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Rules & Warning Points

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1. Be Respectful

  • Do not harass, bully, or troll other forum members. If you don't like another user, ignore them.
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Cursing is allowed throughout all areas of the forum, but please try not to go overboard with it.

2. No Bashing

  • Do NOT bash any BTS member. If you don't particularly like certain members you're still welcome to join here and participate in discussions, but do not be rude about the members you dislike.
  • Do NOT bash other groups or idols. While this is a BTS forum, plenty of us are fans of other groups and there's no need for insulting other idols on here.
  • "Comparison" posts between BTS and other groups/idols are allowed but DO NOT insult or shade the others within those posts.
    • EX: a post comparing BTS' physical sales to other groups with high physical sales OR a post about how BTS sell digitally compared to other boy groups who are good digital sellers.
    • The main intention of this is to allow users to give context to certain things (i.e., "BTS have good digitals for a boy group." "How can you say they have good digitals?" "BTS had 200k downloads the first week while Other Popular Boy Group #1 had 50k and Other Popular Boy Group #2 had 100k.") without worrying about the fact that they're bringing up another group in the discussion. 
    • This comparison allowance does not mean you can make threads like "BTS vs _____" or "Here's Why BTS Are Better Than ______."
    • As a general policy regarding this, moderators will be allowed to lock any thread or delete any post that they feel veers (or will veer) into rule-breaking territory.

3. Constructive Criticism and Critiques 

  • Constructive criticisms of the group/members/music/company are fully welcome on the forumCritiquing anything related to BTS does not automatically qualify as bashing or hating.
    • BTS and their company are not perfect. They're humans and they will make mistakes. Don't feel as if you can't (or that you shouldn't) call out their missteps just because this is a site made up of fans/stans.
  • There is a very big line between constructive criticism and bashing. Don't jump over it.

4. No spamming

  • Spamming includes, but is not limited to, posting the same thing over and over (i.e., gifs, pictures, or text) in threads, posts, or in the chatbox.

5. No hateful/bigoted language

  • Racist/Sexist/Homophobic content will not be tolerated at all. 

6. No antagonizing staff & No impersonating staff

  • Staff are humans just like you and are giving up their free time to help with this forum so treat them with respect. If you think they are behaving inappropriately for someone in their position or if you think they are abusing their power you can contact a moderator or the admin to discuss your concerns.
  • Impersonating staff includes altering your username/avatar/sig/etc. to mislead others into thinking you're a specific staff member or going around convincing people you're on the staff when you are not.

7. No pornography

  • No links to pornography websites or videos, including in the 18+ section and private messages.

8. No Reputation Stalking

  • Reputation stalking is excessively handing out reputation to a specific user.
  • Includes both downvoting and upvoting.

9. No Duplicate Accounts

  • If you share an IP with another user, immediately inform the mods otherwise you will be subject to warning points.
  • If you want to create a new account for whatever reason, you're allowed to. However you must inform the mods that you're switching accounts. Your inactive account will be banned after you switch to your new one. If you ever want to switch back, you can. Just follow the same procedure of informing the mods of the switch and the inactive account will be banned.
  • All users are allowed ONE second-chance account after their original account gets banned, but they must inform mods of their new account.

10. No Death Threats or Doxxing

  • Anyone found to have committed either of these acts against another user or any idol will be immediately IP-banned.

11. Advertising

  • Posting a thread or comment advertising your own blog/website/fanbase/chat group/giveaway/etc. is allowed as long as what you're advertising is not inappropriate.
  • Do not spam your advertisements. 
  • Administrators and moderators are free to remove your advertisements at any time if they feel you break any rules.


1. Always include a link to the SOURCE when you post articles, translations, or any other information

  • While AllKpop and Koreaboo aren't banned sources per se, please try to find another source for the information if possible before posting it here. 
  • Digital Music News is a banned source. Do not link to their website or any of their social media accounts. 
  • Please also include sources when posting pictures or videos too.

2. No duplicate threads or posts

  • Duplicates will be deleted by mods. If you accidentally double post or someone makes the same thread right before you, just leave a message in the Inquires thread to let mods know so they can delete it for you.
  • This rule mainly applies to news+article posts. In some other cases, you can create a thread with the same/similar content as long as the last post in the first thread is 6+ months old. 
    • For example, creating an appreciation thread for Jin's voice or Jimin's dancing when there's already a thread but the last post in there was 7 months ago.
    • Mods will determine, at their own discretion, if the thread's topic is allowed to be reposted. 

3. Use spoilers if your post or thread contains a large amount of pictures

  • The image limit in a thread/post is 30 pictures, please use spoilers after the fifth or so image.

4. Sexual posts or threads belong in the 18+ section

  • No posting sexually explicit images. "Sensual/Sexual" images are allowed as long as they're not graphic.
    • Ex: fanart or photoshopped images of two members making out shirtless would be allowed but fanart or photoshopped images of Member A naked with Member B would be banned.

5. Threads deemed offensive (i.e., being racist/sexist/homophobic in nature) will not be tolerated and will be promptly deleted

6. Do not post small Twitter (or Tumblr, Youtube, etc.) drama here.

  • Do not make topics over hateful or trolling tweets with a small amount of likes/retweets.
    • EX: Creating a topic about a handful of tweets that say "BTS suxx!! X group is waaay better" and they only have 5 retweets.
  • Large-scale issues (trending hashtags, popular fansite/fanbase tweets, thousands of reposts, etc.) are allowed to be posted for discussion.

7. Thread OPs

  • OP = Original (Main) Post or Original Poster
  • If you're inactive on the forum for 3 months or more another user is free to take over your thread without your permission.
    • This applies only to member threads and other important resource threads. 
  • Any threads' OP can be changed over to someone else at any time as long as the OP has given permission for the change.


1. Usernames:

  • Can have between 3 and 26 characters.
  • Forbidden from having derogatory/offensive language in them.
  • Usernames don't have to be PG-rated, but don't go too far with them.
    •  EX: MOIST****** (Thanks, Jas) or F**kMy**** or B***hyH*ePrincess82

2. Signatures can include:

  • 2 pictures/gifs @ 300x250 (a total size limit of 600x250)
  • 3 lines of text
  • 5 links

*You are allowed to put a youtube video in your signature, however it must be re-sized to fit between 300x250 and 600x250 px (the image size limit). If you want to include an image along with the video then both the video and the image must fit within the size limit.

  Signatures CANNOT include:

  • Pornography
  • Overly flashy gifs
  • Offensive Content

3. Avatars:

  • Both gifs and static images are allowed
  • 125x125px
  • 800kb

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*** please note that all warning points will be permanent unless otherwise stated

Harassing/Bullying/Trolling Forum Members

  • 1st offense: 3 wps + 2 week posting suspension
  • 2nd offense: 3 wps + 2 month posting suspension
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned  

Bashing BTS Members or Other Idols/Groups

  • 1st offense: 3 wps + 2 week posting suspension
  • 2nd offense: 3 wps + 2 month posting suspension
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned

Use of Hateful/Bigoted Language

  • 1st offense: Account will be banned

Death Threats/Doxxing

  • 1st offense: IP banned


  • 1st offense: 2 wps
  • 2nd offense: 3 wps + 2 week posting suspension
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned

  Antagonizing or Impersonating Staff

  • 1st offense: 1 wp
  • 2nd offense: 3 wps
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned


  • 1st offense: 2 temporary wps
  • 2nd offense: 1 wp + 2 week posting suspension
  • 3rd offense: 3 wps + 1 month posting suspension

  Duplicate Accounts

  • 1st offense: 2 wps + dupe account will be banned
  • 2nd offense: IP banned

  Reputation Stalking

  • 1st offense: 2 wps
  • 2nd offense: 3 wps
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned

  Signature Violations

  • 1st offense: verbal warning + signature will be removed by mods
  • 2nd offense: 2 temporary wps
  • 3rd offense: 3 wps

  Username Violations

  • 1st offense: 2 wps + username will be immediately changed by a mod
  • 2nd offense: 5 wps
  • 3rd offense: Account will be banned

  Other Violations of Rules/Guidelines

  • Mods will give warning points and/or posting suspensions at their own discretion


Once you reach 10 warning points, your account will be banned. 

  • You are allowed to make ONE second-chance account. If for any reason your second account gets banned too, you will be IP-banned from the site.

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