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translation (LYRICS) Hit It 2 Auditions: Suga vs i11evn Swagger & Diss Battle

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Original Article by TONGUE TECHNOLOGY

(LYRICS) Hit It 2 Auditions: Suga vs i11evn Swagger & Diss Battle

(The video is available on the original site~)


Verse 1: Choi Ikje (i11evn) Swagger

'til it's over
'til it's over
let's get this over with
since my name is the number 11, call me Winning i11evn
this mic is like AK-47, I've got the winning hand
no players wanna battle me, since they know they'll lose anyway
you're just coming at me without knowing shit, your vest isn't bulletproof
like Lim Jeong-hee, you tell me I can't be real
since I heard your rap I'll tell you, you really make no sense
it's not even 2:00am so why can't you let me go even if you die?
then just clench your fists and lie down, I'll send you guys off instead
yeah your style, rap, swagger, all of it is childish
you showed up cause you knew I was good, right, one way ticket
you're staggering even at just this point, like you've been shot
start from zero and come at me, you're just like little kids
now lemme show you what it's like to be the Busan swagger
no matter how many tales you tell, your rap is all outdated
I'm a 1987 rabbit, you turtles are too slow
I hope you'll get some sleep but this game's already over

Verse 2: Min Yoongi (Suga) Swagger

so fresh boy G's in the building
we are D-Town
top one, I don't bleed off that pattern of seeing all the obvious things once
my rap isn't as easy as you think
but to me it's real easy, if I rap all day I don't get tired
the flat of my tongue takes insolence and runs with it
you can't estimate me at all, reason being I've got different genes at the root
a next generation rapper who's gonna be the 3rd generation of hip hop, my flow is the prettiest
if San E is a rap genius then I'm a prodigy, huh


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Thanks this is my first time reading the lyrics i feel like i watched the video before tho.

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I love Yoongi's verses so much. I really appreciate the way he writes, that last verse is just truly cutting. I could feel the temperature drop just as I read the translation, how he lost this I will never know. I preferred his lyrics tbh but it was a great battle either way. I totally see why Big Hit didn't want to let him go. Spitting fire since day 1.

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