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[anan] COVER STORY - BTS Who is Popular Worldwide Appears in Anan for the First Time!

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The first time I took photos and covered BTS was exactly two years ago. That day, the moment the seven-members appeared in the studio, I clearly remembered I thought “they’re ‘cute’ as they were walking” (laughs). That image of course, but more than that they are people who bring about charming atmosphere and they are a (group) who works very hard. They have become big stars now with fans all over the world, so this time too such charm was strong.

“2, 3…we’re BTS!…please look after us!”, with their energetic greeting we started the photoshoot and coverage. With consecutive events and photoshoot, you wouldn’t sense their tiredness, they were cheerfully smiling the whole time and as what we have anticipated the 7 members perfectly responded to the photoshoot and interview. Thinking “It’d be a blessing if we had such sons”, admiring perfectly from a standpoint of aunts and uncles, we are the anan team.

All members gathered at the same place, it gave me the impression that they will naturally start to dance. First of all, the scene where J-HOPE-san and JIMIN-san whose breathing are approximately the same (but in some way we can confirm thru the choreography) naturally started to dance and in no time the other members also joined, and ended up laughing in the end happened many times. Naturally and looking like they’re having fun dancing the choreography they’ve certainly practiced and performed hundreds of times in a place where there are no audience and of course no music is amazing right?

Then, it was two days after the photoshoot when I was further impressed.

It’s about my conversation with the assistant stylist, O-kun over the phone after the photoshoot. With the preparation of many clothes and busy filming, I’m sure he must be tired, so I told him “It was difficult, right? Thank you”, but unexpectedly with a cheerful voice he said, “Not at all! I really had fun. All the members are very nice, they spoke to me in Japanese…”, it was somehow an unusual impression. “For example, J-HOPE-san asked me 'What kind of fashion is popular in Japan?’, so I replied 'These days (there’s a) brand that influences us’, he immediately searched it up and said 'It seems like it suits my style’, I was pleased!”, he vividly reported. “Everyone was really kind and friendly”, he said, whatever I heard were high praises from O-kun (laughs). It was a moment wherein even if it’s in a waiting room a male staff of the same generation (a little older) got his heart captured that once again BTS’ “strength as humans” was felt.

For this reason, there’s no way the photos will not be beautiful! This and that too, I wanted to let everyone see! It’s the first time too for anan to have two versions. We are happy if we introduce the seven-members’ personalities and group’s brilliance to many people thru this magazine. (Y)

Translation by prancingmaria
Please take out with credits.





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anan editor's anecdote about BTS (a 2-yr old anecdote from the same editor who wrote 2057th issue's cover story above)




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