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Found 22 results

  1. BTS’ Suga Makes Generous And Meaningful Donation To Orphanages On His Birthday J. K March 9, 2018 BTS member Suga celebrated his birthday with a touching donation to 39 orphanages. Suga turned 26 (in Korean reckoning) on March 9, and he sent gifts of Korean beef to 39 orphanages as a way to keep a promise he’d made to fans years ago. The number 39 corresponds with the numbers that make up his birth month and day. A post was uploaded online on March 9 that shared that Suga had sent 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds) of prime Korean beef with confirmation documents as well as signed BTS albums to several orphanages. A source from BigHit Entertainment has told a news outlet, “For Suga’s birthday on March 9, he donated Korean beef to 39 orphanages under the name of BTS’s fan club ‘ARMY.'” At a fan signing event back in 2014, Suga had asked fans, “What do you want to eat?” When fans replied that they wanted meat, Suga promised them, “I’ll make a lot of money and buy meat for you.” In an interview in 2015, Suga was asked when he’d keep his promise, and he named the date of March 9, 2018. The source from BigHit continued, “Since Suga couldn’t have a party to eat meat together with his fans, he made the donation under the name of ARMY instead of his own to express his gratitude to his fans.” BTS will be releasing their third Japanese album “Face Yourself” on April 4, and is also currently working on their next Korean release. source
  2. Okay, so I know that everyone is probably doing this, but I think that it's really important to embrace that it's Min Yoongi's birthday today! Though he is not my bias, I love him a lot and he'll always have a special place in my heart. I'm happy seeing him happy and I hope he's having a great day. I know that everyone is doing this and that I'm just another person sending him wishes, but the more the merrier, right? So, everyone enjoy this day! I love you all, each and every one of you! I'm here whenever you need me!
  3. You all know Agust D mixtape dropped almost 2 years ago for free on SoundCloud. 10 track mixtape has over 27M plays on SC up to date. Today you can support our legendary rapper Agust D by purchasing his mixtape on iTunes and Spotify. click on photos to directly go to his mixtape on Spotify and iTunes Unfortunately, 'Intro' and 'Agust D' track are not available because he used samples unlike in the rest of tracks which he self-produced. 'Agust D' is already charting in 17 countries on iTunes which include both US and UK. It's currently #61 on US iTunes and it's climbing up. Update: #3 US iTunes #13 UK iTunes
  4. Hi Guysss!! What are your favourite lines from Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka Grandpa Yoongi?? Please let me know, I would really love to know <3 (Hearteu) Saranghae!! 나는 너희들을 사랑해. 너의 생각을 말해줘!!! (Hearteu again)
  5. Hey everybody, its taehyungs biiatch back with another topic. so basically this is just gonna be a list of why i find min yoongi perfect. i know that i started a similar topic but the content is going to be very different. So it is also a list of his talents, well, more like abilities. Remember that you could also add your own to the list in case i forgot something. i am talking too much aren't i?Anyways, ready, set, FIGHTING!
  6. This is just a bunch of posts about why min yoongi is the perfect husband! (In my opinion at least)
  8. Hello my friends, today's lesson is the evolution of 민윤기 (Min • Yoon • Gi), or SUGA, as we now know him in Broketan Flopnyeondan BTS. (these are not in 200% accurate chronological order, but I can guess.) Let us begin with his extra smol photos: (sajdhlJdhjkdhjLHKDHJKSDLJDHSKJDNDLK) Next, we shall hop on to his "flower boy" phase: (tummy lol) There was also smol basketball man: + Mr. student council boy: Later on he found his $$$wag: educated with rap, dance: and more: and then eventually found his way into your hearts: And thus today, we have god bless puberty and Big Hit entz Bonus
  9. This is a post to promote a song~ if you don't like BTS, please click the back button! Today (27th) at 12PM, the pre-released song of Suran "WINE (feat.Changmo)", the first outside song produced by Suga! The encounter of an Egg and Sugar ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: Suran (수란) is poached egg in Korean) Suran X BTS Suga "WINE" to release soon... the encounter of Egg and Sugar I will recommend you just 5 songs Suga has produced until now! (I hope you'll listen to just one song at least! Seriously there are so many songs to recommend when someone asks me to recommend BTS songs) ♥thanks for reading♥ Original post here Response +1093 -91 1. wow I honestly underestimated BTS's talent until now.. I approve of this song. I'm listening to this all day today! I just thought BTS as a trend idol group but I can feel their steps as artists~ Please show us good performance in the future! +334 -16 2. Yeah, I agree. I'm not even a fan of BTS but I don't get why they're bashed ㅋㅋㅋ it's not like they're a group who became big with their company's support by appearing on CFs and variety shows. They are focusing on their work but why are they bashing them just because they're an idol group? I think they're nice~~ In my opinion, they are one of the group along with Big Bang, Highlight, Block B, Winner and other groups who broke the stereotype of idols~~ the song is nice~ Suran has been daebak as always +318 -15 3. this is the time to use this meme +270 -10 (caepjjang!!) 4. I listened to the song because this was a new entry on the chart and this song really struck my heart and taste. The melody is especially mysterious... I didn't know that Suga even produced songs but he's really amazing +99 -7 5. sh*t when I saw the title "Never Mind" I was like "can't be?" but I looked up the lyrics and it's BTS's song for real? I f*cking didn't know this. I heard this song on Youtube as the bgm of that basketball animation video and I kept watching it and heol +95 -0 6. really.. Suga-nim thank you for composing and producing a song that perfectly fits Suran unnie ㅠㅠ wow.. I disliked BTS but... I think I'm going to listen to all the new songs you'll release from now ㅠㅠ +86 -9 7. wow I went to look for the video of Never Mind on Youtube after reading the lyrics in this post and I watched the live performance from their concert? and I'm someone who is clueless about rap but although he sounds like he's thoughtlessly throwing his verse out, he sounds accurate and so refreshing ㅋㅋ daebak he's so cool. I think I'd get goosebumps if I watched their live performance and most of all, I really love the lyrics +80 -0 8. I'm a fan of a different genre and after listening to BTS's album tracks by chance, I really couldn't close my mouth. the lyrics are just;; so refreshing. I don't know how they manage to write such classy lyrics. especially that "clap, clap, clap, please go on and continue doing that" part is just...woah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I even looked it up after listening. The lyrics written by Suga makes me think that he's just an idol from outside. Anyway, their songs aren't about obvious love stories which I really loved ㅋㅋ BTS, I praise you +73 -0 9. but this shows that BTS is dope ㅋㅋㅋ I knew they were good dancer, singer, and rapper but he's good at rapping too (shivers) honestly, we should praise him for this +72 -0 10. first of all, I was surprised to hear that Suga produced this song +72 -7 English Translation by Peachisoda | ♣
  10. English translation by BANGTANBUZZ (@bangtanbuzz) | Original Post
  11. source “Thank you for this opportunity to let my voice be known to the general public.” This is what R&B vocalist Suran had to say about her recently released single “Wine.” The track topped various music charts, such as Bugs, Genie, and Olleh Music. Considering the fact that IU’s new album has been on top for the past couple of weeks, this is quite an impressive feat for a rookie singer. “Wine” is a trendy hip-hop, R&B track infused with electro pop and a futuristic base. The lyrics reflect a person seeing the memories of their past relationship in a glass of wine. The groovy rhythm and emotional melody work well together, and the song was quite anticipated as it was reported that the song would be produced by BTS’s Suga and would feature rapper Changmo. On topping the charts for the first time, Suran said, “This is my first chart-topper since my debut. I couldn’t have done this alone, and I’m grateful to BTS’s Suga, Slow Rabbit, June, and Changmo for their help.” She added, “The song is so meaningful because everyone came together to create the track, and I am truly grateful. I’m so happy that I had this opportunity to let my voice and music be known to the public. I hope people will continue to be interested in my upcoming mini-album and music.” She especially thanked BTS’s Suga and Changmo for their participation. Suran stated, “When I was working on some music by myself last year, I was having a hard time and I was feeling depressed. It was at that time that I started talking with Suga about music, and we ended up working together and that’s how ‘Wine’ was created. I’m grateful to him because I received a lot of strength and energy from working with him, and the song came out so well. And I’ve always been a fan of Changmo, so I was very happy when he agreed to feature on my track after listening to the song. I’m grateful to him for elevating the track to another level with his rapping.” Congratulations to Suran on her achievement!
  12. So Suran's new song "오늘 취하면" ( Wine ) that Suga produced, will be released on April 27 <3 It will feature South Korean rapper and producer CHANGMO. Slow Rabbit will also be co-producing the track <3 THE TEASER IS OUT <3
  13. Hello BBasers! Welcome to the Emoti-Yoongs thread! Hopefully, you'll enjoy these new gifs <3 @nouneedkookiesandtae Thanks for the name! Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  14. Apparently Yoongi did the composition and production for this digital single. I am so freaking excited, holy shit! EDIT: Peachisoda's article translation [Article] 170421 BTS Suga's first move as a producer... collaborates in "Suran's" new single by Peachisoda 11 HRS AGO 1 MINUTE READ 22 Comments BTS Suga and R&B female vocalist Suran joined forces. According to the gayo industry on 21st, Suga took part in composing and producing Suran's new digital single that will release by the end of this month. Although Suga has been participating as a producer in BTS's album and for this own mixtape, this is his first time taking part for an outside artist. Suga's mixtape played a role in connecting the trend idol and trend vocalist's collaboration. Suran featured in Suga's mixtape "Agust D" track "So far away" as the vocalist. As they have already worked together before, Suga will present an R&B hip hop track that increases Suran's strong points. Suran is a female vocalist who is gaining attention in the R&B hip hop scene for her clear and groovy vocal. She has been receiving attention from music fans for her unique and charming voice with her past collaborations with Primary, Zico, Beenzino, and Yankie. Suga has been taking part in BTS's album as co-producer and worked on his own mixtape but this is his first time being in charge of an outside vocalist and this helped him to extend his experience. Suga took part as the composer and producer and since Suran is the trending vocalist who is no.1 in featuring, it's been said that their collaboration will receive great attention from gayo gans. Original article here Comments from Instiz here Response +23
  15. Today is 9.March and that means its Sugas Birthday!! Happy birthday Suga!!! I wish all the best for Suga in his 24. Birthday! (I hope that i remember correctly) But i draw something for his Birthday!! Im not sure way but I really needed to draw this photo! i just love it!! I really like how it looks in the end just love it! but im kind of sad that i forgot to take picture of proces how i colored him! but im still happy what i got in the end!!! I really hope that this year will be successful for him and BTS!! i just love them all soo much!! Wish all the best!! Happy Birthday Suga!!
  16. Guys it's Min Yoongi's birthday on the 9th of March can't wait 10 more days
  17. Here is a master list of every log Suga has ever done. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017