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[Sign Up] Let it snow Event (for forum anniversary)

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Yes you heard the right it’s an event! Now I know the anniversary of the even was last month but that’s ok!!

The idea of the event:

The event is going to be about questions they are winter and forum based. And you have to open a “door” to get it. You get the question right you get a point and go on. You get it wrong and get a “bad door next round” and now point. I will put sources of where the questions came from for you to look up answers but there will be a time limit. 5 mins for “good doors” and 10 mins for “bad doors” there will be 3 different ways to win, get most points, most good door questions right, most bad questions wrong. Please below if you have questions tell me down below.


Don’t ask other people the answers. Tell me before the event starts that you can’t join. 
There will be no hints 



will be said later 


To sign up:

reply below

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