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Found 8 results

  1. x x source TYPO: In Jimin’s article, Jimin says to Jungkook. “I am two years older than you.”
  2. original post: here 1. [+661, -5] Yoongi-yah!!! Happy birthday~ Thank you for being born ^^ 2. [+607, -6] Our Min Suga is receiving love from all around the globe! Yoongi-yah~ Happy birthday♡ Your existence is my happiness^^ I'll keep supporting you for all my life!^^ 3. [+564, -5] Our sugar yeah~~~~~~~~~ Happy birthday!! 4. [+533, -5] Our lovely Yoongi oppa, thank you for existing, thank you for overcoming the hardships and let's stay healthy and work hard preparing for the comeback!♥! 5. [+517, -5] Yoongi-yah happy birthday!!! Thank you for being born♥ 6. [+57, -1] I can't get over Suga's charms, his heart is so pretty for always thinking of the fans, he's cute and he's good at making song..ㅋㅋ Not as BTS Suga, but Min Yoongi nim, Happy birthday!! 7. [+57, -1] The whole world is sending happy birthdays to BTS members as soon as their birthdays comeㅋㅋㅋ Suga happy birthday♡ Source
  3. translations by pannchoa [naver] BTS J-HOPE, FIRST MIXTAPE SINCE DEBUT.... "TRAFFIC CONGESTION" original post: here 1. [+1333, -8] Seriously it's so so good 2 [+1189, -6] BTS Jung Hoseok!! J~~~~~Hope the song is too too good, such an addictive awesomeness ㅠㅠ 3. [+1122, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅜ 4. [+1100, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅠㅠ Thank you for dropping an album-like mixtape, I want to download the song, but since there's a server jam, I can't do it, I'll try doing it in the morning 5. [+1034, -6] He suits a low voice so well, it straight up feels like J-hope's kind of mixtapeㅠㅠ Thank you J-hope-ah ❤️ 6. [+213, -0] Seriously such a shame that it's free.. 7. [+211, -0] I'm a male fan. I've been a fan since since BST, he's a good dancer and even the song is perfect
  4. t/n: the post is kinda long so we'll paraphrase Suga has claimed that he has suffered from depression, compulsive disorder and social phobia during his childhood. He wanted to do music, but his situation didn't allow him to do it so he took a part time as a delivery guy. Suga wrote a mixtape called "The last" to talk about how hard his youth felt and convey his emotions that are still lingering even after he became an idol. On the 28th, I asked him in an interview "Since 2013 when you debuted, you talked about the dream you had when you were still a boy and the reality that you were facing. In your song "The last" you talked about dreaming to become an idol and how your reality felt like. You also talked about depression, compulsive disorder, etc. and let out your feelings. Looking back at your trainee days, how were you able to overcome your anxiety and how far have you achieved in your dream?" Suga: I think that anxiety cohabits with loneliness for your entire life. I think that the big learning we need to do is to find a method to unravel them and give a big meaning into it" Regarding the lyrics of "The last" he said: Depending on every situation and every moment, the emotions are just too different. I think that life is about worrying/thinking about every little moment. That's why I'm trying to convey to people that "I also have a lot of anxiety just as much as you do, so let's all find a way to study it together" The song "The last" represent the little dark side of Suga. Suga: There was never a time that I did not dream. All of my dreams were attained. When I was a trainee, I wanted to debut as a singer and do music, I achieved it. After debuting, I wanted to be #1, I wanted to receive the daesang, I wanted to go to the USAand to Japan. Actually I've never dreamed of going all the way to Billboard's AMA but this too, I've achievd it. He continues: Right now, I feel like I don't have a distinct dream to run after like I used to have in the past. Nowadays, my thoughts are always changing. As a human, self-worth and happiness are both important (In order to attain what you want) but this is something I'm far from attaining. As a singer I was able to accomplish a lot of things, last year was my turning point year. I'm only 26 but it's been 10 years since I've been doing music, however I want to keep doing this for a long time" t/n: you can find the translated lyrics here original post here 1. [+1943, -31] Min Suga is cool 2. [+1818, -19] He's still young, but the songs he's written are all relatable. He overcame everything to be able to show himself like that right now and it's commendable. He looks a lot brighter now, but I wish him to be even happier from now. BTS let's all be happy and heathy!! 3. [+1736, -21] I was shocked when I first heard the song. It's my first time seeing someone express themselves so genuinely in a song. In order to give comfort to other people, he bared himself and lowered himself, I applaud his courage. He's cool and he has good principles. Suga is the best 4. [+1610, -21] Yoongi-yah... Thank you for becoming an artist 5. [+1502, -18] His mixtape is daebak, totally amazing Source
  5. BTS’s Jimin and his father recently gave back to their community in a sweet way! On February 20, Busan’s Hoedong Elementary School, where Jimin attended as a child, closed down after 36 years. At the graduation ceremony, Jimin donated signed BTS CDs to all the students and made a personal donation to cover the school uniform costs for all the graduating students going on to middle school. It turned out that Jimin had made this donation last year as well, ever since he heard that Hoedong Elementary School was closing down. BTS’s agency BigHit Entertainment confirmed the donation and added, “Jimin’s father felt very regretful that the school was closing down and wanted to do something for them.” At the time of closing, Hoedong Elementary School had 10 graduating students and 50 enrolled students. Jimin’s father participated in the graduating ceremony to personally give out the donations and said, “I watched Jimin graduate here 10 years ago, and when I think that the school won’t be here anymore, tears come to my eyes.” Source (1) (2) Sources: @OH_mes, Naver, Soompi
  6. Jimin was trending on Naver's main page in the entertainment section and #2 on Naver's most commented articles! IMPACT http://entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=469&aid=0000223462&cid=845617 (trending article) + photos and articles all over Naver Hot pink Jimin [PRESS/MEDIA]