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In honour of Namjoon's tweet today in which he turned Rap Mon into a meme essentially and further won my heart, I think it's time we had a thread for the everyone's true biases: BTS' pets.

In no particular order they are:

Namjoon's family dog Rap Mon. Even though he is named after Joon, they have something of a love hate relationship where Joon loves him a little too much and Rap Mon is not interested. A 12/10 adorable and fun Popular Boy.


Hoseok's family dog Mickey. Mickey is a fun boy that is mainly owned by Hobi's sister who dresses him up and takes cute pictures. A 12/10 Jung Family Fashionista.


Taehyung's family dog, Soonshim. Soonshim lives with Taehyung's grandparents and so he gets to see him when he visits home. A 12/10 Beautiful Happy Fluff and he and Taehyung are Very Good Friends.


Suga's family dog Min Holly. He was named by Yoongi's brother and looks like a chicken leg. A 12/10 Fast Growing Soft Boy and the Light Of Min Suga's Life.


Jin's family dog Jjangu. Jjangu is a mysterious boy and much like RM and RM, Jin and Jjangu have a bit of push and pull romance. A 12/10 Round and Soft Boy.


Jungkook's family dog Gureum. Gureum is a bit of a mystery too and probably lives with Jungkook's family. A 12/10 Wide Eyed Cutie.


Let's share some of our favourite Dogtan content and bask in the glory of their cuteness forever and ever, amen.

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Now this is some quality content. 12/10 thread, thank Kate

58f2721c58491_ScreenShot2017-04-15at12_18_36PM.png.cc7c2ddf75847a6972a1301d15b4386f.png   "Dogtan"   :HAHAHA:


I love this pic because--


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this is the quality content i joined this site for ??13/10 thanks kate 


i only have one dogtan photo rip ;-; which means i'll be saving all the photos from this thread, thank


58f2a6787cf91_taesquishingadogsfacewhy.thumb.jpg.31f7b2ba10404e894b0ea099a2ddd93f.jpg idk whose dog this is but it's a great photo 


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Honestly, out of all the dogs - Soonshim is probably my ideal. LMFAO I love huge dogs (despite having a very tiny old lady dog who is currently snoring in the hallway). I love you Kate for starting this thread. Soonshim is literally the biggest polar bear dog I've ever seen. get the reference anyone? but i swear Soonshim does remind me of Naga. 

0a1c58f26632cb8d0eee3ad2137ddc19.jpg 9fa037063044b048804bcb64c604e999.jpg

8d181125ef93f73314308ef43ec36e75.jpg 84bee573283f822a727dae1e7adb230b.jpg

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BTS and their dogs are so cute

It is sad that Jimin dog die, and Jimin love both cat and dog.

I just want to post this here

BTS and their pets relationship saga

Hoseok-Mickey My dog is as cute as me



Look what I found on google

Dog owner type

Hakuna Matatas - Like Maternal Marthas, the Hakuna Matatas have a strong emotional connection with their pet, feel very nurturing towards their pet but they have very few needs when it comes to their dogs.  They are generally happy with their dog and their relationship with them. Picture a dog and their owner living in harmony with a happy, uneventful relationship

HAKUNA MATATA is actually a term not just wordplay Hoseok put in his Boy In Luv rap! :suga3::jhope1:


Look at that pout..cutie~


I love that Hobi like dress up Mickey



Rapmonster and Rapmon-I will ignore your existence


Why Bothers – It's hard to imagine but there is a small group of dog owners that have a very little emotional connection to their dogs and don’t spend time developing a relationship with them.  It would be tough for our other segments to see a Why Bothers dog tired up in the backyard not getting the exercise and playtime we believe they need. We hope that through continued education, we will convert the Why Bothers into passionate pet parents.

It is more like Dog Rapmon say to Namjoon, WHY BOTHER?

I believe Namjoon is passionate but he need more bonding time so that Rapmon loves him and come running to him:rapmon9:

Poor Rapmon get ignored forever..:rapmon1:



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@DJ Syub?Min PD "no one hates rap mon more than his own dog" I'm crying that's so funny and painfully true

I'm back with videos of Dogtan In Action. (These are from their twitter but I couldn't be bothered going back and finding the original tweets so here are some youtube reuploads)

Taehyung going "soonshim~~~ soonshim~~~" is maybe the cutest thing I've ever heard

Jin trying to play with Jjanggu and Jjanggu not giving a single fuck. He's cute though so he gets away with it.


Also #TBT to that time we all found out Min Holly is a boy and fans around the world were truly Shaken


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Janggu officially became my favorite Bangtan pet after this lol

I laughed at this for like a week :HAHAHA:

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Imagine my reaction when I found out he named his dog "Rapmon" lmao









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