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    • By ham_yoongles17
      FIRST POST!!!
      So, yesterday off of Amazon I ordered the "BTS - BUTTER ALBUM". Peaches or cream at random.
      SO, I am getting it for about 24 dollars and was wondering if anyone else has gotten it and what comes inside!
    • By Atul982
      Some of the cool BTS merches............
      1 ) Kpop purse BTS Bangtan Boys Butter album print coin purse Korean style charm wallet for Jin JK SUGA :-

      Click here  to know more ....
      2) 5 pairs of socks 1 pair of shoes Kpop BTS Bangtan Boys :-

      Read more
      3)BTS BT21 Characters Waist Bag :-

      To know more click here.....
    • By Jay
    • By Kylie
      Hello, I need urgent help from the army! It all started with the fact that my friend sent me a site where you need to type clicks and I told her to ask the army for help that they will always help and that we are the most active fandom. But she said that Blackpink and Exo audience is better and as a group it is not better than BTS and we had a fight( And I offered her a dispute about which audience would get the most clicks. I will ask Army for help and she from Blackpink and Exo fans. I have already dropped the link to many fan sites I have only accumulated 5 clicks and she has already gained more than 1000 clicks in a couple of hours. What's wrong with you Army? We must prove that we are the best fan base! Do not think that I want to deceive you. My friend typed these clicks for coupons, and this is for me not interesting there coupons are a measly couple of dollars. I want to prove that Armies are the best and will be the best. I do not want to dishonor our boys and our ARMY family. Go back already! We have to prove that we are the best family! Please help these pathetic clicks.I wrote this text in a hurry so there may be mistakes and I wrote via google translator.
    • By H. Flower
      Hello everyone!
      I'm H. Flower.
      I'll turn 18 soon.
      I've met BTS almost two years ago 🐳.
      One of my biggest dream is to meet them but it's not my real goal.
      My purpose is to protect them since my dream will come true.
      And that's why I'm here
      Nice to meet you all💜
      Hope we'll have fun
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