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hey! im so glad to be here after a bunch of years. i remember using this site in the 6th grade. so much time has passed. did this site get shut down? i see that there are barely any members. this used to be a really popular site. anyways i should introduce myself.

im juno! ive been a army since 2016. my bias is yoongi. wrecker is jin!

any pronouns are fine. 

hmm i like bread

my mbti type is INTP! 

i like animanga,multistan

my favorite bts songs r attack on bangtan,rain, and tomorrow 

im really glad to be here. hope we have a fun time 🙂

also if you go outside stay safe. 



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Hello welcome! You might think that there are only a little bit of members but most of them are not on alot there are 131 members on this site when you go to the home page/Forums you can scroll all the way down and it says the Newest member, the members who are most online, and total members. Umm Yeah hope you have a GOOD TIME here!😉

So sad. Messed up😔357454431_144x108.png.1f5036734122ea8c4d0875533cfdc85b.png

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    • By jooggie
      Hello ARMY!
      I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself.
      I'm 15. I became ARMY in December of 2017. I'm OT7 obviously.
      My bias is Namjoon and my bias wreaker is Jimin
      My favorite BTS songs are Hip Hop Phile, Mic Drop, and No More Dream.
      I like doing dance covers and making edits.
      Please be nice to me 🙂  
    • By rsfrmlmvv
      Hi hai hai.. Guys... 
      I'm new memberr....
    • By Lil_Mochi
      Hello Bbase! Um...I forgot to intorduce myself when the website got back up but I'm Lil_Mochi! I'm from the USA. My bias is Jimin and the rapper line, my bias wreckers are the rest of the vocal line.
      Um....I'm a weeb and a band geek sooooo yeah! 
      I hope everyone has an amazing day/night! 

    • By JungkookDonut
      Hello! I’m a new member of the ARMY. I discovered BTS about a month ago. I really hope this place is still active.... 
      I dunno what else to say, I wrote myself a bio and everything.
      My bias is Jungkook, can’t really say I have a bias wrecker.
    • By azure
      Hello! Call me Ari!
      I've been a fan of BTS since 2013. My bias is Seokjin with Namjoon as the bias wrecker. My favorite eras are HYYH and WINGS. I decided to go back old school and check out if there are BTS forums and I remembered you guys. I never joined until now. (I see you guys are revamping, super fun for new upgrades!) I also do edits/graphics of BTS for fun. Been doing so since the beginning.
      Nice to meet you all! I hope to be active here and share some fun works when life allows me! 💜
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