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appreciation Why We Love "HOSEOK"

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Sadly the forum was set back until the 14th of July, hence the threads, including your posts got lost, before I was able to catch them :< I hope you don't mind to repost yours, if you have already done the deed. (I will save them from now on right away to prevent future loss!)

A long term project is currently in preparation - detailed information will be provided pretty soon :suga9:

Thanks to BTS our fandom is usually able to walk on the soothing & warm flower path yet there are days, where negativity is able to appear that might even spread within the own fandom. Arguments and discussions arise and of course the ones that hit us the most, are the ones that include conversations about a single member. We tend to forget go back to positive thoughts and what we appreciate about the group we have and how important each member is. The purpose of this project  in its FIRST STAGE is to write down feelings and thoughts about what we love about each member.

    It can be a simple sentence, a well thought through essay. Bullet points or an artistic piece of art

Each star spreads the flame to create the galaxie -



I Purple You



I would like to introduce the next member: Jung Hoseok


The golden Hyung, bridge between Maknae & Hyung Line, talented dancer and selfless soul to let others shine.

I will give it a small start to give you a feeling of how to create your own appreciation post. Be free, be creative and take your time to note down, no matter how short or long; no matter how simple or personal


    "Why we love Hoseok [...]"


I Love Hoseok, not only because he is one of my biases but also the person, who keeps reminding me why I shouldn't give up on dancing. A person, who works hard and never takes things for granted. Even though he has opportunities to shine, he stays humble (sometimes too selfless) and gives other members the spotlight instead. As a dancer, rapper, song-writer, soothing little singer, moodmaker and his greatest asset 'teamplayer' (and ofc so much more), he is the perfect allrounder. He is the member, who acts the most different on/off camera: While his bright side may kill off our ears, especially while wearing headphones, his serious and rather quiet one is barely noticeable on first glance - yet more known through mentions of the members.

I honestly miss his Hope On The Street & damn ... when was his last Vlive alone? OTL

I am putting now all my hopes and prayers that he will be satisfied with his upcoming mixtape. I hope he himself sets high expectations to fulfill a milestone as an artist.

Most of all: I love Hoseok because he was BORN to be on stage.

His passion is visible, while he dances & raps and once you go to a concert of BTS, you leave as a Hoseok stan  (I have receipts - so this is a claimed fact ehem) Keep shining bright and stay our Hope ♥





For my OH Army - if you have already done it you can always add something or change/edit your post ;) Just PM, when you feel you would like to have look at your own one.


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like your dedication, will reupload my  letter soon!!

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2 minutes ago, HobiOne said:

like your dedication, will reupload my  letter soon!!

I am so glad that you saved your posts. I felt so bad that it got lost on this forum D;

And Happy Birthday luv :)

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Why we love J-Hope...

















beyond talented and so much more.


J-hope is the happy virus of BTS. He is a natural vitamin. J-hope is handsome and cute. 
 He is beyond talented. Determined to be the best he can be. He is always 100% when dancing and rapping.
J-hope is always there to help and motivate the members. As the choreography leader he is calm, collected, and  listens.


appreciation photo spam~










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Man, he hit me like a love truck….unexpected but totally worth it. My love for BTS has been cemented with Hoseok playing a huge part. From being introduced to BTS, he caught my eye at first sight. Seeing him more in time got me to understand so much more and be so inspired. When I say INSPIRED I mean really the strong sense of the word. I like how he works sooo hard….so cliché because they all do…but I identify courage with his hard work. He carries the weight of the world and that inspires me to do the same with my own world. He puts 10000% into everything he does; dance, rap, composing, promoting BTS, taking centre with everything entertainment etc. He does it so naturally even at the expense of his pride and personal feelings. Such dedication is amicable. I was thinking recently, if Hoseok were quiet during interviews and behind the scene vids then everything would be different........ Everything he does is done with his team in mind. The way he cares for BTS, the people around him and the fans, and I say this just from the 1% we see on camera. …it’s really heart-warming. As a performer, all I see is improvement. He is progressing a lot as a dancer and as a rapper! Progress is a result of efforts and diligence! He's such A marvel to watch!


I get why people say he is sunshine but as I have mentioned a lot in the discussion thread, he is so much more than that! He is loud, aware, sensing, reserved in terms of exposing his thoughts yet so open and direct. He is so professional to a level you could think he is a different person in different situations…he knows when to switch a certain mood to fit the environment…this is a perceiving nature that I crave…and watching him makes me see that it’s doable. I have been drawing a lot of life lessons from him and aiming to achieve my life goals. He is also very funny and helps me get through tough times. I like how he overcomes his million fears and bears it all for millions to consume. I swear to God if I ever had to touch a snake for the sake of entertainment, so that people could say ‘i hate snake’, man that’s some bullcrap I would never agree with! The fact that he does it over and over shows how much he abandons in place of his job! One of my fav moments of him is when he bungee jumped for the sake of his team despite his serious fear of heights! Bottom line is he is often vulnerable yet proves his bravery time and time again. To sum it all up, my man can be cheesy but I love him so much…he is the best! He adds a new meaning to your life once you truly look into his ways.

PS. I am already proud of hixtape before it comes out, because I believe in him and his hard efforts! I only wish the best for him, I hope he gets even more courageous and hopeful in the future! Don’t be too hard on yourself Hoseok, you are doing great!!Rooting for you Hoseok…always!

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