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other JHopes Birthday Drawing!!

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Hi!! :) Im really happy that I can post something!! :D this time it will be a drawing too!

it will be JHope!! because today is his Birthday!1:x:$


He is just adorable!! Right?! :x

He is soo cute and thats why I wanted to draw him!!





And in the end!! ^_^



Can someone please tell me why he is soo cute!!

I drawed him for the first time in my life and i hope its not the last!:D:D

i  fallen in love with him while drawing him!!:D:x

i wish him the best!! I hope he will make many happy moments in his Birthday!

and i hope they will go well too today! I wish I could go to that concert but I live soo far away from Korea (crying) but I still love them and support them!! :x:)

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awww you are so sweet!! 

My first time drawing him was totally a big fail lol You do it really well!!0

when talent stan talent :armyryan: 

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Your colouring, as usual, is incredible! Hobi is super lucky to have wonderful fans like you who make fanart for his birthday! 

I didn't even notice the zipper on his shirt until you drew it! Great job with the details! 


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