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[170131] BTS Interview: Shukan Josei Magazine

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⋆ BTS - Seven men with rising heartbeat 
JPN - KRN © mondomizel1rn_rn_rn
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi 

V: Born on December 30th, 1995. 21 years old. 178cm. AB blood type. Vocalist. Currently appearing on Korean drama “Hwarang” (broadcasted on CS DATV in Japan from March). A handsome 4D. The interview took place at quite an early hour so everyone was a little bit sleepy, but he hummed by himself and went into the studio. Asking “Where do we do the makeup?” with fluent Japanese, he showed us his passion in everything, but as the interview were coming to an end, his actions slowed down. It was like he was fighting with sleepiness (laughs). 

JUNGKOOK: Born on September 1st, 1997. 19 years old. 178cm. A blood type. Vocalist. He’s called “Golden Maknae” for his outstanding dancing, singing and athletic ability. During the group photo shooting, J-hope pointed out “Your legs are trembling” since he was doing a difficult pose. He just grinned at the staffs who were trying to think of a solution and said “I’m okay!”. The sight of the Golden Maknae (saying such manly words) was heart-fluttering. 

J-HOPE: Born on February 18th, 1994. 22 years old. 177cm. A blood type. Rapper. He’s so talented that he has made a name for himself as a street dancer during school days, and is now leading the group as the dance team leader. J-hope was also the one who shouted “Let’s start!” and help us start the interview. It was impressive how he practiced Japanese with the staffs during break time with a smiling face full of hope. 

SUGA: Born on March 9th, 1993. 23 years old. 174cm. O blood type. Rapper. A music genius who does both group activities as well as solo activities under the name “Agust D”. Suga said “I’m the type to only work when working, and only rest when resting. While waiting to get makeup at the studio, he lay down on bed with Jimin and did his self-analysis. He’s great. 

JIN: Born on December 4th, 1992. 24 years old. O blood type. Vocalist. The oldest in the group and a handsome guy with big appetite. Rap Monster told Jin, “I’m really jealous with hyung because he doesn’t get stressed.” “No matter how tired I am, I forget everything after sleeping for a night (laughs). Is that tea mine? (laughs)” 

JIMIN: Born on October 13th, 1995. 21 years old. 173cm. A blood type. Vocalist. Being one of the top enrolling students at the Modern Dance Department of an arts high school, he possesses a prideworthy and beautiful ability of expressing himself. There are times when he’s sulky, so he has the nickname “Chimchim” too. Before the interview, we told him that his jaw line looked sharper, so he smiled brightly and replied “I’m on a diet right now”, then delightedly told Jungkook “They said I lost weight!”. 

RAP MONSTER: Born on September 12th, 1994. 22 years old. 181cm. A blood type. Rapper. He is also active in solo activities such as collaborating with other artists. A […] leader, but he’s actually very clumsy. [T/N: illegible] He went into the studio and said to the staffs “Please take care of us… A-ah!”, then stumbled on the stairs and almost fell down. He’s a good person. 




Q: You just released the first best album “THE BEST OF 방탄소년단” synthesizing 2.5 years of promoting in Japan, is there a song that’s different from the others? 

J-hope: It’s “For You”. It’s the first original song to be officially released in Japan so I think it’s quite meaningful. 
Suga: I think it’s “I NEED U” Japanese version. The Japanese lyrics are a little bit different from the Korean one, so I like it. 

Q: A memorable thing from your promotions in Japan up until now? 

Jin: There’s no exact thing that makes me go “This is the one.” I always look at the whole stadium whenever I sing the last song at any concert. I don’t know if it’s happiness or sadness, but in those moments, I have some sort of unspeakable feelings. The lingering taste of the ending is the most memorable to me. I’m always overwhelmed whenever I perform. 
Jimin: We performed in front of 500 fans in our first showcase. As our number of live performances goes up, the venues get bigger too, and recently we got to meet many fans through our Arena tour. I’m always touched at those times. 
Suga: It was really fun being able to participate in big music festivals like Summer Sonic or A-Nation. 

Q: You received the award for most exellent artist, “Artist Of The Year”, at Asia’s biggest award ceremony “2016 Mnet Asia Music Awards” last year. You cried on stage. 

Suga: I was listening to the acceptance speech and kept thinking about the memories in 7 years since my trainee days. The hardships, the happy things, all kinds of memories kept lingering in my mind and I was overwhelmed. I cried unknowingly too, since I couldn’t hold it. 
Jungkook: I cried because I felt so grateful to ARMYs. I planned not to cry on stage no matter what happened, but my tears came out looking at our fans. They bore hardships with us and supported us. I was so touched that I cried. I… We are really lucky. 
Rap Monster: We were very happy, so we went to eat together after returning from Hongkong! We ordered pasta and pizza… 
J-hope: The day we received the award was right about Jin-hyung’s birthday too. 
V: So we celebrated both. 
Jin: We ate rea~lly delicious things! (serious face) 
J-hope: We ate and talked about the old days. 
Jimin: It was fun. 

Q: Aside from receiving the award, the Korean album also landed 26th place on the America Billboard chart, and placed #1 on the Itunes charts of 27 countries. 2016 became an unforgettable year for you. 

Suga: We went to countries on the other half of the world like Brazil and felt the love for us from fans in those countries, I think we benefitted from this era. It seems like we’re really lucky. 
V: But still… I want to receive more love in Japan too. Woof! (holding out hands like a puppy and pretending to bite Jungkook’s arms, who was sitting next to V) 
Jungkook: (dodges V as if he’s used to it) Yeah, I think so. 
Rap Monster: It’s really amazing. Every time we perform overseas, people who have different nationalities from us and speak different languages all sing along to our songs. 
V: That’s quite something. 
Rap Monster: This year, a new era for both us and our fans has started. 
Jimin: Actually, there’s a performance I’m thinking of right now. A performance that anyone looking at it can see the cool and fun side of us. I’ll work hard for that goal. 
Jungkook: I want to grow more! So that that growth will become our weapon. 

Q: Your endless effort has made BTS into the group you are right now. Is there anything that has changed, or hasn’t changed now compared to when you debuted? 

Suga: Something that hasn’t changed since pre-debut, first of all, it’s the attitude to think of singing and performing as our priorities. Even if our members each have something they want to do, we all think of the directions we shouldn’t do and where we should go as a team first. I think that’s one of our strengths. 
Rap Monster: And another thing is practicing. Practice first and practice second. If it took us 10 times to do something before, now we can do it within just 5 times. I think we got to do it more efficiently. 

Q: Seeing your performances, you have such fierce choreography so it seems to be quite tiring. 

Suga: (with serious face) Honestly, it’s hard. 
Everyone: (laughs) 
Rap Monster: But that hard practice is what made us who we are right now, so we can’t stop. 
V: We must not stop!! 

Q: We’d like to suggest stopping and resting sometimes. 

Suga: Recently we have to perform songs with hard choreography continuously so it’s really tiring. Until about a year ago, I would just blindly practice, but then I got to know that if I keep doing like that, it’d cause harm to my body, so now I’m taking health products and supplements, as well as taking care of my body. 
Jungkook: You have to build your stamina. 
Suga: That’s right. 

Q: Coming back to what we were talking about earlier, is there anything that changed? 

V: When I just debuted, I didn’t know anything. I couldn’t do anything except for doing my best at what I was told to. But now, I’d do it while figuring out the meaning and think about it on my own. 
Jungkook: Uhm… I got to think more deeply now. Other than calling it a change, I’d say it’s more like my attitude has matured. 
Jimin: My thoughts about fans and performing has changed too. 
J-hope: My personal growth, as well as my attitude towards performing, fans and many other things have changed. I’m always aware that “I’m a professional”, at what can be seem from the outside as well as what can’t. 
Jimin: “I’m a professional”… That’s right. Everyone’s appearances have changed a lot too. 
Rap Monster: It feels like when we were trainees, everyone’s singing, dancing and fashion senses were all messy (laughs). But I think we look like celebrities now. 

Q: You’ll continue to grow as artists and be the “rising BTS” [T/N: referring to the title of “진격의 방탄” (Attack On Bangtan/Rise Of Bangtan)] in the future too right. 

Jin: We’ll continue to rise. 
Rap Monster: We can’t stop now. (laughs)



⋆ Unit interview (RM-J / SG-JH /JM-V-JK) 
JPN - KRN © mondomizel1rn_rn_rn
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi




Rap Monster x Jin 

Q: Favorite spot? 

Rap Monster: The studio at our company. I display the Bearbricks I like on one side of the wall. But recently I run out of places to display them so I’m putting them in my room. 
Jin: He has quite a lot. (laughs) 
Rap Monster: I didn’t understand why people collect things before, but now… 
Jin: You have a lot right (laughs). My favorite spot is the meat restaurant near our company! I like meat the most. 
Rap Monster: Come to think of it, last time when we went to eat meat together, they ran out of beef brisket so he ordered… 
Jin: A whole beef set! I ate everything! 
Namjoon: Jin-hyung grilled the meat for us. 
Jin: It’s a basic if you like meat. 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

Jin: Indeed, if I sing “Awake” to her, she would like it. If I look at her in the eyes and sing “Wide awake~ Wide awake~”… 
Rap Monster: (laughs) 
Jin: Why do you laugh!? 
Rap Monster: I was thinking about how you chose your own song (laughs) 
Jin: So what will you sing? 
Rap Monster: I would naturally call her to the park or to the river side, sit together on the bench and hum… 
Jin: (looking at Rapmon like he’s regretting) And then you’ll sing “Reflection” right. 
Rap Monster: My song’s a little bit embarrasing (laughs). I’ll sing “A Little Girl”. (T/N: the OST of “Reply 1988”) 
Jin: What if the girl runs away? 
Rap Monster: If that’s so… If I got to express my love, then I’m satisfied. 

Jimin x V x Jungkook 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Jimin: Mine is BTS’ photo. I like photos with all of us. My wallpaper right now is the photo we took when filming for the VCR of the fanmeeting in Korea (T/N: Muster). It was the photo taken at a concert before but I changed recently. 
V: (showing his phone screen) Jjajan! Chet Baker!! 
Jungkook: Mine is all black. 
Jimin & V: Just black? 
Jungkook: Wait a minute. (bringing his phone and show the screen) Look. 
Jimin & V: It’s real! 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

V: It’s not my song but… Trumpeter Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily”. There’s a movie based on this song (T/N: “Born To Be Blue”), I want to tell that kind of story and recommend the song to that girl. 
Jimin: That’s cool~ I’ll make a song for the one I like.
Jungkook: Me too! I haven’t written lyrics for a girl up until now, but if it’s the person I like, I think I can do it. 
Jimin: How the song would come out depends on that person, and I wouldn’t know how it would come out until I write it. My ideal type is someone who is likable, someone who makes me want to keep being together. (shy) 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

V: I’ll aim to be an acting-dol! The Korea drama “Hwarang” I appeared in will soon be broadcasted in Japan, please watch it. Just watch me only! 
Jimin: “Watch me only” (laughs). I want to travel with my family or friends~ 
Jungkook: That’s good too. I want to debut as a professional bowling player. 
Jimin & V: ?? 
Jungkook: I have been learning from a teacher since November last year, and my score went up to 240. 
Jimin: 3 months ago he did even worse than me… 
Jungkook: Hmm?! Did I? 

Suga x J-hope 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

J-hope: I’ll sing Ai Otsuka’s “Sakuranbo”. I have been liking this song since long before. The lyrics overflows with love so the song’s atmosphere is bright and it matches my personality. I’ll prepare a lorry that will turn into a stage when opening the door, then say “It’s an event!” and sing a song only for that girl. 
Suga: I think I would say “You can just come to the concert”. 
J-hope: What…?! 
Suga: I don’t go to the karaoke, and I rarely sing except for when performing on stage. I’ll say it’s because I make music. 
J-hope: Okay… 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

J-hope: I want to travel to Japan~ 
Suga: Mine is going to the gym, since I’m not doing anything. I don’t think I can keep going like this. 
J-hope: In terms of music, I want to make and release a mixtape this year. And I want to grow as a rapper too. 
Suga: I think I have to make many good songs this year too. We have an overseas tour this year, so I’ll work hard so BTS can receive love from more people. 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Suga: (showing his phone) This one. 
J-hope: Wow, all black!! 
Suga: I have never cared about wallpapers. 
J-hope: Mine is my favorite artist! 
Suga: Who? 
J-hope: Who was it… (laughs) 
Suga: Didn’t you say it’s your favorite artist? 
J-hope: I suddenly forgot (laughs). Ah ah, Frank Ocean! But it’s been the same thing for half a year so I want to change it now. 
Suga: But it’s your favorite artist? 
J-hope: It’s my mood. Selca is a little bit embarrased so…




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50 minutes ago, first love said:

Jin: We’ll continue to rise. 
Rap Monster: We can’t stop now. (laughs)



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1 hour ago, first love said:

He went into the studio and said to the staffs “Please take care of us… A-ah!”, then stumbled on the stairs and almost fell down. He’s a good person. 

I love Namjoon so much. jimin9:

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is stuff missing in the op?

anyway i read the whole thing on twitter and it's cute. hobi talks more about his mixtape, which i hope comes out this year. and they had pizza after winning at mamas. adorable 

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49 minutes ago, leo said:

is stuff missing in the op?

anyway i read the whole thing on twitter and it's cute. hobi talks more about his mixtape, which i hope comes out this year. and they had pizza after winning at mamas. adorable 


i tried to edit it remove some unnecessary space earlier but it wasn't submitting so i gave up lol i have no idea how it ate 90% of the post though

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this bit makes me sad : (

he smiled brightly and replied “I’m on a diet right now”, then delightedly told Jungkook “They said I lost weight!”.  

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