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Let Jin stay by the others members's side

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Link: https://t.co/I83z31KDuv?amp=1

Jin's military enlistment is coming soon .
I really didn't want to get involved in this but right now,  I just can't!
We need to see the message BTS wanted to give us!
Everyone, they don't want Jin to go to his military enlistment, .
They won't never tell this in public but they trust us to guess what are their real feelings towards that.
We just need to take a look on their last songs: life goes on and Film out.
Why do you think they would make this kind of song?
They just want to show us their despair, sadness but above all, the HOPE they have for us!
They believe in our POWER Army! We can do so MUCH thing if we want to.
They believe in us!
And you must believe in what I say.
Let's sign this petitition  and let's show them how big our fandom is!
We can't let BTS down now when they need our support the most.

 Thank you

Link: https://t.co/I83z31KDuv?amp=1

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