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appreciation Why We Love "JIMIN"

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Sadly the forum was set back until the 14th of July

BUT. We still the already written posts in here were able to be SAVED :) - so keep going!

A long term project is currently in preparation - detailed information will be provided pretty soon :suga9:

Thanks to BTS our fandom is usually able to walk on the soothing & warm flower path yet there are days, where negativity is able to appear that might even spread within the own fandom. Arguments and discussions arise and of course the ones that hit us the most, are the ones that include conversations about a single member. We tend to forget go back to positive thoughts and what we appreciate about the group we have and how important each member is. The purpose of this project in its FIRST STAGE is to write down feelings and thoughts about what we love about each member.

    It can be a simple sentence, a well thought through essay. Bullet points or an artistic piece of art


Each star spreads the flame to create the galaxie -


I Purple You



I would like to introduce the first member:  Park Jimin


The 'I was first' Busan boy. Soulmate of Kim Taehyung and precious mochi koala.

I will give it a small start to give you a feeling of how to create your own appreciation post. Be free, be creative and take your time to note down, no matter how short or long; no matter how simple or personal


"Why we love Jimin[...]"


I Love Jimin because his passion and dedication for dance is visible, every single time. Like other members, he is a workaholic and spends a lot of time to work hard, even fighting exhaustion. He might still feel self conscious at some times, being a bit hard on himself but throughout the years he gained a lot of confidence. Not just in dance but also in singing and his own character. I appreciate his skinship and warmth towards his members. His hugs are balsam and his advice goldworthy. From a young busan boy, who came all alone across whole South Korea to Seoul, to give it a go to pursue his dream and whose thought was that his only way to impress his fans is to show his body off. He learned to love himself more, while never forgetting to love others. He is caring strongly for the members and always reassuring his fans, with posting often on social network that everything is alright. With his love for the ‘spotlight’ he shines, while also staying humble and smiling. An adored Busan boy to love and to hug.

If I could describe Jimin with one word, it would be ‘comfort’


For my OH Army - if you have already done it you can always add something or change/edit your post ;) Just PM, when you feel you would like to have look at your own one.

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Why we love Jimin...

beautiful + fluffy

jHY48P4.gif QihYgey.gif







charming + cute








precious + mochi





beyond talented






and so much more!!!

Jimin is an angel and beautiful.Seeing his happy and smile always brightens up my day. He is always kind and considerate of others. ---voted by all the members as the one who is easy to talk to and relive stress. Jimin is always supporting and complimenting others. He truly cares about the happiness of others.  Jimin is relatable and naturally attracts attention from everyone. Handsome, sexy, charming, and cute. His stage presence is one of the best.  He works hard at everything he does. He is so talented at dancing and have improved so much in singing. His vocal color is rich and beautiful.


appreciation photo spam~ 







 cZyDdNP.jpg?1 eKsjSDn.jpg?1








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