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The Jeon Jungkook General Discussion Thread

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BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN

BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Track #1 BEGIN


*Whole Group Video
**Solo Video

'Blood Sweat & Tears' Dance Practice*
'Own It' - Jungkook and Jimin Dance Cover Practice
'뱁새' (Baepsae) Dance Practice (흥 ver.)*
'불타오르네' (Fire) Dance Practice*
'쩔어' (Dope) Dance Practice*
'Run' Dance Practice*
'I NEED U' Dance Practice*
가요대제전 Intro Performance Trailer*
'War of Hormone (호르몬전쟁)' Dance Practice* Real War Ver.* Halloween Ver.*
'Danger' Dance Practice* Appeal Ver.*
'Beautiful' Dance Practice*
'어른아이' Dance Practice*
'하루만' (Just one day) Dance Practice* Appeal Ver.*
'상남자' (Boy In Luv) Dance Practice* Showcase Practice*
MBC 가요대제전 Performance Practice*
SBS 가요대전 Performance Practice*
'Attack on BTS' Dance Practice*
'팔도강산' (Paldogangsan) Dance practice*
'N.O' Dance Practice*
Concept Trailer Dance Practice*
'We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2' Dance Practice*
Dance Break Practice
'No More Dream' Dance Practice*
'Burn' Dance Practice
Predebut Dance Lesson
'Save Your Goodbye' Dance Cover Practice**


Jungkook Song Covers Thread




'Outro: Love Is Not Over' ☆ HYYH Pt 1./Young Forever ☆ Participated in lyrics, music, and production.
'Run' ☆ HYYH Pt 2. ☆ Participated in writing.
'Dead Leaves' ☆ HYYH Pt 2./Young Forever ☆ Participated in writing.


Jungkook Log Master List


Group Thread
Jin ☆ Suga ☆ RM ☆ JHope ☆ Jimin ☆ V
Jungkook Fansites

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My first post on this forum...it had to be on Kookie's thread..It's only natural since he's the only Kpop guy I truly adore. :x

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