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List of Jin Fansites ❀

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This is a pretty helpful resource to have, so heres a list of Jin fansites in order of their follower count~ (Bold = over 100k followers, Italic = over 50k followers)

Last updated: September 3 2017

graphics cr. to the lovely sweaterpawsjimin 


Bold = over 200k followers, italics = over 100k followers, underline = over 50k followers


1 0 s e c o n d s @jin10seconds

Improving Jin @improving_Jin

JINism @921204_J
Jin Time @_Jintime

COSMIC BLOOM, @921204net

SENSATION @19921204net

Radiant @Radiant_Jin

Dandelion @dandelionforjin

Spoonful @JINSpoonful

December Jin @December_Jin_

Shine On Me @ShineOnMe_Jin

PINK ADE @921204com

IN YOUR EYES @inyoureyes_jin

JUST DO EAT ‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅ @justdoeat_jin

Guiding Star ✨ @GuidingStar1204

Free Loop @freeloop_jin

The Equator @thequator1204

어느 멋JIN 날 @Jin_NiceDay

Sweeter Than Fiction @FICTION1204

진짜 좋아 진;ㅅ; @Real_LikeJin

DreamJin @dreamjin1204

Pink Mario @pinkmario_1204

Yoshi's Island @Yoshis_Island92

SLOW MOTION @slowmotion1204

원앤온리♡석진 @oneandonly_jin

BEAT MODE @beatmode_1204

어떡하진 @oddokajin

허그진 @HugJIN_1204

lepetitrose @lepetitrose1204

첫눈 @snow921204

석진이는 모해 @mohae_jin

Oh, My Gabriel! @_OMGabriel

Jin's Cherub @JINs_cherub

진이픽쳐스 @JINs_Pictures

진달래 @JINdallae_1204

진통제 @Anodynia_Jin

Pastel Mood @PastelMoodJin



끄랩치 @chlapci_




밍까 @mingga92

J I N R I @Jinjin13000418

Rice..(`Д)/☆☆ @ricesgogo



Other Jin Sites


jin pics, @JINPlCS -> Jin pics and gifs

jin archive, @jinarchive -> archive of HD Jin pictures
진심, @sincerelyjins -> Jin fancommunity (pics, gifs)
Relatable Jin, @RelatableJin
ばに*바니, @pinkeast82 ->Fanart
seokjin fancams @seokjin_fancams

Apple Tape, @appletapebts -> Jin fancams


Closed / Rest / Inactive


L!KE J!N @likejin1204 REST


Pink Prince @pinkprince_92 REST

Handsome Jin ♔, @365Handsome_JIN CLOSED

PEACH AND DAISY @peach_and_daisy CLOSED



Pink Piece @pinkpiece_jin CLOSED

JiniuSu! @JiniuSu9293 CLOSED

Loves Me @lovesme1204 CLOSED
12월의너에게, @DecemberJIN1204 INACTIVE
Jinsami^♡^, @jinsami_1204 INACTIVE 
EPICURE, @epicure1204 INACTIVE

JIN OK!, @19921204_OK INACTIVE

Edited by dorkprincess

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Thanks for posting these!

I'll have to check these out!

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Thank you for this! I need to immerse myself in more Jin love, bless Fire for being blonde-Jin era and bringing more attention to this precious man <3

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I always need more Jin on my feed, thanks.

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20 hours ago, avley07 said:

Is there any Jinkook fansites? hehehe :)

neither of these are 'fansites' in the sense that they regularly take pictures, but dreamsofangels does Jinkook projects and Jinblossoms posts a lot of Jinkook pics/gifs (but its more of just a fanaccount)

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