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Found 34 results

  1. Here is where you can find theories about the Love Yourself Saga. It's a place to find answers to questions such as "What happened in Love Yourself: Wonder?" or "What is the Love Yourself Saga?". Nothing here is cannon unless specifically stated in that post. Any theory is welcome here, the more the merrier!
  2. LOL they had to re-upload it because there was a typo on the US release date.
  3. Hi, I am attending concert in LA on 9/8 and was wondering where I could request an idea for a fan project. I was hoping that we ARMY could sing 2!3! or Born Singer to them at some point during the concert to show our love and appreciation for them. If you like my idea or have other ides please let me know. Or if you know who I can go to to set this up please also let me know.
  4. "@BTS_ARMYSalon: April 6 2018 Korea Business News article translation BTS revealed a movie-like cinematography through ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=215&aid=0000619477 … Go to the link, like, comment and recommend it to the main page!" So we're not getting a new album yet
  5. ALBUM-TRACKS 1."Intro: Serendipity" 2."DNA" 3."Best of Me" 4. Dimple 5."Pied Piper" 6."Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech" 7."MIC Drop" 8. (Go Go) 9."Outro: Her" Which song do you like the best? Which song do you think is underrated? Which song according to is the least favorite? Out of the 7, whom do you think got the chance to shine during this album? If you get a chance to select the title for their next album what would you name it?
  6. (Note: 0:00 to 11:13 is the first three Highlight Reels shortened)
  7. Spotify Album of the Year. 'HER' Majesty now available on iTunes/ Apple Music
  8. 'HER' Majesty now available on iTunes/ Apple Music
  9. Happy Birthday to our charming mochi, Park Jimin! He has grown so much and come so far, and I couldn't be prouder. A hard worker, always passionate and determined, caring and considerate to others, always smiling for us. All these qualities make you an amazing and beautiful person, Park Jimin. I can't imagine what BTS would be without you. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world. I hope you stay healthy. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Have an amazing birthday, Jimin! Always supporting you. ♥
  10. edit: #ENDviolence BTS and Big Hit Ent. signed an official partnership with UNICEF Korea and will sponsor UNICEF’s global project (UNICEF) Love-Myself.org ENG, official twitter , instagram more articles here
  11. [INFO] BTS Japanese Single album release on Dec 6th with Japanese version of Mic Drop, DNA & Crystal Snow (new song) There will be 4 versions for BTS 8th Japanese single. (Limited ed A, B, C & Regular ver.) MIC DROP Japanese ver. MV
  12. Korea's seven-member hip-hop group BTS held their first dome concert in Kyocera Dome, Osaka on the 14th and 15th. They debuted in 2013 and after one year had their debut in Japan. A group with a growing popularity around the world finally hit the much-awaited large stage. The tickets were sold out immediately and they have mobilized 80,000 people for the 2-day concert. V (21) who was filled with emotions was unintentionally moved to tears with the success during the end part of the last stage. "The weight of a dome concert is absolutely not light. Thank you to everyone who are here that we are able to stand on this stage with smiling faces." Leader RAP MONSTER (23) was immersed in deep emotions as the filled up space right before his eyes was being burned into his memory on the 15th, the second day of concert. The meaning behind the group's name BTS (Boudan Shounendan) is 'to stop the oppression & prejudice directed at teens & 20s, protecting our own music.' The good-looking seven-member group who uses hip-hop as a weapon was born as K-POP continues to be highly appreciated all around the world. RAP MONSTER's English proficiency and pronunciation are acknowledged, thus, the circle of fans gradually spread out throughout the world. They held their first world tour this year starting from February until July. They carried out 32 stages in 10 countries in North America, South America, & Asia mobilizing approximately 400,000 people. Their latest album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her' which was simultaneously released in the world on 9/18 got 1st place in iTunes Album Chart in 73 countries including Japan. Even in the US they also achieved Korea's highest historical rank 7 in Billboard 200 Chart. In Japan, they placed 1st in Oricon for the first time with their 4th single 'FOR YOU' in 2015. In September of last year, the album 'YOUTH' ranked the historical 1st for a foreign hip-hop group. It's been 3 years and 4 months since their Japan debut. Their fans called 'ARMY' led them in their first dome concert. They performed the in sync choreography of 22 songs including 'DNA' from their latest album which also broke 20M views in the video-sharing website 'Youtube' and their latest single 'Chi, Ase, Namida'. "Our dream came true now, we are in this reality together with everybody. Thank you for today and yesterday too. Kyocera dome, we'll definitely come again. Dome and Osaka, I love you!!", J-HOPE (23) on the big stage promised for another meeting while mixing words in Kansai dialect. ◆ New song to be released on 12/06 In their concert on the 15th, they announced on stage that they will release their 8th single in December 06 in Japan. It is their first triple A single which includes the Japanese version of 'DNA' and a Japanese original winter song etc. <BTS> As trainees in their company they polished their techniques before debut and in the end with RAP MONSTER, V, JIMIN, JIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, SUGA, the seven-member group was formed. They debuted in Korea in June 2013 with the single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL'. They released their debut single 'NO MORE DREAM (Japanese version)' in Japan in June 2014. (Original Article, Translations by prancingmaria)
  13. Air date, October 12th @ 6PM KST (stream links: youtube, mwave, bangtantv)
  14. BTS "DNA" Video Tells 7 Members' Stories With Color K-pop band BTS released their fifth EP, Love Yourself 'Her,' a few weeks ago and its track "DNA" is visually intravenous, as intended, as is its dancing, colorful graphic storytelling, and chart performance. Inviting comparison with Psy and Wonder Girls, "DNA" and BTS have broken into the mainstream. The "DNA" YouTube video was published Sept. 18 and currently has more than 80 million views. From No. 85 on the week published Oct. 7, the BTS hit jumped to No. 67 for the Oct. 14 published period. "DNA" is now the highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 title by a K-pop artist or band. In 2009 Wonder Girls reached No. 76 with "Nobody". Big Hit Entertainment, the group's creative team, explained to Billboard how catering to the individuality of the band's seven members helps them express unique stories, using their personal style and flair. This binds the group together while representing BTS as an epic cooperation between diverse and energetic young men, full of passion in song. With this powerful combination, there's no telling how high up the charts BTS will go. Read full article here.