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I NEED YOUR HELP! Help me make a fellow A.R.M.Y. happy

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Hello A.R.M Y.s all over the world!!☺

This is very important for me and after I explain later, you'll realize that it's very important for all of us as a fandom.

So today is the birthday of our precious Min Yoongi or Suga or AgustD or Yoonji! Anyway it's the birthday of our favourite rapper, this amazing human being who never fails to express himself through music and "infire" everyone. A fellow A.R.M.Y. whom I don't know personally wrote a really touching letter wishing him happy birthday and expressing her and our respect and appreciation towards this amazing man. So.... I decided to help her translate it in Korean and somehow send it to him... Unfortunately, I don't speak Korean.. ? So I'm asking for your help. If any of you can speak Korean or know someone who does, PLEASE help this A.R.M.Y. have this message known and recognized!!! I believe we can all relate to her words, so in this way we'll be able to show Yoongi how important he is for us and BTS!!! 

Even if this doesn't make it to Yoongi, we're gonna make this person very very happy. 

If anyone can contribute to this little project, first of all I'll always be grateful towards you and secondly, please leave a comment below. 

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!???
















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well that made me cry... i'm so sorry i can't help translate it, i really wish i could, but good luck!

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That was very touching. I really hope I could lend a help but too bad I I'm not good in Korean either ><  :v1:

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