. At the graduation ceremony, Jimin donated signed BTS CDs to all the students and made a personal donation to cover the school uniform costs for all the graduating students going on to middle school. It turned out that Jimin had made this donation last year as well, ever since he heard that Hoedong Elementary School was closing down. BTS’s agency BigHit Entertainment confirmed the donation and added, “Jimin’s father felt very regretful that the school was closing down and wanted to do something for them.” At the time of closing, Hoedong Elementary School had 10 graduating students and 50 enrolled students. Jimin’s father participated in the graduating ceremony to personally give out the donations and said, “I watched Jimin graduate here 10 years ago, and when I think that the school won’t be here anymore, tears come to my eyes.” Source (1) (2) Sources: @OH_mes, Naver, Soompi
  13. https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/28/korean-stars-100-handsome-faces-2017-list/ Congrats to V! He got 1st! <- Handsome face Jungkook got 13 & Jimin got 64.
  14. During the special episode of “The Unit” on February 18, the show highlighted each of the final group members with unaired clips and interviews.The episode was divided into sections for each idol who won a spot in the show’s female and male nine-member groups. During the section for BIGFLO’s Euijin, who came in second place on the show, the other members talked about him in personal interviews.Euijin’s new groupmate Feeldog of BIGSTAR said in his interview, “Euijin is a senior student at my school. He’s someone I’ve liked for a long time, and a promising dancer in the dance scene.” IM’s Kijoong, who also made it into the final male group, shared his own story about Euijin. “Out of the members of BTS, I really like Jimin,” said Kijoong. “Euijin really looks like Jimin. So at first, I fell for that part a bit.” Kijoong has also previously talked before about how Jimin is his role model.“The Unit” will be broadcasting another special episode on February 24, in which the names of the groups will be revealed before they make their debut, and the idols will go head to head in a fun competition. Cr:Soompi
  15. The Korean Arts High School is closing. New laws were set for schools in 2007. However, the school could not keep up with the new set of strict laws and decided to stop taking students. The last of the students will graduate in February 2019, and then the school will close down for good. Korean Arts High School, the birthplace to V, Jimin, Park Woo Jin, Ren, and more, to close next year The Korean Arts High School is closing. New laws were set for schools in 2007. However, the school could not keep up with the new set of strict laws and decided to stop taking students. The last of the students will graduate in February 2019, and then the school will close down for good. The school has given birth to countless idols, including Wonder Girls' Sunye, 2AM's Jo Kwon, 2PM's Chansung, After School's Raina, Soyu, HyunA, A Pink's Bomi, JBJ's Noh Tae Hyun, Cosmic Girls' Seola, KNK's Inseong, NU'EST's Ren, BTS' Jimin & V, Oh My Girl's Seunghee & Binnie, Lovelyz' Jin, GOT7's Youngjae, PRISTIN's Roa & Yuha, The Boyz' Q, Wanna One's Park Woo Jin, and many more. Cr:AllKpop