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Hi guys, so it's a long time I didn't open BBase since I was to busy with school, I supposed to finish my highschool but pandemic didn't allow me so I'll finish my school on Feb/March this year.

So because of that, I didn't know what's happening here and when I was looking for my acc, it's not here so I had contacted with the staff and I just know this site was revamp and all data was lost. So I sign up back today and I'm here back😘

Before this my username was the TheSwaggieSuga (First,JiminieMochi then I changed to KookieYeon then TheSwaggieSuga) Then I change again since I need use the easy username so I don't forget.

 Before this I was a Social Media Team I hope I can be in this team back T-T.

So coming back with new acc are like a new book for me (bye2 my awards TT) I need to collect back the awards (if the awards still exist idk) 

So, hi, I'm Allysya from Malaysia and I'm 18 years old (Malaysia's age) I'm OT7 and my main bias always change because I love them all. I'm an ARMY since 2016 (2016 is my first year being kpopers) and I'm a multifandom because I enjoy watching all talented people. 

Besides BTS, I stan TWICE too. BTS,WANNA ONE and ENHYPEN are my main fav boygroups and for gg are TWICE,GFRIEND and IZ*ONE. I've many groups that I stan like VICTON,UP10TION (Please bring my Wooshin and Wei back😭), APINK,AKMU,IU and etc but only the main I will focus (sorry for my bad english)

So nice to meet you all!


Ps: so there is no sticker anymore ?😭


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