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Found 18 results

  1. terrible gfx by Maphisto40 J-Hope image credit
  2. Fellow BBasers, I'm honored to launch the Emotic-Hope thread! You'll find a bunch of Hoseok expressions because we all know that he can't hide his emotions! Let's get started! PART 2 Reeditions HERE Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  3. Pre-debut w/ Jimin and Jungkook focus (March 2013) w/ Jimin and Jungkook (July 2013) (December 2014) BTS Begins solo practice (2015) (August 2015) (September 2015) w/ Jimin (October 2015) - 1 (video does work) (October 2015) - 2 (video does work) Solo w/ Jungkook w/ Jimin and V Practice for Boy Meets Evil
  4. Pre-debut Graduation Song (cover of Young, Wild & Free) w/ Jimin and Jungkook Lyrics Beautiful (cover) w/ Jimin, V, and Jungkook Lyrics 안아줘 Hug me (cover) w/ V Lyrics 1 Verse (first solo song) Lyrics Boy Meets Evil (WINGS Intro) Lyrics MAMA (WINGS solo) Lyrics Hope World (2018 mixtape) Get the mixtape here: Lyrics: Trivia 起: Just Dance Lyrics
  5. I am making a gallery of Hobi, please send photos of this ray of sunshine.
  6. In anticipation for the mixtape, let's discuss our favourite Hoseok parts on BTS songs. It would be great if you could explain why you love the part and what meaning it holds to you. His parts are a lot people's fav and its only fitting to discuss.
  7. translations by pannchoa [naver] BTS J-HOPE, FIRST MIXTAPE SINCE DEBUT.... "TRAFFIC CONGESTION" original post: here 1. [+1333, -8] Seriously it's so so good 2 [+1189, -6] BTS Jung Hoseok!! J~~~~~Hope the song is too too good, such an addictive awesomeness ㅠㅠ 3. [+1122, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅜ 4. [+1100, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅠㅠ Thank you for dropping an album-like mixtape, I want to download the song, but since there's a server jam, I can't do it, I'll try doing it in the morning 5. [+1034, -6] He suits a low voice so well, it straight up feels like J-hope's kind of mixtapeㅠㅠ Thank you J-hope-ah ❤️ 6. [+213, -0] Seriously such a shame that it's free.. 7. [+211, -0] I'm a male fan. I've been a fan since since BST, he's a good dancer and even the song is perfect
  8. Looking to join J-Hope's birthday project? You're in the right place! Welcome to the sign-up thread for the VERSES ON THE STREET: A VERSE FOR ONE fan lyric video project! ✵ HOW TO SIGN UP ✵ 1. Pick the fanart/lyric slot you want in the spoiler below. 2. Comment with your username and row # of the slot you'd like. 3. Keep an eye on your BBase inbox - a team member will message you to confirm and provide you with the submission link! ✵ SECTION # | LYRIC ✵ LYRICS: 4/52 AVAILABLE FANART: ALL ASSIGNED.* *If you'd still like to have your fanart included, submit it to the book here! *Alternatively, add a creative twist to a lyric slot instead by drawing your art around the lyrics - check FAQ below. ✵ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ✵ ✵ EXAMPLE SUBMISSIONS ✵ ✵ FAQ ✵ ✵ EXTENDED DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 13TH ✵ Feel free to comment questions below, too!
  9. Hobi's reactions to things he is scared of are often hilarious. This thread is for his crazy reactions to things that scare him (since there seems to be so many). Roller Coasters Animals/ Bugs Misc.
  10. Please drop your favorite Hoseok fan cams here, so we can all die a little together. I apologize for any undue stress this thread may cause upon your very soul.
  11. I love rude Hoseok and I want to be able to easily search and see his rudest moments!! Post anything that made you feel so attacked and wanting more! cr
  12. This is a thread for the many Hobi judging expressions
  13. Hobi's Million series needs a home of its own here! 1 Mil 2 Mil 3 Mil 4 Mil 5 Mil All these are amazing and he is getting more meticulous as we go!! Lets love king Hobi and his never disappointing antics!
  14. Sadly the forum was set back until the 14th of July, hence the threads, including your posts got lost, before I was able to catch them :< I hope you don't mind to repost yours, if you have already done the deed. (I will save them from now on right away to prevent future loss!) A long term project is currently in preparation - detailed information will be provided pretty soon Thanks to BTS our fandom is usually able to walk on the soothing & warm flower path yet there are days, where negativity is able to appear that might even spread within the own fandom. Arguments and discussions arise and of course the ones that hit us the most, are the ones that include conversations about a single member. We tend to forget go back to positive thoughts and what we appreciate about the group we have and how important each member is. The purpose of this project in its FIRST STAGE is to write down feelings and thoughts about what we love about each member. It can be a simple sentence, a well thought through essay. Bullet points or an artistic piece of art Each star spreads the flame to create the galaxie - I Purple You // I would like to introduce the next member: Jung Hoseok The golden Hyung, bridge between Maknae & Hyung Line, talented dancer and selfless soul to let others shine. I will give it a small start to give you a feeling of how to create your own appreciation post. Be free, be creative and take your time to note down, no matter how short or long; no matter how simple or personal "Why we love Hoseok [...]" I Love Hoseok, not only because he is one of my biases but also the person, who keeps reminding me why I shouldn't give up on dancing. A person, who works hard and never takes things for granted. Even though he has opportunities to shine, he stays humble (sometimes too selfless) and gives other members the spotlight instead. As a dancer, rapper, song-writer, soothing little singer, moodmaker and his greatest asset 'teamplayer' (and ofc so much more), he is the perfect allrounder. He is the member, who acts the most different on/off camera: While his bright side may kill off our ears, especially while wearing headphones, his serious and rather quiet one is barely noticeable on first glance - yet more known through mentions of the members. I honestly miss his Hope On The Street & damn ... when was his last Vlive alone? OTL I am putting now all my hopes and prayers that he will be satisfied with his upcoming mixtape. I hope he himself sets high expectations to fulfill a milestone as an artist. Most of all: I love Hoseok because he was BORN to be on stage. His passion is visible, while he dances & raps and once you go to a concert of BTS, you leave as a Hoseok stan (I have receipts - so this is a claimed fact ehem) Keep shining bright and stay our Hope ♥ For my OH Army - if you have already done it you can always add something or change/edit your post Just PM, when you feel you would like to have look at your own one.
  15. Here is a master list of every log J-Hope has ever done. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  16. ACTIVE (in approximate order of followers) 218 | twt THEHO218 | twt HopeSmiling | twt Hope Plus (홉플러스) | twt PASTEL J♡HOPE | twt First Crush (짝사랑) | twt HOPE4U (홉포유) | twt HOPEFUL WISH (홉풀위쉬) | twt HOKEY POKEY (호키포키) | twt SWEET HOPE 스윗홉 | twt wisHOPE 희망사항 | twt High Hopes | twt BREATH940218 (호흡) | twt BEST HOPE | twt CHOCOLATE BOX (초코비) | twt J-Hope Box 호석함 | twt CHUBBY PUPPY (처비퍼피) | twt Believe in hope | twt Heart Hope (하트홉) | twt HOLD ME LIGHT | twt Pegasus | twt JAI HO | twt TO-JHOPE 호석에게 | twt COMMON HOPE (커먼 홉) | twt Hopefully | twt szHOPEda (사랑홉다) | twt JELLY BEANS (제리빈즈) | twt HOPEYES | twt STREET 218 | twt FEBulous You | twt Moonsea | twt HOIT_HOIT (호잇호잇) | twt MINIHOPE (미니홉) | twt Baidu_J-Hope Bar | twt 20NUNA | twt Polaris (폴라리스) | twt February | twt HopeSecret | twt Hope Utopia | twt Myhope Wings (마이홉윙스) | twt SAVE ME0218 | twt An | twt Valuable (벨류어블) | twt See The Hope World (씨더홉월드) | twt You Are My HOPE | twt JADE HOPE | twt MORE LOVE TO YOU | twt BELITA HOPE (벨리타홉) | twt Dreaming Hope (드리밍홉) | twt Dazzling Hope (데즐링홉) | twt GreenHope | twt Jovialidad (호비알리다드) | twt HOLD HOPE | twt Just Be Hope | twt Goldie (골디) | twt HoppyHoppy (홋삐 홋삐) | twt Chrysoprase0218 | twt My Hope 218 (유일한 희망) | twt Mon Espoir | twt Only Hope (온리홉) | twt Always Be Hopeful Day | twt + BTS MEMBERS 도토리다람쥐 dotori (+ Rapmon) | twt VOLLMOND (+ Rapmon) | twt summernight (+ Suga) | twt HONEY BUBBLE (+ Suga) | twt BLUE TROPICS (+ Suga) | twt Sweetest Wish (+ Suga) | twt Poppy (+ Suga) | twt 345 (+ Suga & Jimin) | twt Hold Me Tight (+ Jimin) | twt Frosteyes (+ V) | twt MILKJUICE_SK_Happy Carrot (+ Jungkook) | twt hopekkland (+ Jungkook) | twt REST/INACTIVE/CLOSED ------------ Please let me know if a) I made any mistakes b) You notice that a fansite has been inactive for several months, is on rest, or has closed c) There's another fansite I should add And I will update as soon as I can! LAST UPDATED: 1/2/2018 (EST)
  17. This a thread for Jung Hoseok's first love, DANCE! Lets talk enough about Hobi's moves. We know everything else followed after/ because of his love for dance. Post and discuss anything dance/Hoseok related! Predebut: Jung Hoseok started learning street dance during junior high, and was a member of an underground dance crew called Neuron. He performed at festivals and won several prizes in a number of dance battles, earning him popularity amongst the underground dance scene. His parents were initially opposed to their son's dream of being a performer, especially his father, who is a teacher. Hoseok often spent his time dancing instead of studying, and as a result did not get good grades. He mentioned that his parents constantly compared him to his older sister Dawon, who in contrast studied often and did well in school, which only prompted Hoseok to practice dance even harder.(C) “In junior high 3rd grade, I would practice dancing until the midnight and was found out by my father when I got home. I didn’t really study so I was yelled at. At that time I told my father that I wanted to become a singer. And just like that, I decided my path. Looking at it from another angle, I wasn’t very filial.” (C) [INTERVIEW] 130718 - Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope’s Story Q: I heard that J-Hope was part of the street dance team NEURON. J-Hope: “While promoting underground with my street dance team, I did a lot of popping. In popping, there’s another sub-genre called Boogaloos and that was the one I did the most. I got a lot of prizes and performed a lot while promoting. Rap Monster rapped underground; I danced.” J-Hope: I won a lot of underground dance battles and even performed at a festival. Before debuting, the members and I always did midnight dance practices. Me, Jimin, and Jungkook would often take lead and practice at midnight or sometimes even 1 or 2 am, practicing for two hours each time. First we practice the basics, then move onto details. (C) Q: The promotions you did back then must’ve helped you a lot with promoting in Bangtan. J-Hope: “Yes. Of course, it helped a lot. We all came up with our own choreography for our dance breaks in “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”. I’m working hard in filling the gaps that the members have in dancing.” J-Hope is the choreography team leader of BTS and helps members with performances. Rap Monster: "When we were still trainees and were doing midnight practices, J-Hope became our teacher and taught us the basics of popping. He’s the one who’s strongest in dancing" (c) Son Sung Deuk, the performance director, said in a 'Danger’ related interview that this time’s practice would’ve been big trouble if it wasn’t for J-Hope. He even said J-Hope seems to have a sense of mission towards dance. J-Hope:"(...) our members aren’t especially great at dancing. Our dance teacher also mentioned it before - it’s not often you see that many members in a group that can’t dance. Once I heard that criticism, I thought to myself that since I’m already at this level, it would be helpful to everyone if I lead the members. I considered that a lot. During the trainee period, I was the practice leader that was more lively. It felt like the members’ interest and passion towards dancing has changed a lot. I often thought that if even I lose interest and passion in dancing, then what would the other members think. So no matter what choreography it is, I will be the first one to learn it and then guide the members. That is my role. Even though there are hard times, I don’t want the members to see it. Rap Monster: "In terms of dancing, J-Hope is more of a leader than I am. Our teacher once said that the only member with talent within the seven of us is Hoseok. Hoseok not only has the basic techniques down, he has even bigger talents." (C) Jin: "When I’m learning the dance moves, as long as I don’t quite understand, J-Hope will come and teach me. So I follow him from behind. It’s been hard on you J-Hope." (C) Suga: "J-Hope may be very childish usually but when he dances or raps, he turns into a cool man!" (C) Jimin: "I learned a lot about dance from hyung. Besides hyung has an open personality where he can be friends with anyone so we became very close." (C) V: I saw him practice to the extent he had no strength in his legs.