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Found 66 results

  1. 2018-03-07 K-Netizens Give BTS’ Jin Another Nickname, Calls Him ‘Manner-dol’ Jin earns a new nickname! K-netizens have given Jin another nickname after catching their attention with his personality. In various online communities, pictures of Jin has been attracting attention. In the photos, Jin can be seen bowing down at 90 degrees to everyone he meets, even the staff and airport security. His attitude of bowing down to staff had made others feel good. in photos, he can also be seen waving and smiling at fans most of the time. Netizens said his personality looks good, and had given him the nickname ‘예절돌’ (Manner-dol), and idol with manners. 김소영 기자 soyoung@insight.co.kr Source: X
  2. So these are tear bags (aka "aegyo-sal" in Korean) Someone analyzed BTS's eyes a while back here & in the meantime, I also noticed that Jin, J-hope & especially Jimin (and sometimes jungkook?) have very prominent naturally-occurring tear bags, and therefore squishier eyesmiles >3< Jin J-hope Jimin (especially. It's what makes his eyesmile so squishy <3 ) Ft. the rest of BTS Not sure if anyone really would have collections of these maybe I'm just weird, but if anyone has more eye smile/tear bag pics, please share~ Fun fact, when i googled "taehyung tear bags" i just got a bunch of gucci bags. Wat...
  3. There's a few other lips threads for the other members so I thought one for Jin was needed. x
  4. Just when we all thought Dispatch got smashed by March birthday boy Suga - Jin proves us all wrong. This is the real life and definitely not just a fantasy. Look at these beautiful Worldwide Handsome™ content below: Update: More content~ (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6) Sources: dispatch news, @koreadispatch, @Dicon_korea (1) (2) (3)
  5. BTS’s J-Hope Sends Fans On A Hunt For Hidden Member In “Daydream” MV J. K | March 1, 2018 ARMY has been given the mission of finding a hidden BTS member in J-Hope’s new mixtape MV! On March 2, J-Hope released his much-anticipated mixtape as well as a music video for his track “Daydream.” After it came out, he turned on Naver’s V Live to chat with fans about his new release. At the very end of the broadcast, he sent fans on a quest when he said, “One of the members is in the music video. Try looking for him!” ARMY has been combing through the MV to try to figure out what scene the hidden BTS member might be in and who it is. Many fans are wondering if the hand on J-Hope’s face belongs to one of the members, with some certain that it is Jin, RM, or another member just based on the shape of the hand! A photo was also uploaded to BTS’s Twitter of J-Hope, Jin, and RM on the set of the MV. Others have pointed out that the hidden member might be in other scenes, and shared their thoughts — and of course, some memes! Who do you think the hidden member in J-Hope’s MV is? Original article at Soompi.
  6. BTS' Jin has been gaining attention once again for his "worldwide handsome" face. On February 16, a famous foreign plastic surgeon examined and analyzed 269 different Asian faces. While doing so, Jin's face caught the attention of the surgeon as the BTS member possessed the "golden ratio" of 1:1.618. The ratio requires the space between the two ears to come out to 1 while the distance from one's hairline to the chin must result in a 1.618 measurement. Another aspect it focuses on is the proportion of one's lips and the chin must be 1 whilst the measurement between the lips to the mid-eyes line should exactly be 1.168. Through these pieces of evidence, the doctor concluded that Jin's face is the prime example of the "golden ratio" and is nothing short of "fantastic". Are you surprised to hear Jin's face being recognized even by experts? Cr:AllKpop
  7. wow Jungkook sure loves karaoke so do i
  8. hi first of all i'd just like to start off by thanking all that is good and holy for jin and his beautiful cute self because he is absolutely perfect and adorable in his little sweaters and hoodies and he is everything and can we just appreciate that cool thanks bc his sweater paws send me to heaven and i love a man edit: forgot to mention, but all sources are on the photos so just click/tap and you'll be sent to the source~ now that we got that out of the way first of all, a classic: i love his casual look with a hoodie and a cap it's so simple and yet so cute and i'm living i am actually going to cry i am actually going to start crying holy shit im tearng up fucc me i love he *takes a deep breath and scrEAMS* HE IS SO CUTE AND PINK I'M SOBBING WHAT THE HECC @JINNIE_JELLY THANK U AND BLESS YOU FOREVER FOR TAKING BEAUTIFUL PICS OF THIS MAN look at all the members so fashionable hecc i'm yodeling into the distance who allowed this man to exist can't forget this iconic look either my guys and here's an "evolution of cute" as coined in by lovely tumblr user theseoks anD WHEN HE SMILE I hhhhhh oh my god i love he BUT ALSO I WISH HE'D SIT THE FJUCK DOWN i just think this entire gifset by seokjins-wings can murder me and sums up why i love jin OKAY I NEED TO STOP OR I'M GONNA BE HERE ALL DAY JUST SCREMAING AND ADDING PICS AND GIFS but do share your favorite jin sweaters/jackets/sweater paw moments because god knows there's a lot and i most definitely skipped over a lot. (like the pink sweater with the french fry, the brown turtleneck with glasses, more gogo goodness, the huge brown hoodie that tae stole borrowed and got watermelon seeds on, etc. etc. etc. so rUN FORTH AND SPAM ME WITH JIN AND I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER and for all of you here thank youuu~ <3
  9. merch BTS FAN

    i decided to start my first online design by using the famous platform redbubble after the sucess i had in my small community and take a step forward HOPE I GET your opinion https://www.redbubble.com/people/desiiigner/works/29321018-bts-wc?asc=u&grid_pos=1&p=t-shirt&rbs=42dea1c3-69a0-4310-a49d-09a054f3c7ae&ref=artist_shop_grid&style=womens
  10. These were uploaded on facebook: Happy Birthday to Mr. Worldwide Handsome <3
  11. H A P P Y 2 5 T H B I R T H D A Y K I M S E O K J I N ! We have a fun forum activity that is tied to our general bday project for everyone to partake in today! To celebrate love and confidence on this day, Reply with these three things below: 1-A compliment and something you love about our Kim Seokjin. 2- A compliment and something you love about yourself 3- Tag 5 other forum members and write a compliment for each one! Head on over to our Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to participate in our #kissitforward event as well!!
  12. Trendsetter of Trendsetters, BTS Jin: Visuals, Physical Prowess, Personality Prodigy [171111 Asia Economy: Reporter Moon Subin] Trendsetter of trendsetters! While group BTS is rewriting the newest, biggest and best records in Korea on a daily basis, they are becoming the centre of attention with a growing interest in the individual members. Introducing ‘Ah-Ib-Bbo’ a segment focused on highlighting the virtuous points of idol members! To start off the series, let’s get to know BTS’ oldest member Jin. #Beauty ‘DNA’ At the Melon Music Awards red carpet in November 7 in 2015, he was given the title ‘Car Door Guy’. At the ceremony, as Jin opened up the car door and stepped out, he made headlines with his dazzling appearance. Following this, he became a topic of conversation on the internet and news articles appeared using the moniker “Car Door Guy”. Additionally, this year on June 22nd at the Billboard Music Awards red carpet event, he gained interest as ‘the third guy from the left’. On this occasion, after a group photo showing Jin standing in the third position from the left was revealed, he trended worldwide on Twitter as ‘the third guy from the left’, proving again that his good looks are acknowledged worldwide. With his actor-like good looks that transcend his idol status, it can only be expected that he would appear on the screen. In an interview comparing his looks, he responded by saying “My looks are my confidence, self-esteem and handsomeness” expressing the level of overflowing confidence he has in his appearance. Furthermore, in a radio program, he introduced himself by saying “Hello, I’m Jin, the most handsome member in BTS”. As the other members did not contest the claim, he was acknowledged as being the visual of the group. #Physical Prowess Jin is known as the member with the broadest shoulders in BTS. Even though he is slim, he reportedly wears size 115* shirts due to the broadness of his shoulders and showed off his triangular-shaped back from a rear view, emphasising the difference in size between his shoulders and his hips. Not only that but he is also of tall stature, approximately 180cm, drawing attention wherever he goes. *[T/N] Korean shirt sizing measuring 115cm in the shoulder/chest area #Tone Genius BTS’ music consists of a lot of rap and hip hop and thus is unable to showcase the vocal talents of each individual member; this is especially true for Jin. As a vocalist, songs such as Fire and Blood Sweat & Tears etc. do not much feature his voice. However, in the 2016 WINGS album, Jin’s solo song Awake highlighted his hidden vocal abilities. From the beginning of the track, his smooth high notes and beautiful voice flowed through to express the sincerity of his emotions in a way only Jin manages to do. In particular, the high notes in the latter half of the song enable listeners to really feel the emotions being expressed, and one cannot help but to become Jin’s fan. #Dad Joke Skills When talking about Jin, you can’t omit his dad joke skills. While cheesy, depending on one’s preferences, he has a varied repertoire of jokes to cause explosive laughter. On September 27 while filming JTBC’s variety show ‘Let’s Eat Dinner together’, Jin showed his ability to strike MC Lee Kyunggyu with his dad jokes. During filming, Jin had asked “How do you say ‘Don’t fart’ in English? Don’t gas!” (A play on the Korean word for pork cutlets ‘Tonkatsu’) to which Lee Kyunggyu laughed uncontrollably. Jin’s dad joke ability has slowly been revealed through V-App. In their Christmas Present Party event in 2016, Jin is shown lecturing a disappointed RM that “I bought the beef jerky and squid because I saw how much you enjoyed eating it in Japan and was reminded of it. The wet wipes are because you drop crumbs everywhere and they would help to clean it all up, so how could you do this to me?” in a playfully resentful tone and accent used by Korean ahjusshi (uncles). #Personality Prodigy Although Jin is the oldest in the group, he doesn’t play pranks of his members but rather, they are the first ones to play pranks on him. In their song Fun Boys, Jin even sings a line saying “Even though I’m the oldest, I’m happy enough to play with and prank myself.” As the eldest, Jin has sometimes said “It’s enough that I know where my efforts lie”, “I can use myself to make others laugh because when I bring happiness to others, I also bring happiness to myself”, “I always think that if I endure things now, a big opportunity will arise in future. Until then, whatever work/situation is thrown at me, I’ll faithfully do whatever it takes to make this opportunity happen.” In this way, he expresses his maturity in contrast to his usual (playful) image. Additionally, during the Mnet BTS COMEBACK SHOW, Jin revealed his pet sugar gliders for the first time. Because Jin regularly communicates with fans through Twitter, the fact that he was raising sugar gliders came as a surprise to fans. At this, Jin explained that he was hesitant to reveal his pets because of his influence on young fans and he “Was afraid that because sugar gliders are cute, young fans might decide to get them as pets purely out of curiosity”, hinting at his attitude of responsibility towards caring for pets and animals. Who wouldn’t fall for a person such as Jin? [article source] @Cypher• It's late but as promised, the article is up! Reading it, especially the part about Jin's personality, made me tear up because it actually does emphasise how beautiful he really is, inside and out. I'm so glad they chose him as the first idol focus of the series, and hopefully more people will come to appreciate Jin for who he is, not just his worldwide handsome looks. He deserves all the love and support in the world. Thank you for the article recommendation!
  13. Jin’s birthday project is here! FLY: 1000 KISSES FOR JIN From now till December 4th, spread the love and celebrate positivity with us in Jin’s honour! > [ SUBMIT HERE ] <
  14. WOW; JIN'S PERSONALITIES SEEMS REALLY GOOD Rapmon slipped on the stage during the performance He looked like he was concerned about his body When they were standing, Taehyung was wobbling around, so Jin held his jacket You can watch it here The other members must be so comfortable and at peace thanks to Jinㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ post response: [+1,066][-84] original post: here trans credits ㅇㅇ His face looks kind, but so is his personality;;; Even though he's the oldest hyung, he doesn't play the age card, rather he puts himself almost like the maknae...At the same time, he takes care of the younger ones and knows how to treat them, he talks a lot to Suga ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅇㅇ That day, they shot for 24 hours and it must've been so tiring, but since he's the oldest, he took care of the younger ones and acted he was okay, he really feels like a good guy oo Jin is seriously kind!! !! His face is pretty, so is his personality!!! ㅇㅇ He never shows when he's having it hard and he said that whenever he has it hard, he'll only tell that to himself, it made him look really cool. Even so, he's the first one to take care of the members when he notices that one of them is not feeling well. Even from accounts of people around him, they always say that he's hard working and never shows his fatigue and he's always smiling. He's seriously bright and he makes the mood brighter. Seriously the more you know about him, the cooler he gets ㅇㅇ Kyung Kyu Ong is known for his scariness, but he became friends with him so fast, you can see how good his personalities are ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's the type who gets received prettily anywhere he goes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He acts like a maknae, but he's also the oldestㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅇㅇ He's one of the biggest reasons why Bangtan are able to openly fool around without concern
  15. (navertv) Airs October 23rd @ 9:30 PM KST
  16. BTS is the next group to guest on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”! On September 17, a source from JTBC confirmed, “It is true that BTS will be appearing on ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together.’ A few members are filming for the program today.” It has not been revealed which members are participating in the recording. “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” airs every Wednesday via JTBC at 10:50 p.m. KST. The broadcast date of BTS’s episode has not been decided yet. (naver) (soompi) Update: Jin and Jungkook spotted
  17. I made this little photoboard as part of a series I did on my Tumblr in honor of BTS attending the 2017 BBMAs and winning the Top Social Artist award. I made one for each member so I figured I'd post them. Here's Jin: About BTS | About Jin Stage Name: Jin (진) Full Name: Kim Seok Jin (김석진) Position: Vocalist, Visual Birthday: December 4, 1992 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Height: 179 cm (5’10” ½) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Blood Type: O Birthplace: Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do Family: Parents, older brother Facts: – He is a very good cook and loves eating. – His favorite food: lobster, meat, Naengmyun (cold noodles), chicken and greasy food. – He enjoys looking at photos and recipes. – Jin’s favorite color is pink. – His favorite weather is Spring sunlight. – Jin can play the guitar and the piano.
  18. Jin's Birthday!

    Happy birthday, Jin! ♡ ..........♡..........
  19. I think this was one of those lost threads. In any case, I was wondering if people had videos/photos/compilations of Jin's heart events? I really wanna see what else he's done (both at concerts and outside) For starters, here's one compilation: Oh how extra he can be so much fanservice.