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Did you pre-order the new album BE?

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Did you pre-order the new album BE? I think I'm only going to buy it digitally. I have never been a big fan of physical albums, and I have nothing to play them with. I know that digital sales doesn't really seem to count towards any sales charts that seem to be important though. I am so undecided, should I buy a physical copy? If I do I think I'm gonna wait for the normal version.

Also to get some discussion going because I really want to talk to someone XD

Do you own any BTS merch? Are you one of those who have a whole room full or do you just have a few things, or maybe nothing at all?

I only have an Army Bomb, some BT21 Mang and Koya plushs and Tiny Tan Jin stationary. I did just order a RJ and Shooky plush though. And I only own their albums in digital form.

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I'm thinking of pre-ordering it soon. I'm getting a physical copy only because i have a collection of the so yeah lol.

Yes i do!! I have two posters (of all of them), I have a couple shirts and hoodies, An Army bomb, Tata and Koya and Chimmy plushies, and that's all lol

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