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appreciation Love for Bangtan, Humble Beginnings to Now

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Hello all, 

Since this is my first post outside of the introductions section, I'm not exactly sure if this post belongs in this section. If it doesn't, please moderators let me know so I can take it down. Hmmmm.....so where to begin?

First of all, I guess I've been having a lot of feels about bangtan recently and I love them dearly, so I guess I'll say that this is my appreciation thread for all the members (I figured since this is OT7, it should be in general?). I have never written one, but I've always wanted to and I would like to share some of the things that has grown my love for all the members. (Please correct me if I get any details wrong).

WARNING: Very Long post ahead



Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster


To start off with our dear leader, I have nothing but respect, love, and appreciation for Namjoon as I do with all the members. Without Namjoon, there would be no BTS (literally). The group originally started with Namjoon and as you guys know was originally supposed to be a hip hop group. Although that fell through and the original members of BTS left, Namjoon stuck around along with Hobi and Yoongi. As many know, Namjoon is smart, very smart. He has an IQ of 148 (test in high school) and scored in the top 1% in humanities for mock college exams. He didn't really have a dream to begin with, so he studied hard and a man with his intellect, he could be out there in the academic world doing great things too. However, he gave that up for music. When he realized that music was his dream, he decided to pursue it despite all the other things he could have done.

Besides these things, being a leader is difficult. Many people don't seem to realize that Namjoon has to balance BTS' opinions and the company's opinions and come to an agreement. The image of the group rests primarily on his shoulders and he has to take responsibilities for their faults, not to mention all the speeches. Yet he still does that with his refined way of speaking while composing and producing continuously for BTS' albums / his mixtapes. I don't even know where he finds time to read, but he somehow does?  One of the things I especially love is when he does his VLives with the album reviews and the philosophical talks (I really look forward to those...). Also, Kim Namjoon will be remembered as a sexy man. :rapmon5:

Kim Seokjin | Jin


Our dearest oldest hyung, also otherwise known as the eomma of the group. As the story of Jin’s role into BTS went, he was almost casted into SM but thought it was a scam so he ran away. However, he did get casted into BigHit on his way to his university (Konkuk). Although Jin originally studied acting, he debuted into BTS without any prior skills in dance, singing, or rapping (still waiting for acting debut...). However, he didn’t give up and he continually improved his skill although this was not the original path that he intended to go through. Imagine the difficulty of having to learn completely something new and being an idol while still having to attend university physically (not cyber classes, but actual classes). With BTS’ continuous growing hectic schedule, one can imagine that time management is key to balance these activities. 

I really appreciate that Jin took the time to improve on things he was originally not good at (singing AND dancing). Besides this, Jin cares for the group (remember he used to drive Kook to school?), looks after the members and cooks for them. When Bangtan were dirt poor in their early days, Jin used some of his allowance and his supplies from his own family to help the group. It saddens me that he is the most unappreciated member of BTS despite all of his accomplishments.  I love Jin’s voice and when I hear it live and on concert DVDs, it sounds so clear, stable, and honey-like to me (Awake is one of my favorite solos). Besides how can we ever forget his dad jokes, BTS’ dear hyung is a natural-born entertainer and eater (the only mukbangs I watch are his mukbangs ?). :jin4:

Min Yoongi | Suga


My dearest bias, my inspiration, I love Yoongi a lot :suga4:……Yoongi came from a poor Daegu family and like Joon, he gave up many things to pursue music. Despite the opposition from his family, he still wanted to be a rapper. It pains my heart knowing that he was happy even when he only had 2 people listening to him and that he had to sell his music for a few cents. It was really tough for Yoongi in the early days as he did many part-time jobs to survive and almost gave up debuting in BTS because he thought that he dream wouldn’t come true.

One of the things that I love and deeply admire Yoongi for is the fact that he was courageous enough to share his inner demons with us. Yoongi told us his stories and the things that he suffered about and it really hurt my heart when the mixtape came out, not knowing he was in pain and I (or other ARMYs) couldn’t do anything to relieve this pain (although I believe that he is much happier now). I can’t imagine how hard it was to suffer from depression and anxiety while still having to move on with daily life as an idol, working long nights to produce beautiful music with us, because he wanted to share his love, his passion.

I guess what pains me a lot is when people disregard Yoongi as cold, harsh, lazy in which he is not any of those things at all. Well I assure you, Yoongi is anything but that. First off, he is not lazy, he just sleeps a lot in intervals during the day, because he stays up producing music. Even on vacation and when he’s sick, he produces music (such as that episode of Bon Voyage he wasn’t in, and when he was in the hospital for appendicitis). He also cares deeply for the other members, he just shows it differently. I remember Taehyung told an experience about how he made a mistake once and Yoongi scolded him, but later on had a deep talk with him (and I realized he’s actually such a softie inside). Who can forget when he gave Hobi his food when they were punished on Run! BTS and said that he was full watching his dongsaengs :why:. Ok, I’ll stop now (I realized this was getting too long). :suga9:

Jung Hoseok | J-Hope


Our sunshine, our angel, our hope. Ah, I do have to be honest I’m not as clear with Hobi’s original background :jnope: *shame on me I know*, so I hope you guys can fill in the details. Hobi was originally part of underground dance crew and also used to be in JYP (before joining BigHit). His father, like some of the other members were originally opposed to him pursuing this path. Yet, he stuck through thick and thin to become the hope we know today. Hobi’s specialty wasn’t originally rapping of course, but dance, so we can see the amount of effort that he made, the practice that went into rapping so that he could be on par with Joon and Yoongi. His dancing of course, is magnificent, I’m always in awe when he does freestyle (his bones are jelly, fam ?) on Hope on the Street and it’s obvious why he’s BTS’ dance/choreography leader. I also hope that some ARMYs in the future can give more love to our dear Hobi and not ask for other members on his VLives and his Hope on the Street shows :whateven:. If you guys don’t already know, Hobi also contributes a lot (along with the rest of the rapper line) to producing / composing for BTS’ albums (check their song credits). Like Joon said, he carried a lot of the album (intro & outro – honestly I love his intro).

Hobi, I can say is literally a ray of sunshine. Even the members have said that when they’re sad, Hobi can just put on his smile and his funny acts and they would cheer up (which they do cheer me up too, I mean how can you resist his beautiful smile?). His efforts to be cheerful for us is amazing because we all know there are times that we are sad (after all, Bangtan are only human like us), yet he still does it for BTS and us ARMYS and I can’t thank him enough. One thing that I find especially cute is his fear of things, I find his reactions so adorable when he gets scared of things like snakes and rollercoasters (and the more so recent Run! BTS episode). Also if you ever get to Bangtan live, his stage presence and energy is AMAZING. Goodness, he made me swerve so hard…..and also I loved MAMA dearly (as we can tell, Hobi is very passionate about people that he is loyal too, oof it was emotional)…..:jhope2:

Park Jimin


Our adorable mochi (I’m suddenly referring to everyone as our, oops), Jiminnie. Jimin was originally a top student in Busan Arts High School studying contemporary dance (even the teachers were amazed because it was a while since they’ve had a top student). When he auditioned for BigHit, I heard that his dance teachers were opposed to him pursuing this path, but like the others, he stuck with it. He could probably be a top contemporary dancer right now, but instead he’s the lovely Jimin of BTS (which I would say with their success is just as good, if not better). Sometimes, I wish that Jimin could share some of his willpower with me because, frankly I need it :jipuppy:. When it comes to accomplishing his goals, Jimin works extremely hard.

Of course, Jimin’s original specialty is dance and not singing, but he practiced very hard to improve his vocals (as with the rest of vocal line). Besides singing, he also practices BTS’ choreography and often would stay late into the nights to practice. Even when he couldn’t sleep, he would go practice. I hope that people would stop liking Jimin for just his abs as that pressured him into dieting (and I think he even starved himself to lose his baby fat, even though I loved his cute cheeks) :iamdisgusted:. I hope that he continues to be healthy and to eat properly and to rest properly, goodness it worries me. Besides his determination to work hard, Jimin is very caring. He cares for all the members deeply, he listens to their stories and struggles, and since predebut days he would buy ice cream for them. As many can tell, he loves the members deeply and comforts them during hard times, celebrates with them during good times. Everybody, including me would like a Park Jimin in our life, would we not? jimin9:

Kim Taehyung | V


Dearest Taehyung……..I love his 4D personality though (I don’t really want to mention his other nickname *cough*). Taehyung had humble origins like the rest of the members as he grew up with grandmother and used to regularly help her on his farmer (even dreaming to be a farmer one day, I find that so cute). Although he didn’t have a specialty, he trained to be a vocal and has improved to where he is today (cough Stigma, thank goodness, more singing and less growling). I guess I have to admit that I don’t know as much about Tae as I do with the other members (or well, I know more about hyung line than maknae line). I apologize for this, I hope the lovely Tae stans will fill me in on this. *shame on me, I know* :v9:

As far as I can see, Tae to me seems to be the type of person who hides his sad emotions and remains happy on the outside even when he is hurting inside. I remember that day that he told us about his grandmother’s death and it broke my heart that he couldn’t tell her on TV that he won (he still tried his best to remain happy on the days leading up to there, but couldn’t keep it in). :v1: His vocal is something that I love, his deep soulful voice and I’m glad that he has been honing up his skill up to now. I hope that Tae keeps being our cheerful Tae, playing well with the members and joking around with them. My music taste has to be closest to Tae and I love his music recommendations along with his random VLives (they’re just so unusual to me but in a funny way of course). Also, how can we not forget his visuals, ACTING (YES GO ACTOR Kim Taehyung :ppapv:) and stage charisma (cough or is that just me…..//fans self). For Tae, I hope he can keep producing more wonderful music (Hold Me Tight anyone?) and that it would be put in an album one day (poor Tae when his work got replaced by Joon…). 

Jeon Jungkook


Our golden maknae…Kookie. Of course as many of you may know, he was originally scouted by 7 agencies after he failed to make the cut on Superstar K, yet he joined BigHit because he heard Joon’s rap. :why: Our maknae was originally very shy when he first joined BigHit and even showering after all the members went to sleep. However, it’s amazing that he managed to move to Seoul when he was 14 without his family and continue living with the members until now. Moving to a huge city (although Busan is still a big city) by yourself at the age of 14, can you imagine how scary it is?...Even so, he was raised with love from his hyungs and BigHit family, and has become the golden maknae we all love today. He trained his skills (starting with vocal) and also became skilled in dancing, along with some rapping. :jungkook4: wrecking me , Kook. 

The title of the golden maknae is definitely a pressure, a weight, yet Kookie manages to deal with that quite well, not putting himself first (although he is a little brat sometimes), but caring for the members. Remember that VLive, Joon mentioned Kookie and the members having a heart-to-heart talk where the poor boy cried his heart out for his hyungs. He loves his hyungs and that is obviously shown through Begin and he cares more about seeing them getting hurt than his own problems / troubles. I am grateful though that he has opened his heart more to us (mostly thanks to his hyungs, especially his Tae-hyung *cough you can see my bias showing*). He’s become a great maknae, and although he does dominate his hyung *at times*, I still love him dearly along with the rest of the 6 members. :jungkook9:


Okay, that concludes my post (I may add more in the future). It's amazing the journey that has taken bangtan here and I consider it a miracle, a group with such a dynamic ended up together. I'm amazed at their humility despite their amazing success and I hope our boys will continue to be this way in the future and that we can support all seven of them with love.

On another note, despite some of BTS' parents having opposition, their situation is different now and I hope people don't bash or talk bad about their parents whether it be on BBase or other social media platforms. We do not know BTS personally or their families so please be respectful in regards to these matters and as far as I can tell, there are multiple fan accounts about BTS' parents attending their concerts so this would suggest that they do support their children. 

As BTS are humans, I'm forever grateful that they spoil us this much (yes they spoil us a lot, BTS is not my first kpop group so the amount of love they show us is amazing). Please let's all be respectful about their whereabouts (aka not spilling on SNS where they are if you ever encounter them) and not to pressure them to do certain things (or collabs, it can annoy other artists too, they will pursue their own goals as BTS). They are only human and they already work very hard for us, and constantly keep in touch with us, so let us be happy that they are having a vacation and resting properly, we know they have hectic schedules (thank you BH for giving them time to rest, unlike some other companies). There are times that they are upset too, they are only human like us yet they must hide their sadness as this is something common for idols, show respect and appreciation for all of them too. I know we all have our favorites, but BTS can't be BTS without all seven of them. They're all puzzle pieces to each other and they love each other dearly, so it's the least we can do.

Lastly, please feel free to add your own appreciation for BTS, I know I missed some things or didn't add them but I didn't want to make this extremely long (also my fault, I need to learn more about the other members too). I would love to hear from you guys what you love about the members! :rapmon9:

Thank you if you got through this super long post. :jin1: ~Nou 

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This is so sweet :v1: Thanks for taking the time to post this. I was in awe at a lot of it. And nice job giving their parents a shout of love too. I appreciate.

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50 minutes ago, Seoks-j said:

This is so sweet :v1: Thanks for taking the time to post this. I was in awe at a lot of it. And nice job giving their parents a shout of love too. I appreciate.

Thank you so much. I'm really glad I made the post. I've always seen other people make appreciation posts on various social media platforms and I just want to share my love about bangtan with my fellow armys, thanks for your appreciation and getting through the whole thing. :why:

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